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5/5 Worked until last night, 04/14/2021
Reviewer: Mike
Ironically I got an email this morning asking me to review this purchase and last night I was awoken by that family of raccoons fighting over food and screeching at each other. It was 2 weeks ago that I soaked the tennis ball and left it near the base of the tree. We had not heard anything since. Until last night. So I soaked the ball again today and hope they leave again. It would be nice if they provided more safety and usage info. You must wear gloves and should change and wash your clothes after using this stuff. I used gloves and didn’t spill anything and then showered and could smell it on my hoodie when I put it in the wash. It’s some strong stuff. And don’t try and put your nose close to the bottle opening to smell it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
5/5 15 MM Single Shot Launcher, 04/12/2021
Reviewer: Nancy Knox
Looks great and I know it will work my brother has one and he loves it.
5/5 Propell rodent, 04/12/2021
Reviewer: Chris Auger
It has worked very well so far . Rats immediately left barn and I no longer see droppings . I keep a spray bottle handy and touch up problematic areas more often than 30/45 days . Pleasant smell and no danger to my dogs .
5/5 Effective, lethal device., 04/11/2021
Reviewer: JV
I thought the trap was a little pricey, however considering the damage done on my pool, house trim, and deck box......it was very reasonable. Baited it with some peanuts and peanut butter to start, then just their natural curiosity was enough. Very effective and lethal.
5/5 Works Great!!, 04/10/2021
Reviewer: Michelle
We have ground hogs and raccoons that visit- I spray it and it keeps them away! I will definitely order this again!
5/5 Perfect, 04/08/2021
Reviewer: Christopher
Just what I needed to fit over my bathroom vent cover under my deck. Easy to install. Ordering was easy and arrived within a few days. Thanks Wildlife Control Supplies!
4/5 Good trap, 04/06/2021
Reviewer: Dan
Company: Texas Nuisance Wildlife Relocation
Works well filling up those extra large runs. Would give it five stars but a tad pricy.
5/5 Good trap, 04/06/2021
Reviewer: Dan
Company: Texas Nuisance Wildlife Relocation
Easiest trap to set on the market without firing. Great catch ratio.
5/5 Perfect, 04/06/2021
Reviewer: Dan
Company: Texas Nuisance Wildlife Relocation
Provides easy stabilization
5/5 Perfect as described, 04/05/2021
Reviewer: Nmc
Order was timely shipped and quality is excellent
5/5 Great stuff, 04/04/2021
Reviewer: Tim
Company: Trapper Tims LLC
Love it - messy to work with, but does a fantastic job.
5/5 They Work!, 04/04/2021
Reviewer: Jeff
I never had success with other traps. I caught four moles in one week with these "no-mole" traps - love them (the moles, not so much)! One tip - I used a lawn roller to flatten the yard, then I could see the next day where active tunnels showed up. It's easy to set these traps, and moles cannot avoid them if they try restoring their tunnel. Very effective design.
5/5 Great product, 04/04/2021
Reviewer: Hidalit Deyanira Aranda
Company: Malibu Coast Animal Hospital
Great for handling cats!
5/5 Great Net, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: Robert Templeton
Company: Alpha Wildlife Solutions LLC
The net works great. And the pole is extendable which is great in certain situations. Only flaw I found in it is that frame that the netting is on is not forgiving and will bend or snap easily if dropped. Now, Grant it, I was stupid enough to throw it off a roof from 30 feet in the air, so it is my fault it broke. Other than user malfunctions, great product.
5/5 Outdoor light covers, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: Vicki
Company: homeowner
Attractive, easy to install, looks like this will do the trick of keeping wasps from nesting in my lights. Your video showed exactly how to install and was very helpful.
5/5 Awesome and versatile trap, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: James Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
As a wildlife control agent, I trap everything! These traps are versatile enough to use for anything from muskrat to bobcat, beaver to raccoon. I would recommend these traps to anyone who is serious about trapping.
5/5 Reliable and versatile, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: James Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
I have been very pleased with the performance of this gun and the long version also. As a wildlife control agent, I use these guns year round and found them reliable and they help me reach those awkward locations where bats and other wildlife like to turn into access points. Very high quality to be labeled as "Economy"!
5/5 Handi-Cleaner, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: James Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
This cleaner has worked very efficiently on site and for routine cleaning of my foam guns. Frees up sticking valves, nozzles and triggers quickly and thoroughly.
5/5 Tomahawk Model 101SS Professional Single Door Trap - Squirrel size (18 x 5 x 5), 04/01/2021
Reviewer: Michael Mauer
Company: University of Minnesota
Quick delivery. Well designed. High quality. Worked as advertised. Highly recommended.
4/5 Well built but too small, 04/01/2021
Reviewer: Douglas Vangorp
Not sure if we just have extremely large bobcats in the area but this trap is too small for our needs. Pictures of the bobcat next to the trap show that its entire body would not fit into this trap. I baited the trap with portions of a recent kill and while the cat showed interest the trap was avoided.
5/5 Microbait Steel Mouse Bait Station, 03/30/2021
Reviewer: Jim Early
Company: No company, just use at home
I ordered the microbait steele mouse bait station because I wanted a metal unit with holes only big enough for mice. The plastic stations with holes only big enough for mice would get chewed open by bigger animals. When I used stations with bigger holes, bigger animals would eat most or all of the bait so that none was getting through to the mice. The microbait station solved both concerns. An added plus is that the microbait's key works much better that the two-pronged keys on the other stations that I tried.
5/5 First time using this trap, 03/29/2021
Reviewer: Tom
Caught a nuisance beaver on the first set. It worked perfectly. Fast service and shipping.
5/5 Rodent guard, 03/28/2021
Reviewer: Rick Thompson
Easy install.......no mice in traps since I installed in 2 garages!
5/5 Good quality, and it works!, 03/28/2021
Reviewer: Kimberly Smith
I like the fact that the owl is weighted by a metal strip on each side. I live in a windy area, and the owl stays in position and spins. I cannot believe how effectively it has deterred woodpeckers. Now that I know the quality and efficacy of this product I am going to purchase two more!
5/5 Good product, 03/27/2021
Reviewer: Lee
Company: Individual
Use and works wonders. Will keep buying it.
5/5 MD home, 03/27/2021
Reviewer: Catherine
Company: Self
Mouse died in wall near heater. Ugggggly. After cleaning everything with bleach the smell stayed. One bag took the smell down in one day. Splendid!
5/5 Fantastic product!, 03/26/2021
Reviewer: Liz White
These traps are well-made. Need some hand-strength to set. They work well. Wish they came with a little cable. Something is needed to prevent losing a trap, and it would be nice if they came with a piece of lightweight cable attached.
5/5 Love them, 03/26/2021
Reviewer: Chris Hickey
Company: The Critter Gitters
Simple design but extremely effective, I'm using 5 dozen of them, affordable for large amount of jobs at the same time
5/5 Sturdy, 03/25/2021
Reviewer: Rachel
I have not had the chance to use them, but they arrived fast and are very sturdy. Will function well.
5/5 Great Trap, 03/25/2021
Reviewer: John
Works well! Thank you
5/5 Booger retriever, 03/24/2021
Reviewer: Derek Ruppel
One handy little product. Picks up small and big items with ease. I will always have it in my pack for hunting from a tree.
5/5 Tomahawk E35 Squirrel - one way door (small), 03/23/2021
Reviewer: R J Regier
It works! And is properly sized for flying squirrels! WCS shipped it promptly, and it arrived in good condition. It was recommended by a professional wildlife specialist, and his suggestion was 100% right.
2/5 Inconsistent and disappointing, 03/23/2021
Reviewer: Jack t
First time using this trap, I caught one. After that it never caught one again. I got the scent of the previous gopher off of it, but it still will not work. I use the Gophinator and it never fails. I hate the gopher hawk and constantly question its popularity.
5/5 Quality gate, 03/23/2021
Reviewer: Kirk Fessler
Ordered this gate to build a pen to trap the first hog to show up on my farm. Gate arrived quickly, was easy to assemble, and is built well. The hog hasn't come back since I built the enclosure, so I can't say it has been effective yet. But, I believe that once my scent disperses I will have a trapped hog!
5/5 Animalistics Rattlin Chains Dvd, 03/21/2021
Reviewer: Keith Taylor
Great DVD! I learned a lot from it - very informative. Now I'm ready to hit the trap line - thanks.
5/5 Worked as Described, 03/21/2021
Reviewer: Eric
Trap worked to catch the target skunk that was released safely without incident. Solidly built and sure to last many years of use (though I hope it will be infrequently needed.)
5/5 It Works Great!!!, 03/21/2021
Reviewer: Geary
The Wind-Up Mouse, it works Great!! Highly Recommended!! The shipment arrived in a timely manner as promised.
5/5 Very informative, 03/21/2021
Reviewer: Geary
I enjoyed the book by Bob Noonan. It was very informative for potential skunk trappers or someone who is unlucky enough to accidently trap one.
5/5 It worked!!!, 03/21/2021
Reviewer: Leonard Thompson
It worked...exactly what I needed...the crowds are getting smaller...not as many coming back from day to day !
5/5 Restocked Banger Supply, 03/20/2021
Reviewer: Tim Christie
Company: Wildlife Management Services
Quick, friendly service makes my job much easier. WCS has always been the best for many years.
5/5 Well made, 03/19/2021
Reviewer: Thomas
Very quick delivery. Well made product!
5/5 Good Product, 03/18/2021
Reviewer: Bobby
Good price, easy to use and works very well.
3/5 They work, 03/16/2021
Reviewer: Henry Balding
Company: Balding’s Bees & Wildlife
I use the Trapper T Rex normally but thought I would try these out. The spring is not strong enough to kill the big rats we have Los Angeles. They get roof rats and mice well.
4/5 Works well, 03/16/2021
Reviewer: Henry Balding
Company: Balding’s Bees & Wildlife
I was surprised that it actually works. Not many gel baits work well. I'm giving it 4 stars because it seems to attract birds. I've been getting birds in the Trex traps I'm using on an account.
5/5 Hercules Putty, 03/15/2021
Reviewer: Brady
Company: Aloha Termite & Pest Control
Great product! Keeps our traps in place.
5/5 I LOVE this trap cover, 03/14/2021
Reviewer: Lisa
Company: Red Arrow Ranch
I have had one of these trap covers for years, it came with the trap I bought. I've trapped hundreds of raccoons over 24 years, and my Game Warden relocates them. He took one & the cover and somehow managed to lose the cover. I bought a different one than this one, I'm so sorry I did that...it is like a flimsy piece of cardboard. Then happily I found this cover, exactly like the one I had, and it is PERFECT. I am protected by the slots for the handles, so the coons can't reach up and scratch my hands. It has a cut-out for the door release, and since my traps all have rear exit doors, the flap on the back of the cover makes release very easy. Buy one of these, they are so reasonably priced and they really protect the animal and the trapper. You won't regret it!
5/5 Like the tool, 03/13/2021
Reviewer: Mark Gray
The dog proof setting tool makes setting and releasing simple and less stressful on my hands and arms; I have tennis elbow pretty bad but still have to work on the local coon population. I recommend the tool and use it too.
5/5 Effective on small game, 03/12/2021
Reviewer: Jay
I purchased two of these 110s to reduce the population of bunnies and squirrels in my yard. I live in town and archery or firearms aren't really an option. First night was 2/2 with bunnies. Next night was 1/2 on bunnies. Following day got a squirrel and no bunnies. Next day, I caught a skunk. Trapping season ended here just a week after I got them, so I haven't set them again, but I don't see any of bunnies or squirrels I was mostly hoping to control. This is the most cost-effective outdoor pest control I've ever used. BTW-- I needed a setter for these, as the spring is stronger than I expected. Not sure if I'm just particularly weak or these are particularly strong, but a setter might be helpful to you.
5/5 Best yet!!!, 03/12/2021
Reviewer: Matt
It's a well built trap, very heavy duty. Nothing can get out of this trap. Thanks!!!!
5/5 Keep coming back to this trap!, 03/11/2021
Reviewer: Kelly
Company: Cat Zip Alliance/Campus Cats
As a non-profit that specializes in community cat spay/neuter and being the trap bank for several counties in north east Georgia, we have purchased and tried several different trap brands and designs over the years and always come back to Safeguard. We have about 65 traps and 40+ are this style, either 30" or 36". We do recommend hiding the trip plate with newspaper, a thin towel, or cardboard (only use cardboard in the 36" length) because otherwise most cats step over it.
5/5 T-Rex, 03/10/2021
Reviewer: Sm
My go to trap for flying squirrels. Very effective.
5/5 It is the best I've used, 03/08/2021
Reviewer: Chip
Company: McKnight Wildlife
After dragging my feet I finally bought a case to try and it is very easy to use, even in freezing temps.
5/5 Duke Dog Proof Trap, 03/06/2021
Reviewer: James Dillman
Company: Backwoods Wildlife Management LLC
Bought traps for cage-shy raccoons. Set out and caught 3 raccoons in 3 days. Highly recommended for any nuisance trapper.
5/5 Just what I needed, 03/04/2021
Reviewer: Joan b
I have been trying to attract bluebirds, but the English sparrows are aggressive and take over the housing. Using this trap, I trap the males, put them in a transport cage and carry them 10 miles from my property. The blues are better able to nest without interference. A good, safe humane way to remove nuisance birds.
5/5 It works!, 03/02/2021
Reviewer: J.R.E.
Caught 4 bobcats and one coyote in cage traps using the LuckyDuck digital bait caller this season.
5/5 Owner, 03/02/2021
Reviewer: Stephen Settell
Company: Two guys wildlife llc
Been installing this product for years, looks great when installed properly.
5/5 Problem solved, 03/01/2021
Reviewer: Sherylyn White
Soaked several old tennis balls and placed around perimeter of our yard and we haven't seen a raccoon since!!! Highly recommend!
5/5 Good trap, 03/01/2021
Reviewer: Wesley
This is what I needed, a smaller trap that would actually fit down the narrow tunnels my moles make. Standard gopher traps and the Gopherhawk were too big. Caught him on the first try.
5/5 Squirrels Box Trap, 03/01/2021
Reviewer: John
Product was very well made. Good price and received very quickly. Thanks for your help.
5/5 A rat, a mole and a mouse..., 02/28/2021
Walk into a bar... just kidding, they were all caught within 24 hours of using this paste. Great stuff.
5/5 Very Heavy Duty, 02/27/2021
Reviewer: Scoremaster -South Central Pa
I was impressed with the quality of this spring. Very heavy duty.
5/5 It works, 02/26/2021
Reviewer: John
Company: Parlow Mill Farm
Well it works, what else is there to say.
5/5 I Like this company, 02/26/2021
Reviewer: Scoremaster -South Central Pa
I have been happy with the products from this company. Products arrive on time with no unpleasant surprises .
4/5 Soup can raccoon trap, 02/24/2021
Reviewer: Steven L Weathers
Works as presented. Would suggest using an allen wrench or equivalent tool to set it. For what it's worth, it also takes care of feral cats.
5/5 A Remote Sensing must!, 02/24/2021
Reviewer: Joe Taylor
Company: Paw Control Wildlife Solutions
The Ferret WiFi is a great asset in a little package. Connecting to a phone or tablet is easy. Attachments and accessories give you a lot of options for viewing and grabbing things at a distance. Don't forget to purchase a telescoping pole or rig your own with chimney rods. And WCS provides excellent customer service with this product.
5/5 A great book for the skunk trapper!, 02/24/2021
Reviewer: Harvey
Company: BDSUSA
A great book for the skunk trapper! Quality pictures and descriptions along with the easy to follow "How To"s for the new or seasoned skunk trapper. If you are new to skunk trapping or want a method to trap skunks without getting sprayed, this book is for you.
5/5 Great quality product, 02/23/2021
Reviewer: Nick sperry
Have not used this puller yet but this thing is built tough and not too heavy to pack around. I can't wait to try it out next week pulling traps. Thanks again, WCS, for an awesome product!
5/5 Great product, 02/23/2021
Reviewer: Nick sperry
Great coyote and bobcat lure! They will dig a hole 10 inches deep for this stuff. Also a good change up for fox. Recommend this product to any trapper out there. Thanks for a great product, WCS!
5/5 Good stuff, 02/23/2021
Reviewer: Nick Sperry
Some of the best stuff I have used for coyote and fox trapping. I recommend this product to anyone and will buy more next season. Thanks WCS!
5/5 FB-1, 02/21/2021
Reviewer: Quenton
FB-1 trap is easy to set and use. Good value. I recommend them.
5/5 Owner, 02/21/2021
Reviewer: Scott
Company: Rogers Wildlife Control
Great product!!!
3/5 It works, 02/19/2021
Reviewer: Andy
The tool works fine but I have no problem setting them with my hands. No complaints with the tool but it's an extra piece of equipment to carry and takes slightly longer than by hand.
5/5 Works great, 02/19/2021
Reviewer: Andy
I've had a lot of success using these.
5/5 Great product, 02/19/2021
Reviewer: Randy McCrumb
Love these traps for muskrats. They work very well.
5/5 Pur Black Foam, 02/19/2021
Reviewer: Dwayne Mitchell
I used this to fill voids in an attempt to rodent proof my fifth wheel travel trailer. It works great, fills and sets nice, and can be easily trimmed after curing if needed. Would recommend for any application where cracks and holes are needing to be filled.
5/5 Excellent quality, 02/19/2021
Reviewer: Kira
I just installed 11 of these vents in an afternoon- they are work beautifully and were easy to adapt around piers and under siding.
5/5 Works perfectly, even in sub-freezing weather!, 02/18/2021
Reviewer: Greg Staggs
Company: Staggs in the Wild on YouTube
I bought two of these digital callers prior to the Artic blast that swept over the country in early 2021, and had both in operation when the temperatures plummeted to negative temperatures; I was pleasantly surprised to see that both kept working flawlessly even as the wind-chill dropped into the -30s. Definitely would highly recommend!
5/5 Excellent, 02/18/2021
Reviewer: Bruce
I have used every brand of one way door. These are superior in every way. They are painted, so they hide better on a roof line. Their construction is done so that the tabs from the manufacturing process don't catch on the sides of the cage section. You can install them with a bit of tension and they will still snap closed and open as designed. Safeguard and Tomahawk doors are on their last tour of duty in my business.
4/5 Trapper, 02/16/2021
Reviewer: Andrew Eischen
They weren't kidding when they said the scent fills the air. You can smell it on the coldest of days, worked good for late season mink.
5/5 You'll never own other brand after you use these, 02/16/2021
Reviewer: Dave
A+ Fast shipping and as Described I've always use Duke in Bridger 330s but will never use them again after using these.
5/5 Pur fill Winter gun foam, 02/16/2021
Reviewer: Jeff Cumm
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
This foam works great in cold temperatures this winter in NY for excluding mice and rats. Using copper mesh and hardware cloth also. It does expand, but not the same as the Pur Black Foam. It takes a try to keep the flow right. I recommend it
5/5 Easily modified lever trap, 02/16/2021
Reviewer: P C
My go-to rodent trap. I have over a dozen of these, several of which have lasted well over 10 years. The sheet metal design makes it very easy to modify the lever shape/trigger sensitivity by hand. In addition, I have had these traps smashed by horses multiple times and they are incredibly easy to reassemble without tools. My process for modifying these traps is: 1) twist a loop of wire through the grate on the top of the trap so that it hangs like a hoop over the trigger lever; this forces smaller rodents to walk the trigger instead of leaping over it. 2) Duct/gaffer tape over the top grates to keep the interior from getting wet when placed outdoors. 3) bend the long trigger pad slightly by hand to create a a subtle upwards curve shape that bottlenecks rodents into activating the lever. 4) if using loose bait like grain or seeds, use folded duct/gaffer tape to create a 1/2" wall immediately after the trigger lever. This will create an area between the trigger lever and the hinged door opposite the trap entrance that prevents loose bait from rolling underneath the trigger lever that could potentially keep the trap from activating. I have also JB welded a 1/2" long section of PVC pipe in this area to create a "bait dish," if you want to be fancy about it. Just be sure to gall the surface of the steel before using JB weld for the best results. This model is the best platform I have found to create unbeatable modified live traps.
5/5 president/owner, 02/15/2021
Reviewer: Drew Cowley
Company: Little Rascasl Nuisance Wildlife Removal
An awesome product that helps stop kinks and shreds in your cable lines when snaring and trapping. Swivels work great and spin nicely. They blend into setup and are very strong for holding the catch.
5/5 president/owner, 02/15/2021
Reviewer: Drew Cowley
Company: Little Rascasl Nuisance Wildlife Removal
A must have if driving anchors into ground. Makes things very easy to hammer down and secure.
5/5 president / Owner, 02/15/2021
Reviewer: Drew Cowley
Company: Little Rascasl Nuisance Wildlife Removal
A great product that holds well and is easy to install. Just attach to traps and hammer into the ground. Traps and Wildlife stay put!
5/5 president/owner, 02/15/2021
Reviewer: Drew Cowley
Company: Little Rascasl Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Great product. Took the shine off the traps and now they blend into trail way better. Easy to use and takes away the human scent.
5/5 Havahart 1020, 02/11/2021
Reviewer: John Burton
Well made. Works as described. Fast shipping.
4/5 Gets the job done, 02/10/2021
Reviewer: Al
Company: NA
It fit my ABS main vent perfectly and seems like a high quality piece, plus made in the USA. The only thing that kept it from getting 5 stars is that the "twist off" cover is nearly impossible to actually twist on and off. Even with it held in my bench vise and using pliers, I finally got it off but cracked and mangled the cover as a result. Was able to glue and fix it but it's just easier to not glue it on the vent pipe (it's a snug fit) and simply pull it off if you ever need access, rather than trying to twist the cover.
5/5 Good people who provide great customer service & great products!, 02/07/2021
Reviewer: Dr. Jon Neat
Company: n/a
I've had problems with coyotes and foxes for years on on my property. I wasn't interested in having these wild animals destroyed or killed. I simply wanted to discourage select wildlife from being near my home and my pets. Thankfully, I was directed to contact the good folks at WCS! Wonderful people who were fantastic to work with!
5/5 Derek Hemenway, 02/07/2021
Reviewer: Derek Hemenway
Had a problem coon in a barn that was full of cats. Built a homemade trap and used a Havahart but curious barn cats kept setting them off. The Soup Can was small enough to fit where cats couldn't mess with it. No more coons.
5/5 Great Company and Product - Walmart Account CANADA, 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Lester
Company: CBRE
WCS is a great company and Rodentstop is a great product. - Walmart Account CANADA
5/5 5/5 Great product!, 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Roger
Bought six traps to try my first time. Easily set up and caught a mole the same day. Like the design, materials and manufacture quality. Bought 14 of them again recently, hoping to control the problems caused by gophers and moles. The gophers and moles have bothered me for years and can not get rid of them from my lawns even though I have tried many traps and devices.
3/5 Didn't work for me., 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Mike A
It did not catch anything no matter how many days I left it out or how many times I moved it around. I followed all the directions including not touching the actual trap part since moles can smell humans. It was disappointing as it got great reviews. I ended up getting a scissor trap which did work.
5/5 Tunnel trap setter, 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Tom
Company: American Bat Management LLC
Great leverage, helps even when trap isn't attached to anything else.
5/5 Safety pin conibear safety, 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Tom Walters
Company: American Bat Management LLC
I already own multiple "safeties" for large body grip traps. This one will replace all of them. Much handier, bright colored, lanyard to keep connected.
4/5 Nice trap - smart rat, 02/06/2021
Reviewer: Steve
Company: - None -
Based on watching a blink camera, I have a single rat that I have tunneling into my chicken run. I've tried havahart traps, T-Rex rat traps, one of those electronic rat killers and a plain old Victor wooden rat trap, all with no luck. I set this trap in a wooden box over his tunnel. Haven't caught him yet as he is very trap shy, but he hasn't made it back into the run either. I have every confidence that when he gets up his courage this trap will finish him.
5/5 Tomahawk E40 Chipmunk/Squirrel One Way Door, 02/05/2021
Reviewer: Brett
Fast Shipping. Good Price. I had Squirrels in the attic and this got rid of them in one day. The last time I put poison out and it stunk for a month.
5/5 Comstock double door beaver trap, 02/04/2021
Reviewer: Muskrat
This trap is made very well. Extremely professional. Has a great coating. It is easy to set and works great. Already put it to work on the trap line and having great success.
5/5 Good quality, low profile, 02/04/2021
Reviewer: Sandy
This dryer vent is exactly what is promised. It's made with good quality and is not one of those ugly kind that stick out very obviously. It opens nicely when the dryer is running, and closes immediately once done. No animals will enter this vent. Well worth the extra cost, and easy to install.
4/5 Works as described, 02/03/2021
Reviewer: Nick
This was purchased to replace a full-metal launcher from back in the day. It has worked well so far and been effective at displacing coyotes and bears from our properties. The only thing that seems to differ from our original launcher, is that the shots do not travel as far. I'm unsure if this is due to the loose fit in the double launcher or the manufacturing of the bangers and screamers. Some will explode 1/2 the distance of other shots and it's a bit unnerving. Besides that, all seems to be working well so far.
5/5 Just what I needed., 02/03/2021
Reviewer: June A Lamp
Shipment was fast, even with the whole covid-19 happening. Their price was very competitive. The solar seal is a great product.
5/5 Trap setter, 02/03/2021
Reviewer: Jackie Elmore
Great product.
3/5 , 02/02/2021
Reviewer: Ricky
Positive: Strong Velcro adjustable straps Comparatively tall, slender pocket holds shears and folding saw well. Negatives: Wide and short pockets so things slip out easily. Wide open top so anything that can slide to the back falls out, fixed this by using vice grips. Despite this, my rebar will attempt to escape on a constant basis. Owned for less than a month stitches are already splitting. As soon as I got it and looked at the pocket's dimensions I was skeptical but hopeful. Now, I'm just regretting now spending the extra 30$ for a better pack.
5/5 Thumbs up, 02/02/2021
Reviewer: Levi Reece
Just as stated. Good consistency and potent smell.
5/5 Skunky, 02/02/2021
Reviewer: Levi Reece
This lure is very smelly and it also has a cool glow in the dark affect to pique the interest of game.
5/5 Alan, 02/02/2021
Reviewer: Alan Johns
Works great, have good success with big-league otter using this bait.
5/5 Works great, 02/01/2021
Reviewer: Greg
Purchased to eliminate red squirrels. Worked great and I highly recommend!
5/5 Alan, 02/01/2021
Reviewer: ALAN JOHNS
The Bridger #5 are great for beaver and otter. I've had a lot of success with this trap. Good deep catches.
5/5 Coyote urine, 01/31/2021
Reviewer: Gene Desantis
Company: Genes plants
Sprayed around the outside of the motor home and where mice and rats were a problem. Works great. Thanks.
5/5 Preven chew stainless mesh, 01/30/2021
Reviewer: Dereck
Company: Action pest management
Excellent product.
5/5 Great service, 01/29/2021
I have not used the product at this point but delivery was very quick.
5/5 I like it!, 01/29/2021
Reviewer: John Tryt
I have yet to install on my dryer vent because of extremely adverse weather conditions but I am sold on this unit. As soon as it is installed and I verify the operation, I will be ordering two more.
4/5 Great design, 01/29/2021
Reviewer: Kevin Eskow
Good trap for locations but not suitable for snares such as open property. Cable is heavy and I believe it slows the trap down. Will be trying smaller diameter snare cable soon. Only complaint is that the throw arms seemed a little narrow for our big coyotes in NJ but I opened them up just a bit and works fine. Make sure to wire tie your bite piece to the trigger if the ground freezes so you don't get bait thieves.
5/5 Trap Bedder, 01/28/2021
Reviewer: Harold A. Barber
Used before and needed more. Well made.
5/5 New User, 01/28/2021
Reviewer: Harold A. Barber
This is a great trap setter, works like a charm.
5/5 Best trap made!, 01/28/2021
Reviewer: Ray Lozeau
Doing some nuisance beaver trapping here in Massachusetts allows me to use Conibears. Caught a 54lb beaver by the front foot. The Belisle #330 from WCS performed flawlessly!
5/5 Tube trap, 01/28/2021
Reviewer: Ken
I had to figure out the best way to set it. Once I did it worked great. Recommend that if you leave it, stake it down. Feral cats want to drag it away with the dead squirrel.
3/5 Ok, but flawed., 01/27/2021
Reviewer: Murfman
This smaller trap has a no trap set mechanism that allows for the house sparrows to enter, but may also allow them to exit, as they have done in my trap. The bent wiring needs to be adjusted for the smaller size house sparrows in southern U.S. Eliminated four the first day, but had some problems catching native species, which were released. The homemade trap for $88.00 is a much better option if you would like to catch larger numbers of them. It also works better.
5/5 Great oil, 01/26/2021
Reviewer: Matt c
I use a healthy amount of this in swamps and wet conditions and have picked traps out of cattails by smell. I give a five star rating for the oil and for WCS. They're awesome. A great supply with prompt delivery.
5/5 Best ever, 01/26/2021
Reviewer: Matt c
This trap is far superior to the others. The trigger is way better. I've even caught house rats with them.
5/5 The only trap gauntlet gloves!, 01/25/2021
Reviewer: Roland
These allow dexterity, plus warmth....these are a must have for running water sets.
5/5 Superior quality, 01/25/2021
Reviewer: Roland
Closes at Zero clearance!! The best 330 trap on the market....the safety stays in place.
5/5 Super safe, 01/25/2021
Reviewer: Roland Smith
By far the safest safety on the market...keeps your hand clear of the trap.
5/5 Beaver board pattern, 01/25/2021
Reviewer: Timothy Hoke
Arrived in very good condition... sturdy and easy to use.
5/5 It really works, 01/24/2021
Reviewer: winnie wang
I've tried a lot of tools, but none as good as this one,
5/5 Trap Tags, 01/22/2021
Reviewer: Michael Deal
Company: Wretched Refuge Farm
Great product. Nice copper tag, stamped clearly and easy to read. Came with hog rings to fasten them to the traps. Would recommend to anyone.
5/5 Fast shipping, 01/21/2021
Reviewer: Jason
I placed an order just before January 1 and I emailed to get a status on January 3. They responded quickly and had my package in shipment. My items arrived in a timely manner and they work great!
5/5 Self locking trap setter, 01/20/2021
Reviewer: Tom Iwanicki
After 2 neck surgeries I gave up beaver trapping because it was painful and hard to set a 330 conibear trap. I purchased a heavy duty self locking trap setter and what an excellent product.I am trapping beaver again and enjoying it pain free !!! Thanks again
5/5 Sparrow Trap, 01/19/2021
Reviewer: Larry Ross
Company: Labradoodles and Labs
Excellent product and works great.
5/5 Squirrel Cage, 01/19/2021
Company: Plainville Police Department Animal Control
Product was very well made. Good price and received very quickly. Thanks for your help.
5/5 Black Bear Urine did the trick!, 01/17/2021
Reviewer: Marilyn
I had a skunk dig under a shed (I could smell it) and found great advice on the Nextdoor app. An owner of pest control business of 20 years said to leave lights on all night and put bear urine around property line to keep critters away. He included a link for this product and I had it within a week. Sprinkled it around and the skunk is already gone. This was an inexpensive, easy solution that I can't recommend enough. I don't want to know how this was captured but it does the trick!
5/5 bird banger exp, 01/16/2021
Reviewer: richard susany
Company: home use
A bigger BOOM is very good for chasing away hawks. Super fast shipping and nice people to deal with.
5/5 Squirrels, 01/15/2021
Reviewer: RON
Great product if you do not like hurting wildlife. We are infested by these rodents by the hundreds due to non-educated neighbors constantly feeding them. They have caused electrical fires, ruined drip irrigation systems, and brought what we were told to be valley fever to our property. I wish I could order 20 cages at one time. I take them to work each day 50 miles away to a nice tree and acorn area.
5/5 Great Product!!, 01/15/2021
Reviewer: Brian Chalk
Company: Snout Out LLC Wild Hog Repellent Service
After several months of trying different products and shooting the hogs to get rid of them. I decided to give the SCRAM a try. I've applied it to all the areas they have destroyed and have had no further damage to our property. I highly recommend this product.
5/5 Great tags, 01/15/2021
I was tired of the flimsy tags from the store, so I bought these and they are much better. Definitely boil before using as they smell weird when they arrived. 10/10 good tags.
5/5 Great trap!, 01/15/2021
Reviewer: Alan Johns
Traps were shipped fast and at a great price! Have ordered 1.5 dozen from WCS this year and will continue to order from them in the future.
5/5 Great trap!, 01/15/2021
Reviewer: Alan Johns
Have ordered 1.5 dozen from WCS you can't beat the price. Speedy shipping no complaints. Will purchase more from WCS in the future
5/5 Bridger #5, 01/15/2021
Reviewer: Alan Johns
Great trap came ready to go out the box night latch is a nice touch. Quick shipping have order 1 dozen from WCS and will keep ordering from them. Great price!
