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Alaska Wolf Trapping Manual

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Alaska Wolf Traping Manual: Alaskan trappers tend to be an independent bunch that have learned their skills the hard way -- by living and trapping in a rugged, unforgiving, frozen land. There is a wide range of methods and means presented here and, at times, some may seem to contradict others. So far, we haven't found anything that works for everyone, everywhere, all the time. What works for you, on your trapline, in your territory can only be determined by you, through trial and error. The objective of this manual is to help you avoid as many errors as possible and at the same time provide the information you"ll need to locate wolves, make the proper set with the right gear, catch wolves, hold them, and then handle them properly.
Trapping wolves can be quite challenging. They are wily and can be extremely trap smart. Dean Wilson said that the biggest weakness that most wolf trappers have is that they don't use a balance of traps and snares. They use either one or the other and they miss opportunities. "Those guys are smart. If you're gonna catch'em, you gotta be smarter. In addition to your steel, you gotta hang a lot of snares." Successful trapping of Alaskan wolves is not due to luck or accident. It involves careful preseason preparation, a basic knowledge of wolf behaviour and senses, and attention to detail and cleanliness when making different sets. In many cases, the best teacher will be yourself, by learning from your mistakes: look to see what happened and troubleshoot as to why you didn't catch the wolf that sprung your trap.

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ISBN: 978-0-9791608-1-3
Target Species: Wolf,Predators
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Alaska Wolf Trapping Manual

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