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Trapping the Elusive Bobcat with Gary Jepson (DVD)

Product Code: WCSTEB

Price: $39.95

Trapping the Elusive Bobcat with Gary Jepson - Enjoy 2 hours of intense bobcat trapping with Professional  Trapper Gary Jepson. Gary explains in detail the bobcat family  structure along with the HOW, WHEN and WHERE of successful  bobcat trapping.
You'll view a host of different locations and learn why these areas will "guarantee" exposure to a bobcat. Gary also explains in meticulous detail the construction of proven sets along with the terrain and areas in which they are to be located. Finally, you'll witness the outcome of following Gary's "proven" methods, as you see bobcats trapped up close.

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Dimensions: 110 minutes
Target Species: Bobcat,Predators
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Trapping the Elusive Bobcat with Gary Jepson (DVD)

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