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Raptor Edge Magnetic Bait Station

Product Code: WCSRAPEDGE

Price: $22.95

The Raptor Edge Bait Station is the most adaptable and multi-functional bait station on the market. It features bait pegs for rodenticide, and also includes a Big Snap-E® rat trap when capture is the goal. Integral trap brackets will also firmly hold other simliar sized rat/chipmunk snap traps.

The unique magnetized system allows you to attach the bait station directly to walls or undersides of dumpsters, food service equipment or metal doors. Now your bait station doesn't have to be left sitting on the ground. It can be placed more more discreetly, or located in high traffic areas for rodents that were previously difficult to maneuver into. Whatever the application, the Raptor Edge is capable of sticking to the task.

Tamper resistant, instant lock when closed.

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Raptor Edge Magnetic Bait Station

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