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On-Target™ Chuckster Paste Bait 6 oz.

Product Code: WCSRE26

Price: $5.50

Chuckster Paste Bait From On Target works very well for late spring and early summer groundhogs. It hangs on the stick and can't be washed off under any conditions. Using this paste, in conjunction with several drops of Liquid Chuckster, is a deadly combination.

Note: Call for Gallon pricing.

It is important to exploit an animal’s sense of smell to trap them. Hang your bait beyond the trigger pan in the back of the cage. The bait will disperse into the air. Keeping bait off the ground will also discourage ants from consuming.

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Dimensions: 6 oz.
Target Species: Woodchuck,a.k.a. Groundhog
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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On-Target™ Chuckster Paste Bait 6 oz.

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