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Tomahawk Model HN301 Heavy Duty Dura-Flex Net w/3 foot shaft

Product Code: HN301

Price: $102.50

Tomahawk's 3' Heavy Duty Dura-Flex Net, Model HN301, is great for restraining cats, small to medium size dogs, bats, birds, raccoons, and rodents. Its solid polycarbonate hoop is strong, yet flexible and can be pressed firmly and FLUSH against the ground. This allows the animal to be netted at any angle. For longer shafts, see HN302 and HN303. Because this net is so large, it must be shipped at the 30 lb UPS rate.

Heavy Duty Dura-Flex Net Features:
  • Specifically designed to capture animals.
  • Strong 5/8" nylon hoops.
  • 92" hoop circumference.
  • Long neoprene grips.
  • Woven ¼" nylon tangle free mesh netting.
  • Two layered 1/8" woven nylon hem.
  • Tie-off cord and heavy aluminum shafts.

The Dura-Flex Animal Net is the most effective yet affordable animal net available. These nets have been designed and field tested by animal control professionals.

1) The solid hoops are strong yet flexible. They can be pressed firmly against the ground, or walls to entrap animals even with the net shaft at an angle. This allows animal handlers to stand upright while netting and restraining netted animals. It also prevents animals from lifting the hoop edge and escaping or biting handlers.
2) 21" long neoprene grip allows handler to securely grab net shafts with no risk of slipping. Neoprene prevents slipping even when wet.
3) The netting is made from 1/4" woven nylon mesh that will not propagate tears, unravel, or weaken from adjacent tears. The net seams are surged with polyester thread, and the mesh size is small to prevent animal entanglements. The nets are a full 48" deep to provide plenty of room for netted animals.

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Dimensions: 38" x 28" hoop
Mesh Size: 1/4" mesh
Target Species: Cat,Dog,Bat,Bird,Raccoon
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Tomahawk Model HN301 Heavy Duty Dura-Flex Net w/3 foot shaft

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