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Hardwood Body Grip Pans 160/220 size

Product Code: WCSHWP160

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There is no set of trigger wires hanging in front of an animals face. Large animals like raccoon, fisher and bobcat spring trap with chest or chin. Less refusals, less misses with large animals.
When setting body grip traps and using hardwood pans, place your trigger on the bottom and bend the trigger wires at a 90° angle close to the clip which goes around the jaw. Place the wires of the body grip trap through each of the holes in the hardwood pan and bend the ends which protrude through the block slightly to each side to keep the wood pan in place.

Typically, hardwood body grip pans are used in conjunction with some type of enclosure or cubby, such as a bucket, or mailbox, etc. The trigger wires and harwood pan should be positioned facing the rear of the enclosure.

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Dimensions: 4.25"L x 1.75"W x 5/8"T
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Hardwood Body Grip Pans 160/220 size

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