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Trap-AlertRemote Trap Management is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enables users to actively monitor the status and location of traps through a web-based application, which significantly increases the efficiency of managing large numbers of traps.  Inexpensive sensor kits allow you to easily retrofit your existing traps in advance, making them Trap-Alert™ ready and allowing your traps and devices to be changed out on the job by simply unplugging one device and replacing it with another.

Trap-Alert™ Device Packages

Trap-Alert™ Device Packages

Trap-Alert™ Accessories & Replacement Parts

Trap-Alert™ Accessories & Replacement Parts

Trap-Alert™ Sensor Kits

Trap-Alert™  Sensor Kits

When a trap is triggered the wireless technology of Trap-Alert™ updates the status of the trap on the Trap-Alert™ website.  On that website you can see each trap that is attached to a module.  The website will tell you the trap that has been tripped, and using GPS technology, will show you where that trap is located on a map.  For those with email addressable devices (e.g. Smartphones, PDAs, mobile PCs) you can have status emails and SMS messages forwarded to you right in the field.

Trap-Alert™ makes efficient use of its rechargeable battery to ensure a 45-60 day run-time per charge.  The strength of the battery and wireless signal for each unit is shown on the Trap-Alert™ web application so you always know the status of each unit.  This too can be accessed on any phone with internet access.

Subscription Options

Each Trap-Alert™ unit requires a subscription to communicate wirelessly to your Trap-Alert™ Web Application and any remote email addressable devices (e.g. Smartphones, PDAs, mobile PCs).  A subscription plan is required for the system to be activated.  For customers that don't want to spend the money up front on purchasing a Trap-Alert unit we've created a program that bills the customer monthly so there are no initial investments to be made. The Monthly Payment Discounted Pricing is listed below. The plans are for either 1 or 2 years, and the customer can choose the regular starter kit that can monitor one trap, or a 4 cage bundle that can monitor 4 traps off of one Trap-Alert unit. At time of purchase, WCS will work with each customer to sign-up for the plan that works best for them. Monthly subscription options are listed below.

Monthly Subscription Options with Unit Purchase:

3 Month Prepaid  $225.00

3 Months - Monthly Billing     $75.00 per month

6 Month Prepaid   $342.00   
(5% discount)

6 Months -  Monthly Billing    $60.00 per month  

12 Month Prepaid  $502.50
(10% discount)     

12 Months - Monthly Billing   $46.50 per month

24 Month Prepaid  $805.80
(15% discount)

24 Months - Monthly Billing   $39.50 per month

Monthly Payment Options (No Upfront) for 4 Cage Bundle:

12 Month Commitment

24 Month Commitment

$79.00 per month

$57.00 per month

Trap-Alert™ Video