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Rejex-it® Migrate™ for Turf - Gallon Concentrate

Product Code: WCSM-GAL-S

Price: $89.95

Rejex-it® Migrate™ for Turf is a tool for the behavior modification of Canada geese (Branta Candensis). As a taste aversion agent, Rejex-it® Migrate™ changes the taste of the grass to become unpalatable to geese. This causes the geese to leave the area completely to find better feeding and living conditions.

Rejex-it® Migrate™ is only distasteful as long as the grass remains treated. The effect is not systemic, so as the grass grows, retreatment is needed to maintain control.



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Rejex-it® Migrate™ for Turf application tips:

  • Don’t use with too much water. Do not spray to the point of run off.
  • The grass should be mowed before application.
  • Longer turf will increase the amount of repellent required to be effective and could require additional treatments of Migrate™ to obtain desired effects. Shorter turf will decrease the amount of Migrate™ spray mixture required to repel geese.
  • Avoid application just prior to rain. Allow the product to dry on the leaf surface (approx 3 hours before allowing human contact).
  • Apply to dry turf
  • Any harassment method used before the application of Rejex-it® Migrate™ should be continued to accelerate the departure of the geese during the time the grass is unpalatable.
  • Any feeding of the birds negates all efforts for success.
  • For best results, begin treatment as soon as the geese arrive and before they begin nesting.

          Turf Area to be treated with Rejex-it® Migrate™

Turf Height 1,000 sq ft 1/3 acre 1/2 acre 1 acre 1 ha
3-4" 7.3 oz 3.3 qt 1.3 gal 2.5 gal 6.3 gal
2-3" 5.5 oz 2.5 qt 0.9 gal 1.9 gal 4.7 gal
1-2" 3.7 oz 3.3 pt 2.5 q 1.3 gal 3.1 ga
<1" 1.8 oz 1.6 pt 1.0 qt 2.5 qt 5.3 qt

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Active Ingredient: Methyl Anthranilate
Target Species: Geese

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Rejex-it® Migrate™ for Turf - Gallon Concentrate

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