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Wolverine Trapping by Paul Trepus (DVD)

Product Code: WCSPTWT2

Price: $49.95

Wolverine Trapping by Paul Trepus takes beginning and experienced wolverine trappers to a whole new level in harvesting and managing the wolverines on their traplines. Paul Trepus has worked and trapped in wolverine country all of his life and takes you out in the field to learn the latest methods available for harvesting wolverine.
Paul contacted some of the best wolverine trappers in Canada. With their support and contributions Paul covers; Ryan Sealy's crate set; the log set with Carl Gitcheff; George North's tree snaring; Dennis Smith's stump set and Paul's favorite set, the culvert set. Paul also covers ground snaring and reviews Ministry of the Environment biologist and wolverine expert Eric Lafroth's research.

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Target Species: Wolverine
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Wolverine Trapping by Paul Trepus (DVD)

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