5/5 Very effective, although 2 shot launcher somewhat unreliable, 01/14/2021
Reviewer: David
The bangers and screamers are very effective at scaring away vultures, and the launcher does the job of getting them to their intended destination. However, the double launcher is not particularly reliable, as about half the time both barrels go off at the same time, which defeats the purpose of the double launcher, which is intended to allow for automatic re-cocking after the first shot, thus facilitating a brief delay before launching the second shot. The folks at WCS are great, especially Melissa, who was very friendly and responsive, a real pleasure to deal with. As I said, in spite of the simultaneous firing of both barrels, the system is very effective at scaring away pesky and destructive vultures, and is actually fun to use. You should definitely consider getting this system if you are having a problem with vultures.
5/5 Awesome Product, 01/13/2021
Reviewer: Jerremy Ferguson
Company: Wildlife Consulting Services
As always the MB 550's were as good as expected. As the owner of a wildlife consulting business with trappers running contracts on several hundred thousand acres, product knowledge and fast shipping is key. They nailed both!
4/5 Wildlife photographer, 01/13/2021
Reviewer: Jean
This net was highly recommended by Bobby Horvath of WINORR. I have yet to use it in a rescue, but it seems like a nice sturdy net.
5/5 Sturdy Product / Great Service, 01/12/2021
Reviewer: NR
After using live-catch traps to evict some rats, I wanted an excluder to catch any stragglers. So far, there haven't been any. However, this excluder seems really sturdy and well-built. Better yet, the people at WCS were very helpful and responsive when it came to adjusting my order when a different product I originally ordered wasn't available. I was also glad that they chose a shipping method that managed to avoid the USPS delays. Thanks!
5/5 5 star device, 01/12/2021
Reviewer: Donovan Kearney
Company: Rest Easy Pest
The quality of this device has everyone beat. We love using this trap with a few other devices. This trap is definitely one of the "Go-To" traps in my arsenal.
5/5 Rest Easy Trapping, 01/12/2021
Reviewer: Donovan Kearney
Company: Rest Easy Pest
These baskets are great for getting the the target pest to commit to enter the trap! Placing these devices inside the cages and using them to pre-bait an area, keeps the work site clean. There is less of a chance of having other non-target pests interfere with the bait.
5/5 Solid built, 01/12/2021
Reviewer: Seth
Good quality product. This should last for quite a few years.
5/5 LP Pigeon Trap, 01/09/2021
Reviewer: Eric
Good quality trap. Using it to catch pigeons to train my Wirehair Griffon. Followed suggestions in online video and had birds in a few days.
5/5 Great product and great service, 01/08/2021
Reviewer: Tom
Came in 2 days, they called me promptly when billing address was wrong. Quality steel and I was surprised the hoop was bent into teardrop shape. I already ordered more equipment.
5/5 Great company, 01/08/2021
Simple, fast, and a great company to deal with.
5/5 Launcher, 01/04/2021
Reviewer: Phil
Functions as advertised.
5/5 Trap Works Great after Adjustment, 01/04/2021
Reviewer: F. K. Fisher
Company: Raven Roost
Clean, quick kill after adjusting the pan sensitivity. Owner 4, squirrels 0 since installing at our barn. Highly recommended.
1/5 Not sure if I got a bad batch, but..., 01/03/2021
Reviewer: David P
Very poor adhesion. Prepped the concrete wall, but it just wouldn't stick to the concrete or the vapor barrier I was trying to attach. Sadly, just throwing out the additional rolls I purchased.
4/5 Underalls - Foam Pads for Under Trap Pans, 01/03/2021
Reviewer: Mark
So far, the pads work well. They are a little stiff for lighter game however they work great for Fox, Bobcat & Coyote.
5/5 PERFECT....., 01/01/2021
Reviewer: David
I have tried multiple options to control a recent rat issue in my chicken coop besides poison for obvious reasons. This unit arrived in ONE day (live in CT) and was packaged accordingly and operated perfectly. Thanks WCS!
4/5 None, 01/01/2021
Reviewer: Bernard Groenhof
Company: none
Took some practice, but on the third try I caught the star nose mole. Very happy with results!!
5/5 BEST TRAPS GOING, 12/31/2020
Reviewer: Don Messier
Company: Animal Solutions [retired]
I've been trapping moles for many years, now retired. These days I help friends. I tried over time, almost all types that are out there, it wasn't until Alan told me to switch to these traps,and I never looked back. Prepare your holes carefully [don't rush]. Remember these units are pet friendly. You will get your finger in at times, but it's no big deal. Hands down the best!
5/5 Owner, 12/30/2020
Reviewer: Cliff Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Control
Been using this for years. Works great, caught rats, mice and squirrels. Used to get it in the gallon jug, switched to the applicator tube, this works better, easy to bait the traps.
5/5 Owner, 12/30/2020
Reviewer: Cliff Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Control
Great product! We use it all the time to seal small rodent entry points. Works great to seal holes around pipes that pass through HardWare Cloth.
5/5 Safeguard 52836 Cage Trap 36" x 11" x 12" - Slide Release Back, 12/28/2020
Reviewer: Tom Bessa
This trap operates well. The open mesh design (being not enclosed) is effective to naturally lure the animal. The extra end door is handy to place food and water and to remove the same if the trap is moved with the animal inside. The release pedal and capture door work to assure positive capture. The trap is well worth its value.
5/5 Self locking conibear setter, 12/27/2020
Reviewer: Kenny E. Nichols
Saw these setters on YouTube and wanted to try them because of the release device. I'll never be without these setters. They are great!
4/5 - Duke 110 Magnum -, 12/27/2020
Reviewer: Mitch - - - - North Carolina
...."Traps,(2), were as expected, very good quality & work well."........
5/5 C. Walker, 12/26/2020
Reviewer: Clinton Walker
Great trap. No issues.
4/5 Get the big ones, 12/26/2020
The big ones work great but the smaller sizes absolutely suck. They have a different drive system so you need a totally different tool. The small ones also bend super easy. Big ones work great
5/5 Acorn paste, 12/23/2020
Reviewer: Dereck Darling
Company: Action pest management
Acorn paste is very effective.
5/5 Excellent, 12/22/2020
Reviewer: Dereck Darling
Company: Action pest management
Very effective.
5/5 They work, 12/22/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Very easy to install and nothing is going to chew through them. Only problem is price. by the time shipping is added the price is so high that it is a hard sell in our area. Worth it if you can sell it.
5/5 Very effective product, 12/21/2020
Reviewer: Alan
Company: PMi
Versatile material that will not produce rust stains and very effective for rodents or bats. (Wear gloves and eye protection while cutting and installing).
5/5 Seemingly Bear Proof and VERY Sturdy, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gerrod Walker
Company: When Nature Calls Pest Control
These little stations are very well designed, like a tank. I work in bear country and these hold promise for us for accounts with only mouse issues! The security of these stations is unmatched!
5/5 Seemingly Bear Proof and VERY Sturdy, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gerrod Walker
Company: When Nature Calls Pest Control
I work in bear country. I've been waiting to find a station that would hold up to them. I believe I've found it. These are built like a tank. I am starting to switch to them and am very hopeful. All metal design appears excellent at keeping larger non-targets from access.
5/5 Love it, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
I add it to peanuts when I'm trapping squirrels.
5/5 Great, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Can't go wrong with a wide mouth jar.
4/5 Very good, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
My only fault with this item is the cost. Makes it a hard sell in my area. Otherwise, it's great. I've used it on my own house.
5/5 Love it, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
For filling cracks it can't be beat.
5/5 Works, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Much better than the stainless steel mesh that's like weak chain mail.
5/5 perfect solution, 12/20/2020
Reviewer: claudia roper
They fit and work great. Embraced by the wearer but applauded by the person (me) who cleans the tracked in mess! Shared with two other friends with a similar problem.
5/5 Right gadget for the job, 12/19/2020
Reviewer: Alton Blodgett
Company: home owner
There was a bit of a learning curve with the first corner's installation. The next nine went very quickly. As others have pointed out the graphics in the installation instructions could use some improvement. I found that pre-marking the initial tabs for removal (I have 3 ½" corners) with a magic marker and then removing then by using a combination of snapping them off and using a pair of diagonal cutting pliers made the job go faster and with no tabs removed by mistake during the installation. Also, the instructions direct you to push the cap up into the corner a distance of 4" or more. I could not do that without all tabs being removed and the fit, without removing them, was tight up against the plywood sheathing. A call to the company owner assured me that my circumstance was ideal as long as the fit was tight. He advised removing additional tabs and forcing the caps higher only if they loosened and fell to the ground. That has not happened.
3/5 Well made but a few issues, 12/16/2020
Reviewer: Robert McKnight
Company: Mcknight Wildlife, LLC
Put this out on a 7 day rat job with only one Red Squirrel caught and he beat himself up pretty bad being in the trap only a few hours. I would suggest covering the viewing window between checks. Bait holder shelf is of little use if you use seeds/pellets they will get under the pan and prevent triggering. It's well made and I like the sensitive treadle but time will tell.
5/5 Not fancy but sensitive and fast, 12/16/2020
Reviewer: Robert McKnight
Company: Mcknight Wildlife, LLC
I really don't want to like this trap as it's not commercial grade, it's not heavy duty and you could probably put your fist right through it but the trigger mechanism is sensitive and it flat out works. The door closes fast and I have not seen anything that leads me to believe it has missed a single catch. Rats, Chipmunk, Red Squirrel all caught without incident.
5/5 Sparrows beware..., 12/14/2020
Reviewer: Debra Thompson
First day caught one, second day 2 more ....hoping this continues because they have over run my feeders.
5/5 WCS™ Tube Trap™ - Standard, 12/12/2020
Reviewer: Bob Bunker
Company: self
Like in our reviews at work they always have to say something negative about you. The only negative was lack of communication of when they shipped it. After several days of not hearing if it had been shipped, I emailed them and they said it had been shipped (response to email was fast!) and I received it that day. LOL Great little tube trap and delivery was fast. I did paint it with some protective paint. I would order from WCS again!!!
5/5 Perfect product, 12/11/2020
Reviewer: Dave Armstrong
As the title states... worked as advertised. Caps are made of plastic. Like a white delrin (rigid). I only mention this because I installed them in late November in MN. I cracked one because it was cold but had extras though. So be a little gentle in cold weather. Take your time to insure proper fitment and they will work great. Saw the proof after the first 2 were installed. Chipmunk ran to the corner jumped up and found it was blocked ran to the second corner with same results. Everyday they checked for a week and the dogs would run them off or handle them and now I dont see them at all. Had problems with hearing them and mice running through the attic at night in the winter. After install, I caught a couple mice that were stuck inside and haven't seen or heard anything in months. Great product.
5/5 trap safety pin, 12/10/2020
Reviewer: Robert L Martinson
Just what I needed for my 110 traps.
5/5 killer clips, 12/10/2020
Reviewer: Robert L Martinson
Exactly what I needed for my squirrel pole. Little rusty in the package, but so are my traps. Attached 2 about 4 feet apart and my 110 Conibear traps sit nicely for the tree Rats!
5/5 Good price for good trap, 12/09/2020
Reviewer: Drake Haydock
Very solid wolf trap for a good price. Comes with a heavy pan tension to keep you from getting smaller game.
5/5 Weasel box !!!!!, 12/09/2020
Reviewer: Tim schnaekel
Very nice box with a built in bait compartment. The size is perfect and the price is right. I'd say buy it, you will be happy
5/5 Starlings Moved On!, 12/07/2020
Reviewer: Molly S.
Within about 5 days of hazing the starlings, they have learned that they are not welcome here, and have moved to trees farther out on the farm. So relieved. Easy to use, and does the trick. Thank you!
5/5 One and Done, 12/06/2020
Baited trap on Friday. Came back Monday and had 6 mice in one trap. Works great.
5/5 Good trap, 12/06/2020
Trap is good for sliding between the wall and a desk. Works well if baited.
5/5 Mr, 12/01/2020
Reviewer: Geordie bell
Impressed with the traps and customer service was top of the line.
5/5 Good scent to add to distance to the aroma of apples, 12/01/2020
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied Pest And Wildlife LLC
This is a really good bait that I use in conjunction with apples for visual appeal. A few apple slices and a dab of this behind the trigger pan absolutely bring in the brush rabbit on the west coast. Just make sure the rabbit can't feel any metal or any part of the trap. The floor must be dirt.
5/5 Good, 12/01/2020
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied Pest And Wildlife LLC
This is a strong apple flavor that carries. A teaspoon or less does a good job of bringing in brush rabbit in Oregon, who can be a little bit finicky.
5/5 So strong, 12/01/2020
Reviewer: C. Baker
Company: Apple pest
Whatever you do, don't shower in this stuff and go near elephants lol.. In all seriousness, it's strong, it works, it overpowers other odors and will bring in rodents from all over. I've had a lot of success with this very smelly and powerful product.
5/5 Pleased, 12/01/2020
Reviewer: C. Baker
Company: Apple pest
First time using it, I performed an experiment - set up 18 traps left 4 sprayed but un baited in attic. Came back two days later and all 4 traps I sprayed had caught rats. Love that there is no bait for them to try and steal. Have not used on bait stations yet.
5/5 Tally-Ho open reed predator call, 11/29/2020
Reviewer: Richard O Boyd
I have uses this predator call since my early days of learning the art of predator calling. With this call, I have called in numerous predators including bears and mountain lions. In some cases, predators came in so close and so fast I scarcely had time to raise my rifle and fire. Once I mastered the best technique I am now able to broadcast sounds that bring animals into view from good distances and, once spotted, reduce the level of volume to produce a squeaking sound to continue to coax predators in to become better targets. Though I've owned other predator calls, this is the only one I have used for many years. I strongly recommend this call and wish you good hunting!
5/5 These are nice, 11/28/2020
Reviewer: Jeff
These setters allow you to have control of the trap. They take all of the work out of compressing the springs, not to mention the safety factor. No more straining your cookies to set coil spring traps!!!
5/5 Great Product, 11/24/2020
Reviewer: Mike M
Company: Apex Wildlife Control
Our company has been using this product and had great results with keeping wildlife out of our clients home. Well made. Highly recommend.
5/5 the best, 11/23/2020
Reviewer: alan
Company: adams tractor-lewiston
I misplaced my old reliable macabee trap,and couldn't find it anywhere. I ordered two more traps as I needed to start trapping a new property we bought this summer. Luckily, I found the original trap (it was in a gopher hole but I had forgotten the location.). This is best trap for gophers. It's very effective, and there is no poison bait to deal with. After a couple of weeks, changing these out night and morning, you will quickly reduce the gopher population.
5/5 superior bait, 11/23/2020
Reviewer: zachary shumaker
Company: shumaker animal control
If this does not work for you, you are doing something wrong, I use it every day with great success.
5/5 Individual resident owner, 11/20/2020
Reviewer: John M
WCS was the only one who had it in stock and could ship it immediately. So far so good. The hogs have not returned after putting it down 3 weeks ago.
5/5 4" stainless mesh..., 11/19/2020
Reviewer: Nick Bridges
We were looking for a barrier against mice and voles... manufactured home that has a gap between the split block foundation and lapsiding...the mesh fills the linear gap up to 1" and a 1/4 or so...we use a tube silicone every 16 inches or so to help anchor it in the wider spots...the mesh can be doubled or rolled as you see fit to fill irregular holes... stainless, so no critter will be chewing through it and it's weather resistant....good product for this application!
5/5 Mice removal, 11/19/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
We set these up for homes as weekly checks-ups work well. Just pre-bait for 2 days & close the lid. .Can be washed out easily but I do suggest soaking in bleach & water monthly to clean .
5/5 Best trap for mice & chipmonks, 11/19/2020
Reviewer: Bob Siegler
This is the best quality trap in my opinion. Drill a hole and add a sheet metal screw to the top of the door to keep chipmunks from busting out. Some baits attract ants so I use sunflower seed which is good for mice, chipmunks and an occasional bird. Adding a brick on top also helps for chipmunks.
5/5 Brilliant, 11/18/2020
Reviewer: Ady Fytche
Company: AMF1 Limited
Fantastic piece of equipment, does the job quickly and smoothly.
5/5 The best solution for brick weep holes, 11/18/2020
Reviewer: Max Wingert
I have thought a long time about how to fill the holes. I love that water can drain through but most bugs and all mice are kept out. My 8 year old squeezed it in while I cut them into approx 3" strips.
5/5 Great for first two user, 11/15/2020
Reviewer: Elston G. Boldery
Company: Wildthings nuisance wildlife removal
I received the product quickly after ordering. Within days I had figured it out and got it set on a Sunday and on the following Tuesday had a coyote. The cable was trashed after the first catch, so the description saying its good for 3 or 4 catches obviously isn't correct. But even with that I was satisfied with how it operated. I still think it's a little pricey for what it is.
4/5 Mouse traps received were not exactly as shown., 11/13/2020
Reviewer: John M
Just FYI. The traps I received have a yellow plastic piece for holding the bait. I prefer the old, original metal piece although the plastic ones seem a little less "touchy" when setting them and have worked so far.
4/5 Works well for mice, 11/13/2020
Reviewer: John M
I've used it for mice for several years when the little critters try to get inside for the winter. Easy to use and works well in spring traps. Does not, however, lessen the lingering guilt from when my granddaughter who, at age 4, asked me not to use those traps "because they squeeze the mice and hurt them".
5/5 Owners husband (hardest worker), 11/13/2020
Reviewer: Norman Hemsworth
A fantastic, 10 steel rod infused rubber door sweep adaptable product. Every van has a roll of Rodexit in their "essential exclusion equipment" kit. No rodent will get through it once correctly installed.
5/5 Ridgeguard, 11/13/2020
Reviewer: Nate Plante
Company: Homeowner
This installed really easily, and it seems very effective. I really wish i had known about this product years ago.
5/5 Gray squirrel Exclusion / Raccoon, 11/13/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
For PM WCO Work this is a must have to keep invading pests out of wall spaces, attics, and basements .
5/5 Solid Trap, 11/11/2020
Reviewer: Robert Weaver
Company: Freedom Wildlife Solutions
I ordered six of these traps to try them out and was very happy with the purchase. They are a good quality trap and I'm looking forward to ordering more.
5/5 Don Roush, 11/11/2020
Reviewer: Donald` Roush
I installed the bat cones and checked the next day. Most have left, will close in when remainder have gone.
5/5 Exactly what I needed, 11/11/2020
Reviewer: Greg
Birds routinely nest in our bathroom fan vents. We have used plastic cages in the past, but they only last a few seasons because of the weather and direct sunlight. These sturdy metal cages will last forever!
5/5 Good product, 11/10/2020
Reviewer: Fred Treadwell
Fast service and good product. Sturdy and easy to install.
5/5 Works well, 11/10/2020
Reviewer: Rudy
Caught a pack rat the first night we had the trap. Works well!
5/5 Ouell 310 Trap, 11/09/2020
Reviewer: Bill Brewka
This trap was very easy to use. Bread was the best bait. I am glad I attached the trap to a 2 ft long 4 x 4 piece of wood when trap was located on the ground. This added weight prevented the trap from being tossed around when the trap was activated.
5/5 Skunk N More Trap, 11/09/2020
Reviewer: Terry
Awesome trap. Had 3 skunks eating my feral cat food all summer. I worried about how I could trap them without getting sprayed. Even my pest exterminator told me to give up the idea of trapping. Caught 3 skunks in 2 weeks and drove them to a wooded stream area. Waiting to see if there are any more. Expensive but well worth it !
5/5 Great trap!, 11/09/2020
Reviewer: Mike F.
Company: 2020 cX-30
This the 2nd trap I've purchased. They work great in all weather.
5/5 M8 propane cannon, 11/08/2020
Reviewer: James Myers
Company: Medicine Creek Winery
Wonderful company to do business with! Prompt delivery and product arrived in great condition and as described. Well constructed with complete assembly instructions. Would highly recommend both this company as well as this product.
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Another great product from a great company. Couldn't believe how fast it arrived. Pre-baiting the trap for a week or so will with the bobbins up will result in better catches.
5/5 SQUIRRELS IN MY ATTIC, 11/07/2020
This non-corrosive Tube Trap worked great! No more squirrels in my attic and the entry point has been repaired.
5/5 Victor Professional Rat Snap Trap, 11/05/2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey Cummings
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
I have used these traps for over 12 years. I did have a issue with staples pulling out of the traps that were holding the spring. Victor stands by their product and offers a 30 warranty and full tap replacement by emailing or sending receipt of purchase. I highly recommend these traps for Rats,Chipmunks,Weasels, Northern Flying Squirrels and Red Squirrels
5/5 JT Eaton Snap Stations, 11/05/2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey Cummings
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
We use these Rat trap stations and are very successful trapping rats, sometimes catching two rats at a time. Sometimes we paint the stations black or brown before using them on the exterior to blend into customer's mulch.
5/5 Bat/flying squirrel exclusion, 11/05/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
We use the round, square, and inside corner. Best on the market. No harm to bats wings or bat entrapment at the device. There are many tubes on the market, but at Tri-State Wildlife Exclusion, we use only the best products to remove wildlife .
5/5 Mice/ bat flying squirrels exclusion materials ., 11/05/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
Best product for exclusion.
5/5 Mice removal, 11/05/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
We set these units up for people that have allergies or simply don't want dead mice on site. They took 2 days to start removing mice and after a month are still going strong. You can take out tin cat and use indoors as live catch system .
5/5 Falco C7 Cable Cutter, 11/02/2020
Reviewer: Jeff Laney
Company: Jeff Laney Wildlife Control
I've owned the cheaper cutters. There is no comparison. These cutters are awesome!
5/5 Best weep hole covers on the market period., 11/02/2020
Reviewer: Allan M.
These are easily the best weep hole protectors on the market today. They easily insert into the wall and since they're so springy they fit a wide range of gaps. That springiness also lets them maintain a firm fit in the hole even as the wall expands and contracts with the weather. They are large enough that they protect the openings even if the bricks are damaged and have chipped edges or corners. They're flexible enough to conform to irregular holes. They can be easily cut with tin snips so you can trim them for a perfect fit. They are pest proof and there are no worries about rust or corrosion staining the masonry. Also there is no worry of them breaking down over time and falling out as with plastic covers. I found a masonry-cutting reciprocating saw blade to be very handy for cleaning out the weep holes prior to installing these covers. It quickly rakes out any debris, excess mortar, etc, to leave a nice clean hole for the cover to fit into, I'd highly recommend having one on hand if you're planning on installing a lot of these.
5/5 Loud and effective, 11/02/2020
Reviewer: Bill
Pigeons roosting on a historic building and making a mess. This scared them off and after a couple of days of hazing they moved on. Works well, easy to fire!
5/5 Love this stuff, 11/01/2020
Reviewer: Lamar
It works as described!
5/5 Best paste, 11/01/2020
Reviewer: Lamar
It has a super sweet yummy smell with nuts added!
5/5 Squirrel scent, 11/01/2020
Reviewer: Lamar
It works as described!
5/5 Liquid peanut butter, 11/01/2020
Reviewer: Lamar
It works as described!
5/5 1 oz. wide mouth glass jars, 11/01/2020
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Private use
I have been looking for some shorter 1 oz jars for lures! These jars are perfect, with a nice wide opening and a very good seal on cap.
5/5 This does the trick!, 10/31/2020
Reviewer: Linda G Bambacus
These blank rounds, when paired with screamers, are just the thing to safely scare away nuisance wildlife. Makes a huge sound and does no harm to the animal or the environment. So happy we were steered to Wildlife Control Supplies by our local Department of Wildlilfe representative.
5/5 WCS is the best!, 10/30/2020
Reviewer: Forest Hills Jim
This product is very sturdy and will likely last longer than I do. Ordering from WCS was great. I put my order in on a Friday afternoon and had the product the very next day! I have never had a quicker delivery of any product from any Vendor...ever. Thanks WCS!
5/5 Humane Alternative, 10/30/2020
Reviewer: Miura
Our town is plagued with massive amounts of skunks. The running joke is that the official town odor is "eau du skunk". The neighbor's think they are cute and feed them. Which draws them into our yard all the time, putting them and the dog uncomfortably close to each other. We got tired of dealing with them after the dog got sprayed twice. We were initially paying a company to come out to trap, remove and dispose of them at $100 per skunk. Six skunks in and we needed to find another way that wouldn't financially be a burden, as well as not cause the skunks to spray. This was a perfect, viable option. The price is totally fair considering the product quality and what we're saving on not having to pay a company to come out every time. We purchased the gauge to go with it and the only thing we needed to acquire was a CO2 tank. The instructions provided by WCS were concise, well written and worked perfectly. Easy cleanup and humane dispatch are huge pros, too.
5/5 Access Denied, 10/29/2020
Reviewer: Mike Cannon
Company: N/A
Great weep hole cover. Worth the money. To install the covers I cleaned out the excess mortar in each weep hole with a flat head screwdriver and hammer. Then I marked and cut a cover with a hacksaw to fit each weep hole. Took some work, but it was worth it. Definitely recommend this product.
5/5 Quality, 10/29/2020
Reviewer: Ray jinright
Company: Outdoorskills
As I stated, the 220's Belisle Body Grips are the best... I started out with a cheaper one only to regret it. 220-330's from Belisle is all I will buy in the future.
5/5 The BEST, 10/29/2020
Reviewer: Ray Jinright
Company: Outdoorskills
After buying other (cheaper) body grips and fighting with their features... it was a pleasure to get REAL QUALITY in a trap so I didn't have to modify them. I appreciate Quality (being a professional welder & fabricator) I'm always looking for ways to improve products... these need no improvement.
5/5 Best divider fork EVER, 10/29/2020
Reviewer: Carol Tutzauer
Company: Community Cats Alive
This trap divider fork IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST I have ever used, and I have used many different ones. It fits ALL my traps, and the feisty feral cats cannot push through it. Very solid. Very stiff and strong (critical). AND, I'm always laying it down someplace, but the bright yellow color makes it easy to notice when I think I've misplaced it. Absolutely AWESOME.
5/5 Great tool, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: Travis Wallace
Tool is great at making s-hooks, j-hooks and swivels. I highly recommend the tool and company.
5/5 Pigeon blaster, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: Bill
Effectively hazed the pigeons from roosting on historic structures in town.... nice job!
5/5 Great trap, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: Barnyard1978
Company: JLL
Had a male squirrel who would not go for bait, but I saw where he ran every morning from the pecan trees along the side of my building to climb up into the roof. I set the trap and created a choke point to force him through or he'd have to go around it. I was about to give up after 6 days, but in the 7th I saw the trap was tripped. I got him as he was trying to run through it.
4/5 Great trap, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: Barnyard1978
Company: JLL
I caught squirrels pretty quickly with a pile of peanuts in the back. Only downside is there isn't a plate between the handle and the cage. Squirrel tried to bite and claw me when I grabbed the handle.
5/5 Loud and effective!, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: John
This is very portable and easy to use. No problems so far, and the starlings move!
5/5 Keeps Out Bats, 10/28/2020
Reviewer: Tom Lorsung
Company: Get Bats Out
We at Get Bats Out use this produce in our work. It works very well for plugging the holes that the bats are using.
5/5 Works Very Well......., 10/26/2020
Reviewer: Rich Susany
Well, I have to say this works very well. I have the double shot and love it. I also got the bird bangers, for hawks mostly It works almost too well. After one or two run-ins with the bangers, they hardly seem to come around at all. One large hawk i've never seen again. I always give 'em both shots, one to get 'em going and one to keep 'em going. I almost wish they would come around more, as this is kind of fun to shoot. Great product, five star rating, super fast shipping ,very friendly to deal with and the form is no big deal. GET ONE! Thanks again! Rich Susany
5/5 Exactly What I Needed......., 10/26/2020
Reviewer: Dr. Barzanna White
The product is exactly what I needed to secure the gap between my iron fence and the ground. This helped to ensure that my new puppies can't escape even when they dig. Dr. White
5/5 Very Pleased...., 10/26/2020
Reviewer: T. Barkley
Very pleased with quality of product. They look great and seem to be keeping out unwanted critters!
5/5 Great product!, 10/25/2020
Reviewer: Helen DePrima
Expensive, but worth every penny. I'm ordering another right now. Caught two voles which had been destroying my carrot crop within twelve hours. The tunnels are everywhere, but I hope to reduce the infestation dramatically before the ground freezes.
4/5 8 squirrels in 2 weeks, 10/23/2020
Reviewer: Nicholas Dupont
This trap is highly effective. I caught EIGHT squirrels in two weeks (I live in an active suburb of a large city). The only shortfall is that after about five instantly-lethal traps, a few of the animals in the 6th and 8th traps were not instantly killed. I had to finish the job myself and ended up denting the trap. Wish I would have known it would still function before I threw it away.
5/5 Well made., 10/22/2020
Reviewer: Steve
One-way trap door was easy to install on my shed and kept the visiting skunk out for good before it could start a family.
5/5 These Are perfect, 10/21/2020
Reviewer: Audrey
Company: AudreyzCreationz
I bought these to actually use as labels and not for trap tags. They're great. Also, the customer service here is really wonderful and very fast to help and all... I will be buying more I'm sure... and they have cool other stuff also.
5/5 Best thing for home inspectors, 10/20/2020
Reviewer: Jordan Saari
Company: Pillar to Post
As a home inspector, I try to be as courteous as possible when entering the homes of others which included taking off my muddy boots and wearing indoor shoes. This generally limited me to purchasing only the boots that I could slip on and off easily. Though there are some great slip ons out there, I have always wished I could wear a more comfortable laced boot. Since my discovery of Yuleys, I have been able to wear whatever I want (provided it is within the cover size). A few concerns I had prior to purchasing: they would not be flexible enough or stay on well enough as I squat and move around the home, that they would not retain ALL of the contaminants of my boot, and of course ease of use. As for ease of use, it's easier than switching shoes. I am also able to do everything in a home inspection normally and even better. I no longer have to bring an extra pair of shoes for accessing the attic. I just slip these off. As for contaminant containment, you definitely want to clean off any large chunks of dirt and shake off a bunch of excess water so as to not overfill the cover. Overall, A+ invention for home inspectors especially. I'm just annoyed I didn't think of this sooner. Great job!
5/5 Foundation Vent Guards, 10/20/2020
Reviewer: Phil
Easy to install / Well made / Look Good / Rats don't stand a chance!
5/5 Worked great to remove bats, 10/20/2020
Reviewer: Amanda
Company: ALP
A great way to get bats out of the attic. Cheap, easy and effective.
5/5 Great product, 10/16/2020
Reviewer: Samuel Johnson
I love these setters. My wife, who comes out on the line can use these and can set traps with ease. I'd recommend this product every time. I've used other setters and these by far are the best.
5/5 Great Product, 10/16/2020
Reviewer: Russ
These are perfect to cover crawl space vents to keep pests out. Here in Florida small geckos can get through, so may want to put mesh screen on inside before attaching to keep them out. Very heavy duty and worth every penny.
5/5 Saved me lots of money!, 10/12/2020
Reviewer: Nicole
I ordered Bac a Zap about 8 years ago when I had a bat issue in my attic and it worked GREAT! Forward 8 years, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a turtle later and I thought I'd have to rip out my carpet but remembered this and WCS and placed a new order. So glad I did, its saved me a lot of money on having to replace carpeting and makes my house smell normal again! Of course I cleaned the carpet a couple of times then sprayed it on to soak but anyone can really tell the difference. Thank you! I will be recommending it to anyone who has a problem.
5/5 Excellent Service, 10/10/2020
Reviewer: Mark M
Quickly found what I needed and delivery was surprisingly fast. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.
3/5 Difficult to use, 10/09/2020
Reviewer: Greg Stoner
Need to use a trap set if you don't have adequate hand strength. That would be any older adult. In using one, very awkward because of the small size of the trap.
5/5 Bought the Top Cat Tried Using it Without This But....., 10/06/2020
Reviewer: Kevin N.
Found The Top Cat and the Cutter to work best together and and finally setting thing up properly I caught a mole (haven't caught another or anything else since but) they do go hand and hand. I was pleased to get it from WCS it makes creating a hole and NOT disturbing the surroundings very simple. it is well made and worth the cash.
5/5 Great quality, our clients love it, 10/06/2020
Reviewer: Jerika Z
Company: Zuckerman's Pest Management
These are so easy to install and do a great job!
5/5 Great quality, our clients love it, 10/06/2020
Reviewer: Jerika Z
Company: Zuckerman's Pest Management
Our clients absolutely LOVE when we install these instead of the flimsy and short-lived vents placed on by builders and most contractors. We love the durability, shipping is always flawless, and the install is so simple. Does the job RIGHT!
5/5 Great quality, our clients love it, 10/06/2020
Reviewer: Jerika Z
Company: Zuckerman's Pest Management
Our clients absolutely LOVE when we install these instead of the flimsy and short-lived vents placed on by builders and most contractors. We love the durability, shipping is always flawless, and the install is so simple. Does the job RIGHT!
5/5 Best Bait Station, 10/05/2020
Reviewer: Steve Heath
These are the best bait stations I have ever used. Since they don't look like a Bait Station I leave them out year round. I have used these for over 15 years. Between 2 Rural properties I now have 25 stations and no rodent problems
5/5 Ms, 10/03/2020
Reviewer: Helen S
At least this smells like pee. I bought something from another vendor that had zero odor. We'll see if it keeps mice out of the garage.
