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Invisidye for Migrate for Turf - 16 oz.

Product Code: WCSM-IDYE-1

Price: $44.95

InvisiDye is a non lethal avian training tool that when teamed with Migrate and other bird repellants, teaches geese and birds to avoid treated grass, plants and landscaping.  How does InvisiDye work? By Visually Training Birds to associate irritation with an area. Geese and other birds can see ultra violet (UV) light waves (200-400nm) which allows them to see a portion of the light spectrum that is invisible to the human eye.
Invisidye is an optimal brightener that dries clear.  To humans, the surface of a treated area will appear normal, to a bird it will look purple. Invisidye uses " purple" to teach Birds to stay away from grass or other foliage treated with migrate. If sprayed on the outside of a window, it will appear clouded to people, non-reflective and purple to birds.

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Invisidye for Migrate for Turf - 16 oz.