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MB-450-FH Coilspring Traps - DOZEN

Product Code: MB-450-FH-12

Price: $194.50

The newest member of the Minnesota Brand Trap family. The MB-450-FH is a #1 1/2 size trap but built to hold the meanest, nastiest coyote. Outside jaw spread is 5" and inside jaw spread 4 3/8". The 450 has 5/16" thick, smooth closed cast jaws. Features include a Paws-I-Trip Pan with night latched dog, heavy levers, strong music wire springs, #2 American made chain, two (2) crunch proof swivels, and a 2 piece gusseted frame for strength and reliability.  ONE DOZEN TRAPS

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Dimensions: Outside jaw spread is 5" and inside jaw spread 4 3/8"
Target Species: Fox, Opossum, Nutria, Raccoon, Skunk
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MB-450-FH Coilspring Traps - DOZEN

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