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Animalistics: Rattlin' Chains with Darin Freeborough (DVD)

Product Code: WCSARATC

Price: $32.00

Animalistics: Rattlin' Chains: Advanced Coyote Trapping for small country coyotes and "The Animal's" favorite bobcat set for you to give a try! Join "The Animal" Darin Freeborough again on his professional coyote trapline. This is another season with the Animal showing you down to earth methods that will make you a successful coyote trapper. Few will take the time express the what will make you a successful coyote trapper as the Animal does. He traps in the small farmland and hills of the east where coyotes are trapped hard, run with coyote dogs and shot at daily.
He will be showing you some of his specialty sets for these coyotes with, of course, many catches. Animal always shows you the tricks it takes to put coyotes on your stretchers and this DVD is not going to let you down. There is also some really great footage of three black coyotes he caught in 2009. This video will continue to be very entertaining for the family and will keep your attention throughout. There will not be a lot of discussion about equipment in this DVD, just good old coyote trapping for the guys and gals that want to fill their shed with the large eastern coyote.With PA starting its first season allowing everyone to purchase a bobcat tag, Animal decided to show you his most productive bobcat set that he uses and they just cannot walk past. In this DVD, he makes this set at a bobcat track and catches one a couple days later.

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Dimensions: 120 minutes
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Bobcat
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Animalistics: Rattlin' Chains with Darin Freeborough (DVD)

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