5/5 Trap teriffic, 09/30/2020
Reviewer: Mike V
Set trap up and got 3 squirrels in 3 hours. Had a tree rat infestation, few natural predators in suburban area. Setter bar really helps.
5/5 Good quality divider, 09/28/2020
Reviewer: Will
The divider is stronger than others I've had, which are prone to bending out of place. Also the coating is really nice, no exposed metal.
5/5 Solar Seal CAulking, 09/28/2020
Reviewer: Robert Perocchi
Excellent product. Great price. Fast delivery. Very pleased overall.
5/5 Snake Out works!, 09/28/2020
Reviewer: Theresa Hargrave
We have used this product for about 3 years. It has taken care of snakes coming close to the house. It smells great (like Red Hots candy) no mothball smell. It will not kill the snakes, they won't return to the area that has the Snake Out.
5/5 DSV, 09/24/2020
Reviewer: Jim Berry
Company: Daniels Plumbing and Air Conditioning
Great product for sanitizing. We use it for all of our Covid 19 preparation
5/5 Batcone, 09/23/2020
Worked great
5/5 Acorn oil, 09/23/2020
Reviewer: Ronald Mueller
Aroma is fantastic...looking forward to using it as attractant and cover scent.
5/5 Can't be beat!, 09/22/2020
Reviewer: Rick
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
I'm slowly replacing all my single door traps to this model. They are indestructible. The trap can only be triggered by stepping on the pan. The pan wire is on the outside so it doesn't get bent. The mesh on the ADC version prevents soil damage. The front door has space to insert a jab pole.
3/5 Cat Trapper, 09/22/2020
Reviewer: J.P.
Company: title
It works easier if you slide it in sideways. The tines are not separated equally, so to slide it in from the top was an issue.
4/5 Coon creek skinning gamble, 09/22/2020
Reviewer: Gibbs
Was exactly as pictured had a few chips off the powder coating but in all just as I ordered and well built . Shipping I felt was a little high but other wise happy with my purchase
5/5 Anil Bembey, 09/21/2020
Reviewer: Anil Bembey
Good price
5/5 Ridge Guard kit, 09/21/2020
Reviewer: Joe
This is a great way to eliminate wildlife from entering under your ridge vent. I did not realize as a roof ages, that plastic ridge vent will warp, next thing you know something is in your attic. This guard is made from nice heavy mesh, and screwed down tight against the ridge vent. I took a rubber mallet and hit the top of the screen to make a tight fit against the roof ridge shingles. from the ground looking at it on the roof looks like your ridge vent. Very happy with this product, and would recommend it to anyone, my installation of 70 feet took me about 2.5 hours, taking my time. If your handy, like doing your own work, this kit is for you!!!
5/5 Good Investment, 09/21/2020
Reviewer: Anonymous
Dig Defense underground fence provided the necessary extra security to our new chain link fence installed over unleveled land. We have two 15-pound vermin-chasing terriers who will stop at nothing when they see something small and running. Our two escape artists would have found the numerous gaps under the chain link in no time. I wish only that Wildlife Control Supplies would work on search-engine improvement so that other residential customers won't have to look so long for the Dig Defense solution to their fencing dilemmas.
5/5 Cayote Urine, 09/19/2020
Reviewer: Francesco Rametta
Company: n/a
The cayote urine that I just purchased works great and keeps the feral cats away from my vegetable garden very well. I will purchase again before I run out of it.
5/5 Quell 310 Trap, 09/18/2020
Reviewer: Stanley
Awesome ! Scary, Very Powerful ! Should be called "One a Day" I've got the pictures. I drilled another hole in the front wood base for a second screw to secure it better to the branch. This makes it easier to reset the trap,which is the scary part. Well worth the money and I would buy another one. But no need !
3/5 Open sides creates problems, 09/17/2020
This design would be better if the sides were covered in some sort of mesh or something. If the rodent tries to eat the bait from the side it doesn't have the desired effect.
5/5 Trap safety pin, 09/17/2020
Reviewer: Brad Taylor
A must have for anyone setting a trap. Easy to use.
5/5 Worked very well, 09/15/2020
Reviewer: Michael
We've had a possum living under the house, it was using a hole previously dug by ground squirrels that goes under the foundation. Since this trap is designed for horizontal openings I cut out part of the side of a five gallon bucket and wired the trap to it. With the bucket positioned over the hole, I weighted it down with bricks. My game camera showed the possum coming out - s/he had to struggle a bit to lift the door but finally managed. This trap is well made and will last for a long time. It might seem a bit expensive but it's a lot less than hiring a professional.
1/5 Complete waste of money, 09/14/2020
Reviewer: Jay C Groat
Company: Bug Bee Gone
China made junk. Flimsy. Don't work even brand new
1/5 EZ Set Mouse Trap, 09/14/2020
Company: xx
All I'm doing is feeding mice peanut butter. They love it.
5/5 Does the job!, 09/14/2020
Reviewer: Lee
I had a rat along my fence line who was trap shy. I set up my A-24 trap and still couldn't catch it using the Good Nature bait or peanut butter. The second night after baiting with Green Machine; success. Also works well with red squirrels which are nuisance animals in Virginia.
5/5 Defender Premium Vent is excellent, 09/13/2020
Reviewer: Jorge
Company: V&T Property Management
Very well built, keeps birds away from the vents, and has smooth bars that do not accumulate lint.
1/5 Doesn't work, 09/13/2020
Don't waist you money. Squirrel's all over the place but wont touch, or even go near it! Back to rolled corn.
5/5 Works!, 09/13/2020
Reviewer: Samuel E Womble
Company: Personal
Got a mole after first installation. Have moved to other locations and expecting more.
5/5 It Works, 09/12/2020
Reviewer: Bernie
I purchased a number of different mole traps with no success and then I ran across the NoMol. It's a bit tricky to set but once you get use to it it's actually quite easy. The best thing though is that it actually works! In fact it's the only trap I've found that does work, plus it's the least expensive of all the traps out there. Great product. Thanks!!
5/5 Unwanted pests, 09/11/2020
Reviewer: Randy
Worked effectively on unwanted critters.
5/5 Good product to add to the arsenal, 09/11/2020
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied Pest And Wildlife LLC
Good product to add to the arsenal. It's actually good for possums skunks and raccoons It's actually good for possums skunks and raccoons. Again I believe it's a great product add your arsenal of Bates and Lures
5/5 Good switch up, 09/11/2020
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied Pest And Wildlife LLC
It's a good product and having used it in the field I swear by it. Peanut butter is the go to but if you're on a large squirrel job and you need to mix it up this is the best thing it will trigger the catch if they are ignoring the peanut butter
5/5 Great product!, 09/10/2020
Reviewer: Rob W
Company: Superior Pest & Lawn Solutions
Product works and is as described. Would reorder when necessary.
5/5 maine trap setter, 09/10/2020
Reviewer: leter harris
Company: lester harris
worked for some 1 1/2 traps not all
1/5 Happy mice, 09/10/2020
Reviewer: T. Isbell
So far I've been feeding the mice peanut butter. They come and go as they like.
5/5 Works great, 09/10/2020
Reviewer: Angela
Just what we needed, caught one within a week.
5/5 Perfect solution!, 09/09/2020
Reviewer: Hagar
Company: Viking
Day 1 - caught 1 squirrel Day 2 - caught 1 squirrel. Saw no squirrels since
5/5 Quick Links, 09/09/2020
Reviewer: James Booth
I ordered a dozen 1/4" links. I received 9 + 3 3/16" links. I called about the mistake. I had just ordered a dozen 5/16". The missing 1/4" were included in the new order. Delivery was quick, no argument about correcting the first order. Links are way cheaper than local big box stores. I am very satisfied.
5/5 I am glad I bought it., 09/08/2020
Reviewer: Jonathan Burgess
Company: Burgess Animal Control
This is a very informative book. It has a lot of useful information as well as a sample contract to get you started.
5/5 Worth the Price, 09/06/2020
Reviewer: KBTMom
After removing a dead chipmunk that opened the old flimsy vent and made it all the way to the dryer, we bought and installed this vent. My husband was impressed by the quality. Finish is great, having choice of colors is very nice, install was very easy with good instructions, flap opens as expected and stays closed when not in use, and opens all the way to facilitate cleaning. It does cost more than the typical cheap vent, but after one animal in your vent line, it's worth it.
5/5 Ruby, 09/06/2020
Reviewer: Ruby
Love the rear clean out door
5/5 Ruby, 09/06/2020
Reviewer: Ruby
Good little gadget to have. Wish I had bought this with my first traps.
5/5 Sparrow trap, 09/06/2020
Reviewer: alan s
Quick delivery, trap works very well. I hand feed peanuts to two female chipmunks and they keep going in the trap. If the chipmunks go in the trap first the sparrows are reluctant to enter. I'm going to wait for the chipmunks to hibernate before I set it out again. I'm anxious to get rig of the house sparrows because they hog the feeder and bully the chickadees, finches and nuthatches.
3/5 Basic, 09/05/2020
Reviewer: Jonathan Burgess
Company: Burgess Animal Control
I bought disc 3. I am a fur trapper that is becoming nuisance trapper. The info given in the video is very good, but when it says basic thats what it means. No real Bat methods just kinda shows where bats live. It shows a little on snakes but not really how to set or construct a snake trap with glue boards which is what i wanted to see. And finally it shows how to put a dead coon in a bag which was helpful but I am confused on the exact mix of his deodorant that he uses. Overall a good video for someone that has no clue on the business. I wouldn't buy it again. I really wanted to like it so I could get the other two but now I'm still looking for good resources.
5/5 California Customer - WCS Special Squirrel STANDARD Cage Trap, 09/04/2020
Reviewer: Marcus
Company: Quantum 4, inc.
The cage is slightly lighter gage than what I already have had for years - it looks like it will perform just as well. The setup design is easier than competitor - thank you for that, don't have to fuss with this one so much. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Put it to use and it works like a charm - my enemy no. 1 are tree rats and this very effective trap is their worst nightmare. Bit of peanut-butter and the trap is very effective.
5/5 Works!, 09/04/2020
Reviewer: Pam
Well constructed and easy to immediately start using. Caught the garden destroying rabbit in 3 days. The apple scent seemed to help.
5/5 Havaheart large double door trap, 09/03/2020
Works great. In 2 weeks 3 raccoons (the target), 2 opossums, 1 skunk, 2 ferrel cats. Worked best for the raccoons by keeping the back end closed. Makes the animal go deeper into the trap to get to the bait (sardines). Heavy 1/4 " mesh screen around that end keeps them from reaching tbough the cage for the bait.
5/5 squirrel paste, 09/02/2020
Reviewer: jason Schoen
Company: Schoen's Wildlife Removal
works excellent been using for years.
5/5 kritter cap, 09/02/2020
Reviewer: Don Heliste
this product was so easy to use.you just snap of the pieces to fit the size you need and push-up in place your done.
5/5 Excellent traps for chipmunks, 09/02/2020
Reviewer: Don
These traps are great. They are easy to use and effective for small rodents In the last month my neighbor and i have caught and relocated 23 chipmunks and 2 field mice ( i bought 2 traps) My dog doesn't go crazy so much anymore and my flower pots aren't getting dug up all the time
5/5 Worth Every Cent!, 09/02/2020
Reviewer: Scott Ursiny
Company: Grand Wildlife Control LLC
Extremely durable, easy to slip on and off, even over work boots. You'll get years of trouble free use from Yuleys, and they're much safer than the disposable covers that can cause your feet to slip and slide. Get a pair; you won't regret how professional they'll make you look.
5/5 Score! 3 critters in 48 hours, 09/02/2020
Reviewer: Sharon
awesome traps (gophernator and molenator). Wish I could share pics. Easy to use and works great.
2/5 wildlife control - raccoons, 09/01/2020
Reviewer: Julie Anne Schaaf
I was so very disappointed in the fact that I followed the directions as told. I even bought the tennis balls to use with this liquid. I really would like to be reimbursed for this purchase.
5/5 Owner Tracks Wildlife Control, 08/31/2020
Reviewer: Cliff Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Contro
Great tool!
5/5 Owner Tracks Wildlife Control, 08/31/2020
Reviewer: Cliff Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Contro
Great rat trap!
5/5 Worked!, 08/31/2020
Reviewer: Roland
No more raccoons. Saved me over $1,000 in extermination fees.
5/5 Automatic Foundation Vent, 08/30/2020
Reviewer: Joyce Roman
I had to replace two of my original vents in my foundation and found these on WCS site----exactly what I needed. They came way faster than I imagined and look great. Thank you WCS for having in stock exactly what I needed!
1/5 Unfortunately it attracted rather than repelled hogs, 08/29/2020
Reviewer: Courtney
Placed the product down according to the directions, it definitely had a powerful chemical smell that seemed as if it would work. Unfortunately it seemed to attract hogs both to areas they were damaging and to areas that they were previously uninterested in. Would not use again.
5/5 Works, 08/29/2020
Reviewer: Stacy Bialek
Definitely has worked to capture the stinkers damaging my home. Doesn’t seem to be sensitive enough to get the chipmunks causing damage around my house. Only think I was frustrated with was I ordered 2 of the rust resistant and they both arrived with scratches down to the bare metal...obviously that will affect the rust resistant issue. I did put clear polish over the bare spots and hopefully it will stay good for a while.
5/5 Bangers, 08/28/2020
Reviewer: Robert
Worked as described.
5/5 Launcher, 08/28/2020
Reviewer: Robert
Easy to use and well built.
5/5 Great Tool!, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Tony McCartney
This tool made installing the XLG Dig Defense panels a breeze! Used with a fence post driver, pounding the panels in straight, and even takes very little effort. If you have a lot of panels to install (I had 10), you won't be disappointed,
5/5 Nothing but good to say about B3X!, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Jim Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
I used this product extensively for the past several weeks for bat exclusion. Far less spray foam required and still allows air flow for attic vent slots to circulate. Excellent product!
5/5 High performance for hard to reach bat jobs!, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Jim Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
Extended reach means less moving of ladders and able to reach those peak areas more safely. Purchased a second one as a back up!
5/5 Nature Solutions, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Jim Elkins
Company: Nature Solutions
High quality durable foam, easy to use filling small to moderate openings. Works great for filling soffit seams and other areas where looks are important in the finished job!
5/5 Goodbye "Smelly Cat", 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Vince Ramella
Upon our home purchase, it was clearly evident where a cat's litter box had previously resided. 50% of maximum dilution was all that was needed to rid the immediate and surrounding areas of the unwanted linger of a "Smelly Cat". Epoleon NnZ is undoubtedly the go to product to neutralize overbearing unwanted odors!
5/5 Final feed mosquito bait, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Samuel Karbelnig
Company: Facility Pest Control
Final feed mosquito bait We seem to get mostly good results from this product, but nothing seems to be perfect with the mosquitoes. We like the fact that it's all natural and that you have a fantastic price.
5/5 Stout traps, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Cecil Brooks
Company: Chattahoochee Wildlife Control
We got a 40 pounder in North GA today (8/26/20) with our new trap. Worked like it's supposed to.
5/5 Worked well, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Randy shivley
Used these under a deck so I wouldn't to manually close them during the winter. Worked well. Installed as per instructions with no problems. Only negative is the alignment clips did not anchor well in the vent housing. Had to pry out the small tension prongs a little to make the clips fit in the housing tightly.
4/5 Unsure results, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Lauren
Company: Qawah Beauty
Honestly I'm not sure if it did anything. I'm disappointed because This was the last hope for us in our new house. The home is from 1936. I sprayed it everywhere there was odor but the home still smells. Mostly on walls and wood flooring. I have two bottles left and am not sure what to do because they're not cheap. House still smells like previous owner, old wood, mold and musty, and some kind of off gassing from the walls. I'll update if I use other two bottles in crawl space. It could work for other projects but not for us thus far. Fast shipping though. Thanks
5/5 best trap i have ever used, 08/26/2020
Reviewer: Joe
THE SECRET: buy the bait pouch first before the trap, place bait in hot spots for a week or two, get the rodent used to the food. Once they start eating it, they will want it. After about a week of baiting, wait 1 day after bait disappears to set the trap, that way they are hungry for it. Smear bait on the stand and in the hole where they climb in. The most essential step is baiting BEFORE putting the trap out. If they do not know the food source first, they will be too scared to enter the trap. I have killed nearly 100 rats and mice in the warehouse in the 1 year ive owned this product. I have 3 total and love them.
5/5 Gordon, 08/25/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Gentles
Trapped over 1,100 pocket gophers over the last 6 years and find this trap one of the best. It is particularly good at catching small difficult to catch gophers.
4/5 No instructions provided, 08/24/2020
Reviewer: Dan Purcell
Product arrived with louvers closed when it was 80 degrees. Had to adjust them to open above 70 degrees. Instructions were not included in the package. Otherwise, the unit seems solid and the bi-metal coil closed the louvers in a 38-degree fridge and opened them in a 72-degree room, after adjustment. I had to tinker with the coil attachment fitting on side of the unit using an allen wrench to open the louvers at room temperature. In the absence of instructions, I had no way to know if this was a valid way to adjust the opening.
5/5 VERY BERRY VERY GOOD!!, 08/24/2020
Reviewer: Carmen
It works. I caught a rat, it loves this very berry!!! I have one more to go. Thank you!
5/5 Worked Perfectly!, 08/23/2020
Reviewer: Mary Kay Capasso
I had a handyman install the Bat Excluder after the bats in my attic flew out for their evening insect feast. All were gone the following day. Excellent product.
5/5 Instant soap and water, 08/23/2020
Reviewer: Patrick Rowland
Company: Down to Earth lawn service
very important for my daily activity
5/5 Awesome!, 08/22/2020
Reviewer: Rich
Definitely took down the groundhog population from under my shed. Also took out the would be inhabitants of the burrows left behind.
5/5 This trap is the bomb, 08/22/2020
Reviewer: Skip
Bought this trap 2 months ago and have had great success. Since I have been setting it out daily with peanut butter I have trapped 35 squirrels and 1 possum, I highly recommend this but I would get rust resistant version for extended years of use!
5/5 Worth the money, 08/21/2020
Worth the money I have capture 2 raccoons within 2 days Easy set up easy release If you seek out a professional you would have purchased 2 of these already Just release Animal 5 miles away from your home
5/5 Great trap, Great price!, 08/21/2020
Reviewer: Everett S Laverty
Great working trap, I put it in my barn and have rats in it every morning, I don't even use bait, curiosity gets the best of them. Definitely would recommend this trap!
5/5 Topcat Vole Trap, 08/20/2020
Reviewer: Shea
Very solid and smooth action. Simple to use and effective. Easily caught Voles.
5/5 Excellent Traps, 08/20/2020
Reviewer: Steve Gilbert
I have used these traps in the past and the work very well. The secret to setting them is to hold your thump against the back of the trigger plate while pushing them into the run. They work very well.
5/5 This really works!, 08/20/2020
Reviewer: Kimberly
I am just a single mom who is trying to remove bats. I set this up and insulated the area around it where I thought bats were coming in and going out. I put a security camera up and it showed one bat the first night leaving and never showed it returning, but since then no other bats have left and I know there are more than one. I know this works, but I think I must be missing another area where they are coming in. I called bat remover companies and they want anywhere from $500-$1,000 to remove them so I will keep trying to locate where they are coming in. I was very excited to see that it did work as intended and for the price, I would definitely recommend.
5/5 Enough Said!, 08/19/2020
Reviewer: Ralph Hammann
It worked immediately and got rid of our ground hog. Enough said!
5/5 Awesome tool. Payed for itself in one season. Thanks, 08/19/2020
Reviewer: Raymond McCally
Company: M & M Ranch
Worked very well to scare the birds off from our raised bed garden. Pistol is easy to use and the 2nd shot helped for the stubborn birds.
5/5 Cant be beat, 08/19/2020
Reviewer: Danny Boy
This was exactly what I was looking for. Very strong, black pvc coated to keep me chickens safe. Best price for product online and best shipping cost.
5/5 Simply the best product for the job!, 08/18/2020
Reviewer: Joseph Wilson
Company: All Pro Pest Control inc.
I discovered this product last year at Pestworld and I purchased a roll direct from the owner. I have never had a more useful product for creating the proper sized door sweep! I just purchased my 2nd Roll and all my techs are using it. It makes a great impression and looks very professional!
5/5 WCS Shorty Tube - takes awhile, 08/18/2020
Reviewer: Kim B. Gifford
When I first got my tube I placed it right under my bird feeders, first mistake. With all the seed on the ground around the tube, squirrels were not intrigued. One day I placed it on my flat deck rail, figured what the heck. Placed a few sunflower seeds inside and wham! Got a smart one? Set the trap with the safety on and some seeds in front of both sides. Let em eat for a day, then take the safety off, wham, not so smart after all! Just have to find the right spot and replace the metal smell with squirrel. Quick kill is also a plus, have had only one finishing touch required. Great product, you may need to get creative.
5/5 Raccoon Eviction Fluid: right product, wrong species, 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Richard H.
Had ring tail cats make themselves at home in my attic. Bought the raccoon repellent hoping it would evict them since they are a cousin of the raccoon. Did not work against ring tail cats. Product was delivered really fast even in the midst of COVID-19. Smelled pretty rank so I'm sure it will work .Just bought for the wrong species. Would buy again from this company based on price and speed of delivery.
1/5 Great Idea, Not For Me..., 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Arturo
I had high hopes for this device. I have an avocado tree on which squirrles were decimating the fruit. I followed the instructions, watched the videos, followed advice from folks who were sucessful. I had it laid at the base of the tree with various bait (avocado, almonds, peanut butter), but alas, it trapped nothing. I moved it to the another tree; same. Nada. I feel a twinge of regret when I see this device lying at the base of the tree. I wish I could return it for my money back.
5/5 Nice Trap, 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Bill Judy
No more poison peanuts. This trap was simple to use and more importantly got the job done before the gopher demolished my garden.
5/5 Works GREAT! Highly Recommend., 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Robert
Although the tube part of the trap arrived broken during shipping I presume, it was easily fixed with gorilla glue. I am 2 for 2 on smaller skunks. Best bait is small marshmallows with a little peanut butter on them. They can't resist. Looking to trap momma now.
5/5 The Best From the Best, 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Roger W
I chose this Belisle after reviewing the offerings from several manufacturers. It’s a solid, well-built device. Having never used a body grip trap before I wanted something as mistake proof as possible. Flimsy isn’t worth the two bucks you might save. This Belisle has already proven to be highly effective. I chose WCS simply because they had the best price. As an added bonus, these folks wasted no time in getting my order processed and out the door. All in all, I’m super satisfied.
5/5 chuck mate gland lure, 08/17/2020
Reviewer: Larry w Muggio
Company: Larrys wildlife control
Being a wildlife control officer sometime grondhogs move place to place before your traps set up, When i find there holes i put alittle down the hole guarded by a 220 conibear, if i got to use a box trap i put alittle in front of the pan and a piece of broccoli behind the pan it works real well.
4/5 Good product, 08/16/2020
Reviewer: Bret Smith
Company: South River Animal Control.
Works good in sod without rocks. The installation tool is a must. The ground can be hard and the driver will still pound it in but if you have rocky soil or are try to drive it in next to a concrete slab where the concrete seeped out under the forms you may need another application.
5/5 Groundhog gave this 4 stars!, 08/15/2020
Reviewer: Crystal S.
My elusive groundhog eluded capture for weeks (as documented by my security camera); however, the first time I used this bait, he waddled right into the trap and is now relocated miles away in a wooded area with a nearby water source. Hope he is happy. I am! No more holes along my foundation. My only complaint about this product: they should sell it in a smaller size because I only had to use it one time! Thanks, WCS!
5/5 Excellent Product!, 08/14/2020
Reviewer: G T
This is an excellent product. Enough flat metal to easily pick it up and sufficient holes to see inside. It's also very durable- I have an older one that still works after ten years. I was really glad to find it was still produced. Thanks for stocking it!
5/5 Pur Black Foam, 08/13/2020
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
This can of foam goes along way without any waste. Also very inconspicuous.
5/5 Copper mesh, 08/13/2020
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Another great product sold by a great company.
5/5 Well made but smaller than anticipated, 08/13/2020
Reviewer: Logan
This produce is well made. It was smaller upon arrival than I had anticipated. Also, I opted to go with industrial velcro to attach it to brick instead of drilling holes in brick. It was hard to get the velcro to stick to the three small tabs so I had to use zip ties to keep the velcro strips affixed to the small tabs. It ain't pretty, but it works.
5/5 Vent Guards, 08/12/2020
Reviewer: Mary Johnson
These vent guards are really nice. I highly recommend them as they go over the existing exterior vents to keep all critters out from under the house. I feel safer now that these are installed.
5/5 Caught the squirrel!, 08/12/2020
Reviewer: Chris Jones
Good quality trap, fast delivery.
3/5 Snake Scram Proffessional, 08/12/2020
Reviewer: Duane Abbott
Company: Abbott's Groom & Board
It seems the product works( smells) well under perfect conditions (dry weather) but after a few rain falls or summer showers (when the product is needed,( Jun - Aug) it quickly loses its strength and another application is needed. This would make it the perfect product, reapply, reapply & need to purchse more. And it ain't cheap!!
5/5 Xlnt traps., 08/11/2020
Reviewer: -dp-
Easy on, easy off. Clean. Kills.
5/5 Vent pipe exclusion caps, 08/11/2020
Reviewer: Richard Paredes
Company: OmniShield Pest Solutions
The product is amazing. We use them for all our exclusion jobs and never have issues with them. When we order them WCS ships them fast so we never have to wait for them! Great product and company!
5/5 Replacing one installed by previous Wildlife Company - at fraction of original cost!, 08/11/2020
We had a woodpecker issue a few year ago after moving into a new house & a couple of these were installed and solved the problem. After a really severe storm, one of them was damaged & the cost to have them come out to hang up a new one was over $100. Found these online & had it up myself in less than 15 minutes for a fraction of the price.
5/5 Butterscotch Oil, 08/11/2020
Reviewer: Chris Read
This product is excellent mixed in with fry grease for attracting bears.
5/5 Anise Oil, 08/11/2020
Reviewer: Chris Read
This is product is excellent when mixed with vegetable oil for attracting bears.
5/5 NNZ, 08/10/2020
Reviewer: Diana
Used this wonderful product to remove rodent urine, feces and any other smells that may signal them back into the attic and garage. After sealing off entry points and spraying this around I have had absolutely no issues again. Used it in the outdoor kitchen area as well and have not seen any droppings. Great product will buy more to keep handy. Thanks
5/5 Works every time, 08/10/2020
Reviewer: JB
Squirrels were eating away at beautiful 100 year old tree. Tried every humane thing possible. This is the best remedy. Sorry squirrels.
5/5 Vent guard, 08/09/2020
These are great. Installed easily with construction adhesive and fit the vents perfectly. Looks are clean and subtle. Very happy with these. On the coastal range so we will see what the salt water mist and air does over time, but being stainless steel and painted, I have high hopes.
4/5 Seems to perform as advertised, 08/08/2020
Reviewer: Ted
Obviously the proof is in the pudding, but the fitment seems to encompass a mouse's "build". My only criticism is that the enclosed directions were in gray scale and fuzzy. The ones online didn't look much better. I figured it out, but a took off a star for an incomplete finish.
5/5 Simply perfect, 08/08/2020
Reviewer: Karen Lincoln
Perfect simple and easy We use the rose bud paste Got 2 skunks and some other critters We let them go miles away in the woods near a river Love this trap
5/5 Bobcat Urine, 08/07/2020
Reviewer: herman Mc Anelly
Company: NA
Took care of mice in the attic, also works on squirrels.
5/5 I'm done trying to coexisting with squirrels, 08/07/2020
Reviewer: Ace McGee
Works like a dream. Takes some getting use to but now after a few days I can set it up in 15 seconds. My 20 30 pound dogs are very interested in the trap, one for the dead animals that keep appearing, the other for the bait, but they cannot trigger. If purchasing again I would get the rust resistant model. Mine started to rust in less than a week but I cleaned and spray painted and that solved the problem nicely.
5/5 Awesome Trap, 08/07/2020
Reviewer: Sam in San Diego
My parents had a problem. Mom saw a rat running across the fence in the yard - they had a small infestation. After a few failures of a standard victor wire mousetrap, I got on YouTube and viewed a bunch of Shawn Woods videos. Based on what I saw on his channel, I initially bought a single 'walk the plank' rat trap and caught only 1 mouse in the first 2 weeks. I then decided that the Fenn Mk4 was the way to go and purchased a pair. In the first 2 weeks, these traps took out 6 small to medium sized rodents and 1 ground squirrel, as far as I can tell nearly wiping out almost the whole group living in the yard. For bait, I used some cat food pellets pushed into a dab peanut butter. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this trap except for the price. I feel it is priced too high, but even so I highly recommend it.
5/5 My go to, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Chip McKnight
Company: Mcknight Wildlife, LLC
I always have this in the box. A smear on a wad of grass on the trigger is great.
5/5 Good quality setter, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Vin
This trap setter is a very good quality. Very well made. Definately need it for the med. size double spring trap. Glad i purchased it.
4/5 Good trap-very strong, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Vin
Good very strong trap. You need the trap setting tool to set this trap. It is very strong. The back is open so you have to set it up with that in mind. You can put mesh in the back if required.
5/5 Ground Squirrel Tips that make it a 5 star trap, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Laurie Tsitsivas
Company: urban home gardener
This trap works great if you can get them to go in and take the bait correctly. Whatever they are eating, must be the bait. If they are eating lettuce, use thin apple slices. If they are eating tomatoes, use tomato pieces, but don't put them in so they can just lick up the juice. skin side up with some cuts...then they bite down on it. Also slide the bait away from the setting mechanism, and toward the wall where the bar hits. AND if they are little ones, or smart ones, use 1 or 2 small rubber bands to secure the bait to the tray. AND I had to use bait stations with pellets to get them feel safe and rewarding to go into a tunnel. Our ground squirrels like their own tunnels, but not any traps. It is better if it is near their hole, near the spot they are stealing from, and/or under a bush. If they steal the bait, be glad...that means they feel comfortable with the trap, so just reload and reset (tiny babies can steal easily but they grow fast and will be caught in a day or two). I got 21 so far this year. I had to wire my whole yard and put up bird netting loosely along the back fence. I use smoke bombs or water to track their holes, then plug them or underground fence them out.. We live on a corner slope lot near open space and grow a lot of veggies year round. The most active time starts in March and peaks in July, but they don't hbernate for very long, if at all here. And they do not sleep all night, they dig! Remember, don't ever leave traps out at night or you will get a skunk or possum (they are good).
5/5 I was impressed as soon as I opened the box, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Joe Taylor
Company: Paw Control Wildlife Solutions
Bridgers are on the higher end of the quality spectrum. All the parts are well engineered and fit together into a powerful package. There is little learning curve with these traps, and because they are well made they will function the same over and over. A great trap to have in your arsenal!
5/5 Great to keep mice out of the house!, 08/06/2020
Reviewer: Rick Tryder
Great product! Like the fact that you can adjust the size of the foam from the smallest of cracks to large gaps! Living out in the country and have a mouse problem so this product is a must have!
5/5 Awesome, 08/05/2020
Reviewer: Mark B
Company: Supreme Pest Solutions
Nice and easy to install. Customers love them. Nice design
5/5 Bangers, singers and launcher, 08/05/2020
Reviewer: Frank Little
Works great, easy to use. Effective so far for geese.
5/5 Works, 08/04/2020
Reviewer: Glenn
I bought this because there was a racoon in the detached garage. It was coming through the chimney. I had nothing to lose by trying this. I was cheaper than calling an exterminator. It smells, but the racoon is nowhere to be found. Yay!
5/5 Excellent, 08/04/2020
Reviewer: Georgia
Excellent product and excellent service From WCS! Quick delivery! The covers went in easily and look great!
5/5 Works Like A Charm, 08/04/2020
Reviewer: Kim
Company: All Star Animal Trapping
These are a must have if you run a trapping company. They're easy to use, durable, and my employees love them. No more fingers at risk while doing a raccoon trap transfer and no more profit at risk if an animal gets away during a transfer. I highly recommend this product.
5/5 Dura Poly plastic trap 08/04/2020, 08/04/2020
Reviewer: Lawrence Mayhew
I agree with the reviewer 09/17/2019, also I can transport critters in my car for release without a mess to clean up from wire cages. Great design.
5/5 Squirrel tube trap, 08/01/2020
Reviewer: Jim
Good, reliable, effective trap to control ground squirrels in a relatively small area.
5/5 Used Coon Fish for last season with good results, 08/01/2020
Reviewer: Martin Schindel
Company: Michigan Crosshow Hunters
I didn't buy the coon fish from here, I had it given to me by my mentor. I am a novice trapper. Last season was my first season trapping and I had great season. 12 coons with Coon fish, and zero coons without it.
3/5 Gophinator efficiency, 07/31/2020
Reviewer: Wayne
I bought six Gophinators and two Black Holes traps. Placed all eight traps out. Caught seven pocket moles with the Black Hole and one with the Gophinator. Both are very easy to set. Black Hole traps are about 2X the price of the Gophinator but obviously has higher efficacy in catching moles.
