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Soup Can Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

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In the true spirit of trapping we use everything at our disposal to make our sets. This is why the soup can trap is so different from other traps because you provide one of the key components of the trap. You supply the outside body of the trap from any soup can with a 3" opening. This saves you money by allowing you to use something most people would throw away. The can protects your trap and its internal components. When the can wears out, put on a new one. It is that simple! The trap is designed to catch the inside lip of the can left from using a regular can opener. The trap is made from 12 gauge flat iron and 18 gauge pipe, a strong torsion spring, and a hardened steel wire hair trigger mechanism. The face of the trap has a 1/4" hole on one side for fixing the trap to objects by means of wire, staple, screw, or nail. It comes equipped with a 1 foot 1/0 loop trap chain and heavy metal swivel.

This trap can be dropped right on the ground or dug into a 3 inch hole. It can be pushed into the sand, mud, or snow right up to the level of the faceplate vertically or horizontally. It can also be suspended from a tree, fence, bridge, etc. Suspending the trap keeps it mouse-free and can reduce the catcht of non-target animals. This trap design allows you to make sets that are difficult at best with some other models.

Please Note: The Soup Can Dog-proof Raccoon Trap has a one-way (Push Only) trigger. 

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Weight: .86 lbs. each (.39 Kg)
Target Species: Raccoon
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Soup Can Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

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