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Cat Collector with Clint Locklear (DVD)

Product Code: WCSCLCC

Price: $49.95

Cat Collector with Clint Locklear. Follow along with Clint from Predator Control Group as he explains in detail his system for taking numbers of cats anywhere in the country.

For FOUR HOURS, Clint drills down on commercial cat trapping, not hobby or sport trapping methods. Clint's system allows you to attack a cat population, get them caught and get to the next group of cats. You will understand how a cat works a set and why general predator sets are not a high percentage bobcat set.

From the Cat Collector you will learn the rules of production cat trapping and then be able to take these guidelines and rock 'n roll on your own cat line.

Click Below to see the Rear of the Cat Collector DVD:

         Rear of the Cat Collector DVD by Clint Locklear 

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Dimensions: 4 hours in length
Target Species: Bobcat,Predators
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Cat Collector with Clint Locklear (DVD)

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