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Trappin' Tales by Kirk DeKalb (DVD)

Product Code: WCSKDBVR

Price: $30.00

Trappin' Tales by Kirk DeKalb. Great Gift for the Outdoorsman.Trappin' Tales Video shows four days trapping beaver that are destroying property in South Georgia.(Millions of dollars worth) Shows life threatening aspects of beaver to humans. Video is very high quality. Kirk tells true stories about snakes, alligators, and critters of the wild. Witness an average week when Kirk catches 89 beaver and 16 otter. Learn how to catch large numbers of beaver from one of the best! DVD has scene selection and can be used in educational settings. Not put on, JUST THE WAY IT ACTUALLY IS!
"Filmed and edited by a Professional Videographer, with digital equipment, the picture quality is outstanding! The DVD is both informative and entertaining. Kirk DeKalb and his son are the best beaver trappers that I know... and I know a lot of good beaver trappers!"

Slim Pedersen


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Dimensions: 116 minutes
Target Species: Turtle
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Trappin' Tales by Kirk DeKalb (DVD)

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