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Catchmaster Bulk Glue (Gallon)

Product Code: NWS2550B

Price: $36.95

Custom make your own traps any size or shape to fit your needs.  Use wherever rats, mice or crawling insects are a problem.  Catchmaster Bulk Glue contains no toxicants or poisons and is particularly  suited, and approved, for use in areas where pesticides are  prohibited or undesirable. Apply to cardboard or plastic. Can be heated to  make application easier.

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Catchmaster Bulk Glue contains a new and improved formula booster which allows the glue to be easily spread, yet it won't run in high temperatures nor lose its' effectiveness in low temperatures.

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Weight: 7.91 lbs. (3.58 Kg)
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Catchmaster Bulk Glue (Gallon)

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