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Tail Splitter - Xtra Heavy Duty

Product Code: WCSXHDTS

Price: $9.95

Xtra Heavy Duty Tail Splitter, great for splitting the tail of coyotes and similar sized animals. Has replaceable blades. Will deliver years of service.
Tails must be split to allow them to properly dry on such species as fox, coyote, raccoon, etc. or the hide will spoil and the hair fall out, reducing the price your furs will command.

After removing the tail bone, holding the tail straight, using the point of the Tail Splitter you insert it into the opening left by the tail bone with a downward movement allow the blade to cut the hide of the tail. You cut the tail hid from the base of the tail where it meets the body to the very end of the tail. This allows you to scrape the hide in the case of a fatty tail area such as a raccoon, and also allows you to tack the tail hide open if using wooden stretchers (preferred).

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Dimensions: 7" Long
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Tail Splitter - Xtra Heavy Duty

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