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Predator Scent Disks - Two Types

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Predator Scent Disks can be used for surveying the quantity of mammals in an area by placing 1 disk in the center of a scent station or used as an attractant for live traps, foot-hold traps, cage traps, etc. (110 tablets)

A Scent Station is a circular area of sifted dirt about a meter in diameter.

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Wear vinyl or latex gloves when handling opened jar. Use tongs when handling disks to avoid odor contamination.   

Caution: Corrosive to skin and irritating to nasal passages

Instructions for use with traps included with disks.

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Dimensions: 110 Tablets
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Bobcat,Mountain Lion
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Predator Scent Disks - Two Types

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