5/5 Great During Fruit Season, 07/31/2020
Reviewer: Brittney
We have used numerous baits and this one really did the trick for raccoon situations that outside fruit sources entice raccoons away from the traps.
5/5 Good Company - Good Product, 07/31/2020
Reviewer: Mike Straub
Company: Straub Surveying
Two things: 1) product arrived damaged. It came in a large box, then two garbage bags, then the WCS box, then plastic bag, and finally the 1-gallon bottle whichwas nearly empty from leakage. WCS relaced it right away, tho not likely their fault (shipping co.) 2) In lieu of sparying, I've put it into bowls by my two small gardens - no rabbits, no deer, no critters in the few weeks i've had it. No more lost veggies!
5/5 It Worked Within a Few Hours on the First Day, 07/31/2020
Reviewer: Mick
So, I'm an animal lover who planted two crops of corn in my fenced suburban garden (chicken wire keeps out the rabbits) only to have those little buggers dig up the seeds. So I used my small greenhouse to grow about 40 or 50 more corn plants and transplanted them into the garden. Those nasty squirrels started digging those up or chewing the stalks. I tried sprinkling chili powder, all kinds of ways to keep them out. Enough! I ordered the rust-resistant tube trap. The day I put it out there with peanut butter smeared on the inside above the thing they step on, by early afternoon I got one. A big 'ole squirrel. One down. Now I need to put in a little more peanut butter and get the other one that's going in there. Ants love the bait so that's a little annoying, but it's a garden. Wear gloves and all is good. Very happy.
5/5 Coyote urine, 07/30/2020
Reviewer: Rochelle
Started using this product and so far, so good! Was very pleased with the quick response to our purchase---thank you!
5/5 One and done ground squirrel., 07/30/2020
Reviewer: Gblansten
I set my traps inside a 2 foot chunk of 4 inch tile with a slot cut for the spring. Had to put a spacer in there to make it work. Worked great! One catch, I walked out back door and ground squirrel saw me and ran right into my tile set to get away from me andc "pop", done.
5/5 tube trap, 07/30/2020
Reviewer: cynthia s shipley
Works great to get squirrels! We did add a few inches of PVC tube to both ends to keep pets from being able to reach spring with their feet. Just lay where squirrels travel, they like to run through tubes!
5/5 Great trap!, 07/30/2020
Reviewer: Dwight Gillock
Company: Dwight's Wildlife Solutions
I've used this trap since May and it's preformed flawlessly. Last job was in attic in doctor's office with HVAC and lots of electrical lines. Always put plywood down for cages in attics but distancing on sides can be an issue in tight spaces. This trap eliminates that worry. Caught the coon with no insulation pulled inside. At today's job it yielded a momma and two juveniles. Great piece of equipment!
5/5 Quality Product and Support, 07/30/2020
Reviewer: Mark Hebert
This is a great product and the company provided great support. I bought this a couple weeks ago. And it works great. At first i could not figure out how to set it up. I called the company a Ray called back very quickly. Ray spent time with me on the phone and explained how to set the Dog properly. Once he walked me through it a few times to make sure I understood, it works great. Also explained how properly Bait the trap. Quality product and support after the sale. Very Happy Customer!
4/5 Mr Beaver, 07/29/2020
Reviewer: Brent Bonecutter
Company: Brent's ADC
I like the adjustable screw and nut to adjust the pan tension. I would prefer the chain on the base plate. Buy the #5 trap setter if you purchase this trap.
5/5 Excellent Product-Prompt Service, 07/29/2020
Reviewer: Don
I purchased these to cover weep holes in a brick wall. They are very sturdy, yet flexible enough to bend for insertion, springing back (like an accordion) for a snug fit. The shipping was prompt as promised. I would use WCS again and recommend!
5/5 great lenght, 07/29/2020
Reviewer: david spaulding
works great, i had the shorter ones from someone else and were a pain to use
1/5 Didn't help, 07/29/2020
Reviewer: Stephen Allen
We have a problem with Canada Geese. I placed the two decoys near the waters edge. The geese were NOT effected by the decoys. They walked and fed like the decoys were not there. Moving the decoys to different positions did not improve the situation. I have returned them.
4/5 Birddog, 07/29/2020
Good product and it deters the geese very well. I gave this review a 4 only because two out of the five I shot so far had no report/bang.
5/5 Bobbex, 07/29/2020
Reviewer: raymond dutra
Second time I have reviewed. Used all of last year and just repurchased. It is a little pricey, BUT IT WORKS! I've tried them all.
5/5 It works, 07/28/2020
Reviewer: Jim
Skunks were coming from the neighbors yard to mine and I was afraid my dogs would get sprayed. I was a little skeptical at first but decided to try this trap. It took a little trial and error but I figured out these skunks love canned cat food for bait. Successfully trapped and relocated 2 skunks so far without sprays. I definitely recommend this trap for skunks.
3/5 Squirrels figured it out, 07/28/2020
Reviewer: Stone
Company: N/A
First, I used my first tube trap for years, with great success. I caught more than 20 squirrels in the trap. I started having declining success in late 2019--I noticed the squirrels were able to steal the bait without triggering the trap. Since my trap was rusted, I ordered a new rust-resistant trap. Well I have had the trap for a month, and have caught no squirrels. I have no less than four of the rodents living in the trees in my backyard, and I think the little varmints have figured out the trap. They stay away from it, no matter what bait I use...peanut butter, walnuts, squirrel paste, pecans, you name it. So it worked initially, but the squirrels wised up to it.
5/5 Great trap, 07/28/2020
Reviewer: Rachel K Foster
Easy to use, durable & effective. I was pleasantly surprised to see it came with a bait holder. Will be ordering a couple more soon.
5/5 Jameson's Peaches and Cream, 07/28/2020
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
This is one of the best bait you can get. Absolutely my go to bait. Wildlife Control Supplies is a top notch company to deal with. Shipping is quick and customer service is fantastic.
5/5 Mellow Yellow Bait, 07/28/2020
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Fantastic product ! One of my favorites.
1/5 Didn't work, 07/27/2020
Reviewer: Sheryl
Tried this 4 times NOTHING, we went to peanut butter and bird seed, trapped 6 squirrels.
5/5 Awesome trap, 07/27/2020
Reviewer: Sheryl
Used for those annoying squirrels, Works great even snagged a chipmunk. I recommend these traps.
5/5 Gets the job done right, 07/27/2020
Reviewer: Eric
Best rat trap ever One a day 3 days in a row
4/5 Nice!, 07/27/2020
Reviewer: Gayl Clark
This cage is great for chipmunks and we have caught 2 squirrels. It works great at catching animals but when you catch a squirrel the animal is upset and will growl and try to bite. There is no way to open the trap unless you push the trap door inwards and the animal then has to run over your hand. We had to make a heavy gauge hook out of wire so we could release the animals so that we didn't get bit. Otherwise the cage is made of really heavy duty wire and when set, it sets off easily to catch whatever kind of animal enters.
5/5 Worth it, 07/26/2020
Reviewer: Maximilian Pelletier
Company: Pelletier Wildlife Removal Service
Works good as long as you have good easy soil. Been having a bad groundhog problem in my area. Have been using it for a couple months now, 160' installed so far and my customers haven't had any more issues. Now the tool makes it easier but only in soft ground, like a fresh garden bed. Any rock or crushed concrete makes the tool bounce around too much and not utilizing all the energy given. Roots are your enemy so if you have a tree near your area I recommend bringing a portable metal cutting wheel. Should start putting points on the ground side to push rocks and such out of the way, may make it easier. Remember if excluding any deck or shed remember to ensure the animal is out first, leave a foot out and put a trap there for at least three days than fully close it off.
3/5 Eh, 07/26/2020
Reviewer: Max Pelletier
Company: Pelletier Wildlife Removal Service
Not as pictured, full 1/4" steel plate as support not tube bracing and leaves 8" of the fence groove to possibly bend upwards, may just remove it to get closer to things since it serves no installation purpose. Than it's overall length is 16" shy of a full 4' piece of fencing which isn't bad since you have to work the tool back and forth most of the time. The groove that holds the fencing is very loose and bounces all around wasting some energy in my opinion. Should fit over the fencing with very little movement and at least come down an inch and a half or 2 to rest better. Maybe a 6 inch angle iron foot step on one side to give you the ability to push the first inch or so in with body weight or help give the tool some extra weight behind each blow by pushing down as well. I will do some modifications and will update soon. Got a lot of fencing to do
5/5 Rabbit Scram Pro, 07/26/2020
Reviewer: Lisa r delarosa
Company: FH construction
Only thing that has worked, we have 4 acres on property with tons of flowers, plants etc.
5/5 hush laser bird trap, 07/25/2020
Reviewer: Dr. Milton vonRydingsvard
Very satisfied with the unit. Extremely satisfied with the technological support.
5/5 Great product, 07/25/2020
Reviewer: Dwayne Coleman
Before ordering the traps I spent time educating myself on moles and the different types of traps and the different methods of trapping moles. I ordered the NoMol Mole traps and I am extremely happy with both the products and the results.
5/5 Ground Hog Kokaine, 07/25/2020
Reviewer: Don Ritchie
It sure does draw the ground hogs into the humane traps. Also it has attracted possums, rats, coons,cats, and plenty of squirrels.
5/5 Protection for my little velociraptors...chickens, 07/24/2020
Reviewer: Christopher Zimmer
Was shipped quickly and securely. Seems well made but we havent installed it yet. I would order again.
5/5 If you are serious about moles you need a Hori Hori, 07/24/2020
Reviewer: Greg Schwartz
I thought I could get away without buying this knife, but two broken garden trowels later I decided it was time. This thing is solid enough to cut through all my soil types (wet rocky clay, hard pan rocky clay) with the serrated edge. Then I scoop out the tunnel because it is the right width, and if I need leverage to pry out the sod it won't bend or break. You will eventually get one, or you could get one now.
1/5 Doesn't catch squirrels, 07/23/2020
Reviewer: Craig Martin
Unfortunately, the trap only traps animals weighing over two pounds or so and most ground squirrels in our area are less than a pound. I watched squirrels go through, eat the bait and leave. I suspect it works fine on larger animals. Also, it does not come with instructions. You need to download of their website.
4/5 just like the ones dad used!, 07/23/2020
Reviewer: sherwin seed
we still have more gophers, first or second day the trap was out caught a gopher... i would say that it works. same kind that dad used when we lived on the other side of the state... work just as good as they did then.
5/5 Mink cage trap, 07/23/2020
Reviewer: Albert roura
Reliable and quality / price rate trap. We use in Europe to catch american minks, on the river's banks or over platforms. It is useful, specially because of the double entrance and of course because of the weight. Don t hesitate to get it if you are looking for a live capture weasels and mink trap.
5/5 Hardware cloth, 07/22/2020
Reviewer: Katie
Great quality. Great customer service when I called to check availability. Super fast shipping. Received in 3-4 days and that was July 4th weekend!
5/5 The Coon Dagger is no joke, 07/21/2020
Reviewer: FlatEarthFisherman
I’m not a professional trapper. I’ve done some trapping when I was young but only as a hobby. For the past couple of years though I’ve had a big coon problem with my chickens as well as my garbage. The garbage really pissed me off the most. Those coons would chew right through the cans. I couldn’t use a leg hold because I have dogs and neighbors have cats. The live traps would only catch an occasional coon. Well, I set some coon daggers, and caught every coon around. 13 in a row!! Now I have no more maggots and dirty garbage cans. I wish I would have known about these traps sooner. Coons can cause a lot of trouble on this Flat and Stationary Earth. They’re made in USA Too!!!
5/5 No more chipmunks, 07/20/2020
Reviewer: tim
Place it over the hole- no more chipmunks. Be sure to stake it down so a scavenger doesn't make off with your trap. Careful when 1st setting this trap- don't get your thumb caught...
5/5 Eviction paste works!, 07/20/2020
Reviewer: Allyson
We had a mama and babies in our attic. We spread this on the entry point on the soffit. Took 24 hours, and she moved all the babies out.
5/5 Pricey, but effective., 07/20/2020
Reviewer: Tyler
These definitely work for chipmunks, but I recommend the bucket/plank trap method if you're dealing with a large colony. Much cheaper.
5/5 Tube trap works well!, 07/19/2020
Reviewer: Sean
Quick and efficient way to rid your garden of squirrels. Got 10 in one day! Just use Peanut Butter!
1/5 No luck, 07/19/2020
Reviewer: Shane J
Company: WWPC LLC
I tried this product for 10 days. Followed the directions. Never caught a thing & this was used in an area where there are active snakes.
5/5 Web Out, 07/19/2020
Reviewer: John Clancy
Awesome product It works great
5/5 Squirrel Population Diminished, 07/18/2020
Reviewer: Michael Wallace
Have used trap for two weeks. Caught five grey squirrels and one ground squirrel using sunflower seeds as bait.
5/5 Best One on the Market, 07/18/2020
Reviewer: Jeff
I have three now. The older ones are still like new and see four seasons. These will work as well with standard NuTone bathroom fan vents and 30 ft of duct. We have birds in the area that are expert at beating louver ducts and none have beaten one of these. Also not a bit of rust after several years.
5/5 Perfect, 07/17/2020
Reviewer: George Murray
Company: George's Additions
I've been using these products since the late 1990s and now a new friend needed air movements in the crawl space and I could not think of any other product than Temp-Vent good quality
5/5 quick easy setup, precise action, 07/16/2020
Reviewer: John picone
this trap is very easy to set, it latches very quickly and well. there was a little problem with a damaged part, but WCS replaced it right away and we caught that little chippy stinker with acorn paste and walnuts.
5/5 You'll know before your customer!, 07/16/2020
Reviewer: Joe Taylor, owner
Company: Paw Control Wildlife Solutions
I bought my first SkyHawk after a frustrating trap situation which required setting a ladder each day to check for a catch. Installing a SkyHawk in a similar situation saved my company more time than the cost of the device, and of course we have now reaped a return many many times over. There is hardly any learning curve with activating, setting, and maintaining the devices. We are extremely happy that we invested in our SkyHawks.
4/5 Fly trap, 07/16/2020
Reviewer: LaVonne Blowers
Company: Thomas Creek Farm
The fly trap works but not as much as I would like. Cows still troubled by face flies. It does not catch deer flies. I sprayed a fly attractant on the trap paper and the cows licked it off so I put the fly attractant under the sign which was better.
1/5 cost way too much, 07/16/2020
decent information but the $80 price is a total rip-off. now that i have opened this sealed book i see that i could have found the same info online for free. it contains pictures of the animals, their dens and a brief overview of animal activity. would not recommend.
5/5 Great Idea!, 07/15/2020
Reviewer: Marie Andrews
Company: Home Use
Great idea! great product ! So much time was wasted before I found this product. Problem solved. Buy the installation tool, makes so much easier to install
5/5 Awesome piece of equipment, 07/15/2020
Reviewer: Therese Brady
Company: MB Roofing, Inc.
Makes it easier in the field especially on new construction sites that are all dirt....
5/5 Surprised, 07/14/2020
Reviewer: Ronda
On the first day I put the trap out I did not get any birds, next day had one and I left it in and the following day had 5. I was surprised they went into the trap as quick as they did and did not get out. Works just as described.
1/5 Stinks and Still wet, 07/14/2020
Reviewer: Sarah
It smells really bad. I used it in my kitchen a week and a half ago and it still stinks and it's still not dry! I won't buy this product again, and wish I hadn't bought as many as I did.
1/5 Mr., 07/14/2020
So far not so good, I have tried it inside my garage where I have dealing with mice/rats, I have tried several places around the yard. I tried it at my cottage not a kill thus far. Used the bait it came with as well as peanut butter.
5/5 Amazing results!, 07/14/2020
Reviewer: Marilynne Rowland
We purchased this due to its similarities to a 2X price product recommendation as the ONLY working cage on a wildlife sight with crazy shipping charge. This one, much small and less bulk, truly worked beyond our expectations! We have carried off about 20 sparrows that had taken residence in our Purple Martin house and pooped all over our back patio! So happy with this product!
5/5 Actually worked!, 07/13/2020
Reviewer: Jennifer
After 3 months of trying every suggestion on the Internet to rid our chimney of a raccoon family we finally ordered this fluid. We put some on an old sock and dropped it down the chimney in the early evening. They didn’t leave the first night, but they DID leave the second night! After verifying their departure we installed our chimney cap. We were skeptical, but willing to try anything since they showed no signs of moving along anytime soon and wish that we had ordered this sooner!
5/5 Awesome product, 07/13/2020
Reviewer: Earl Williamson
I bought this to keep the skunks & raccoons away from my chickens and out of my yard. Awesome product I spray around the perimeter of my property. And soak some tennis balls in it and place them under my house and in the ivy along my back fence. Works great chickens are safe and my dogs don’t get skunked. Thank you !!!!
4/5 I Tried It, 07/13/2020
Reviewer: Eileen Seaman
Animal Experts removed 38 squirrels, but I still have 3 squirrels that hang around. I thought I'd try this product. I followed the directions and it will stop the squirrels, but the product does not last 30 days as written in details. I have to repeat use every 5 days.
1/5 Chipmunks, 07/10/2020
Reviewer: Deborah Stauffacher
Does not work on/for chipmunks. The squirrels stayed away for awhile though.
5/5 Worked perfectly!, 07/10/2020
Reviewer: Jen
Company: Canine Assist
We had a pretty severe rat problem in our basement and we placed the bait in several bowls around where the dogs could not get to them. The bait was consumed immediately and we replaced it for several days. On the fourth day none of it was consumed and we have not heard/seen any rats since.
5/5 Jeff, 07/10/2020
Works great, caught 10 sparrows the first day, 7 the next day and 7 the day after that .
4/5 Squirrel Exclusion, 07/10/2020
Company: Old Reliable Pest Control
We have used this product on a few projects for squirrels and seems to work great. There are other products that are a little higher quality but for squirrel and roof rat issues it gets the job done.
5/5 works great, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: burt
gopher was progressing through pea then cucumber plants. first attempt covering up the area around the trap and bait was untouched. threw a couple of dried garlic bulbs by the hole thinking it might repel it, but they were gone in a few minutes. put the trap with more garlic in front of one side of the tunnel and the garlic was gone and trap untripped. did the same on the other side, and caught the hungry/greedy guy. had no idea they liked garlic.
5/5 versatile, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Dave W
bought it for beavers...use it for everything. A big wide trap like this really helps get some of my more trap-shy animals. It works great in beaver runs. I also like to set it sideways, one door open, with bait in the back for foxes. I catch trap-shy woodchucks by skewering apples on the wire triggers with the doors up. This thing is stout with fast doors. My oldest one is going on 3 years old and works like new
5/5 Effective bear deterrent, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Dan Chavez
I have used the single shot launcher successfully for many years to discourage nuisance coastal brown and interior grizzly bears both near our home in southeast Alaska and in wilderness camps. I recently purchased the double launcher so I would have the option for a quick follow up shot. The double launcher has only one flaw, in my opinion. Whereas my single launcher has a “half-cock” hammer position which serves as a “safety” the double launcher does not. When in close proximity to brown and grizzly bears, there is a sense of urgency and nervousness which makes fumbling with the small blanks somewhat difficult. Therefore, I prefer to keep the launcher loaded with blanks and ready to insert a “banger” and fire without delay. Unfortunately, the absence of the safe half-cock position means that the hammer rests directly on the rim fire of the blank cartridge. It takes little imagination to envision the danger of accidental discharge, either by direct blow to the hammer or by having it slip while cocking. This caveat notwithstanding, I highly recommend this product and can testify regarding its effective use in hazing curious and potentially dangerous and destructive bears.
5/5 They can't resist it, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Dave
I have been using this product for 2 seasons. I used to use peanut butter. I've caught in the havahart trap 6 this year.
5/5 Works like a charm, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Lester L. Parker
Works like a charm. I also put in an apple slice for good measure. Have captured 38 squirrels so far.
5/5 Brad, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Bradford Pearce
I'm really pleased with this trap. First time using a dog proof and have had good success. Used dog food and fish food and caught 5 in a couple of weeks. Loaned 2 of my 6 to a friend who caught 5 in a week using raw salmon. I like that I don't have to worry about trap rusting or having to paint or die and wax. Wish they would make a foothold trap for coyotes.
5/5 Best ever, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers Wildlife Control
This is a great deal on a great batch of lures. We used the woodchuck lure and caught woodchucks in open sets next to buildings without a visible hole for the first time. Have also used Squirrel and Skunk Lures with great success.
5/5 Very Good, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers Wildlife Control
We use a lot of this to plug small holes. Combined with foam or by itself it makes a barrier that is very effective. Wear gloves when handling.
5/5 Works, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers Wildlife Control
These really work. We have used them many times to get squirrels out when trapping is not an option. Squirrels will try to chew back in so keep watch of the building for a week at least.
4/5 Heavy duty, 07/09/2020
Reviewer: David
This is a very stout, handmade tool. Heavy, sharp and durable. It will be around long after I am gone. Only complaint is that it wasn't cleaned up - welding slag and machine oil made my hands black until I took it to the shop and got some solvent on it. Not a pretty tool but it works
5/5 Best specialty tool ever., 07/08/2020
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Nuisance Removal
This d ringer is one of the best speciality tools iv ever needed and use frequently.
5/5 Great Product, 07/08/2020
Reviewer: Tim Williams
Company: East Lee Animal Control
This is a good dryer vent we like to use them . Easy to install and all customers so far have been happy with them .
5/5 The Best Thing I've Tried In My Woodpecker War, 07/07/2020
Reviewer: Gary
I've used these for a few years and they work. Other things like plastic owls, flash tape, "eye" balloons, gluey caulk are basically ineffective. WCS's pricing and shipping are excellent, not to mention great customer service. A++++
5/5 Rat catcher deluxe!, 07/07/2020
Reviewer: Kristy
We have ducks. And thus the rats have tried to move in. I bait the traps with a spoon full of peanut butter. Then slide the trap into any cubbies or walls near a rat hole. If I put it against a wall I lean an old tub lid over the trap. Makes it more concealed feeling for the rats. I’ve caught as many as 8 rats at one time!!!! It’s not good for smaller rats as they can squeeze back out. Just use a mouse trap for those. :)
5/5 Substantial Trap - and it works!, 07/07/2020
Reviewer: Duke
Heavy duty, well constructed. Easy to use. Effective. First try it worked on a raccoon. Much better construction and operation than other more popular brand models. Wish I had one of these years ago. The only feedback is that it showed up without instructions. Installation wasn't intuitive. A youtube video demonstrated the installation which was then very easy. I would highly recommend and will purchase more in the future.
5/5 Attach spider, 07/07/2020
Reviewer: RS
Two woodpeckers were Destroying My roof over my deck. Put the spider out there and they were gone.
5/5 Shorty Tube, 07/06/2020
Reviewer: Joyce
Company: Home
Excellent trap. Unfortunately it doesn't always kill. Need to shade the tube from sun, and had more luck with putting small bits of grass/leaves to cover trip. Better to bait it but then it killed the birds which is a problem so had to hide it or not bait or use the caps i also bought. I have both the longer and shorter tube and so far the shorter is more successful. I like the safety catch as I can leave the trap in place overnight and they get used to it and it won't kill any nocturnal animals. It takes time to see what works for your own site. I would recommend the tube traps and am happy with my purchase. Reading these posts is one of the best ways to be successful. The vultures are being well fed.
5/5 High Quality, 07/06/2020
Reviewer: Gayl Clark
My grandson and I have these trap set every day. We have caught 16 chipmunks so far! This is the best trap we have. Super easy to set and maintain.
4/5 Using for Another Reason, 07/06/2020
Reviewer: Shawna Goodson
Company: Apple Pest Control
I bought these for a different reason and I'm sure it will work due to how the product is designed. I installed an 8' fence that went directly under the eve of the home so I wanted a deterrent to prevent raccoons and other critters from walking across the top of the fence onto the roof of the house. I placed a 10' section along the top of the fence and so far nothing has been on my roof! The sections were easy to install and would work great for the original purpose of bird prevention as well.
5/5 Works every time!, 07/06/2020
Reviewer: Shawna Goodson
Company: Apple Pest Control
Works great for removing mother raccoon and babies from an attic, usually gone by the next day.
4/5 Keeps birds off siding, 07/05/2020
Reviewer: Mutt Bunkey
Company: Homeowner
I am an actual buyer of this product and not given any dispensations from the seller for this review. I live in a wooded area and home to at least 3 different breeds of woodpeckers. What I never knew before is how territorial these birds are and that they can live 12 years or longer. I have a section of house that is 2 stories and the woodpeckers drum on the cedar siding up near the eaves of the second story. Someone at our local bird store recommended the Attack Spider. The spider has done what other techniques couldn't do and I haven't patched a hole in over 8 years. Now, the problem is going through several spiders a year. I learned to hang them using the extension pole and would hook them into a hook a tree servicing crew screwed into the eave near the roofline where the woodpeckers like to drum for a mate. The tool I was using to unhook and re-hook after battery changes isn't doing the trick for me anymore and I will use clear fishing line on the spider's string ring and swap out the hook for an eye hook and use the fishing line to pulley the spider down. The problem ? This product isn't made as well as it was in the earlier days and they break easily. The biggest form of break is the string slips on the axle it is to retract on and the spider doesn't go back up. I go through 3-4 of these a year and tired of doing that. If you buy one, make sure to paint the string the same color of your house/siding, as that way, the string is invisible to the birds.
5/5 Intimidator, 07/05/2020
Reviewer: Jenny
We live out in a rural area with lots of different birds. This product keeps all birds off our front and back patios.
1/5 Buyer, 07/05/2020
Reviewer: Richard
it hasnt killed the first rat yet..my feed area is infested with rats, i cleaned up any other possible food source and followed instructions.. so far no dead rats from this device.. it was a very expensive gamble..
5/5 Worked for evicting out of the chimney!, 07/04/2020
Reviewer: Steve
Tied heavy washers to a light weight rope and stuffed a rag thru the washers. Used about 20% of the 1 oz bottle and dropped it down the chimney. Heard a bit of noise and then quiet. The raccoons stayed in the chimney until that evening and haven't seen or heard from them since. This stuff stinks! Be sure to tape and seal a piece of plastic on the inside of the house to keep fumes away from living areas.
5/5 Works Amazing!, 07/04/2020
Reviewer: Greg
Works every time, haven't had 1 time where I set it and didn't get results. Reliable consistent product!
5/5 Quality Product, 07/03/2020
Reviewer: Scott Ursiny
Company: Grand Wildlife Control LLC
Great product for removal of skunks, opossum, squirrels, muskrat and will even hold woodchucks. For non-raccoon work, this is a great trap! Well built and very effective at this length.
5/5 Awesome Groundhog getter!, 07/02/2020
Reviewer: Rick Headley
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
The Belisle name speaks of strong springs, great spring safety design and thick steel. The 120 is just the right size to stick in front of a ground hog hole. Very quick and humane!
5/5 Excellent shoe cover, 07/02/2020
Reviewer: A. C.
We ordered 2 pairs for our electricians to use going in and out of customer homes and they are excellent. Low profile, not easily caught on ladders, suitable for multiple flooring types, easy on/off, and better than other ones we've used. Would HIGHLY recommend
5/5 Best vent cover ever!, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Mike Chapman
Great vent cover. Powder coating works much better than paint for long-term durability. It's inconspicuous, easy to install, and works perfectly. Thank you for carrying it.
5/5 Owner/ Sole Proprietor, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Robert Sommerfield
Company: Sommerfield Wildlife Control
Used this at one location and got nothing, bait dried out but decided to use it at different location. Got woodchuck within 4 hours.
4/5 Owner/ Sole Proprietor, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Robert Sommerfield
Company: Sommerfield Wildlife Control
I have had good luck so far. Raccoons seem to like it and also skunks.
5/5 Awesome caulking gun, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Gus
I previously used a caulk gun from a hardware store brand and it was not easy to use. This caulk gun is awesome. Easy to use. It is dripless for the most part (I had a little bit of silicone dripping out, but it was very slow), I was very impressed. Highly recommend this caulk gun.
4/5 Very sticky and hardy sealant, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Gus
For what it is designed for, this is good stuff. This is not for fine detail area caulking. It is very sticky, so if you mess up, it's hard to get off. I tried to use alcohol, but it didn't work well. Some have suggested mineral spirits which I did not have. It has a different feel than silicone, which is much easier to clean up after. Also, it does have a smell to it, so if using it for a while, might want to wear a mask. If you want to plug up a hole that pests won't get in, this is certainly a fine product, noting above.
5/5 Finally something that works!!!, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Frank
Had a really bad raccoon and possum problem and tried everything, sonar, flashing light, water deterrent and even trappers.... NOTHING worked. Until I applied this, no trace of unwanted furry friends by the next day !!! It smells strong so I advise using the full bottle and not storing it if it's been opened....and get yourself some of those fabric scent keys.
5/5 Nice tool, 07/01/2020
Reviewer: Ward
Really like this hand made tool. Its strong, portable, and feels forged in fire. Great for all kinds of needs.
5/5 Tom, 06/30/2020
These are the best. Don't waste your time with anything else.
5/5 Gopher Hawk review, 06/29/2020
Reviewer: s. Turner
Company: N/A
This trap was for a gopher that was trashing my yard. Before I have a new lawn installed, I wanted it removed. It seems to have left but if one returns, I'll be ready for it with the Gopher Hawk. Read comments at mfg. site and decided that the trap should last if kept clean and dry, not forgotten in ground. The stars are for the service WCS provides. Item was out of stock but they sent it as soon as it came in. The price was what was posted on the mfg. site and not as pricey as AMAZON, which listed the trap for over $100.00. So thank-you WCS, I'm almost looking forward to another gopher or mole. BTW, the entire neighborhood is infested with gophers and I looked into gopher snakes but they aren't recommended for urbanites, as residents will typically kill anything that slithers.
2/5 No luck yet.., 06/27/2020
Reviewer: Peter P
I'm having no success with this trap but optimistic I will get it to work when I find the right combination of bait and location.
5/5 koro rodent trap, 06/27/2020
Reviewer: jimmy dyson
A friend let me borrow his, worked so well got my own. This thing is the best only miss when i forget to take safety latch off.
1/5 Nikki, 06/27/2020
3 weeks I tried but to no avail. And I have a lot of mole's.
5/5 Safeguard 53070 Rodent Trap, 06/27/2020
Reviewer: Steven Simko
This trap is a chipmunk magnet. Big enough for munks, yet too small for other critters. It is my second one because we are wearing out the first one!
5/5 Tube trap, 06/27/2020
Reviewer: Marc
i purchased one of these, along with the caps, and I have caught over a dozen squirrels . The majority were expired, but occasionally a critter won't be expired. A little file work on the trigger makes it activate better. I definitely recommend buying the caps with it. Typically I will set the spring and safety, and slide corn in the trap under the plate. I find it easier to fill a small coke bottle with corn or seed and bait the trap just by putting the bottle cap into the trap ends.
5/5 Great customer Service and product, 06/26/2020
Reviewer: Hobart Mardis
Customer service was prompt in changing my order to an in stock tube trap. The trap was placed on top of a double walled privacy fence and it took a few weeks to get results. I just trapped two in one day. Easy to set up and remove trapped animals. I do recommend this product.
4/5 Proper enclosure required., 06/25/2020
I picked this trap up to deal with pests that were interfering with the garden (rabbits and squirrels). The biggest flaw in this trap is the rear and the top of the trap. I have had squirrels climb on top of the frame of the trap and lick clean the catch and yank off the bait from the hook without so much as activating it. An enclosure is basically required for any animal that isn’t dumber than a bag of rocks. That way you can funnel them in and activate the trap without them having means of abusing the major weak aspects of this trap design.
5/5 Works like a charm!, 06/25/2020
Reviewer: Paula
We had a mama raccoon with young ones under our shed. I used the fluid on a tennis ball and threw under our shed along with some fluid on cotton balls I threw around the shed. I did this in the late evening so they would not be out during the day. The next day, they were all gone. This stuff does smell bad, so wear gloves - the smell is gone within a couple of days. Highly recommend!
5/5 Tunnel trap, 06/25/2020
Reviewer: Greg
I have tried every type of mole trap and the tunnel trap is the only one that gives me consistent results. You don't need to rebuild the tunnel because it is the tunnel.
5/5 Tunnel Mole Trap, 06/24/2020
I usually use the Victor 0631 "Out-of-Sight" trap, and will continue to use them primarily, but I bought two of these tunnel traps to experiment. I'm considering getting more if I find it necessary. It worked immediately in catching a mole that had a long tunnel run through hard clay soil. These traps are a little trickier to set than the Victor traps, and I think there's more risk of snapping yourself or cutting yourself on the metal edges. But wear gloves, be careful, and these might work for you. Be sure to watch a video or two on YouTube--this kind of trap is very popular in England, Wales, and Scotland, where they're often called "Duffus Traps." Shipping and cost, etc., were very good from WCS, I should add.
5/5 VERY EFFECTIVE, 06/24/2020
Reviewer: Larry Lagace
Purchased two after a loaner from a friend. Simple, no false triggers. Easy to set. 35 chipmunks and 6 mice from home and a vacation home. Relocated across a river. Please tell me they can't swim.
