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WCS Super Snake Tongs - 40"

Product Code: NWS0801-40SUP

Price: $74.95

WCS 40" Super Snake Tongs: Designed for the safe handling of snakes and other reptiles, these tongs can also act as an extra "hand" when capturing other critters. Our tongs have an anodized blue aluminum shaft and a hand contoured pistol-grip style handle. These are the finest snake tongs on the market. This super style has an inner-wall twice the thickness (.090") of the standard style (.045").

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Designed and completely field-tested these snake tongs will withstand years of daily use. Contoured pistol grip style handle ensures gentle squeezing on the target animal. Tumbled grips have no sharp edges or rough spots to damage you or the snake.  Reliable stainless steel cable securely attaches the gripping end of the tong with the pistol grip. Not just for snake work, our customers tell us that these snake tongs are a great extra set of hands for the elderly or those in need of reaching things at a distance.

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WCS Super Snake Tongs - 40

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