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Aluminum Pole Syringe

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The Aluminum Pole Syringe is used primarily for  injecting skunks with a euthanizing fluid or administering  medications.  Screws onto standard threaded painter's pole or broom handle (not included).

All metal parts are aluminum and come with a life-time warranty.  Plastic parts  are standard monoject syringes with rubber plunger.

The 12cc syringe comes with one 16 gauge 1" needle, and the 3cc syringe includes one 20 gauge 1" needle.  The syringes are capable of using any gauge or length screw-on type needle.

The metal tip on the end of the 12cc model is adjustable: with a 1" needle you can adjust the injection depth from 1/8" to 7/8" and is meant to protect the end of the plastic syringe unit and also prevent the needle from being bent.

The 3cc model of the aluminum syringe is most typically used by animal control or animal care professionals for administering medications.

These syringes can be attached to threaded broom handles or aluminum extendable painting poles (NOT INCLUDED).

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Aluminum Pole Syringe

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