5/5 Cahaba Snake Trap, 06/23/2020
Reviewer: Mike Maynard
Company: Apex Wildlife Control LLC
Great Product
5/5 Works, 06/23/2020
Reviewer: TW
Set by a tree on ground. Bait large natural sunflower seeds. They can not resist. Ate my wifes car wire harness. Time for them to go!
5/5 Good Idea to Have Some Extras, 06/23/2020
Reviewer: Rod
Company: Country Club Manor
Probably a good idea to have some extras for the ones you lose and the occasional mis-fires.
5/5 Great traps., 06/23/2020
Bought a dozen to start with And try out on 600 acres. Bought another 2 dozen after a couple weeks of using them. Best traps I've used in the past 20 years. High catch rate.
5/5 Launcher, 06/23/2020
Reviewer: Dave Fenner
Worked great for keeping geese off our beach
5/5 Mr Dave, 06/23/2020
Reviewer: Dave
Fantastic, trapping at least 2 a day. We have seen an improvement on our property, and from the past destruction of our flower, berry, vegetable gardens, and lawn
5/5 Owner Tri State Wildlife Exclusion, 06/22/2020
Reviewer: Shawn J Allen
Company: Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Service.
Add to copper mesh add that to rodent hole in wall floors sink pipes or just add to exclude mice and rats just make sure to work from label !
5/5 Works Well, 06/22/2020
Reviewer: David Eisenberg
I have been using this trap style for two seasons and they work very well. They do require good hand strength to set, but it is easier as you break in the trap and get more experience with them. Even though I broke my wrist this year I was still able to set the trap using a 6 inch flat vice. I removed 100 animals last year using three traps
5/5 Racoons, 06/21/2020
Reviewer: Sandra Morrissey
Racoons were tearing up my newly planted flower pots on my deck. Every morning I had to replant my flowers. Squirted coyote urine around my plants & no more problems. Great for using around decks & squirting in mole holes too!
5/5 Ordered for my planter bed, 06/21/2020
Reviewer: Carl Nersesian
Company: California Blinds Company
Shipped in perfect condition....all 6 tubes. Very competitive price. Ship time was accurate. I bought it mainly cause it's food grade since I am using it for my vegetable garden planter bed. It adheres very strong and does not shrink or dry out. Very happy with product.
5/5 BlackHole Gopher Trap, 06/19/2020
Reviewer: NanaWaggs
Excellent!!!!! Our neighbors each have some to catch these pesky critters and so we decided to order 2. Wow....caught 3 the 2 days. Haven't seen another since but we're ready. Excellent company to deal with and shipping was extremely prompt considering the situations going on right now delaying so many arrival dates. Thank you so much.
5/5 Amazing bird control at airport, 06/19/2020
Reviewer: PIBTPortAuthority Rosann
Company: Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority
We purchased the 15mm single shot launcher, 100 rounds of blanks and 15mm screamers to keep the birds off our airport runway. They work great. This is my second order for blanks and screamers.
5/5 Awesome Trap, 06/18/2020
Reviewer: BB
We tried a squirrelinator with zero luck. The bait alone isn't enough to entice the squirrels away from our crop of delicious avocados and citrus. The tube trap is so effective, I've caught ground squirrels without bait. I put it in the path of travel and block around so they're forced through it. Super easy to clean and reset. The only note I have is to be sure to keep the trigger set on it's most sensitive-- this keeps the platform low in the tube. If the trigger platform is too high they won't go through the tube. I've been using peanuts and smoked almonds. They seem to enjoy them and I haven't caught my dog or any other non-target pests yet.
5/5 2.5" Body Grip Trap, 06/17/2020
Reviewer: Dave
This grip trap has worked great for chipmunks. So far, I'm 2 for 2. The 2.5" trap is the right size to sit over the den hole. They can't get in or out without tripping the trap.
5/5 Comstock 24 x 3 x 5, 06/17/2020
Reviewer: Dave
This is a nice, well made live trap. Easy to set using both hands, one for each door. Have already caught 2 chipmunks. Set on its side, it is small enough that the birds don't go in but still big enough for chipmunks. Wire gauge is big enough that the chipmunks can't chew through it.
5/5 Dryer Vent Guards, 06/17/2020
Reviewer: Carol Johnson
Company: Healthy Homes Pest Control, Richmond VA
Great phone support, fast shipping, and heavy-duty construction. I highly recommend these for rodent exclusion. work.
5/5 Sparrow Trap, 06/17/2020
Reviewer: Jason Huber
Company: Chicken Hawk Farm
A very effective user friendly trap.
5/5 Worked Well For Me, 06/16/2020
Reviewer: Taylor Wilson
Company: Editor Mid-South Hunting and Fishing News
I paired the paste with the lure/liquid. Put paste in trap and made something of a mock trail via a few drops of the liquid out away and to traps.
5/5 Fruit and Nut Squirrel and Rodent Lure, 06/16/2020
Reviewer: Taylor Wilson
Company: Editor Mid-South Hunting and Fishing News
Paired with the paste. Put drops out from the traps, put paste inside. Worked for me!
5/5 Chipmunk problem, 06/15/2020
Reviewer: JEFF
This trap works awesome! Caught five in five days. Just wish I would have bought another one! If you have chipmunk problems this works!
5/5 Awesome shipping speed, 06/15/2020
Reviewer: Joseph Haworth
Works perfectly for groundhogs
5/5 Professional Bird Spikes, 06/14/2020
Reviewer: Eric H.
I recommend these bird spikes if you have nuisance birds around. They are easy to install either by mechanical fasteners or bird bond cement. I received the box of ten sets of spikes in a timely manner after ordering them from WCS.
5/5 Gooherhawk, 06/14/2020
Reviewer: Eric H.
Easy to use trap. Well worth the money. WCS has great customer service and I received my gopherhawk quickly after placing my order.
5/5 Beaver tail wallet, 06/14/2020
Reviewer: Steve Richetta
Very well made, looks like it will hold up well. Stitching is strong, wallet is compact, yet holds everything. Every trapper should own one.
5/5 Trap summary, 06/13/2020
Reviewer: Ward
Caught four rats and two squirrels. The second squirrel may have just been caught when I went out in the morning. It was big and not an instant death. I’ve closed off the back of traps with 1/2 screen. I slide the trap into a small wood box that has walnuts between inside end of Box and screen. Attracts the rodent to try and get to the food. Works pretty good. I leave the front part of trap visible to the rodent. Setting these things is much easier with the setting tool.
5/5 Mrs, 06/13/2020
Reviewer: Jane Dobbs
I belong to a turtle club and we had a speaker from the wildlife department come to give a talk on the wildlife around our area. We asked how to keep raccoons out of our yard because we have turtles. He recommended your product. There are raccoons in our neighborhood so I bought it. So far so good. I’ve not had a problem. I make sure I put some out each night. I’m happy with the Raccoon Eviction fluid. Have been using it for one year and now staring the second year.
5/5 President, 06/12/2020
Reviewer: drew cowley
Company: Lttle Rascal Nuisance Wildlife
I have 8 for fox . We have caught many with the fox Collarums and love using them. If set properly the success rate is high. Especially useful when in residential backyards and no game trails are obvious. Very strong hold and can reuse time after time unlike regular snares.
5/5 Quick Delivery. Please with product so far, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: B
Have had an issue with rabbits living under my shed. Used this product a few times. Not 100% Sure if it worked to keep them away but I have definitely noticed less activity around my shed and yard. Delivery was really quick and good price compared to other sites
5/5 When traps are not an option., 06/11/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
The first one worked so well we had to get another one.
5/5 Good Stuff, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
This works. We use bird seed mixed with squirrel bait and then add a couple drops of this. It pulls them in.
5/5 Great, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Best woodchuck lure/bait out there. If the chucks are in the hole this will bring them into the trap.
5/5 Great, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: Douglas
Had them for years, that's why I bought more. I have 1 and a 1/2 acre now so needed more
3/5 Don't care For It That Much, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: William Schools
The consistency of this squirrel jelly is too thin. It runs off of the bait substrate. I've had better luck using peanut butter for squirrels. I would not buy this again.
5/5 Worked As Promised, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: William Schools
This Belisle Conibear 110 was received in good condition although I did have to soak it in vinegar to remiove the oil on it. It works just as I thought it should based upon the listing description. I've already been successful at catching some critters.
3/5 Not Good For Me, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: William Schools
These killer clips were received in a "marginal" condition. Rusty. They also did not work on my Belisle Conibear 110 trap as the held the trap closed too tightly for the dog to seat properly. I ended up not using them and made a stabilizer mount with a piece of 2X4 and some roofing nails. That has worked fine.
5/5 raccoon removal, 06/11/2020
Reviewer: Mark Sanders
Worked a charm, worth every penny. Mama and babies gone overnight. Thank you
5/5 On Target Grub Skunk Bait, 06/10/2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey Cummings
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
Works well on grubbing Skunks
4/5 On Target ADC Bacon Cheese, 06/10/2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey Cummings
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
This bait is good for Raccoons but also works with skunks
3/5 Jameson's Fireball Bait, 06/10/2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey Cummings
Company: Cummings Pest Solutions
Tried this bait in 50+ trap sets.It's a change up bait.Not my go to Bait for Raccoons
4/5 Great catch, 06/09/2020
Reviewer: Roxie Tenhoff
Company: Schulze Family Farm LLC.
I purchased this coyote live trap a few weeks ago. I caught a raccoon and it bent the wire. WCS was happy to replace the cable, and the day after receiving the new cable I captured a coyote. Thanks so much!
1/5 Did not work for me., 06/08/2020
Reviewer: Ivan
I have used the trap and bait purchased from WCS. I have only caught one animal. I have had animals stand on top of the trap. Very hard to set, but that is OK, only have had to set it twice because nothing trips it.
1/5 Chipmonks, 06/08/2020
Chipmunks go over it, around it, they move it but they do not go in it and eat the bait! I have had it for a week and have yet to catch a chipmunk. It's nice and shiny though.
5/5 Great Service, 06/08/2020
Reviewer: Mike Fogler
Company: Black Knight Pest Services
The quality is great and fast shipping
5/5 KennelSol, 06/08/2020
Reviewer: Joanie
Company: Equity Lifestyle Properties / Mid Florida Lakes
We are very pleased with the product.
5/5 Great tape for any job!, 06/08/2020
Reviewer: Mike O.
After doing my research, I found out that butyl tape is the way to go for sealing/joining the vapor barrier overlaps in my vented crawlspace and this tape worked perfect,was simple to apply and does exactly as described. You get a good amount of tape per roll and the price was extremely reasonable.
5/5 Excellent product for crawlspace/foundation vents!, 06/08/2020
Reviewer: Mike O.
I finally got around to completely redoing my vented crawlspace which consisted of replacing all the insulation, vapor barrier and sealing any holes or gaps in the vents. I noticed a few had holes in the vent screens so was looking for a way to rejuvenate them and these ventguards are the perfect solution! Strong, easy to use over my existing vents and will provide years of great protection from critters trying to enter. Something most of use overlook and should pay attention to and gives the standard vents superpower!
5/5 Finally a mole trap that works!, 06/07/2020
Reviewer: Brent Strange
I've tried MANY other techniques and one other mole trap brand and have killed 1 mole in the last 2 years. Extremely frustrated, I started looking for traps again. I came across this trap, saw the reviews and bought. Within 3 days of putting the traps in the ground, I have killed 3 moles! These work! If you read the directions, you'll have success too. I was worried when I bought them about people being frustrated with the sensitive trigger, but that hasn't been my experience at all. If I've learned anything in the last year (other then these buggers are tough to catch is: 1.) Set traps in both directions 2.) ensure the hole in each direction is fairly clear of the fallen dirt that you caused by digging the mound up. 3.) Use a stick or something similar to clear the whole/path so they have clear access to the trigger (otherwise they are pushing dirt into the trigger and it'll fire before they get in the trap range). 4.) The more traps the better. I was able to get 3 in the days by setting them in many holes for the same mole. Long story short, these work and they are a good value for the price.
5/5 Simple is Better, 06/07/2020
Reviewer: Ken
These traps are simple to set, requires less time to prepare the mole tunnel and are as effective as the other traps. I have 4 different kinds of mole traps and these are the ones that I use the most.
5/5 This Stuff Works, 06/07/2020
Reviewer: Robert Skove
Company: Self
After suffering severe property damage and after having tried just about everything to keep the hogs back, I purchased Hog Scram and now the hogs will not go where this product is spread!
5/5 Perfect, 06/06/2020
Reviewer: Angie
This product was unavailable at many of the places we typically go. Not only did Wildlife Control Supplies have it, if was cheaper, and we got it quickly! It's perfect for our backyard chicken coop and keeps our girls safe!
5/5 David, 06/06/2020
Reviewer: David Hansen
These are the only mild traps that work well that I've found.
5/5 PROBLEM SOLVER, 06/06/2020
Reviewer: Michael Atkinson
Company: Monarch Machinery, Inc.
I reviewed all available Rodent Guards to arrive at this one. I was not disappointed. This is a well designed guard made of Stainless Steel & Powder Coated. It was easy to mount with only two #10 Stainless Steel Screws into Lead 5/16" "Lag-Shields" into a brick wall. It is sized properly for a standard Dryer Vent and looks great. Mounting as I did both screws can be loosened quickly and the guard shifted up and off for maintenance. You can't go wrong with this Guard. Problem Solved!
5/5 Best out there, 06/06/2020
Reviewer: Declan Quinn
Company: DecMan's MC Service
Have a motorcycle repair shop. Love these towels and won't use anything else. Have tried other brands but always come back to these ones. They clean your hands very well and leave little or no residue. The material is sturdy enough to use again for shop clean up, tools and oil spills.
5/5 Den in Tree Cavity, 06/06/2020
Reviewer: Ren
Seen a raccoon traveling on the kids' ninja warrior line & located a cavity in a tree where the mother was housing 3 little ones. Used a camera phone & selfie stick to confirm occupancy. Soaked an old rag in the fluid & lowered it with a fishing pole line in the hole while Mom was out looking for food. 24 hours later, we saw Mom moving a baby in her mouth. The next day, confirmed all was clear & filled hole with a few cans of spray foam. Successful eviction of Mother raccoon & 3 babies, hope they are safe in their new location :)
5/5 Works great so far, 06/05/2020
Reviewer: Karen Chandler
Had the trap about 2 and 1/2 weeks - so far 11 squirrels, 6 rats and 1 skunk. Maybe I'll get some fruit this year.
5/5 Hardware Cloth Review, 06/05/2020
Reviewer: Howard Taylor
Company: n/a
WCS is a top vendor, fast support and shipped quickly. The hardware cloth arrived in perfect condition with excellent packaging. The end of the cloth was tied off very well so it was easy to move and then unroll. Unlike other cloth I have used, this quickly relaxed as unrolled and was very easy to cut with a cutoff blade. High quality. Used for chicken coop and easy to work with.
5/5 My Friends Keep Borrowing My Trap, 06/04/2020
Reviewer: Gary Grow
Company: Grow Farm, Inc.
This is my 5th tube trap. My friends see it, then want one. The first thing I do is clean off the trap with lacquer thinner, then spray paint it with brown primer + enamel paint to keep it from rusting. A little peanut butter on each end plus a teaspoonful above the trigger proves irresistible. This is the best squirrel trap I have ever used.
5/5 No Mole Trap (4-pack), 06/04/2020
Reviewer: Mr. Mike
Company: N/A
I highly recommend these traps. I caught 2 pesky moles in the first few days. I think these work so well because they are placed right into the tunnel--right into the mole's environment. Shipping was very fast--good company to do business with!
5/5 Nuisance Male Cat from the neighborhood, 06/02/2020
Reviewer: Timothy Goulet
We purchased a gallon of the Wolf Urine for a nuisance neighborhood cat fighting through the windows with our indoor cats and urinating on everything. We did one HEAVY application along the entire property line, including along the street side and across the driveway, with 3/4 of the gallon, he came back the next day, and hasn’t been back since. Highly recommend this product.
4/5 Caught Rat, 06/02/2020
Reviewer: SK
It caught a rat, which is what we wanted. We were hoping for a quick painless death which wasn't the case. The rat got caught by the side, had to put the poor thing out of its misery in the morning. (We knew that was a risk, but hoped for the best)
Reviewer: Larry Lagace
I've had a chipmunk problem for several years. I've used the small double door Havahart but was not happy. It false triggered sometimes, chipmunks sometimes got out. A friend loaned me this and 18 chipmunks later, I'm still catching and off to buy two of my own.
5/5 Sue, 06/02/2020
Reviewer: Susanne Miller
The first night I put it out under my manufactured home the racoons moved right out! This stuff works! I would recommend this product to anyone that has a raccoon problem. I am so pleased on how fast it worked!
5/5 Chipmunks, 06/02/2020
Reviewer: David Elovich
Great product for taking care of the over population of Chipmunks this season. Black sunflower seeds and a little peanut butter & works perfectly.
5/5 Excellent, 06/01/2020
Reviewer: Lauren
Very much worth the price. Superior quality, lovely color (brown). It doesn't draw attention to the dryer vent (it's on our deck)... just a nice minimalist fixture. So glad I purchased!
5/5 Tomahawk live traps, 06/01/2020
Reviewer: Mark Sink
Company: Mark,s Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Tomahawk traps are tough, dependable and come in many designs to fit my job needs.
5/5 Best one way door!, 06/01/2020
Reviewer: Shlomo
Company: On The Fly Pest Solutions
I love the compact size, the more equipment my techs can carry in their trucks the more money we make! This is a space saver and works just as well if not better then all other one-way doors!
1/5 very disappointing, 05/30/2020
Reviewer: Susan Ross
I bought two of these traps and after a week of not catching anything but a sore hand from setting them, I'm sorry to say they are not as good as the simple Have a Heart trap. I followed the directions and used the bait I purchased from WCS. Not a nibble. Then I added peanut butter. Still nothing. I was so hopeful...
5/5 excellant trap, 05/30/2020
Reviewer: david shumaker
Company: shumaker animal control
I have been trapping for a living for 20 years. This is by far the best trap invented. I have about 50 of them and will be ordering more soon
5/5 Gophinator, 05/29/2020
Reviewer: Britt Hoberg
Best gopher trap out there. I'm already up to 20 gophers. All my neighbors want me to come to their house.
1/5 Skunk Trap No Good, 05/29/2020
Reviewer: Mike
Has been set next to lawn area where they are digging every night for 3 weeks straight and have caught nothing. My grandfathers old box trap that was hand made was much better! Not worth the money and the design is flawed.
3/5 Tube trap, 05/29/2020
Reviewer: Robyn Jernigan
We only had it for a few days and it is already rusted.
5/5 This stuff works, 05/29/2020
Reviewer: Jerry Brown
Sadly I took the cheaper option for delivery. In which time it meant Mrs. R had her babies. It took her a couple of days to come out from under the deck, but eventually she did leave. I should have bought the larger bottle the first time as well because by the second treatment, she has not been seen since. I do wish the directions were a little better, but the product is well worth it.
5/5 WCS ONE WAY EXCLUDER 4" X 4 " X 11 ", 05/28/2020
3/5 Trapper, 05/27/2020
Reviewer: Todd
Company: Animal Damage Reduction.
If you run hancocks year round you will have to replace the fabric. It would be great if you used heavier galvanization or even better if you used stainless!
5/5 Raccoon eviction fluid, 05/27/2020
I have used this product for three years now. It got rid of the coon and she hasn't been back.
3/5 Beaver Board, 05/27/2020
Reviewer: Bryan Husch
Nice quality wood used. Need to package it better for shipping. When I received mine one of the corners in the pattern was broken off.
5/5 Apartment Maintenance, 05/26/2020
Reviewer: Don Humphrey
Excellent trap. In just a couple of weeks, I have relocated 90% of the pigeons from our property.
5/5 Coyote urine, 05/26/2020
Reviewer: Donna
Quick well packaged delivery!
5/5 It Works!, 05/26/2020
Reviewer: Ariel
5 days, 4 kills. Very effective. Use with caution as it is lethal and might kill the wrong animals.
3/5 flawed?, 05/26/2020
Reviewer: Ben
If I had it to do over again I would have not purchased the easy set latch version, I would have gotten the regular version. The trap seems more powerful than a rat trap, so powerful that it is tough to set with one hand. I use both hands to hold the bar up while setting. Pros: my guess is that it is easier to set than the regular version because the bait pan contraption can be pushed into place while holding the bar up. The bait pan can conveniently hold a nut because it is somewhat level. Cons: the bait trap appears to be the flaw that prevents a kill. So far I have managed several springs of the trap with no squirrel and only one when the squirrel was caught, However, here is the potential flaw, because the bait pan can only swing, but not move down, it saved the squirrel. The bait pan supported the squirrels body so that it appeared not to receive the full force of the spring, and in less than a minute, the squirrel was able to free it self and run away. The pan can even swing enough during a strike that the pan can gen in the way of the strike bar even without the squirrel in the trap ( I saw a blue jay going for the nut from an angle that did not put the jay directly in the path of the bar). I realize that setting the regular version might be more dangerous or require the use of pliers to be safe while adjusting it's bait pan to be just right, but what matters is the kill. So, far this easy set latch version has not come through for me. I'll keep trying for a while. Wish I'd bought the regular version.
5/5 Fixed my shutter problem!!, 05/25/2020
Reviewer: Scott
This stuff is foam gold. I have the thin, plastic, hollowed out shutters on the front windows of my stone house. Perfect 1-2in spaces for sparrows to nest. This stuff was cut to the perfect size for my shutters and was easy to trim with regular scissors where modification was necessary. Quick and easy to install. Shipping was fast too! Yeah, it’s expensive for foam. But this was the ONLY simple solution I could find on the entire internet after quite a bit of searching. My problem is solved. I love it when a plan comes together!
Reviewer: RS
It's the only deer repellent I've ever used that works. It's not water-soluble which is critical in its ease of use and dependability. The smell is bad when sprayed but it dissipates and it does the job like no other product. Have successfully used twice a month in an area highly populated with deer. Be vigilant and spray as your plants grow. I never went more than two weeks in between applications and was very happy with the results.
5/5 Raccoon eviction, 05/25/2020
Reviewer: Elizabeth Murrain
This stuff worked a treat. I called a company and they said they euthanized the creatures and I did not want that. I Googled how to rid raccoons from an attic and sent for Raccoon Eviction, one application and she took her babies and left without any problems. Thanks again
5/5 Easy and very effective, 05/25/2020
Reviewer: Greg
Have tried poisons with limited results for many years, and found conibears hard to use. The tube trap is very easy and safe to set and have caught 5 squirrels during the first week. I'm thrilled
5/5 Topcat, 05/25/2020
Reviewer: Mike
Simple to use and highly effective
5/5 Worth it, 05/24/2020
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Tanuki Wildlife Control
I have been using the cheapest gun I could find at big box stores all my life I never knew what I was missing until I bought this gun. I really like the overall quality and switch to disengage it.
5/5 Best smoke oil, 05/24/2020
Reviewer: Lena
We had this with original machine. Ag co talked us in to buying their oil . Did not work as well so ordered from WCS. I emailed and got an instant reply about shipping and they were spot on! Received within a couple of days ! Great customer service and will reorder from them again!
5/5 Changed mind, 05/23/2020
Reviewer: Ward
I bought this trap recently and said it was hard to spring. After playing around with it for awhile it is working better now . It is easier to set than the other rodent trap but both traps are good
5/5 great vent, 05/23/2020
very pleased with this vent. install went good. my husband said it was easy to install. hopefully it will last a lot longer than the plastic one which lasted only two years in the florida sun
5/5 Eliminated our day infestation!, 05/23/2020
Reviewer: Effie
Our rat exterminator used these in our back yard around our deck and used just regular traps in the crawl space under our house. He initially baited the traps, two traps in each station, but didn't set them, to get the rats accustomed to them. After several days, he rebaited them and set the traps. They killed 11 large Norway rats that had a population explosion over the winter!! Our exterminator recommended WCS, so we bought some of these stations in an attempt to keep them under control ourselves. These are perfect because we have dogs and they kept the dogs safe from the rat traps.
4/5 Nice trap ., 05/23/2020
Reviewer: James Lapolt
No yet had a chance to use it . But sets as it should
4/5 Nice trap ., 05/23/2020
Reviewer: James Lapolt
Trap seem to work as it should .
5/5 I am impressed, 05/23/2020
Reviewer: DEB
The Tube Trap is working well. I am glad that I opted for the rust resistant model. I expect that it will last many years.
5/5 Product is great, 05/22/2020
Reviewer: Lygia
We had a bat infestation the attic smelled horrible. I read about this product online and decided to buy it. We have done only one application to see how wet it would be and check on the dry walls. The results were great and we will do one more applications just to be sure!
5/5 Defender vent guard, 05/22/2020
Reviewer: Fran
Fantastic guard! Looks great ,and is very sturdy. Won't break like the plastic ones. Delivery was the fastest ever. Thank you Wildlife Control Supplies.
5/5 Excellent product, 05/22/2020
Reviewer: Zachary Trollinger
Company: Wildlife Damage Control and Repair
Between Ease of installation and quality materials It's hard to beat
5/5 Good Warm Weather Beaver Lure, 05/22/2020
Reviewer: Jeff Melton
Company: www.meltonwildlifecontrol.com
When Castor quits working, this has been working for me. Top Notch Summer ADC Lure. Get Dobbins video for tips on using it.
5/5 Moles are very stupid and this is a vey brilliant trap, 05/22/2020
This is my now go to trap in my giant box of mole traps. It is important to open up a deep active tunnel then just stick the trap in the tunnel and place a bucket over the hole. I had 5 moles, one each day, walk straight down the same tunnel into the same trap. I could not believe it. That's 11 dead moles this year, and most are from this design of trap. I have had luck with several other tunnel style traps as well as a scissor trap. This one would be my top choice.
5/5 A+, 05/22/2020
Great bait. All you need it this, some sticks, and proper trap placement.
5/5 A+, 05/22/2020
This is my go to bait for raccoon and opossum. 14year pest and wildlife tech.
5/5 Great traps, super easy to set and clean out, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: larry
Company: Gopher Stop
i like these traps so much better than the older and longer tube traps. these fit in my car easily and are very easy to bait and clean.
4/5 Rodexit, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: Norman Hemsworth
Company: Critterex, LLC
I would give it 5 stars but the price is a bit high. A high quality item that we use often to close those gaps that mice find under doors and along chewed garage door flanges. Quick and easily installed.
5/5 Best ever mole trap, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: Jim Burch
Started catching moles the first day and every day. Pretty much solved by mole issue.
5/5 Worked its stinky magic!, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: Meredith
I had a mama and her cubs in a shed. I followed directions and waited about a week before I went to check. GONE! The nursery had packed up and evicted! Worked!!
5/5 Highly recommend, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: Keith O'Connet
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Nuisance Removal
Always looking for the edge. These bates are high quality attractors.
5/5 EVERY EXCLUSION, 05/21/2020
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Nuisance Removal
This inexpensive gun is my old standby. Typically used with excluder stainless steel fibre. For all types of animal exclusions.
1/5 Does Not hold up, 05/20/2020
Reviewer: Abbie
Cheaply made with bad components. First strong wind storm and they all broke off and were laying in the yard
5/5 Great for homeowners, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Doug
If your house with a crawl space needs additional protection from rodents, these are great and the price is great as well
5/5 Great stuff, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Doug
Quality product. Sticks great. The product is thicker than most others so make sure you are aware. Will buy again
5/5 Great trap, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Eric
I caught 5 groundhogs and 2 raccoons in the first week. Great trap. It would be nice to have one about the diameter of a 5 gallon pickle bucket for bigger raccoons.
5/5 varmint patrol, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Pat Euler
Company: VARMIT patrol
love them they work great entry holes are large. Snap indicator is great limits the handling of the box. Inside separators allows allows a wide open box or side to side.
5/5 black foam, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Doug Hurth
Company: Hurth Waterscapes
I have used this for years for pond construction. Works great
5/5 Great investment, 05/19/2020
Reviewer: Robert
We have Chickens, Turkeys and Guinea Fowl horses and pigs. There is always food around and as such mice. I purchased two traps and made a stand out of 2x6 lumber in the shape of an L and mounted the trap opening about 2" above the bottom board with the CO2 cartridge hanging over the bottom base board. After some bait experimentation i found that the best bait is what they already have access to, "Chicken Scratch". I fill the cup, then sprinkle some on the base at night when the birds wont eat it. it is not unusual to have one to 4 mice dead in the morning. If i have it where other animals cant get to it, otherwise if it is outside, the counter goes up, but the mice are gone by morning. I assume cats, skunks and possums get them. I toss the dead mice into the field and they are gone in no time. The main trick is finding the best bait. I recommend using what they are used to having access to. monitor the counter if you get it because after 24 kills you will need to replace the cartridge or you will just be feeding the critters. I suggest splurging for the counter. I bought one with, and one without and ended up ordering the counter for the second one.
5/5 Great repellent, 05/18/2020
Reviewer: P. Addison
Company: N/A
I think this stuff works great!! I sprayed my room and literally saw a live run away. They don't like the smell of this spray
4/5 , 05/18/2020
Reviewer: Lynn
Black vultures are nesting and destroying our woods and children's play areas. Foxes were chasing pets and wouldn't run from humans. Banger arrived within a couple of days after the company received forms. Does seem to be working on the buzzards and foxes. Should have a safety.
5/5 Shorty squirrel trap, 05/17/2020
Reviewer: PaTricia
24 squirrels so far in less than 2 weeks! Squirrels have chewed and destroyed lawnmower parts!
5/5 Every home needs them, 05/16/2020
Reviewer: Douglas W. Hodgson
Company: ABS The Clean Machine
We clean dryer vents and frequently find bird nests in them. These excellent guards keep birds, rodents and snakes out. Every home needs them over the dryer vents and exhaust vents.
5/5 Keeps the rabbits away., 05/15/2020
Reviewer: Shana
We had a bad rabbit problem and one spray around the perimeter and not a rabbit in sight. The smell is so bad it gave me dry heaves. After opening the gallon and using some, the odor is so strong we have to keep it in an outside cabinet. I am sure that keeps the critters away too.
5/5 Works Great - doing the job well, 05/15/2020
Reviewer: Todd
I have successfully eliminated 7 squirrels so far up on my deck (and a small possum unfortunately) in less than three weeks. I bought two standard tube traps. When they arrived, I cleaned them to remove the oil, and dried them and then painted them green. It took almost a week before I got the first squirrel, but have gotten one about every other day. I bait them with a cracker with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. I put some peanut butter on bottom of cracker so it sticks to the lever arm, and some on top with the seeds. A couple squirrels were able to steal the cracker (little buggers), so I found if I slide it toward the back, and block off the back side (push it against my deck rail), they will go in the front. The squirrels had been destroying my deck and posts.
5/5 Great Critter Control, 05/15/2020
Reviewer: Paul
Shipped fast. Arrived quickly and was easy to install. Squirrels in my chimney are unable to get back in after installing with metal netting. Will definitely order from WCS again when needed!
5/5 DSV, 05/15/2020
Reviewer: Arym Nicdao
Company: N5 Transit
It's a great product it can be use as disinfectant as well as sanitizer just follow the label.
5/5 owner, 05/14/2020
Reviewer: frank bell
we applied this product in 2 parts of the house about a week apart The second time I applied the product outside the house. I have heard no complaints since then . Thank you for your help.
5/5 An absolute requirement, 05/14/2020
Reviewer: MJ
These are an essential tool to have with theses traps. You can safely control the setting process which is difficult and dangerous to try just using your hands. I used some 400# Big Game line with small crimps to link them.
5/5 Great foothold trap, 05/14/2020
Reviewer: MJ
I've used these for many years and they are outstanding. They are the largest size for IL and very effective. I aim for a back foot catch and never have a pull-out. They are hard to find at a good price, but WCS eliminates those issues.
5/5 Civit musk tincture, 05/14/2020
Reviewer: jeff blowers
I have bought from this company several times and its always a pleasant and easy process. Customer service is top notch with quality products
5/5 Quick and Easy, 05/13/2020
Reviewer: Nick Kemper
Company: Honest Pest Control
They moved out the same evening that I put this stuff in there.
5/5 Really worked, 05/13/2020
Reviewer: Harold Nall
Company: Skip Nall Photography
I knew I had racoons in the attic and called a removal company that wanted $300-500 to do the job. I asked how they did it and they said they use a product like this. So I thought how could I lose spending $20 and trying it myself. I received it quickly soaked a tennis ball with a half the bottle and tossed it in the attic. Now I must ad from my access point it didn't get close to where I was hearing them and I had my doubts. But within hours they had cleared out. I tossed it in about 3 PM and have not heard them since and it has been almost a month.
2/5 Doesn't Work Properly, 05/13/2020
Reviewer: Steve
Works great when it works, but it sometimes doesn't climb back up the string, so it gets stuck trying to climb and then the battery dies. Nearly useless.
5/5 Magnum "Gophinator" Lethal Gopher Trap, 05/12/2020
Reviewer: Eugene Jeannette
Magnum "Gophinator" Lethal Gopher Trap is light, no rusting, easy to set and place, and most of all it catches gophers. Best trap out there... Thank you....
