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On-Target™ Liquid Grub Lure for Skunk

Product Code: WCSRE22

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Liquid Grub from On Target - After approximately 10 years of testing, Rob Erickson believes this product will dramatically improve your success ratio when trapping both grubbing and roaming skunks. This lure is NOT to be trailed into the trap. Place a tablespoon at the back of the trap, forcing the skunk to cross the pan, trying to reach the lure.
Skunks will feed on a variety of foods including bugs and grubs. You will see dime sized holes cut through the sod when skunks are grubbing. Skunk can smell the exact location of the grub and use its sharp claws to dig right to it. Grubbing occurs in late Summer through Fall.

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz., 4 oz. & 16 oz. sizes
Target Species: Skunk
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On-Target™ Liquid Grub Lure for Skunk

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