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Urban Coyote Control by Mike McMillan (DVD)

Product Code: WCSMMUCC

Price: $48.95

Urban Coyote Control by Mike McMillan, an on the job training course for removing animals and growing your business. This DVD includes information on urban fox control and a special feature on protecting agricultural crops.
Follow Mike during a summer heat wave, drought conditions, rain and freezing weather while Mike controls urban coyotes. Watching this production you'll get a proven game plan and highly successful strategies that allow you to take on the urban coyote and WIN !
  • Unique bait, lure, and trap settings shown in details that are very effective all year long
  • Mike makes catching coyotes in the summer look easy
  • Many minor details shown throughout that will increase your success dramatically
  • Tips on blending urine alone worth the price of the DVD
  • DVD includes special feature protecting sweet corn from birds and mammals
  • Also dry land beaver snaring shown in detail protecting agricultural crops

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Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Urban Coyote Control by Mike McMillan (DVD)

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