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Coyote Trapping with Mark June - Volume 1 (DVD)

Product Code: WCSMJ01-V1

Price: $39.95

Coyote Trapping with Mark June - Volume 1 - Ride along with Professional Trapper and biologist Mark June on his  predator trap line where he explains in great detail what it takes to  consistently catch coyotes. Well known for his trapping expertise, high  energy, and ability to catch large numbers of canines, Mark provides  TWO HOURS of non-stop instructions and action packed trap line footage!  Filmed in High Quality SONY Digital Technology!

"Mark,  It took a surgical procedure to get me to sit down and watchabout 15 DVDs of various topics, including yours.  Excellent job!Your organization and approach are right on target.  I amquite sure there is some advanced level yet ahead in trappingmethodology, but for now your DVD is the state of the art. Great job."

Major L. Boddicker PhD - CO  9-6-2009

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Dimensions: 120 minutes
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Coyote Trapping with Mark June - Volume 1 (DVD)

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