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Variations of the Flat Set by Charles Dobbins

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Variations of the Flat Set explains and illustrates sets that have no dug holes to fill with water, blowing dirt, sand, or leaves. It explains a dozen and a half ways of making different Flat Sets. Some of these flat sets have no eye appeal and are constructed to blend in naturally with the surrounding area.

Other Flat Sets have great eye appeal, and can be seen for hundreds of yards in level open country or rolling grasslands. 

Fully illustrated, this book contains a wealth of detail on the variations of flat sets that Charlie Dobbins uses in his work. With information on tools and equipment, trail set, hidden bait set, trash mound set, campfire set, rubbing set, water set, ten second set, remaking your sets and much more.   

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Variations of the Flat Set by Charles Dobbins

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