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WCS Muskrat Colony Trap - Collapsible

Product Code: WCSMUSKC

Price: $16.00

The WCS Muskrat Colony Trap - Collapsible, sometimes called the submarine trap, this multiple catch muskrat trap can be submerged in a muskrats runway or den entrance for effective catching activity. A passive door on each end allows for entry while a centrally located strength bar holds the traps rigid square shape. When the internally located strength bar is pivoted towards the traps floor the trap will fold flat for easy carrying and storage.
The trap is constructed of 1" x 1" galvanized wire mesh. Note: If this trap is located in shallow water it can be used as a live capture device, however locating it in deeper water makes it lethal !

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Dimensions: 28"L x 5"W x 5"H
Mesh Size: 1" x 1"
Target Species: Muskrat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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WCS Muskrat Colony Trap - Collapsible

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