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Teachers of the Night - COYOTE "Dirt Hole" (DVD)

Product Code: WCSTNCDH

Price: $29.95

Another installment of the "Teachers of the Night" series produced by Predator Control Group, COYOTE Dirt Hole shows you the real world of coyote behavior around dirt holes. No longer do you have to rely on theories and tradition. All of the "Teachers" DVD's are shot in digital night vision.  These are not intended to be "How to Trap" videos.  These are pure educational experience which allows you to learn from the animals themselves. If you understand that the animal is the ultimate teacher then you will gain alot of very practical experience. The person that wants to learn will love these DVD's.

Clint Locklear is a full-time trapper that has taken 1,102 beaver in a year, 51 otter in two weeks, 9 cats in a day, 14 coyotes in one day and 304 raccoon in 14 days cold rolling. Plus Clint performs predator/beaver control all across the country.

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Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Teachers of the Night - COYOTE

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