5/5 Ingenious design, 05/12/2020
Reviewer: Julia
These shoe covers are great! They are lightweight and pretty easy to learn to use hands-free. I suspect one pair will last a lifetime.
5/5 Tube Trap, 05/11/2020
Reviewer: Roger W Gilbert
I have used the tube trap for two weeks. I have caught 5 Squirrels and one rat. It is placed on a block wall used as a through fair. The tube trap makes it easy to discard the animal. I was using a cage trap to catch them but that method went dry. This has worked great and has reduced the squirrel population. A little hard to set but the safety catch works great.
4/5 Coyote urine, 05/11/2020
Reviewer: Scott
Very fast delivery.I bought this to help keep the critters out of the garden but haven't used it yet.
5/5 Great Product, 05/10/2020
Reviewer: Bill Fox
Had 8 squirrels in my attic and was able to trap all of them in a few days.
My land is next to a 1500 acre tree farm. The back of my land and my neighbors property were tore up 3 times. Wild Hog Scram stopped them.
5/5 Saved me at least $1400, 05/09/2020
Reviewer: Paul
Caught 4 out of 4 squirrels. The last one must have been the lightest -- I needed to set the arm so that the hook was barely holding it up. But I caught #4 on the third try. They seem to like peanut butter!
5/5 Good stuff, 05/09/2020
Company: Ruble’s Rodent Removal
Rarely do I have to use another product to catch that one problem skunk.
5/5 Best dryer duct, 05/07/2020
Reviewer: Frank H. Guerrero
Company: N/A
This is the best dryer duct ever. Easy to work with, holds it's shape, flexes very easily and makes installation a snap. I will recomend this product to all my friends and family.
3/5 Sturdy but...., 05/06/2020
Reviewer: Matt
On the upside, these never break like pretty much every other brand. Unfortunately, it's not a clean kill. I'm getting a lot of injured and still live animals that were caught around the shoulders. Obviously that's distressing to clients and cruel to the animal.
5/5 best item ever, 05/06/2020
Reviewer: david shumaker
Company: shumaker animal control
I have been trapping squirrels for years. This is the best bait I have ever found, squirrels flock to it immediately
5/5 It works!, 05/05/2020
Reviewer: Rich
Company: Tillman Dist.
Good quality and a good value. Appropriately packaged and on time. Will order again.
5/5 Great, 05/05/2020
shipped in a timely fashion and received it unharmed and works great. thank you so much.
5/5 customer, 05/04/2020
Reviewer: JP
Good quality product...used to plug holes against mice. Easy to use and arrived quickly.
5/5 Great info!, 05/03/2020
Reviewer: Rick Headley
This dvd is very well done. The host is easy to watch and follow. His knowledge flows with ease! I highly recommend this dvd!
5/5 Excellent High Quality Trap, 05/03/2020
Reviewer: Jonathan
Strong construction, smooth mechanism, trap has been helping us reduce our wire chewing, car damaging squirrel population!!
5/5 Go get em!, 05/02/2020
Reviewer: Brit
Caught 6 gophers and counting! We weren’t quite sure what critter (pocket gophers, moles or voles), so we set 3 different types of traps. These were the only ones catching anything and sure enough it was gophers. It’s been working best for us to set two in opposite directions down in a gopher pathway. No bait needed and we attached strings with a little stake and cover with a little dirt and a plastic tub (so our cats don’t stick their hands in a trap) and check after a handful of hours! If they don’t catch something we leave them longer or move them to an area that has fresh dirt moved.
5/5 Excellent, 05/02/2020
Reviewer: Mark Duffy
I have issues with wasps etc... building nests in my eight high hat lights. I tried screen and bug spray to no avail. The covers are excellent, they were EASY to install, it took me a half hour to install all of them and I feel the improved the look of the lights as well. It's hard to tell in the photos but the lens cover is a plastic screen, not solid, so air still circulates. Removing the cover to change a bulb is not an issue, it's a simple twist (I have LED bulbs so replacement is few and far between). I am very pleased with these covers.
5/5 Keep mice out, 05/01/2020
Reviewer: Dave Kramer
Inexpensive, easy to install and the answer to my problem. The only thing that I would suggest is to offer the aluminum strips in various colors to match the color of the door.
5/5 Highly recommend, 05/01/2020
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC Wildlife Removal.
Always a can in my belt when foaming.
5/5 Raccoon Bait, 04/30/2020
Reviewer: Justin
Great for catching Raccoons for nuisance work!
4/5 Great product, 04/30/2020
Reviewer: Fletcher Hillman
I am very happy with the quality of the hardware cloth and how fast it was delivered. My only gripe was with the fact I had to ask for a tracking number a few days after the confirmation email arrived. When I asked and recieved the tracking number I saw it had already shipped. May have been a technical error but everything else was great.
5/5 Sealant, 04/30/2020
Excellent!! I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! Was hard to find this particular product anywhere else. Thanks!
5/5 BOBBEX-, 04/30/2020
Reviewer: Michael Sheehan
Company: Acorn Home Improvements. Inc.
2nd year using this. seems to work well- This year I ordered the smaller containers, less stress on my back (pouring out of the 5 gallon container was a bit tough). Yes, a bit more expensive this way, but way cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor- I'll continue to purchase this!
5/5 Deer Scram, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Michael Sheehan
Company: Acorn Home Improvements. Inc.
First time trying this & haven't seen a trace of a deer in my yard all Spring!
5/5 Worked over night, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Nicole Caro
My friend recommended this for our new roommates in the eaves/attic of our home. We used as directed and the momma coon came and got her 2 babies literally within 10 hours (around 5:30am the following morning- our neighbor saw the whole thing go down). I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but we received it in the mail about a week before we ended up using it and then bam! They were FINALLY GONE! 5 STARS!
5/5 Raccoon eviction fluid, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Lehr
Ordered the raccoon eviction fluid and it worked great the raccoon left with in 12 hours wonderful stuff
5/5 Darn things REALLY work, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Derek
Been fighting moles for about 5 years now. Purchased multiple trap styles and different poison pellets. When I asked the company trapping raccoons on my property about moles they recommended this style trap and showed me how to set it. Caught 2 in the first week!
4/5 Excellent product, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Anthony Tombo
Company: Roche/Genentech
Excellent product. Purchased 12 tubes in a case, however three tubes were damaged.
5/5 Good sturdy pliers, 04/29/2020
Reviewer: Ed Taylor
The design of the pliers make them of "old school" quality. The width of the pliers do make clamping smaller mesh size wire more difficult, but this is true of the others designs as well.
5/5 Raccoon removal, 04/27/2020
Excellent for getting mama raccoon to pack up her babies and leave. Also good for stopping mama from completing her den. Product is not for getting rid of male raccoons. Doesn't affect them at all.
5/5 Like a Charm, 04/26/2020
Worked perfectly to eliminate the squirrels invading our ceiling.
5/5 Perfect, 04/26/2020
Reviewer: Rick
Easy to use and incredible increase in safety. I use with Duke 330.
5/5 Great product!!!!, 04/25/2020
Reviewer: Charles Holt
Company: AWR
Just as deadly as the RBG with Uni-Bracket but square jaws just fit better in certain areas to block entry point without adding blocking.
5/5 Residential Customer TNR, 04/25/2020
Reviewer: Ingrid Harrison
I purchased the WCS5321 Safeguard Cage Trap Cover, 30-36 to use with my TLT608SS Tomahawk ProTrap w/ Easy Release Door 06/14/2014. What a blessing it has been TNRing many feral cats over the years. Immediately upon trapping the cat I put this Safeguard Cover on the trap. The cat instantly calms down which protects it and me. The next day I transport it to the Simi Valley Non-Profit Spay & Neuter Clinic, California, in the trap with the cover on. That night when I return it home, I put it in my bathroom, and I am able to slip in some water. The next day I can release it back outside with its ear tipped to identify it as a spayed/neutered cat. The Trap Cover is still in perfect condition even after all these years of use.
5/5 WCS Tube Trap Standard, 04/24/2020
Reviewer: Ron Ridley
I am pleased with this product. It's easy to set and to remove trapped squirrels from.
5/5 More than expected, 04/24/2020
Reviewer: James Sweet
Impossible to get better quality. Came with hog nose clips for attaching (not expected). And zero errors. I’m not paid or affiliated at all with this company. Fair review.
5/5 Washoe Valley, NV, 04/23/2020
Reviewer: B. Eckert
These traps work! We live on a sandy hillside riddled with ground squirrel tunnels which is causing a great deal of erosion on our property. I’m happy with the success and the number of squirrels killed this spring, this is the second year we’ve used the same traps! I bait as directed, peanut butter works well. I’m a 55 year old woman, and at first it was difficult for me to set the trap until I learned how to do it. The safety is a great help! This a very effective, inexpensive, humane way to manage squirrels, prevent property damage and not introduce poison to other native wild life species.
5/5 Kevin, 04/23/2020
I applied it to 2 houses. Never saw them again.
4/5 Big Snap-E Rat Trap, 04/23/2020
Reviewer: Karl Schnapp
This trap works great for Chipmunks, Vols and even mice. Last season I caught over 25 chipmunks around the property. This is just starting Spring here (early April) and I've already trapped 4 chipmunks. Very easy to bait and set. The only drawback I have encountered is that they tend to fail, can't set them, after 25 to 50 settings. The locking mechanism to hold them open and ready to catch more critters fails and they just keep snapping shut. Other than having to replace them more than I would like, they do work great.
5/5 DSV, 04/22/2020
Reviewer: Ian
This product is great at disinfecting almost anything. Their customer service and fast shipping are also fantastic. I ordered a gallon and they contacted me when more was in stock to order a second. Great job.
5/5 The Flasher, 04/20/2020
Reviewer: Kim Monahan
We had a problem with a woodpecker who kept damaging the columns on our house. After three expensive repairs I found The Flasher. Problem solved. Inexpensive fix that's lasted 3 years already.
5/5 Good beaver trap, 04/20/2020
Reviewer: John Hoberg
Trap worked well, saw no problems. Caught four beaver in four days with one trap. Price seems pretty high for a cage trap.
5/5 Excellant, 04/20/2020
Reviewer: William Carswell
Company: Bill Carswell LLC
Ordered these blanks to go in a rare Brevetta19x starter and tear gas pistol that was made in 1949 and in mint condition. These blanks work excellent. Company had very fast shipping and great customer. service. I would highly recomend this company for your needs
1/5 Recommended by squirrels!, 04/20/2020
Reviewer: r k
No animals were harmed in using this trap!
5/5 Great Product., 04/20/2020
Reviewer: keith garovoy
Company: Island Associates.
Great product. Came quickly. Happy customer
5/5 Gophinantor traps, 04/20/2020
Reviewer: Nyla Newville
I bought 4 traps and I cleaned up my hayfield. 2 pocket gophers, 1 striped gopher and 1 mole, love them
5/5 Ms, 04/19/2020
Reviewer: Debby
Fast shipping, and they work.
1/5 Didn't work for me, 04/19/2020
Reviewer: K. Williams
I read the numerous positive reviews with great hopes of eliminating the invasion of ground squirrels around my home in western Oregon. Sorry to say that the squirrels here completely ignore the trap. I have used the WCS Squirrel paste bait, moved the trap to different locations, all to no avail. I have seen squirrels walk right past the trap without even a sniff. Sorry I can't give another glowing review, but those are the facts.
3/5 Racoon Eviction, 04/18/2020
Reviewer: Gretchen
Company: WCS Wildlife Control Supplies
As bad as this stuff smelled, it should run anything away, but however, it did not make this particular racoon leave my home. In fact, it became furious and done more destruction. Not saying that the product doesn't work. I believe the racoon in question may be a "MALE" or is rabid. I haven't seen any babies, so I'm guessing it is a male. It's done thousand of dollars of damage to my home, animal control won't come to catch it due to COVID 19 & our wildlife officers won't come out at all. All in all, WCS is a great place to shop. I will still shop with them in the future.
5/5 Moleinator, 04/18/2020
Reviewer: Steven D Ohm
Very compact trap, but highly effective. Fits into the run with a minimum amount of excavation. This also helps keep it out of harms way for pets or people. Kills moles instantly.
3/5 Honestly I don't know what to say, 04/17/2020
Reviewer: Bogdan Chugunov
Company: Carte Blanche WCA, Inc.
I've bought a dozen assuming these things are gonna work as was specified. The shipping from CT to NY was amazingly fast - 2 days, company's working great but units itself ..... Well, I'm gonna tell you all pros and cons. Pros: each unit comes with 50 hooks- pretty enough for a beaver. a locking devise holds good. Cons: steel is rusting pretty fast. I've tried to paint it with oil based paint and with nitro paint ( spray) - nothing works. Upon hide is drying the entire item bends and becomes a propeller shape. The major problem for me was such hoops are pretty small to accommodate 4 out of 12 beavers I've got for last season week in Orange county, NY.
5/5 Great company for all trapping supplies, 04/17/2020
Reviewer: Vance DeVincent
Company: Security pest Elimination
Great company and good service. I have been using them for many years
5/5 Well built & efficient, 04/17/2020
Reviewer: NEPA Bob
This is my 2nd one in 3 years. I recommend purchasing the Rust Resistant trap. Easy to set up and easy to maintain. By baiting then capping one end I've even trapped the trickiest of pests.
5/5 These work!, 04/15/2020
Reviewer: Don Hayden
Company: NA
I have used this product for many years. Ever so often, I will be bombarded with flies. I attach these sheets by my doors. Often, flies land on it while I'm taping it down. In no time, the sheet will be covered with flies. I feel these traps work great!
5/5 Foundation Ventguard by HY-C, 04/14/2020
Reviewer: Peter Carlson
An excellent product! We needed the security of these vent guards as a raccoon chewed through our plastic vents and nearly destroyed our HVAC ductwork and insulation - twice! After our second disaster we sought a stronger solution and believe our raccoon problem is over.
5/5 Wolf fang anchor, 04/14/2020
Reviewer: Sonny
Best trap anchors I've ever used! Will use them on all my traps! Thanks again WCS , I will be a repeat customer for sure!
5/5 Road runner canine lure, 04/14/2020
Reviewer: Sonny
Awesome lure! Having great results in warm weather! I will be getting more!
5/5 Sheep's wool, 04/14/2020
Reviewer: Sonny
Very satisfied with this, works great! A lot of wool for a small price!
5/5 WCS red fox urine, 04/14/2020
Reviewer: Sonny
Excellent quality, I'll be trading with WCS in the future!
5/5 Quality Product, 04/13/2020
Reviewer: Thomas Rains
Company: Cape Fear Wildlife Control, LLC
The new modification has made a good product even better.
5/5 Great product, 04/13/2020
Reviewer: Jon
Very well designed, made, and effective. Love the safety catch as that's how I safe it at night without having to reset everyday.
5/5 Works well for rats and ground squirrels, 04/12/2020
Reviewer: Tim
I use these in plywood tunnels with locking lids to avoid lager animals getting in. Lots of success, sometimes baited and sometimes just placed along typical runs.
5/5 Don't try any other brand, 04/11/2020
Reviewer: Maximilian K Pelletier
Company: Pelletier Removal
These are awesome traps, have bought 6 throughout the years. Two have been stolen, ran one over with my truck but other than than no raccoon, fox or groundhog has been able to break the trap mechanism or escape once trapped. Placing another order now.
5/5 worked good, 04/10/2020
Reviewer: Steve P Biedebach
Coated my live trap, dried great, caught critters.
5/5 Magnum Bodygrip Trap, 04/06/2020
Reviewer: Duane King
Excellent quality and customer service. Just what I was looking for. Thank you for being there!
5/5 Keep out the mice, 04/04/2020
Reviewer: Russ Stafford
Had issue with mice in attic. Contractor friend recommended these guards to keep them out. Some guards require trimming to fit but getting better with each one I install.
5/5 Highly recommend, 04/04/2020
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC Wildlife Nuisance Removal
We use Xcluder Fabric on nearly every exclusion project. Durable long-lasting and easy to apply.
5/5 Thank you!, 04/04/2020
Reviewer: Olga Iventicheva
Wonderful quality civet paste!
5/5 Thank you!, 04/04/2020
Reviewer: Olga Iventicheva
Buying not the first time from this supplier, its wonderful quality product.
1/5 Update to previous poor review, 04/04/2020
Reviewer: Wayne Bailey
In the 2+ months I've had this trap, it has killed exactly 1 squirrel. I use peanuts and peanut butter for bait, and have it mounted atop a 6' high fence that squirrels regularly use. They run over it, under it, and around it; but never do more than poke their head just in the opening to sniff. I closed off one end and loaded it with peanuts. Two days later the trap had been sprung and the peanuts were gone. My wife calls it a squirrel feeder. I've killed 5 squirrels with a large spring rat trap that I recently bought last week on Amazon and put on a different section of the fence. I'm just glad I didn't buy the stainless steel model of this junk.
5/5 Great product, fast shipping, 04/03/2020
Reviewer: Dang Nguyen
Very good quality cover. Fast shipping, I received mine in 2-3 days. Communication with staff is also nice experience.
5/5 great product!, 04/02/2020
Reviewer: Stephen Brian Bedford
I bought and installed these stainless steel weep hole covers in every weep hole in my house. Most installed easily with probably about 18-20 needing to be cut because the holes were too small. The learning curve is not so steep and the job is finished. This is a great product - well made, certainly durable and nice looking. I am pleased and highly recommend these covers.
5/5 tube trap, 04/01/2020
Reviewer: steve
worked great! Set the trap one day, eliminated the squirrel the next. Didn't come with instructions though, had to watch a YouTube video.
5/5 Chipmunks all over, 03/31/2020
Reviewer: John Doyle
Our chipmunk problem became so bad that their colony in our side yard caused the soil in my yard to drop. Using a funnel and a tube, I poured into multiple entry and exit holes. I also put in a spray bottle and sprayed around their favorite playgrounds (pretty much my wife's planters and flower beds). A week later and I can't find or see a chipmunk anywhere. Couldn't possibly be more pleased!
5/5 Pretty loud, 03/30/2020
Reviewer: Joe magiera
Company: ajm nuisance animal control llc
I hit fairly close but it scared to geese of the property
5/5 Shoots straight, 03/30/2020
Reviewer: Joe magiera
Company: ajm nuisance animal control llc
I was actually surprised. I just guessed where I should aim and about when they would blow and the first two shots were right on.
5/5 Temp vent 5, 03/28/2020
Reviewer: Carlton cliborne
They worked great good quality
5/5 Impressed, 03/28/2020
Reviewer: Tom
Company: Thomas' Wildlife Pest Control LLC
After purchasing the kit, I was able to utilize it on a bird nesting in a bathroom vent duct. The bird was just starting to build her nest. After coaxing her out of the duct I was easily able to remove the material that she had brought into the aluminum flex duct with the 4" bristle brush attached to my drill. Worked far greater than I even expected. Would highly recommend.
5/5 Great Trap, 03/27/2020
Reviewer: David
This is a great trap that works better than any other trap I've used in the past. Just place the trap over the chipmunk hole using a stone over the spring area to hold it in place; camo it with a few leaves and trap the critter a couple of hours later. Works every time!
5/5 Butch, 03/26/2020
Reviewer: Marlin Neidlinger
Company: Blue Mountain Taxidermy
5/5 Magnum setters, 03/26/2020
Reviewer: Buck
Awesome setters, they definitely do the job. They work on every trap I've tried them on so far, including the koro #1 and#2
5/5 Raccoon eviction, 03/24/2020
Reviewer: Ken
Got rid of the raccoon and her babies over night.
5/5 Master Crafted, 03/23/2020
Reviewer: Dan Hepker
Company: Texas Nuisance Wildlife Relocation
It is refreshing to use a product that is well thought out and skillfully assembled. It works as intended without a flaw, period.
5/5 COPPER MESH, 03/23/2020
Reviewer: Terry
Company: Midwest Pest Control
This is the only copper mesh you would want to use for exclusion. Not that cheap hollow stuff or copper plated they sell on amazon
5/5 Just what we need!, 03/23/2020
Reviewer: Toni Edmiston
Company: National Exterminating
We order these ALL the time. Great product, quick shipping, and a great rate.
5/5 super bait, 03/21/2020
Reviewer: Steve B
Company: retired
caught first one in under 16 hours set time. Ground hog ate the rest of the bait while riding in the back of my truck.
5/5 Works wonderful, 03/20/2020
Reviewer: Frank R.
Great trap. Got four squirrels in the first day I had it set up
5/5 very heavy duty, 03/19/2020
Reviewer: Patrick Murphy
I have these hooked up to TS 85s . Easily held a 60 lbs beaver. Will by more when I get more traps!
5/5 WORKED!, 03/19/2020
Reviewer: Mikey
I swore the house I recently bought was haunted when every night, I would hear human footsteps from the attic. My dog and cat would freeze and look at the ceiling and I'd whisper to them, "you heard that too!?!??!" A ton of Googling made me suspect raccoons, and a bit more led me to this as my first attempt to solve this. The first thing I tried was putting some on a tennis ball tied with a rope and throwing it into the attic near their path. This really didn't do anything and was a hassle. Tennis ball fur is pretty resistant to moisture, and not a lot stuck to the ball. To retry, I just dumped a bit of this fluid into a shallow Tupperware, and put it in basically the same place. Within minutes, during daytime, I heard just a bit of movement up there. And that's the last I heard. After that day, no more noises. I stuck a security camera up there to verify and all it catches now is the occasional doorbell or dog bark. No movement! It was fun trying this. I appreciate that it doesn't harm the little visitor but just sends her on her way. Thanks, WCS!
5/5 Finally..., 03/18/2020
Reviewer: Terry
Out for 2 hours - 1 less critter. Add some bait (peanuts and peanut butter) and another one gone. The absolute best means for squirrel control. I recommend buying a trap setter tho as it is a strong trap.
5/5 goose scram, 03/17/2020
Reviewer: Marjorie Gissendanner
We live on a large lake and have had problems with geese ruining our property. Couldn't even go out in the yard for all the goose droppings. We have tried numerous products and spent quite a bit of money on products and devices. We finally found goose scram and miracle of miracles it works. We spread it early spring around the perimeter and once again mid summer and the geese stay away. We are sold on this product!
5/5 Amazing, 03/16/2020
Reviewer: Anthony charles seibert
So far the tags are holding up they are clearly stamped and from what i can tell it will last my lifetime and then some
5/5 Perfect tool, 03/15/2020
Reviewer: Tim
These tube traps are the perfect tool for a squirrel job. Easy to use and to set. Will be getting a few more.
5/5 Tube trap setter, 03/15/2020
A definite help in setting the trap.
5/5 Awesome shipping speed, 03/14/2020
Reviewer: Joseph L Haworth
I ordered a dozen j hooks and they showed up very fast and they are very strong.
5/5 Great exclusion option, 03/14/2020
Reviewer: Rick Headley
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
Long gone are the days of using hardware cloth for animal exclusion. I use an angle grinder to cut this product to the exact size needed. It was packaged well and shipped fast.
5/5 Very well built trap., 03/13/2020
Reviewer: James Brownfield
Company: Kansas City Wildlife control
the pan is indestructible, the cage it self is very sturdy, very easy to set and will hold up to the biggest raccoons you can catch. This trap will take years of abuse
5/5 Great trap, 03/13/2020
Reviewer: James brownfield
Company: Kansas City wildlife control
Put together very well. The extended trip pan can not be avoided to get to the bait.
5/5 Superior Product, 03/12/2020
Reviewer: Andrew Sanders
Fantastic product. Much higher quality and heavier duty than the "Big Box" available units. Yes, it's five times as expensive, but worth every penny. It's not just better, but not even in the same class.
5/5 Solid Heavy Duty Trap, 03/10/2020
Reviewer: Jeffery Melton
Company: Melton Wildlife Control
Out of the box it takes about one minute to setup. Easy access door for bait and heavy duty bait holder. Setting is simple just raise door pull rod through and push rod back till it catches bottom of door. It works. I catch a lot of nontarget skunks and this is a great alternative to cage traps
5/5 Keep the mice AWAY, 03/10/2020
Reviewer: Michael Crosby
Your product was recommended by my professional exterminator who comes to our house 4 times a year. He gave me a roll to try and it worked great. I am having work done on my house next month, and I wanted your product on hand to make sure I would not be without it for future projects.
5/5 Safeguard 53070 Rodent Live Trap, 03/09/2020
Reviewer: Carole Bodnovich
Work great! Like the design. But, would like to see them a little less expensive (considering how they are made)
4/5 Setters mb750, 03/08/2020
Reviewer: EH
Work as described. A bit heavy but definitely make setting easier.
5/5 Works like a charm, 03/07/2020
Reviewer: Casey
Within three days I caught 2 of the ground squirrels that were burrowing under my foundation causing a lot of damage. The longer tube trap didn't work at all after two weeks of trying; the squirrels won't go in the long trap. I found that a combination of sunflower seeds and almond/peanut butter worked well for bait. I expect to eliminate more in the coming months. One caveat - tie some twine, or whatever to the trap; I lost my first one when something ran off with it.
5/5 Great, 03/07/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Was doing a squirrel job and decided to try this item. It's one of the slickest things I have come across in a long time. Even had enough flex in the wings for me to do a couple of odd angles and filled the gaps with Stainless. Great item and about half the time or less to finish the job.
5/5 President, 03/06/2020
Reviewer: Dave Bonett
Company: Capitol Exterminating System
The Skyhawk has been a great addition to our wildlife department. So we purchased more.
5/5 Coon trap, 03/05/2020
Reviewer: Johnny B Smith
Company: JBS Farms
Just what I was looking for. They work great!
4/5 A24 RAT & MOUSE TRAP, 03/05/2020
Reviewer: DAVID WEST
Well made and easy to install. Piston is very powerful. I set this up attached to my back yard compost bin, where the critters like to gather. No luck yet, but no sign of rodents at this time, either. Grateful not to have to use warfarin bait anymore.
2/5 Not nearly as effective as claimed, 03/05/2020
Reviewer: Wayne Bailey
I have one of these traps mounted on top of a fence that grey squirrels regularly use as a path across my property. In the almost two weeks that it has been baited and set, it has caught one (1) squirrel. For bait I'm using chunky peanut butter and peanuts which are still in the shell. The squirrels have been jumping or running over it, or just going around it. It has caught and killed four (4) sparrows, which is not our intention.
5/5 Super Tuff Trap, 03/03/2020
Reviewer: Laurie
This is a great trap. Heavy duty and easy to use. I really like the solid sides especially when I catch skunks and being able to open both ends is very handy.
5/5 Great Trap, 03/01/2020
Reviewer: TC
I'm still pretty new to trapping, but this is a great trap, caught a Bobcat by the toe and held great, and tells me that they are lighting fast! And built like a tank!
5/5 Good Stuff, 02/28/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
When a skunk let go in the chamber I sprayed it down with a degreaser and sprinkled a couple ounces of this in and closed it up for 24hrs then sprinkled another couple ounces and left for another 24. took the smell away.
5/5 Works Beautifully, 02/27/2020
Reviewer: Rebekah
Works beautifully, caught 4 gophers, easy to set and remove gophers.
5/5 Bye Birds, 02/27/2020
Reviewer: Bye Bye Birdies
Best thing ever to relocate the turkey Vultures. They are destroying our trees, roof, and kids play area
5/5 Bye Birds, 02/27/2020
Reviewer: Bye Bye Birdie
Greatest thing ever to relocate the terrible turkey vultures. Definitely worth every penny. They destroy your house and trees and kids play areas.
5/5 Perfect!, 02/27/2020
Reviewer: D. Stratton
Got these for my husband to use to cut down on all the mud and debris he tracks in the house when working outside. Measured the shoe as instructed and the fit is perfect.
5/5 Alaska full time Trapper, 02/26/2020
Reviewer: Mike Turner
Company: Trapper
Great Skunk essence , shipped right away in a package that the postal folks didn't even know what was in there. :) I am 100% satisfied and will order more again and will recommend WCS to others!! Thank you!
5/5 The intimidator deterrent, 02/25/2020
Reviewer: Albert L Coutts
Company: Palmyra Wildlife Control
Works very well and doesn't require battery replacement. Uses wind and/or sunlight to work.
5/5 As advertised, 02/22/2020
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Truly Nolen FR364
Great for wildlife exclusion. Very easy to install.
5/5 sealing tape, 02/21/2020
Reviewer: Cid
Company: 1954
perfect tape for sealing joints in crawl spaces and a good price
5/5 Great product, 02/21/2020
Reviewer: Danny Watson
Company: Peachtree Pest Control
Great product, great price
5/5 Best Bang For Your Buck, 02/20/2020
Reviewer: Tom Figel
Company: Thomas' Wildlife Pest Control LLC
I've used these bags multiple times for clients with skunk spray scenarios and rodents that have died in inaccessible areas of homes with absolutely amazing results. They'll cut seriously foul odors down in days instead of weeks or months.
5/5 Bird Bangers, 02/20/2020
Reviewer: Robert Aduddell
Company: Ites/Aduddell LLC
Good product. Fast delivery. It went from being angry when deer were in the garden to wanting them to come so I can shoot the bangers. Fun and efficient.
5/5 They will come running, 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Sage
Company: Local Choice Pest
Great product I keep a gallon on hand at all times, works well in cold and 100 plus temps as well. Get a squeeze bottle to keep the mess down very sticky
5/5 Great attractant, 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Sage Garvey
Company: Local Choice Pest
I trap rodents every day for a living. This product can be smelt across the attic and they will come from all directions to get some. 1 drop will do it, over-application is very easy. Wear gloves or you smell like peanuts.
5/5 Tunnel Mole Trap, 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Vinny C
Nice trap! Easy to use and very effective. If you want to buy mole traps, buy this one first.
4/5 Using with belisle., 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Roger
If using belisle 330 in these you have to use the closest trigger setting for it to be tight. Otherwise it won't stay in at all.
5/5 Excellent Shoe covers, 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Teresa
Company: Skagit River Steel & Recycling
These work so well for keeping our carpets clean when our employees need to come into the office. The fit is right on with the chart.
5/5 Game changers for our yard and dogs, 02/19/2020
Reviewer: Miranda Finley
At first I questioned whether or not I should purchase these because they are pricey, but they are worth every penny. After 2 years of weekly fence repair, the purchase and install of an electric fence, catching runaway dogs (and in some cases stopping dog fights), and somewhere around $2,000 wasted, I found these and decided that they were worth a try. We upgraded our fence and installed these underground fences, and have yet to have a single issue. Wish I had done this 2 years ago!
5/5 Excellent killer ttap, 02/18/2020
Reviewer: James C Dillman
Company: Backwoods Wildlife Management LLC
Traps are well made and do exactly as they are advertised to do. Being a nuisance wildlife trapper I need traps I can depend on. Works great on raccoons and groundhogs. Well worth the money.
5/5 Owner, 02/18/2020
Reviewer: Shawn Payne
Company: Lakewood Exterminating
I used to use bacazap in my atom mist blower for odors. Wasnt getting the best results. I just tried this product today against a nasty skunk spray in a crawlspace. This guy was super stressed out and had to go stay in hotels. The customer came home today and said the smell was much improved. I will be using this product from now on!
5/5 Excellent, 02/17/2020
Reviewer: Dereck Darling
Company: Action pest management
I really like these traps.i agree with last review that a rear door would be a good option
5/5 Nice Product Great Service, 02/17/2020
Reviewer: Flyingslanted
After searching the web for a decent priced bear keg, stumbled on this site. Having questions, the customer service department was very responsive and helpful. Product arrived quickly. Very happy with both the product, price and service.
3/5 Small trap, 02/14/2020
Reviewer: Art Binder
Trap seems like it would be the right trap to rid your yard of small moles. Problem is, I have had 3 tripped traps but not a single mole. Seems the small moles are able to get between the catcher and the trigger before it trips. The trigger shaft needs to be about an inch longer. I gave it a 3 star because it is a well built trap. As far as eliminating a small moles it deserves a one star.
5/5 BE, 02/13/2020
Reviewer: Bruce Ellarson
Bought one of these traps couple weeks ago as I have rats under my bird feeder. Left it open and baited for a week to acclimate them. Finally set it three days ago nothing yet. Rats are smart. Still trying. As far as the trap goes, I think its great. Good trigger mechanism. Well built, sturdy, I like the rear door, it would probably work for squirrels too. I'll also be using it for the spring onslaught of chipmunks.
5/5 Works great!!, 02/13/2020
Works great!!
5/5 enrager lure, 02/10/2020
Reviewer: Danny Davis
I caught 14 beavers in 1 week on castor mound sets
5/5 Very happy with my Gophinator gopher Trap, 02/10/2020
Reviewer: Karen Gless
Company: homeowner
I just bought 2 Gophinators and 1 moleinator. I already had the black boxes. In the front of my house I have not been successful catching a gopher. I set the black boxes, nothing. The Gophinator came highly recommended by professionals that use them at the Native Plant Society conference I attended. I set the Gophinators in their tunnel (I think I didn't cover them with dirt). The next day there was a lookout hole nearby so the gopher was still free. I put in the Moleinator and got him. With in 2 days I had him, yea! I highly recommend getting both the Gophinator and the Moleinator.
