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Grawe's Mustang Sally Lure (4 oz.)

Product Code: GRAWMS-4

Price: $20.00

Grawe's Mustang Sally Lure won't spook those paranoid coyotes who have gotten used to the common foul-smelling commercial lures or the "perfume" types. Unlike many of today's rank nasty lures which cause a rolling or urination response, Mustang Sally grabs a coyotes' attention and triggers a natural desire to actually lick or eat the lure. 
Coyotes really focus on this bait and will dig a dirt hole to try to remove and eat this bait. And because coyotes want to eat this bait, it also works excellently on getter guns.

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Dimensions: 4 oz.
Weight: .46 lbs. (.21 kg)
Target Species: Coyote, Fox

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Grawe's Mustang Sally Lure (4 oz.)

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