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Straight Nose Cone for WCS Excluder Series

Product Code: WCSSNC

Price: $17.80

The WCS Straight Nose Cone allows you to mount your 4" x 4" exclusion module/ trap directly over a hole in a flat surface, such as a fascia board or under a surface, such as a soffit.  Secure the nose cone over the entrance/exit hole using drywall screws and washers which catch the wings of the nose cone and holds it securely to the structure.

You then "plug" your exclusion module/trap into the nosecone and secure with a twist of wire or zip tie. Once an animal is caught, you can easily replace ("un-plug) the trap, leaving the nose cone secured to the structure. When all of the animals have been caught, remove nose cone and repair the hole. Makes catching squirrels faster & easier. 

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Dimensions: Fits 4" Excluder Series Trap
Mesh Size: 1/2" x 1" Mesh GAW
Wire Gauge: 16 gauge
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Straight Nose Cone for WCS Excluder Series

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