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Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) has been an evolution that began over 35 years ago! It began along the brooks, rivers and streams of what was once rural Manchester, CT. This is where owner, Alan Huot's love of trapping and the outdoors were forged. He spent his youth, before and after school, pursuing muskrat, mink, raccoon, skunk, etc. during each trapping season. His love of the sport continued to grow throughout his teens and he was always in one of two states; "trapping or preparing to go trapping".

     Alan had the great fortune to witness the last fur boom in the latter part of the 70's and his focus turned to fox and beaver trapping. His skill in capturing these animals was widely known and viagra online he was designated a "volunteer" nuisance beaver trapper for the State of CT. It was at this time that he began to develop what would turn out to be "Premium Grade" baits and lures. As the volume of nuisance complaints increased in CT, their ability to maintain a list of "volunteers" became increasingly difficult. In 1984, CT created a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators license to allow businesses to develop that assisted in the management of wildlife while handling residence complaints of problem animals. In short it allowed for "trappers" to charge for their services and the NWCO in CT was born!!

     In 1994, Alan met Carol and quickly shared with her his love for trapping and knowledge of wildlife. With her support in 1996, Nuisance Wildlife Services was created to establish a "gold standard" business providing wildlife control and removal services throughout the CT Farmington River Valley. Today, NWS continues to grow and successfully operate throughout central CT. Alan began selling his baits & lures at various conventions throughout the Northeast. In doing NWCO work, he found that he spent a large amount of his time investigating products that worked in the nuisance business. He developed a strong desire to operate a supplies business to help reduce the time spent for other NWCO's investigating products and competitive prices. Realizing that the wave of the future involved the wildlife control professional, he soon focused his attention on serving that market. In 1998, Wildlife Control Supplies was begun.

     Wildlife Control Supplies operates on the premise that a wildlife professional's time is valuable and in short supply. We want to make ordering any and all supplies that a wildlife control business might need as efficient, timely and cost effective as possible.

     We continue to grow with the wildlife control industry, by servicing both wildlife control professional's that deserve the best products at competitive rates for their business and local CT customers who have wildlife problems.


P.O. Box 538, East Granby, CT 06026
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