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Tube Paste Bait Gun

Product Code: WCS101504

Price: $19.95

The Tube Paste Bait Gun offers a clean, efficient method of bait delivery.  Simply place an NB Tube Bait in the gun and squeeze the trigger to apply just the right amount of bait to your trap.  It's a must for professionals and homeowners alike!
The NB Tube Bait Gun is for use with NB Tube BaitsNB Tube Bait is a rich mix of nut oils, meats & seeds that squirrels find irresistible. Like all of the "Premium Grade" bait products, it is spiked with an anti-drying agent to increase the baits effectiveness. NB has proven itself effective with chipmunk, gray, red, & flying squirrels. For a change up bait, give it a try on Norway Rats & mice, you'll be pleasantly surprised, as this is a great rodent bait!

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Tube Paste Bait Gun

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