5/5 Moleinator for gophers works, 02/10/2020
Reviewer: Karen Gless
Company: homeowner
I just bought 2 Gophinators and 1 moleinator. I already had the black boxes. In the front of my house I have not been successful catching a gopher. I set the black boxes, nothing. I set the Gophinators in their tunnel (I think I didn't cover them with dirt. The next day there was a lookout hole nearby i put in the Moleinator and got him. With in 2 days I had him, yea!
5/5 Flying Squirrel Exclusion, 02/08/2020
Reviewer: Ryan
Company: Prudential Pest Solutions
Great for evicting smaller wildlife like flying squirrels
5/5 5/5 Good for keeping non-target species out of trap, 02/08/2020
Reviewer: Ryan
Company: Prudential Pest Solutions
Nice trap cover that protects non-target species from getting trapped. I have used them for vole, chipmunk, and rat trapping in and around garages and front porches.
5/5 Good stuff, 02/06/2020
Reviewer: Dutch Richards
Good stuff, it's very potent and lasts for days, I use it as a long call lure.
5/5 Awesome, 02/06/2020
Reviewer: Dutch Richards
Very informative, picked up some great ideas and resolved a couple problems. Very nice, especially for the northeast fellows learning to trap canines , Thank you
5/5 Sturdy Trap, 02/06/2020
Reviewer: Sparky
This trap has a good solid feel and is easy to use. I like the ability to see what I caught before opening it. Accidentally caught a cat but hoping for a skunk soon!
5/5 Product excellent, packaging could use improved, 02/06/2020
Reviewer: Gail
I've been using the bags w/ this product in them for years , after my pest control company gave me a couple bags for a closet where a rat had fallen between the walls an died. The smell was gone w/ in a couple weeks, tops. I wanted a bucket to add this into my cats litter boxes. It's great, but it would be nice if the lid to the bucket would seal. I have to tape it back on each time after using. It would also be nice if it had a small cup or something for spreading. I know it's sold for commercial use, and apparently they use the whole bucket at once. But it is also quite useful for people w/ multiple pets.
5/5 Sturdy and Versatile, 02/05/2020
Reviewer: chris berson
Company: Trapper Dan's Wildlife Services
Well built trap. Lots of ways they can be used.
5/5 Sturdy, 02/05/2020
Reviewer: chris berson
Company: Trapper Dan's Wildlife Services
Very sturdy.
5/5 Jake, 02/05/2020
Reviewer: Jake
Excellent. Makes client visits so much more convenient. I will be buying a pair for all my employees.
5/5 Kritter Cap, 02/04/2020
Great product! Easy install, trim a little at a time to get exact fit. Helps to use a mirror . cut correctly, no need for silicone or fasteners.
5/5 These traps work great, 02/02/2020
Reviewer: Glenn
I have caught at least 100 gophers with these traps
5/5 WCS 4" One-Way door excluder, 02/01/2020
Reviewer: Richard Herbin
This device works exactly as expected. It is too funny watching the squirrels trying to get back in without success. This door solved a big problem because my "tenants" were in the attic playing basketball over my head on a daily basis and now they have been evicted. Thank you WCS
5/5 Coyote Booty, 02/01/2020
Reviewer: Denver Padgett
My go to for coyotes. I use it in combination with urine for scent posts. By far my most productive set.
5/5 Bobcat booty, 02/01/2020
Reviewer: Denver Padgett
I use this combined with urine on scent posts and its very effective on cats and canines. Holds up well in rainy weather as well.
5/5 Cinch Trap Works :-), 01/30/2020
Reviewer: Carl
Received this on Tuesday noon, set trap, watch a movie, check trap, IT WORKED! Wow, best results, poison didn't work.
5/5 Great Product at Great Price, 01/30/2020
Reviewer: Sarah Elizabeth
Company: Coastal Shore Curiosities Shoppe
This hanger is strong and well made. And for the price it was well worth me purchasing several for my taxidermy business!! Great Customer Service, too! 5 stars
5/5 Owner, 01/30/2020
Reviewer: Cliff Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Control
Have used these for 8 years. The only mole traps that I will use.
5/5 Owner, 01/30/2020
Reviewer: Clifton Boatright
Company: Tracks Wildlife Control
I like the smaller size. Built very well. Have installed 3 of the 4 that I have on hand. Will see how they work.
2/5 New Traps, 01/30/2020
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
I ordered a couple of these a while ago. The overall quality control has gone down considerably. I almost returned one of them. Setting bar was very sloppy and hard to align. The coating was bright and shiny and makes the setting of the trap very hard. When combined with the new triggers, that weigh more, movement of the trap will set it off. Not crazy about the new triggers. Get the quality control back and they will once again be a Great trap.
5/5 Koro traps and trap setter, 01/24/2020
Reviewer: Sean Leary
Wow. WCS is amazing. shipped right away and received sooner than expected. The trap setter is awesome. Makes it very easy to set and to take off a set. Highly recommend. The traps are excellent and well made.
5/5 Great!, 01/24/2020
Reviewer: Garrett
The tags turned out perfect, shipping was good, and there were no errors.
5/5 I'm happy with my order, 01/24/2020
Reviewer: Mama's secret
Company: First daughter
I'm happy with my order,it smells amazing!
5/5 Simple Trap, 01/23/2020
Reviewer: DVD
Company: Lakeshore Wildlife
Simple; easy to use, affordable, my #1 trap for squirrels
5/5 Great Product, 01/22/2020
Reviewer: Ken
Company: Sutton
These drive in easily and hold my traps and bait stations well. They are also very affordable.
5/5 Great Trap, 01/22/2020
Reviewer: Dana
Company: Critter-Ridder LLC
Great traps. We use these on a daily basis in our business.
5/5 Best Beaver Lure, 01/21/2020
Reviewer: Aaron Cox
Best beaver lure I've used. Always a consistent product, with a good caster base. It's my go to.
5/5 Effective for Geese, 01/21/2020
Reviewer: sean
The only down-side to purchase was the $40 hazmat fee with purchase, the gun is well built and the screamers really scream and quite effective on geese, hopefully can keep them from breeding on the golf course. The gun could use a safety.
5/5 Give your traps some Bling!, 01/20/2020
Reviewer: John Mansell
There has never been a lovelier way to accessorize your traps. (required by law in most states) These copper tags add just the right fashion look to your traps as well as your name and address or permit number.
5/5 Truckload raccoon bait, 01/19/2020
Reviewer: Dereck Darling
Company: Action pest
5/5 KKV, 01/18/2020
Reviewer: Mike
Company: Advanced Animal Control
These are great nets. I use mine for bats. Had to get a replacement this year as i left mine at a job somewhere. Been using them for over 10 years.
5/5 Great Mole Traps, 01/16/2020
Reviewer: Rob Weaver
Company: Freedom Wildlife Solution
We have worked with many different mole traps and have had great success with this trap. It is the only trap we have had that has had a mole it every time it is fired.
5/5 High quality item, 01/16/2020
Reviewer: Jenny
Company: PAWS Chicago
This is a well made snappy snare- perfect for our high volume spay/neuter clinic. Thank you for also finding a lower shipping rate.
5/5 Director, 01/15/2020
Reviewer: John Taylor
Company: SWVA Sportsmen
good product, as advertised, performs well
4/5 Nice Alternative to More Expensive Snare Trap, 01/14/2020
Reviewer: Robert F
The trap works really good if you have a clear understanding of the concept and pay close attention to the setting procedure. While setting the trap in hard pack would be difficult due to the height of the trap and the hole needed to conceal the trap. however I found setting the trap in sandy soil to be a great option for me. The biggest disappoint was the snare does not include deer stops installed to avoid catching deer, but this issue can be resolved by crimping a small steel washer or alternate stop around the cable at the required length.
1/5 Sherry, 01/14/2020
Reviewer: Sherry
So far the cage has not worked. I did as you had instructed. The squirrel has gotten into the cage 3 times and taken the bait, but no squirrel. The bait was at the back of the cage. 2 of the 3 times the cage door was down, but no squirrel.
5/5 Dobbins backbreaker, 01/13/2020
Reviewer: Brian carr
Just bought backbreaker a week ago and had excellent results on beaver castor mound sets
5/5 PCG ENRAGER, 01/13/2020
Reviewer: Brian carr
I just recieved the enrager last week and have been catching beavers on castor mounds. Just ordered more.
5/5 Locking Trap Setter, 01/12/2020
Reviewer: Cal
Makes spring compression easy and it locks so you can focus on setting the built in trap safety with ease. Nice product and is brightly colored so it doesn't get left behind.
5/5 Body Grip Safety, 01/12/2020
Reviewer: Calvin
My favorite safety. Let's me remove after the trap safety's are disengaged and it keep my hands out of the line of fire.
5/5 First Mole Trap to Work, 01/10/2020
Reviewer: John W.
I have 2 other mole traps and this is the first trap that actually catches moles. A friend of mine referred me after he used these traps and actually caught a mole. I think he also had a few traps that didn't work. Great trap and easy to use.
5/5 Great Product, 01/09/2020
Reviewer: Morgan
We looked at several types of dryer vents and the Dryer Wall Vent is by far the best one available. Well made and easy to install. Looks great with the house siding. Blends in versus sticking out.
5/5 Mechanic, 01/08/2020
Reviewer: Stephen Brown
Company: Equipment Share
Good product
5/5 coyote getter, 01/07/2020
Reviewer: Patrick Paxton
Packaged so no odor or leakage. Really liked the extra cap for squirting. Ordered 16 oz. and it payed for itself second night out. 2 coyotes out of 5 sets in two days.
5/5 sod buster, 01/07/2020
Reviewer: Patrick Paxton
A great hammer at best price around. Handle color really sticks out when laying on ground making dirt hole sets. Chisel end is stout and cuts through frozen ground. Did everything I expected. Quality product
5/5 tunnel mole trap, 01/07/2020
Reviewer: Roger B
purchased 5 traps, there are heavy duty and well built.
5/5 Efficient and Cost Effective Squirell Control, 01/07/2020
Reviewer: Richard
Company: Atlantic Parts
We recently had a small tribe of squirrels (3) that invaded our business warehouse and did considerable damage to the building insulation. I began an online search and after a little research I purchased two rust-resistant traps. After practicing with the trip / trigger mechanism I bated the trap with a blob of peanut butter and placed it near their entry / exit point. The first few days saw no results but shortly after all three squirrels took the bait and well, let's just say they are no longer occupants of our building :-)
4/5 Koro rat trap, 01/07/2020
Reviewer: Jake Landis
Company: Jake Landis nuisance control
Great trap ! Some you have to adjust the bend in the trigger to lighten the pan tension. The one bad thing is the cable lead on them the cable will pull through the ferrel so I cut them off and and a small length of chain and now they are bulletproof
5/5 Amazing investment, 01/06/2020
Reviewer: Colby
I got into trapping using the "old school" traditional ting style setters with no lock. The ones I originally bought were from bass pro and they were flimsy (not the correct size setters for 330s) and would rotate some when setting 330s; not to mention you would strain your guts out using them and I am not a smaller person. These things are amazing and I highly recommend buying them. They are sturdy as heck and take a very small amount of strength to set tough trap springs. The lock on them works perfectly!
5/5 Awesome, 01/06/2020
Reviewer: Colby
Really great product, this safety also fits the belisle 330s and the other one only fits the dukes. Must have and works great.
5/5 DK-1 Gopher Trap Review, 01/06/2020
Reviewer: Steve Tyler
Company: Steve Tyler Construction (retired)
The perfect gopher trap... Functional; Value; Does the job to eliminate gophers. Best gopher trap available; I have a friend - retired highway patrol - who considers himself to be an expert gopher-catcher (seriously) and he uses the DK-1 traps; He has for 30 years; We just compared my new traps with his old ones (30 years) and he still catches gophers with his traps... My take on the DK-1 trap is that, "It's the best trap on the market"
5/5 Nice Trap, 01/05/2020
Reviewer: Ryan
Very nice looking trap, seems to be well built. Shipping was way faster than expected. Can't wait to try it out!
5/5 Works great, 01/03/2020
Reviewer: Nick
Company: Empire
Purchased this item about 2 years ago(2017) and it worked great. Decided we needed some more so purchased more(2020). We catch pigeons in our shop with this. Caught 3 at one time before.
5/5 Midcoast Wildlife Specialists - "The Bat Specialists" Nobleboro ,Maine, 01/02/2020
Reviewer: Arthur Davis
Company: Midcoast Wildlife Specialists
We use this silicone in Maine and have no problems in the cold. It takes a little longer to cure below 20F but to be expected. The cost is still a great value and its an excellent product for exclusion work.
5/5 Excluder trap, 01/01/2020
Reviewer: Barbara
The trap worked exactly as we hoped it would. We didn't want to harm the animal, we just want to get it out of our garage. Well made trap.
5/5 Perfect, 12/31/2019
Reviewer: Colleen
Perfect trap! Fast shipping. Very professional. Will do business with again. Thank you!
5/5 Better than Shermans, 12/30/2019
Reviewer: joepennanti
I've had Sherman traps destroyed by chewing on the mechanism that holds open the entrance door. The galvanized sheet metal on these Safeguards seems to prevent that. I also like that I can see what I've caught without having to open the trap (couldn't do that with the Shermans). And that ventilation I'm sure also aids in scent dispersal of bait. With 1/2doz of these have so far captured: Deer Mice, Short-tailed Shrews, Red-backed Voles, an Ermine, a Chipmunk, a Flying Squirrel, and Red Squirrels.
5/5 Fleshing beam, 12/30/2019
Reviewer: Kathy S
Perfect. Received shipment in 2-3 days!
4/5 bobcat cage trap, 12/28/2019
pretty bent up when it got here. I don't think some of the people at UPS like trappers. I've read other reviews that say they recieved their's bent too. But I got it straightened out and like the design. Simple and well thought out. Right now it's on the boat dock waiting on an otter that robs fish baskets.
5/5 Excellent, 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Fawn
Excellent service! Product fit my needs perfectly. Shipping is expensive but it is everywhere.
5/5 Review, 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Dewayne
Company: Lee's Wildlife Removal
I think it's the best gopher trap made.
5/5 Replacement triggers., 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
These are the easiest replacement triggers I have used! Excellent quality factory replacements!
5/5 Body Grip Trap Safety, 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
These are heavy duty, easy to use and they work! Have used with 330 and 660 body grips. Great for setting traps in water or under-ice when trying to fit the trap into position to avoid firing. I have '2' of these, in case I lose one!
5/5 Self-locking body grip setters!, 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
After many years of using non-locking setting tongs, I 'reluctantly' trialed a set of self-locking tongs. I specifically selected these as no 'exposed' spring. These are heavy duty steel and work very well. I have used these for two seasons in some pretty harsh conditions, setting and resetting 160's through 660's body grips. They are an excellent safety improvement! Definitely worth the investment. I now own 'two' sets of these, in case I misplace one.
5/5 The Best!, 12/26/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
This is the best tool for closing and opening J-Hooks and S-Hooks that I have used! I own two, just in case I lose one!
5/5 Very Effective Trap!, 12/24/2019
Reviewer: Rich L
This trap is simple, well made and very effective at eliminating squirrels! Setting the trap takes a little practice but once you see how it works it is very simple to set.
5/5 Maine trap setters, 12/24/2019
Reviewer: Barry Barbour
Very fast, professional service. Recieved just what I ordered in a timely manner. A+
5/5 Great Trap, 12/23/2019
Reviewer: Eileen
Made setting traps a "snap." The person receiving it bought another for a friend.
5/5 Yuleys, 12/23/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Perfect product. Put them down and step in. Floors stay clean. Easy to walk around and perform job functions without worry of them coming off. No more booties!
5/5 Awesome, 12/21/2019
Reviewer: Steven
Awesome little product. Works great
5/5 Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions, 12/20/2019
Reviewer: Brad Buria
Company: Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions
We use these a lot. Without a doubt the best glue trap.
5/5 Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions, 12/20/2019
Reviewer: Brad Buria
Company: Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions
When you need to switch up bait this stuff works great.
5/5 Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions, 12/20/2019
Reviewer: Brad Buria
Company: Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions
Great product for the price.
5/5 Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions, 12/20/2019
Reviewer: Brad Buria
Company: Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions
Great product and great price. Doesn't turn yellow like some black foams
5/5 Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions, 12/20/2019
Reviewer: Brad Buria
Company: Buria Rodent and Wildlife Solutions
We have ordered this product a few times and it's never disappointed. Great stuff and i will continue to use it.
5/5 Booger, 12/19/2019
Reviewer: Daniel Levesque
Company: Gobblers Lodge 3d Archery
Thing is a hunt saver! Picks up a glove to a cell phone with a little skill
5/5 Extremely effective!, 12/17/2019
Reviewer: D Curtis
I have this trap installed in a crawl space under my home, and monitored by a game camera. It killed 5 mice in less than 48 hours. I am confident it would have killed more had I not installed it at the end of a week of intensive effort with traditional snap traps. But more mice will come, and this device is up to the job.
5/5 Perfect trap for feral cat TNVR, 12/17/2019
Reviewer: Carol Tutzauer
Company: Community Cats Alive
My organization, Community Cats Alive, uses this trap for our large-scale Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return projects. The rear-release door is critical and allows us to easily bait the traps and to then hold cats until they can go into the clinic since the sliding rear door lets us easily feed for the day or 2 holding time we have.
1/5 Zero for three...., 12/13/2019
Reviewer: Ed
Heard noise in the attic, game cameras showed three flying squirrels. Used on piece of cracker, no takers. Wouldn't touch it even away from the traps for 2 days. Walked right past it.Peanut butter on a Victor rat trap got all three in three days. Fixed blown out ridge vent cap, nothing on cameras for four days. Might try this in shed, but don't have high hopes. Start with something cheap that you already have before buying this.
5/5 Very good trap both quality and function, 12/12/2019
Reviewer: Mike gephart
Company: Allied Pest And Wildlife
Best built trap you will ever own period. This thing is a monster of a trap. The quality is second to none.
5/5 President/Owner, 12/12/2019
Reviewer: drew cowley
Company: Cowleys Little Rascals Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Over the years we have had miserable experiences with trap monitoring devices, but recently we tried ShyHawk Trap Monitors and have found a reliable way to monitor our traps. The App is easy to set up and we can control the sensitivity levels based on what we are trying to trap. It attaches easily to our traps with a magnet and makes us look even more professional. It definitely saves us time on checking traps and also speeds things up when wildlife is caught and allows us to get to the trapped animal much faster. Great product! I will be buying more for sure.
5/5 Handy tool, 12/10/2019
Reviewer: William
We had a bird get in our front door and it took us over 30 minutes to coax it outside. Happened again and with the capture net-1 minute. Good design
5/5 Useful device for sure, 12/09/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Company: Ecolab
This is an update for the starling trap. The 2019 season ended up with us getting about 25 starlings with the trap four traps at the 3 billion foot warehouse.
3/5 Mr gopher trapping Florida, 12/08/2019
Reviewer: Andy Carr
I find that the DK2 trap is effective if you have to open up a 4 by 4 and place the Trap deep into the hole where cinch trap is only 2 inch round and the Trap can go into the tunnel a good four to 6in deep. With the DK2 I find a gophers are filling the Trap up with dirt and not tripping it. I cannot see opening up a hole four by four and 6 inch deep . The only good part about the DK2 is that it’s large enough that coyote, foxes, and raccoons can't get a grip on it to pull it out of the hole if you have a gopher in the Trap.
5/5 Bridger #3, 12/08/2019
Reviewer: Michael Woolard
This is most likely the only one I'll ever buy any more. I like the laminations and love them being dogless. The 4 spring setups are fast and strong. Plan on buying more soon!
5/5 Buzz, 12/08/2019
Reviewer: Jim
I think this is the best design. The only way for the animal to possibly get to the bait is by sticking its head right into the tripping mechanism which is widely spread out so that it’s impossible to go around it unless the animal is tiny. The trap is also long so the bait can be very far away from the trigger. I don’t know why rats aren’t also listed for this trap, there’s no way that a rat could get to this bait without pushing the trigger with its head. The way that the trap is set in the first picture will work but it’s much weaker, there’s even a reviewer elsewhere who complains that the trap is too weak, and a reply from someone else suggesting that they didn’t set it right. ALSO crank the 2nd bar back and place both of them behind the dog and the power increasing significantly!
4/5 No strays with this anchor, 12/07/2019
Reviewer: Thomas Curran
Tracking down trapped catches no problem with this well made multi-purpose trap accessory to your set. Substantial in fabrication all welded design provide a confident solution to a set location which no stake, ground anchor or tie off is convenient.... just attach trap of your choice to the anchor and the result of a successful set with be there. Reasonably priced and should be of service forever.
5/5 A good Grey Fox getter, 12/07/2019
Reviewer: Joey Rudick
I've used this and caught Grey Fox also. Caught reset and not even added anymore. Haven't used it for cats but will. Awesome stuff, Clint has outdone himself with this one.
5/5 When only the best will do., 12/07/2019
Reviewer: Tommy Rains
Company: Cape Fear Wildlife Control, LLC
I have been using these vent covers for over three years and have been pleased with their durability and good looks. I looked at a review on Amazon where they are sold for over $10 more than here at WCS. One reviewer gave these 1 star because the reviewer stated that he damaged the vent trying to install it on brick. I have installed over 100 of these on all surfaces and have never had a problem. For these magnetic vents to open properly while the dryer is running, we do the following: 1- Ensure the door is not warped. Both sides must touch the bottom at the same time when the door closes. 2- Apply sealant around the perimeter to water and weather proof. We use Geocel 2300. Solar seal works well also. 3- Ensure no air pressure is lost where the 4 inch lines connect. We use Aluminum Plumbers tape with the extra adhesive to seal around on the inside of the pipe where the lines connect. This makes the connection air tight. It makes a difference. 4- Test the vent door by having the dryer turned on and off. One of my technicians failed to test a door because the customer was not home. The door was warped during the installation. We had to go back and adjust the door so it would open properly. This is a 5 star vent because, if installed properly, it will open properly every time and last for decades.
5/5 Great Product, 12/06/2019
Reviewer: Chris
I have been trying to catch moles/gophers/voles for many, many years with various methods. The no mole traps were the first successful traps I have tried. Thank you for a great product - the easiest to set and the most effective of ANY trap or technique I have ever used! Simple and Effective!
5/5 RBG 2.5, 12/06/2019
Reviewer: Robert Catron
Very high quality trap
5/5 Easy install, clean finish, 12/05/2019
Reviewer: Jeffrey Deppe
Product was as described. Install was easy (in my situation) and left a clean finish look. I am happy with the purchase price and overall product.
5/5 Truckload raccoon bait, 12/04/2019
Reviewer: Dereck darling
Company: Action pest
Excellent bait
5/5 Bridger #5, 12/03/2019
Reviewer: Dave
Great trap that does the job you want it to, adjusted the pan to where I wanted it and took care of a nuisance beaver problem the first few nights, couldn't be happier with them.
5/5 Problem Solved on day one!!, 12/02/2019
Reviewer: K Kess
I contacted WCS to inquire about the best product to evict flying squirrel that had made their way into our house soffit. Customer Service was helpful in reviewing best options for our application. We installed the Excluder as instructed at a 45 degree downward angle, using a homemade flange and recorded the successful eviction with our game camera on the very first night. I couldn't be more pleased with this product and will be sure to recommend it to others in my area. Thanks WCS for helping us with a humane eviction of these sweet creatures. We love them in our woods but not our home.
5/5 Great for Grubbing Skunks, 12/02/2019
Reviewer: Larry Crespo
Company: Crespo's Wildlife Solutions
Have used for years. Works great for hard to catch grubbing skunks!!
4/5 Very strong and robust!, 12/02/2019
Reviewer: Buzz
This trap is a tank! I really like rear quick release traps, and at first I was really disappointed that it didn't have it, but I do admit that it's stronger without it, but because of the large loop on the trap door I find that it's ok that it doesn't have it. I do not want to fidget with a trap door when releasing an animal that's why I love rear release, I want zero chance of my hand being there if the animal immediately runs out, or if the animal tries to claw at my hand as I fidget trying to unlock the trap door. However with this large loop both of those possibilities are a non-issue. It is so easy to first hook the loop securely with something like a pick, then press the release mechanism to unlock trap door (and secured with pick), then you can totally move your hand out of the way before even lifting the door, and this door unlocks so smoothly, there is no fumbling because of that large loop. Now you lift door via the pick with your hand totally clear. The reason I only gave it four stars is because why on Earth did you do such an awesome job making a 1/2" X 1/2" mesh cage which is even small enough to prevent a mouse from getting out!...then fall short of perfection by making the door 1" x 1/2"?? Why come so close to making the entire thing 1/2" x 1/2" but then not finish the job? Doesn't make sense!
5/5 Great cover, 11/30/2019
Reviewer: Bud Williams
Company: Monocacy Pest Control LLC
When I go to a customers house to do their pest control or to do a termite/pest inspection, I always recommend adding covers on all their vents. These covers work great and only need to self-tapping screws to install or 2 Tapcos for brick/concrete. I highly recommend these covers. Use these for the larger size than the standard 4" covers.
5/5 Great cover, 11/30/2019
Reviewer: Bud Williams
Company: Monocacy Pest Control LLC
When I go to a customers house to do their pest control or to do a termite/pest inspection, I always recommend adding covers on all their vents. These covers work great and only need to self-tapping screws to install or 2 Tapcos for brick/concrete. I highly recommend these covers.
5/5 Smells great, 11/30/2019
Reviewer: RB
Used for soap making as well. Soap turned out smelling great and worked well in my recipe. Oil was packed well for shipping and there were no leaks. Thanks for a great product!
5/5 Yard Invaders/Home Invaders, 11/28/2019
Reviewer: Tom Walters
Company: American Bat Management LLC nuisance wildlife
Outstanding resource/referrence book. Solid information well laid out. Should of bought this the first time I checked it out.
5/5 Koro large rodent double spring trap, 11/28/2019
Reviewer: Tom Walters
Company: American Bat Management LLC nuisance wildlife
I'm really liking these traps for lethal squirrel control work. Replacing my 110/120 conibears
5/5 Excellent value, 11/27/2019
Very concentrated and arrives double sealed and inside a sealed plastic bag for good reason. Fast and friendly service so i will be buying more products from WCS in the future
5/5 mink stretchers, 11/27/2019
Reviewer: Susan Awes
I am a decorative painter - and use these stretchers to create Santas for Christmas decoration. They are smooth, without blemish and perfect for painting. Excellent quality.
5/5 squirrel excluder worked, 11/26/2019
Reviewer: James Maloney
I recently ordered the 7" heavy duty excluder and attached it over the opening into the attic. Once the squirrels exited they were unable to re-enter. I'm pleased with the product and the results.
5/5 Pro-Pell Works Well, 11/26/2019
Reviewer: T. MacLaren
I have used Pro-Pell for almost two years. It has eliminated the presence of mice in the garage where they had been nesting in Winter. It is easy to use (spray every 3 months) and very effective.
5/5 Retrofit Weep Hole Covers, 11/25/2019
Reviewer: Delores Lewis
As a result of this product, I am a happy homeowner! I purchased the weep hole covers to prevent bugs/bees and other pest from invading my sunroom. This is an excellent product. Thanks for a great product.
5/5 Awesome Product!!!, 11/23/2019
Coyotes usually travel in the area every week to two weeks. Set the trap with the bait. Caught a large male in less than a week. Need to reset the trap to catch the next one. Awesome product.
5/5 Rodent stop works great, 11/21/2019
Reviewer: Joe B
Company: APM
Love this stuff. Makes exclusion work quick,clean,and easy.
5/5 Happy with gear and service, 11/20/2019
Good service from WCS and good equipment.
5/5 Bat Netting - 1/6" mesh - 14' x 10', 11/20/2019
Reviewer: KcF
I used this 1/6th inch net as directed on several sites by draping it down the side of my house from the roof at the gutter/soffit area. I secured the top and both sides leaving the bottom open. This net did as advertised. The bats are gone.
5/5 Launcher, 11/19/2019
Reviewer: stephen Kelley
Company: devlin road recycling
very effective at controlling seagulls
5/5 tube trap, 11/18/2019
Reviewer: Jeff B
THese are great and can be used over and over. hold up better than basic model which is also good.
5/5 Skyhawk, 11/15/2019
Reviewer: Perry Hampton
Company: TAAP Pest Elimination, Inc.
We have been using the Skyhawk Kiwi Trap Monitoring system for our traps in our Nuisance Wildlife business and we are very pleased with the product and the company's customer service/support. We find it very reliable and easy to use for both cage traps, body gripping and even snap traps. The phone App has features that are great for keeping track of all our traps. We have used another trapping monitoring system before this and find this SUPERIOR! It's has a long battery life and no wire leads or additional sensors needed. It's versatile, adaptable, quick to set up and easy to use. We have used it in the rain and snow with no issues. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Skyhawk!! Perry Hampton TAAP Pest Elimination, Inc.
5/5 Protecta Rat sized bait stations, 11/14/2019
Reviewer: Jon Fiscel
Company: AZ Pest
Great product
5/5 Raccoon urine, 11/13/2019
Reviewer: Jason Napolski
Good pricing, effective product and quick shipping
5/5 I love this stuff, 11/11/2019
Reviewer: Lori Covington
Company: none
I bought a 50 pack in 2017 and they are still holding up great. Ready to order another 50 of the DDAC to do more of our fence area. We are on an acre so need a lot of this. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for peace of mind.
5/5 Skunk Trap, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Chad
Company: Environmental Pest Control
This trap is the Swiss Army knife of traps. It has the opaque sides for limited outward visibility of the animal, special door to easily set bait, window for verifying positive catch and easy-set trigger mechanism. The only down side is that the trigger "hook" will need to be filed a bit to increase positive engagement with the plate.
5/5 Bait Baskets, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Chad
Company: Environmental Pest Control
Whoever came up with these needs a raise and a bonus. This ingenious design saves us from wondering where the bait went and keeps it viable from one catch to the next. Plus the hanging basket design means that most of the intended target creatures have to raise up to reach it thus ensuring the trigger plate is tripped every time.
5/5 Swing Panel Trap, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Chad
Company: Environmental Pest Control
This is a well-made trap that works very well. Most traps need some adjustment to set the trigger plates but this one was properly set when it arrived.
5/5 Works great, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Randy Cook
Company: Cook s Pest
This is my second time using them. They are very heavy duty. if you use all 8 fastening holes on each vent you shouldn't have a problem with anything but a bear getting under your home.
5/5 Juvenile chipmunk prevention, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Kerry Streng
Company: ACE Animal Control Experts
I work in Michigan. Customer was replacing laundry tub and used duck tape as temporary closure for drain/soil pipe. Two juvenile chips chewed through tape. Guards are designed to allow venting of leaves falling onto top of guard. Easy installation and works well.
5/5 I Love These Traps, 11/07/2019
Reviewer: Loran
I have purchased 5 or 6 of these over the years. The day after I received this, I got 2 squirrels and a third the next day. They are great!!
5/5 Worked Very Well, 11/06/2019
Reviewer: Peyton Moore
I used this to cold dye my traps and it worked very well. Just make sure your traps are fully covered in light rust to get the dye to stick right.
5/5 Awesome!, 11/06/2019
Reviewer: Peyton Moore
The tags were printed perfectly! Exactly what I asked for. They got here very quickly. I'm very happy with how these turned out and the price is very good.
5/5 , 11/06/2019
Reviewer: Peyton Moore
Very nice. You get a lot of wool for the price.
5/5 Loud and Scarey to the Vultures, 11/05/2019
Reviewer: Rod
Company: Country Club Manor Co-Op, Inc.
The Screamers work well - very loud and scary to those pesky vultures. We use a double launcher and load a Banger to go off first, followed by a Screamer - very effective.
5/5 Well Made - Works Well, 11/05/2019
Reviewer: Rod
Company: Country Club Manor Co-op, Inc.
The launcher is working well; having two shots allows us to fire a Banger followed up with a Screamer which really scares away those pesky vultures!
5/5 Works Great LOUD!, 11/05/2019
Reviewer: Rod
Company: Country Club Manor Co-op, Inc.
The Bangers are doing a great job of scaring off the turkey and black vultures that have been a nuisance for years.
5/5 Finally A Solution to Voles Wrecking my Yard!, 11/04/2019
Reviewer: Marktrimarc
It took me two tries to catch my first vole, but I did it today. The first time I placed it, the trap tripped over night, but it caught only dirt. That tells me the vole(s) pushed or kicked dirt into the opening and tripped it. The second time I set the trap was last night. This morning it was tripped and had caught a big vole. Over the past month, I had tried two of the popular wire "pinch" traps but after several days caught nothing. I tried gassing them, using about 50 of the gas bombs, and also tried the poison pellets. Nothing worked except for this Topcat trap! It's not cheap and nobody else sells them, but they're well worth it!
5/5 M15, 11/03/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Nice product but didn't come with instructions like it says in the ad
5/5 Steve B. Montana, 11/01/2019
Reviewer: Steve B. Montana
Very well built, everything I expected. Can't wait for marten season to open.
