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Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook 3rd Edition by Stephen Vantassel

Product Code: WDIH-3ed-book

Price: $85.00

This is the updated 3rd Edition of The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook by Stephen M. Vantassel.  The previous two editions have been a "go to" reference for many professionals both new and experienced performing nuisiance wildlife control services.
This is a guide to identifying vertebrate damage to structures, landscapes and livestock.  The new, fresh layout and full-color format adds to the ease of working your way through this vital information.  Stephen has expanded the number of species and consulted scholarly literature to add depth to the information.  Previous versions focused primarily on inspection in structural contexts.  This version adds information about landscape and other non-structural damage settings.  A must have reference resource for all in the nuisance wildlife control industry!

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ISBN: 978-0-9668582-5-9
Dimensions: 180 pages
Target Species: General
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Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook  3rd Edition by Stephen Vantassel

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