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Kellen Kaatz's "Encyclopedia of Lure & Bait Making" Book

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Kellen Kaatz's "Encyclopedia of Lure & Bait Making" Book is an in-depth look into lure and bait formulation.  This book provides the insight to further your understanding of the ingredients, preservatives, and processes involved with making your own highly effective attractants.

Through trial and error and actual trapline experience, Kellen has developed a vast knowledge of animal attractants.  This reference guide shares years of experience on an extensive list of oils, additives, solvents, glands and bases.  Plus Kellen shares his insights on formulating lures and baits.  More importantly, the process of balancing smells and the theory of formulation are communicated on a level every lure maker can understand. 

This is NOT a book of obscure 'horse brains' formulas. The formulas detailed in this 56 page book serve as guidelines for you, the aspiring lure maker, to incorporate your own ideas.  After reading this book, you'll have a better understanding of the oils, essences, musks, tinctures, glands and urines available in the trapping industry today.

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