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Adlee Chain Trap Setter - Pull type

Product Code: AET-500

Price: $9.95

The Adlee T-500 pull-type chain safety trap setter is a perfect low-cost, lightweight, and simple-to-use trap setter.
Suitable for any size body-grip trap from 110 to 330. Fits in your pocket!  This setter can be used as a "rescue" tool if you accidently get your hand caught in a bodygrip trap and only have one hand available.  Made in Canada.


Place your foot through and over the jaws of the unset body grip trap, such that your weight is on the jaws. Thread the hook of the chain setter through the top spring eye, down alongside the frame of the trap, and engage the hook at the end of the chain to the bottom spring end. Grip the T-bar handle and pull upwards on the chain until the top part of the hook engages the top spring eye. Place the safety hook on the arm of the spring in position and release pressure on the Chain Setter. 

If using a double spring trap, repeat the same process on the other spring. 

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Adlee Chain Trap Setter - Pull type

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