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Master Wild Hog Snaring (DVD)

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Master Wild Hog Snaring with Newt Sterling, detailing effective neck and foot snaring systems. Wild hogs become very wary of pen-type traps after a few initial catches, and quickly avoid bait sites after being shot at. Snares are an effective, fast, mobile, inexpensive method of controlling hog populations, and are deadly on wild hogs.
After considerable experimentation, master snaresman Newt Sterling has developed and designed equipment and methods in a system guaranteed to catch and hold hogs ranging in size from piglets to the larget boar. 

Contains the following chapters:

  • Disk #1: Chapter 01 - Intro
  • Chapter 02 - Neck Snare
  • Chapter 03 - Snare Treatment
  • Chapter 04 - Neck Snare - Part 2
  • Chapter 05 - Shocksprings & Swivels
  • Chapter 06 - Neck Snare - Part 3
  • Chapter 07 - Bait Station
  • Disk #2: Chapter 08 - Neck Snare - Part 4
  • Chapter 09 - Belisle Foot Snare
  • Chapter 10 - Aldrich Foot Snare
  • Chapter 11 - Ucker Foot Snare
  • Disk #3: Chapter 12 - Freemont Foot Snare
  • Chapter 13 - RAM Snare
  • Chapter 14 - Conclusion

Feral hogs may appear basically the same as domestic hogs and will vary in color and coat pattern. A mature feral hog may reach a shoulder height of 36 inches and weigh from 100 to over 400 pounds. The extreme larger hogs are generally not far removed from domestication. Males are generally larger than females. European wild hogs are about the same size; however, their legs and snouts are usually longer and they have a larger head in proportion to the body. Their body is covered with long, stiff, grizzled colored hairs, long side whiskers, a longer straighter tail, and a nape on the neck giving the European hog a razorback, sloped appearance. The crossing of European and feral hogs often produces an offspring with some European characteristics. Feral hogs are more muscular than domestic hogs, and have very little fat.

Additionally, the hairs of European appearing hogs and their hybrids frequently have multiple split ends. The young are born a reddish color with black longitudinal stripes. As they mature, the coat color becomes predominantly dark brown or black.

Hogs have four continuously growing tusks (two on top, two on bottom) and their contact causes a continuous sharpening of the lower tusks. They have relatively poor eyesight but have keen senses of hearing and smell

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Dimensions: 2 Hr. 49 min. 3-DVD Edition
Target Species: Hog
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Master Wild Hog Snaring (DVD)

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