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Niban Granular Ant Bait - 4lb Container

Product Code: WCSNIB-S

Price: $23.95

Niban Granular Bait is the best professional grade, all-around bait for targeting the two most prominent invading pests you deal with: cockroaches and ants. Niban’s new formula includes a tougher, weatherized granule that will last longer than any other on the market, providing you with a more effective kill between quarterly visits. This is the industry’s only granular bait with the power of borates and our patented formula. It was formulated with a concern for the environment, it’s easy to use and it has produced amazing results since it was created. Niban targets a wide spectrum of pests and can be used both indoors and out. Packaged in 4lb containers.


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Niban works differently than most other insecticides. For starters, it doesn’t kill by toxicity; it works by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of roaches, ants and other insects. By ingesting Niban, the insect becomes unable to extract nutrition from its food and starves to death. Because this effect only occurs in insects, humans and other living things don’t share the risk. And because Niban doesn’t depend on toxicity to kill, insects cannot become immune to it, ever. New, long-lasting Niban is specially formulated to work in adverse weather. Each granule is made to withstand extreme exposure to moisture—up to an amazing 4 inches of rain. Niban won’t break down in heat or light. It won’t mold. And it kills pests without adding toxicity to the environment.


EPA Reg # 64405-2

EPA Est # 64405-TN-1

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Weight: 5.0 lbs.
Active Ingredient: Orthoboric Acid
Target Species: Ant,Cockroach,Silverfish,Carpenter Ant,Cricket,Earwig,Slug,Snail
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Niban Granular Ant Bait - 4lb Container

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