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Working Through Black Bear Management Issues

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Working Through Black Bear Management Issues - A Practitioners' Guide: Eight living species of bears roam the globe today. Most are imperiled and may be teetering on the verge of extinction (Servheen et al. 1999). The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is one exception in the trend toward scarcity. Resilient and adaptable, the black bear has not only survived across much of its historic range, it has thrived in an environment increasingly altered and dominated by human use.  Even as its ursine cousins continue to decline in distribution, the North American black bear has repopulated areas once thought too fragmented and densely populated with people to support such a large carnivore.

This book includes a copy of Responding to Problems with Bears: A Management Simulator on CD. 
Black Bear management conflicts are emerging across the Northeast. This guide is designed to help wildlife management agencies and communities understand these conflicts as resolvable public issues.

Part 1 frames bear management conflicts as public policy issues and describes how wildlife agencies can manage conflicts by implementing a comprehensive public issue education (PIE) program. Part II presents a software program called Responding to Problems with Bears: A Management Simulator. The guide provides detailed instructions and support materials to use the simulator as the focus of an issue education event with bear management stakeholders.

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Working Through Black Bear Management Issues

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