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Laser Deterrents for Bird Control Automated Laser Bird Deterrent The automated laser AVIX Autonomic Mark II scares birds away 24/7. This cost-efficient solution can be configured, operated and monitored through a user-friendly App. Shop Now Manual Laser Bird Deterrents The manual bird scaring laser uses the same laser bird control technology as the automated device. It is designed to be used where it could be less conducive to install an automated system. Shop Now How do laser bird deterrents work? The principle of laser bird control is inspired by nature. Birds’ most developed sense is sight and they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum like physical objects. So when the laser moves toward the birds, it triggers their natural fight or flight instinct, making them flee. Years of research have gone into developing the ultimate laser bird deterrent and accomplished it by applying a combination of highly precise optics, filtering, and light frequencies. The results are exceptional performance in bird repelling while maintaining safety for both humans and birds. Which bird species react to the laser beam? Crow Duck Goose Gull Pigeon Sparrow Avian Laser Deterrents Many bird control projects can be greatly improved with the proper use of professional lasers designed for harassing birds. Birds often become habituated to traditional hazing techniques such as propane cannons or pyrotechniques. This does not happen with lasers as the birds perceive the constant movement of the beam as a physical threat like a predator. Humans only see the dot at the end of the beam, (unless it is being projected in low light conditions), but if the laser is of ample power birds see the entire length of the projected beam. The use of properly designed lasers does not cause pain, suffering, or any long term harm to the birds. There is a big difference in using professional equipment and procedures verses lasers not specifically designed for birds and using them haphazardly. Safety is very important and lasers should be equipped with a key lock and other safety features. The power of the laser is important and your choice of power depends on what you expect to accomplish. Color is also important with green being the best choice for the majority of applications. Using lasers to direct birds toward a mist net or out of dark corners can greatly speed up removal in large open buildings. Lasers can be successfully used to harass resting waterfowl and roosting, starlings, pigeons and Corvids (birds related to crows such as ravens and jays). Lasers 30mW will be most effective in very low light conditions and interior applications. Lasers between 50 and 100 mW will work best within a few hours of sunset and sundown, on very overcast days, and in other low light conditions. Only lasers rated at 500 mW will work in bright sunny conditions. For commercial and agricultural applications, automated lasers that can be programed are a great option. In one study the Avix Autonomic laser with a power of 500mW showed overall efficacy of 98.2%! The manufacturer of the Avix Autonomic is confident enough to guarantee at least a 70% reduction in bird numbers. These automated systems are primarily used in agricultural such as berry farms, aquaculture and also commercial sites including solar panels, roof tops and industrial sites. Shop Now PRO TIPS:
  • Move your laser steadily about the pace of a fast-walking human
  • Start by pointing the laser in front of the birds and slowly move it toward them. DO NOT start off by pointing directly at the birds
  • Use zig zag motions
  • Repeatedly treat roost sites at dawn and dusk 
  • Never point lasers at a people, aircraft, or vehicles
  • Always follow all laws and regulations including OSHA
  • Install automated lasers before birds are causing damage or nesting

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