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Proline™ Outreach Call Lure

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OutReach is a very different food combination lure that is extremely attractive to both Fisher and Marten, but will pull in fox and coyotes as well. This lure has just enough skunk to call them from a distance in cold weather conditions, but not so much that they will be satisfied without having to try to eat it. Outreach can be used as a call lure in combination with Fisher Red or Roadrunner. If used as a call lure place Outreach along with the bait.

Formulated by master lure maker Gary Jepson, Proline Lures is owned by Tim Julien.
OutReach has a booster to carry it in extreme wet or frozen conditions, but not so loud that it would be less effective in warm dry conditions. Use year round in food sets such as dirt holes, grub stakes, etc. Can be used as a very effective call lure or in very small amounts directly at the set.Please Note: This product is an attractant ONLY, not a poison. Not for human consumption. Formulated by Master Lure maker Gary Jepson.

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Dimensions: Available in Two Sizes: 4 oz. & 16 oz.
Target Species: Fisher,Marten,Fox,Coyote
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Proline™ Outreach Call Lure

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