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Leggett's Coyote Trapping (DVD)

Product Code: WCSLCTV

Price: $39.95

Leggett's Coyote Trapping "Coyotes by the Thousand" DVD - Go on the line with the Leggett's, deep in the remote parts of the  west. See the exact methods they use to catch several hundred coyotes  in three weeks of trapping. Learn to make sets that work equally  well for coyote and fox. Learn how to identify coyote sign and damage.

Set locations shown in this DVD have produced a top year for the Leggett's of 337 coyotes in 16 days.  Now you can go on the line with the Leggett's to see the exact methods they used for this incredible catch. Out in the remote west, you'll learn how to identify coyote signs and damage, plus how to make sets that work equally well for fox. 

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Dimensions: 90 minutes
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Leggett's Coyote Trapping (DVD)

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