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The Facts About Bats by Cornell University (DVD)

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The Facts About Bats: Exploring Conflicts and Designing Solutions: Bats may be the most misunderstood and maligned creatures in  the animal kingdom. From Hollywood vampires portrayed by  Bela Lugosi to comic book character Batman, they have always  been associated with the dark and the sinister. 

Get into the mind of the bat ! This comprehensive DVD delves into the secrets of bat behaviour and explains the habits that make bats so pesky. With tips and solutions on how to keep bats and humans coexisting peacefully.
This DVD explores relationships between bats and humans. It examines bat behavior and their need for warm summer roosts, such as attics, for raising their young. Ways to minimize disease transmission, including rabies and histoplasmosis (a respiratory ailment associated with bat guano) are discussed. Most importantly, this video offers strategies that incorporate bats' biology and behavior to create conservation-oriented management solutions that reduce conflicts without harming the animals.

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Dimensions: 29 minutes
Target Species: Bat
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The Facts About Bats by Cornell University (DVD)

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