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#1 Sleepy Creek Single Long Spring Guard Trap - DOZEN

Product Code: WCSSCLSG1-12

Price: $109.75

The #1 Sleepy Creek Single Long Spring Guard Trap has a 4" jaw spread, and is recommended by Sleepy Creek for use in taking muskrat, mink and raccoon.



Frame – Two-piece construction, 1/8” thick steel x 1” wide
Bail Spring – Stainless steel
Pan – One-piece construction, with extended legs to allow easy plan and dog engagement
Chain- #1/0 double link with one swivel point, ring attached to the delay guard
Spring – .060 thick, heat-treated spring steel with dimples on each side of the spring eye to allow the spring to set left or right handed.
Weight – 13.25 ounces
Target Species -  Muskrat
Jaw Spread 4”

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Dimensions: 4" Jaw Spread
Weight: .93 lbs. ea. (.42 Kg)
Target Species: Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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#1 Sleepy Creek Single Long Spring Guard Trap - DOZEN

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