5/5 Bait Station, 11/01/2019
Reviewer: Jayme
Company: RE/MAX
Very good product! Easy to use and the team there does a great job helping with questions. Highly recommend!
4/5 not bad but small., 10/31/2019
Reviewer: Tom Mengle
This isn't a bad trap for sparrows but its kind of small. I caught 3 the second day and a grey squirrel. 5 in 1 week, 65 to go. If it were larger it would hold more birds. The 3 I caught flapped around so much the other ones got scared off. Put the trap on a table or under a roof where they hide in storms and rain or right next to the bushes they hide in on an old table . Don’t hang it.
5/5 Fit the Bill, 10/31/2019
Reviewer: Mark Hassman
Company: Hassman Termite and Pest Control
Seems like a great product. Used it mainly for the deodorizing property and sanitizing. Killed the odor of Bat Guano very well in an attic area.
5/5 Ferret camera, 10/30/2019
Reviewer: Rocky fletcher
Company: Problem wildlife
I give this product an A+ Easy to use in many different applications. Locating baby squirrels, baby coons on a flu,etc. I find myself reaching for the ferret on a daily basis love it
5/5 Safeguard 5324 trap, 10/30/2019
Reviewer: Tom Wallace
Excellent trap. I had one before..used it for many years, only the last time a HUGE raccoon destroyed the trip tray, making it impossible to repair. I tried several other manufactures, but none were as strong as this one, so I ordered it and was pleased to see that it had been modified in a manner that would keep an animal from bending the trip pad out of shape. This is a high quality and well built trap.
5/5 The Intimidator. (Woodpecker deterrent, 10/30/2019
Reviewer: Linda Bostick
I have 4 of these strategically placed on my cedar house. The woodpeckers had been damaging the house for some time, but are no longer a problem since I put up these deterrents. The product is well made and very easy to install. I just needed a ladder and a drill. I highly recommend this product!
5/5 Trapper, 10/29/2019
Reviewer: Kevin
Company: Private
After ordering, received call they were out out fresh preserved but had frozen, which I accepted. My order was received promptly and still partially frozen. Meat was exactly as described.
5/5 2.5 Round Body, 10/29/2019
Reviewer: Craig
Have tried many methods of catching and killing chipmunks this one really works. As soon as I set the trap out I started catching the chipmunks within a week they were gone!!! Great product and highly recommend!!!
5/5 It works!!, 10/28/2019
Reviewer: Alisa C.
I was referred to you by our county animal services. Because the raccoon was a momma in waiting they were unable by law to remove her. They suggested the Vanish paste and gave me instructions on how to use it. That night she birthed her pup and by morning was removing it to safety. Unfortunately my neighbor saw the pup and proceeded to rescue it to a wildlife hospital and momma and baby were separated. I was assured the pup was being cared for and would not be euthanized. When old enough it will be released to it's natural habitat. The product definitely works but I feel so sad that momma was separated from her baby.
5/5 GHreat dryer vent., 10/28/2019
Reviewer: Mark Muckelberg
I had purchased and installed this vent previously, but during a remodel and addition to our home, that vent became a casualty. I quickly ordered another one before the contractor had a chance to install one of those cheap plastic vents.
5/5 Best vent at any price, 10/28/2019
Reviewer: Dave
Company: DIYer
You can't buy a better dryer vent and the price at wildlife control is the best.
5/5 Great Trap, 10/27/2019
Reviewer: Frank C.
My favorite squirrel trap out of all the brands I own. Well built and long lasting.
4/5 Good Size, 10/27/2019
Reviewer: Frank C.
Perfect sized trap but not as well built as some of WCS other products.
5/5 Exactly what I needed!, 10/27/2019
Reviewer: Angela Rella
Intended for foundations, but worked perfect for replacing the flimsy screen/trim moulding vents under my soffits.
5/5 Skunk Essence (Tincture), 10/26/2019
Reviewer: Mike "Seldom" Fales
I find this product plenty strong enough for jacking-up my lures and baits to the degree I want without having the neighborhood come down on me if I used straight essence. Another plus is that this product comes packed in a material that my mail carrier has no clue there is skunk in her vehicle.
5/5 New customer, 10/26/2019
Reviewer: Y.C
I was looking for copper mesh for a while. The price was decent and WCS was great answering my questions. The delivery was good also will be ordering more.
2/5 Is ok but, 10/25/2019
Reviewer: Jon Munsterman
Company: Pathfinder Wildlife Services
For any of your smaller, less aggressive animals these do very well. The problem is is I have had these fail to bigger animals, in one specific example an Otter folded the screen back in to the crawlspace
5/5 Service, 10/24/2019
Reviewer: Joe
Incredible service as always, great company
5/5 Great Product!, 10/24/2019
Reviewer: John M.
Company: MSI Termite and Pest Control
These are way better than the plastic versions. These have a great lifespan and have helped in many situations of preventing entry into a home. Only downside: they are hard to clean when placed over a dryer vent due to buildup.
5/5 Best trap ever, 10/23/2019
Reviewer: Dennis
Company: Gila Biological Consulting
I am a wildlife biologist who ends up doing a great deal of nuisance animal trapping. I've had some of my traps for 10 years and still work fine. Easy to set, catches animals easily, easy to release without getting bit or spayed, and even easy to clean. Well worth the cost. Now regularly use 10 small traps and 6 large raccoon size traps. Work better and are hidden better if you camouflage paint them.
5/5 Solar Seal #900, 10/23/2019
Reviewer: Craig F.
We had new windows installed in 2018. The company used Solar Seal. It stays elastic so it moves with temperature changes. The best feature is that it DOES NOT attract dust or dirt. It remains clear and will not yellow in sunlight.
5/5 Rat Out Gel, 10/23/2019
Reviewer: Jeff Melton
Company: Melton Wildlife Control
Customer said I went above and beyond in my Exclusion. Besides the black foam and copper mesh I added the Gel which is very easy to apply. The Homeowner noticed the Garlic smell. I told them that was to deter the rodents that may be tempted to try to enter the sealed holes
5/5 Excellent Product, 10/21/2019
Reviewer: Alex G
Company: Conquest Pest Solutions
Product was as expected - nay, better than expected. Excellent piece of work for keeping bird, squirrels and such out of vents. We will surely use them again and again.
5/5 Delivered as ordered. Quality product, 10/21/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
Company: Affordable Wildlife Removal
They last reliably for years in professional use. Over time the Huge Bull Male raccoons will eventually beat them up and they will need replaced. For occasional home use, I don't think you would ever wear them out. I currently catch over 300 raccoons a year in these. I also get a number of opossums and groundhogs.
5/5 Racoons love it, 10/20/2019
Reviewer: Shawn
Company: Shawn's Wildlife Trapping
I have been very successful with this product.
5/5 Great product, 10/20/2019
Reviewer: Shawn
Company: Shawn's Wildlife Trapping
I have had great results with this product and I will continue to use it.
5/5 Amazing Terrorist Squirrel Trap!, 10/19/2019
Reviewer: Steve Bartley
Company: Banshee and Sons, Inc.
Bought this from WCS 40 days ago because squirrels were tearing away the siding on my home, stripping huge pieces of bark from backyard trees, and making my lawn and yard look like a golf course. Out of control. This trap has proved exceptionally reliable, as compared to many others I have tried and tossed. Baited is best - peanut butter and shelled sunflower seeds. Make sure to place the bait above the inside trap pan, up on the top or roof area. My damages and squirrel problem has been eliminated. Squirrels eliminated too. 5 thumbs up for this product. Worth every penny.
5/5 James Frieling, 10/16/2019
Reviewer: James Frieling
Company: Vanguard wildlife solutions
This product is fantastic and blends better than the stainless steel.
4/5 Love the Koro, 10/15/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
Excited to have received the Koro double spring model considering a dense gray family occupation here in northern Illinois. These rodents are destructive, strong, elusive, and clever, so bait type and trap/bait placement critical to capture. In the first three days of use, they triggered Koro several times and we're able to elude death a few times, but I eventually got two of them. Love the Koro & WCS. Much appreciated! - Jeff
5/5 safeguard # 52836, 10/15/2019
Reviewer: Karen
great trap easy to release & clean
5/5 Great Trap, 10/15/2019
Reviewer: Allan Vig
Company: None
This is the second Tube Trap I have purchased. These are great traps as the rodents do not escape. I use a little peanut butter and some bird seed. I also put a piece of field corn in the end with a blank end cap. It does the trick every time. My first trap was given to a friend and it didn't make it back before I decided I needed another one. My friend is still using my first one and he likes it as well as I do.
5/5 Crawl space vents, 10/14/2019
Reviewer: Scottie
Easy to install and looks great. Very good choice for a crawl space vent! Thank you!
5/5 Great Tags, 10/10/2019
Reviewer: Wallace
The tags look great and we look forward to do more business with WCS.
5/5 Z Traps - A great alternative raccoon trap, 10/09/2019
Reviewer: J. May
Company: WhisperingEagle LLC Nuisance Wildlife Control
I was able to field test this trap on a stubborn raccoon in the attic. At first I used a cage trap to try and capture the female raccoon as she was entering or leaving the attic, with no luck. After placing a trail cam to investigate why it became apparent that she was extremely trap shy. I replaced the cage trap for the tube trap and had captured her the first night. Removed her, the cubs, closed access points, happy client and a happy NWCO.
5/5 Excellent Quality., 10/08/2019
Reviewer: laura
Excellent Quality. Great service. Got the product in a couple of days.
5/5 Great squirrel trap, 10/07/2019
Reviewer: Alan Hargus
Pricey, yes, but stainless means no rust! Strong kill bar. Needs hardware cloth added to back to prevent animal from stealing bait without stepping on the trigger pan. WCS service was great! Speedy and efficient. When I ordered some rat trap covers for traps I already had, Mandy obligingly measured and alerted me that these covers wouldn't work with these other traps, so she just dropped them from my order for me. That's personalized service!
5/5 Works as Expected, 10/07/2019
Reviewer: Rick Appleby
Caught a coyote on my first attempt. These traps are very effective!
5/5 Well built trap, 10/06/2019
Reviewer: Rex Goddard
Company: N/a
This is a very well built trap. I'll definitely be ordering more. Thank you WCS for quality products. Rex
5/5 Chimney Sweep Company Owner, 10/04/2019
Reviewer: Bernie Melvin
Company: Soot Master Chimney Sweeping
Great addition to my ladder safety equipment. Well made, very effective, easy to use.
4/5 Cinch springs, 10/03/2019
Reviewer: Kevin elms
Company: Trapper kevin
Cinch springs are extremely powerful and work fast at cinching the snare around a coyotes neck. Only two issues found so far. The springs don't easily fit in the rear notch. I've had to grind the notch to get the spring to lock into place. 2nd issue is once the spring is locked in both places the coil sticks up almost 3" above the frame. I've had to use a vice and heat one and just to bend it downward so its level with the frame. Be sure to reset the temper if you heat up any part of the spring. Otherwise it's a good and strong spring. Will be ordering more after losing these after a catch.
5/5 Best rodent repellent on the market, 10/03/2019
Reviewer: Robert Wiemer ACE
Company: Pestco Professional Services
I have been using Pro-Pell for 2 years in NY, PA and OH and in over 20 years in pest control, it is the finest rodent repellent I have ever used. This is an exempt product and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.
5/5 Great Product for Ridge Vent Critter Exclusion, 10/03/2019
Reviewer: Kaleb Brosman
Company: Basic Wildlife Removal
Tried Peak Protector on a ridge vent animal exclusion project and it went on easy and looked great.
5/5 Best brand trap, 10/01/2019
Reviewer: Jim Davis
Very well made & operates perfect. Safety straps are better than other brands.
5/5 Great Product, 09/30/2019
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Home owner
After extensive research Chimney Saver seemed to be the best out there. WCS has the best price and shipping. Shipment was lightening fast. Keep up the good work!
5/5 Foundation ventguard, 09/30/2019
Reviewer: Greg
The squirrels chewed through the screens on my cinder block crawl space vents. These were the perfect solution, effective, easy installation and they look great.
5/5 Working Well, 09/30/2019
Reviewer: Jeff
I installed the units a few days ago and so far have been working as hoped. I waited a few weeks before installing to make sure there were no new babies in the attic. So far, happy with the results.
4/5 James, 09/27/2019
Reviewer: James Davis
Company: coastal wildlife removal
The trap is great it works on rats. Just make a nose cone to fit the trap and you are in the rat trapping game. The only thing is the price, it is to much money for a rat trap.
5/5 moles, 09/27/2019
Reviewer: James Davis
Company: coastal wildlife removal
no mole traps are the best mole traps i have used.
5/5 Bats : Removal & Exclusion Simplified, 09/26/2019
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Very informative
5/5 Pro cone 45 degree, 09/26/2019
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Makes corner excluder work simple and quick . GREAT PRODUCT !
5/5 bat cone excluder, 09/26/2019
Reviewer: Rick Brocious
Company: Brocious Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Very quick and easy to use .
5/5 Excellent, 09/26/2019
Reviewer: Kari
This is an AWESOME product. I had no idea this thing existed. For an intelligent, hard to catch dog who escaped every trap we set, it was a God send. I have told several people in rescue about this product and I will continue to rave about it
5/5 Works great, 09/25/2019
Reviewer: Ken
Company: Sutton Weed & Pest Control
I used to use wood or rocks in my positive sets. It looked unprofessional and sloppy. This nose cone works better and looks professional. I should have bought these years ago.
4/5 Back door can be a problem, 09/25/2019
Reviewer: Harry Downing
The trap itself is effective, and the guillotine front door works well. The removable back door is held in place by a wingnut, which can be loosened if the animal wiggles the trap around enough. I lost a skunk because of this, so now I secure the wingnut with duct tape to hold it in place.
4/5 Overall Good Trap, 09/23/2019
Reviewer: Sue
The trap worked well. However, since I cannot carry the trap - I had to wait to call the person until the next morning. The trap is a good one I think --the only thing I think would make it better is to have a back door. Then it would make it easier to plant the bait. It is hard to clean off the wire but you cannot build a trap without part of it being wire mesh.
5/5 Foldable Roof Platform, 09/19/2019
Reviewer: Tom Olander
Company: Olanders Wildlife Control
Very pleased with this product. Not only is it a breeze to setup, it's also as stable as standing on the ground. And the built in level gives you the confidence to work up high comfortably. It's also big enough to hold not just you, but also plenty of your tools safely while you work. And when your done it folds flat for easy transport. A well made tool in my opinion.
5/5 Great product, 09/17/2019
I did not get my skunk yet but I got 3 possums and 2 racoons in 6 days. Seems pretty irresistible.
5/5 Dura Poly plastic trap, 09/17/2019
Perfectly designed and well constructed. Keeps animals from clinging to previous wire mesh traps when released, easy to hose down and clean out, tripping mechanism has a nice design,
5/5 homeowner 2, red squirrels 0, 09/13/2019
Reviewer: Rod
red squirrels chewed hole in eves. tried different traps with no luck. Wife said this one wouldn't work either. Squirrels wouldn't want to go through, too obvious. However, this trap gets them every time.
5/5 Yuleys, 09/10/2019
Reviewer: Jerene
Best product ever! Easy on and off without involving hands or bending over.
5/5 Impressive, 09/10/2019
Reviewer: Taco
I needed to make a slight modification to catch anything, but once I did this thing is a squirrel eliminator. I found that peanut butter dropped into raw oatmeal and rolled into small balls works great. You place a couple of these on the opening to the tube to give them a taste. Then, eventually they get frustrated and head to get the bait in the back. (Pistachios worked as well.... but hey those are mine!) The tube placement is key as well. Be sure to place them as far away from your house as possible. I tried a few times and was unsuccessful until I moved the trap away from my house and deck. You can't just plop this in the middle of the back yard. I found that placing it right next to a fallen log or tree limb that is just about the same size as the tube worked great. Cover it up with some leaves and twigs and get ready to catch something in no time.
5/5 Sparrow trap, 09/10/2019
Reviewer: Chuck
Company: BuilderMen
Fast service. Good quality item!! very satisfied! Nice website too.
3/5 Owner, 09/09/2019
Reviewer: Ken McCaffery Jr
Company: A-team Pest Prevention And Removal
No lock, squirrels have pulled door open n have gotten out before I could get on site...
5/5 Squirrel trap, 09/08/2019
Reviewer: John M. Smith
Heavy duty trap, and excellent service along with quick delivery service.
5/5 Mr., 09/08/2019
Reviewer: Geoff Goble
Excellent result. No more raccoons swinging on my bird feeders and destroying them.
5/5 No more Moles!!, 09/05/2019
Reviewer: Jeff S
Don't waste your time on other traps.. These work..find the main tunnel and place according to instructions. These are the only ones I will use.
5/5 I TOTALLY AGREE, 09/04/2019
Reviewer: Randall R
Company: Stonegate Vineyard, Westport MA
I absolutely agree, it works really well. I apply it using a funnel, attached to a chunk of garden hose, draining some into each of the woodchuck tunnels that we have. Works well for months because it doesn't wash away with the rain. I usually apply annually but if I get really riled up I do it twice a year. And I buy the gallon size because I can be generous. Kinda nice not to have an open bottle in the barn, however, because there's a hint of odor, even if I bag it again. Not bad though. But I definitely don't leave any leftover in the barn during the summer.
5/5 It really works!, 09/02/2019
Reviewer: Maureen
We love raccoons but they were getting into our feral cat's shelter/food area and destroying it all..so as a last resort we tried this fluid . Soak some cloth in it and put it around openings and along the fence line they were climbing..next night they sniffed all around it but left immediately. No problem since!! I really didn't expect it to work..but it does!
5/5 Great swager, 09/01/2019
Reviewer: Bob Smith
Needed a simple system for a break away device in PA. This fills the bill!
2/5 not as good as other products, 09/01/2019
Reviewer: xxx
Company: snake guard
unfortunately, this box is made of regular cardboard and therefore is not sturdy when it gets wet. we had previously purchased another brand that was made or more plasticated corrugated and held up in the rain.
5/5 I use it, 08/29/2019
Reviewer: Casey Rayls
Company: BeastMaster Pest Services
I use the stuff. Works great. Looks like a shadow or crack from the ground.
5/5 Koro live beaver Trap, 08/29/2019
Reviewer: Devon Smith
Well constructed live trap. The Koro live beaver trap is a bit heavier than the Hancock live trap. Both types work very well on trap shy beavers. Have never had a triggered trap without a beaver.
5/5 Excellent vent cover, 08/27/2019
Reviewer: Lynn Bayer
Company: Homeowner
Very solid vent cover.
5/5 Great product, 08/27/2019
Reviewer: Kmac
A local company wanted to charge us $1000 to place these on our house. We bought 5 for $50, installed them ourselves, and have had no woodpeckers. Easy to install. Would recommend if you have woodpeckers.
5/5 Excellent Butyl Tape, 08/26/2019
Reviewer: Lou Rich
Overall very pleased with the performance of this butyl tape. The tape rolled out easily and adhered to the cinder block wall very well. I did drill the christmas tree plug holes first and then used a wire brush to remove loose debris before attaching the tape. A small roller worked well to make sure the tape was firmly seated before the backing was removed. Had absolutely no issues with the tape falling off or sagging. Quite impressed.
5/5 Yes, it works and doesn't bother cats, 08/23/2019
Reviewer: Greg
A family of raccoons (mama+4 young) were scaling our cat-proof fencing to come in and eat the cat food. Nothing would deter them until we tied strips of fabric along the fence, applied this stuff and we watched as one by one, the raccoons turned around and left. The cats don't mind it either.
5/5 Wildlife Controll Supplies, 08/23/2019
Reviewer: Rev. D. E. Shilo Frampton
Company: Amvets U.S. North East Coast INSPECTOR General
From ordering the products, shipping correctly, receiving them quickly and having the products produce accurately. EXCELLENT IN ALL WAYS. I AM 101% SATISFYED WITH EVERYTHING. Thank You, I will be ordering from you exclusively. Rev. D. E. Shilo Frampton Deborah A. Leitch Hillsborough, NJ.
5/5 works for beaver, 08/22/2019
Reviewer: Mike
Works as advertised. We had a recurring beaver problem which appears to be solved with a single set of the trap. Collapsing and releasing the springs using the rope trick (stand in a loop, loop the rope through the rings twice, and pull) worked well, although takes some effort as the trap is quite powerful.
5/5 It Works, 08/22/2019
Reviewer: ST
Company: ST
Rat out gel works better, but only covers the area its placed..This will run the rodents out. However you must seal up the entry points, rodents usually come in at the same place. Spray inside and outside. Have traps ready because it WILL run them out
5/5 Good as gold, 08/21/2019
Reviewer: Shawn Boewe
This lure brings em in quick so you can catch them and move on, highly recommended!!
5/5 Bat eviction with ease!!, 08/20/2019
Reviewer: Peter Hawkins
Company: No More Bugs dba Mosquito Authority
Using these for the past 5 years, never failed me!
5/5 Owner, 08/19/2019
Reviewer: Mark
Company: Advanced Wildlife Pest Control
The BEST ridge vent solution for bats, squirrels etc! Gets the job done in a fraction of time compared to removing, re-venting and shingles. Plus there is no cleanup and removal of old materials! Highly recommend this product!!
5/5 Tomahawk Pro Series 1010SS Live Trap, 08/18/2019
Reviewer: Jeff Melton
Company: Melton Wildlife Control
I love this trap. Will have Many more. Nice size, 1/2 x 1 14 ga wire. Heavy reinforced door.
5/5 Wickencamp Coon Trap, 08/18/2019
Reviewer: Jeff Melton
Company: Melton Wildlife Control
One of the Best built cage traps. This is my second one. One of my customers says its undestroyable.
5/5 Retired, 08/17/2019
Reviewer: Bob L
Oh Yeah! This is the item you want, so buy it now. I put some on a corn cob and string beans and caught the whistle pig. Great stuff. I highly recommend it. I will continue to use it.
5/5 Best Woodpecker control device we have found, 08/16/2019
Reviewer: Lisa P
My husband and I have battled woodpeckers making holes in the wood siding on our chimney for 5 years. We thought we had tried it all until a friend mentioned these, and they actually did the trick. No woodpeckers back in several weeks ! Thank you
5/5 Kills with authority, 08/16/2019
Reviewer: Dan
Used them in a kill tunnel baited with roasted and unsalted peanuts. The KORO trap setting tool makes the job super easy. One spring broke when resetting, but a pleasant conversation with Roy at WCS, and an emailed picture of the problem later, and there was a replacement trap was on its way.
5/5 Quality product !, 08/16/2019
Reviewer: Jim
Last vent you'll ever need .
5/5 Much louder than expected, but in a good way, 08/16/2019
Reviewer: Dawn
I was a bit skeptical about these compared to the non-exempt ones, but they were impressively loud and very effective for finally getting the geese out of the yard! We also used them while hiking in the woods to alert any bears (we were in an area full of berries near dusk).
5/5 love this, 08/15/2019
Reviewer: jake
i used this and i love it i always carry it in my trapping bag with me. I found that the best is to put a marshmallow at the bottom then put the coon chum and they fall for it every time
4/5 Loud and effective for bird and animal control, 08/15/2019
Reviewer: Dawn
I was a bit skeptical because it looks like a toy gun, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and how loud the Bird Banger and Screamer cartridges are (non-pyro licensed ones). It's actually loud enough just using blanks to scare geese off the yard and to alert bears that you're in the area. Make sure to read how to install the cartridges though because the directions aren't the clearest for someone new at this and you wouldn't want them exploding. Also, buy the cartridges in bulk as there is a hazardous shipping fee. The shipping was super fast and customer service was excellent, they even called to make sure I sent in the required form for personal use. Suggestions for improvement would be that the banger has a safety switch, an easier way to uncock the trigger without having to dry-fire, and a cover (a nylon bag like used for paintball guns) that keeps the cartridges in place as they will fall out quite easily, and a holster/case for both the banger and cartridges would be nice as an added purchase option. I'd probably go with the one that shoots 5 rounds next time, but this is a great starter piece and we finally have our yard back and peace of mind against bears in the northwoods.
5/5 bat cone, 08/14/2019
Reviewer: Ginny Bannon
Installed one day; that night bats were NOT happy - left and haven't seen them since!
5/5 Excellet product, 08/14/2019
Reviewer: Larry Cheatham
Care in packaging, fast shipping time and an excellent product at a fair price. Thanks WCS
5/5 Screams!!, 08/13/2019
Reviewer: Joe
Very effective.
5/5 koro traps, 08/12/2019
Reviewer: joe markie
Company: wcs [wildlife control supplies]
there should be 10 stars-that's what i give these koro traps-the pesky damaging rodents are disappearing fast. i have the large-rodent 2 spring & the large koro single spring trap just awesome these are going to last a long time. yes i would recommend AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++ thanks again
5/5 Fantastic Product!, 08/12/2019
Reviewer: Kim
The collarum is fantastic! We had been trying 2.5 mos. to catch my dog. She was born & had lived on the streets for the first couple years of her life until she was trapped & rescued 6 mos prior to escaping from my backyard. We had tried a live trap & a large pen with absolutely no luck. With a vet's help had even tried drugging her a few times. Living on the streets, the drugs had little to no effect on her. She is also extremely smart. If it looked out of place or out of the ordinary she wouldn't go anywhere near it. Then a friend ordered the Collarum. We didn't dig a trench like it is suggested in the video. We merely anchored it to the ground as suggested & covered it with some lawn clippings. First time at the trap & trying to get the food, BAM she was caught! I just wish we had found this earlier. It would have saved us a few months of sitting, watching & trying to trap her.
5/5 Perfect Product, 08/12/2019
Reviewer: Vincent
The product was perfect and the price was the best I could find on the internet. Delivery speed was superb, keep up the good work.
5/5 Recent mole trap purchase, 08/11/2019
Reviewer: Duane King
Best mole trap on the market. Worth every cent!
5/5 Owner, 08/11/2019
Reviewer: Barbara Ludt
Company: Easton Animal Rescue
5/5 Great product, 08/10/2019
Reviewer: David Kondrup
Company: NH animal damage control
I use this mesh quite a bit, it blends in perfectly and is very easy to work with. The coating ensures it will last for years and years. Customers love it.
5/5 Excellent customer service, excellent vent!, 08/09/2019
Reviewer: Kay
This is our 2nd order from WCS and one of the 3 vents was shipped damaged. I called their customer service rep. Melissa, and was promptly promised a replacement. Really nice to find a company that backs its products. Thank you.
5/5 Groundhog/ rabbit / universal, 08/08/2019
Reviewer: Deane
Bought this trap for trapping groundhogs. The universal use for over the hole or against a building is great. Product was delivered quickly & customer service was easy to work with. I will continue to purchase my trapping products from WCS going forward.
5/5 Very good berry paste bait, 08/07/2019
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied pest and wildlife
Very strong lingering odors using for coons, opossums, and skunks
5/5 Excellent skunk bait, 08/07/2019
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied pest and wildlife
First night caught a skunk. Smeared a bit on a marshmallow behind the trigger pan
5/5 Works good, 08/07/2019
Reviewer: Mike Gephart
Company: Allied pest and wildlife
Great bait works well
5/5 Chimney Saver Water Base - 5 Gallon, 08/07/2019
Reviewer: Eric
Company: Home Owner
I had done a lot of research on this product, and found it one of the best. I was surprised to find it on the Wildlife Control Supplies web site. Super price, reasonable shipping. THANKS Wildlife Control Supplies.
5/5 Raccoon Eviction Fluid, 08/07/2019
Reviewer: Bee
Had raccoons getting up in my bird feeder at night. Soaked a rag and taped it to the 4-inch PVC pipe and I've not seen them after the fourth night.
5/5 Effective and Cosmetically Appealing, 08/03/2019
Reviewer: Micah
Company: Critter Control
This is my preferred material for ridge vent protection against rodents, squirrels, flyers, and bats. It holds up against chewing and looks clean and professional. The length of the material makes transport and application more convenient than other similar products. I highly recommend this product.
5/5 It Works!, 07/31/2019
Reviewer: Andrew
I have a 15 foot wide chimney. There used to be 3 openings inside the house and the previous owners closed up the top for the two outside ones and only left the center one working. I placed a wood burning stove in it. The bricks were very porous and would absorb the rain water running down it. During heavy rainstorms the two closed chimneys eventually would start to drip water inside the house and it would smell musty. After applying this product, water rolls off the bricks and never has a chance to get inside. The bricks never get a chance to get wet. Application was easy and accurate. 100 square foot per gallon. I power washed the chimney a few days before applying. We have had over a dozen HEAVY rainstorms since applied and I have had no water problems at all.
5/5 Mr., 07/31/2019
Reviewer: Pat Unrein
Works good for me. Worth the money.
4/5 Squrrel Trap Review, 07/28/2019
Reviewer: Daniel Trembinski
Nice trap but it should have been galvanized as these are placed outside and the casing is rusting right after the first rain.
5/5 Great trap, 07/27/2019
Reviewer: Steve J
Have bought and used these for a couple of years and they work flawlessly. They are well constructed and do the job effectively.
5/5 Great Quality, 07/26/2019
Reviewer: Nick
Very pleased with the quality and the service
5/5 Another Black Foam!, 07/26/2019
Reviewer: Donnie Ray Cantrell
Company: Legend Pest and Wildlife Solutions
I love it ! It works great at a better price! Glad to see another black foam just as good and cheaper!
5/5 Great Traps, 07/26/2019
Reviewer: Darin French
Found these traps through a professional rodent removal company. They work great once you identify the main run ways. Old and young, big and small, I've caught them all . Would highly recommend
2/5 Undecided, 07/25/2019
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
We have used it once and it really didn't work. There may have been conditions that we were unaware of. though. We will try it again.
4/5 Good Lure, 07/25/2019
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
This works well for Red Squirrels and not too bad on chipmunks. We have picked up both when using it.
5/5 Mr, 07/25/2019
Reviewer: James Traver
Caught a couple so far. Waiting for more to show up, first time doing business with wildlife control Supplies, super quick, great variety, various shipping options great! Thank You
4/5 Mixed Results for me, 07/25/2019
Reviewer: E Bradshaw
Have been using this for a month now. Chipmunks love it! Mice love it! (But they love everything, right?) But my Colombian ground squirrels are not interested in it, and I'd really gotten it to target them. Great quality product, not horribly stinky. Pretty fast shipping, overall I'm very pleased with the acorn bait, just had to go with something else.
3/5 Great Trap but Damaged, 07/25/2019
Reviewer: mike
great trap - after spending many hours repairing the shipping damage - caught many birds instantly.
5/5 Heavy duty, 07/23/2019
This thing is serious. On the hard side to set but those rodents will not get away like they did on other traps I tried.
5/5 Must have on all our trucks, 07/23/2019
Reviewer: Chris
Company: Creature Control
These graspers are a must have. Like stated above, great for capturing a variety of animals but also useful for things like placing and retrieving rodent stations along foundations and rim joists in basements.
5/5 Works!, 07/22/2019
Reviewer: bob
In the first two days of use, it dispatched two squirrels and the rest of them stayed away. I'm completely satisfied.
5/5 Great Product!, 07/22/2019
Reviewer: Andrea
Love this bag. We've had trouble with rats dying in our walls. All we have to do is place a bag near that awful smell and the bag readily absorbs the smell. I highly recommended this product.
5/5 Great for bats, too, 07/22/2019
Reviewer: BobZ
Tried lots of items. This really discouraged bats.
5/5 Eviction fluid, 07/19/2019
Reviewer: Steven McFaden
Company: Bedford Nuisance Wildlife
Highly recommended. Mama raccoon will have babies moved within 2 days of application.
5/5 Very well made, 07/19/2019
Reviewer: jean
I havent caught a sparrow yet but it is mostly because I dont have the right bait and my dog has taken to laying right by it! It is very well made however --good quality!
5/5 Glue Fly Trap for Livestock Flies, 07/17/2019
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Cattlemen
I place these over my stock waterers and on trees in loafing areas. Catching the heck out of face and horn flies. Works great. Wish I'd heard about these a long time ago. Unfortunately, also catches friendly predatory insects and butterflies. As long as doesn't catch too many, I think I'm okay with it. Highly recommend.
5/5 Doubles as a safety device, 07/16/2019
Reviewer: Eric
In addition to protecting the gutter, it also stabilizes the ladder particularly with a bungee. I also wear a helmet in case of a fall. Also best price on the internet
5/5 Great Product, 07/15/2019
Reviewer: Ryan
Just started using this stuff, No wonder I was having limited success with other bait, this stuff works great.
5/5 Best available!, 07/15/2019
Reviewer: Michael S. Kleinman
This is easily the best raccoon trap on the market. I now own 3 of them. It is made of the heaviest gage wire of any brand so raccoons can not tear it up like other traps that I own.Once it is set it will not trip unless an animal steps on the trip bar. You can knock into and shake it but it stays set. The quick release by just turning the trap over with your foot is fantastic. You not not need to put your hand in harms way. Havahart is my least favorite trap because it is so hard to set and trips way too easily.
5/5 Unbelievable, 07/15/2019
Reviewer: Scotty
After years of mixed success with conibear traps mounted on an inclined 2x4, I spent the money on two of these squirrel traps. Unbelievable results. 6 fat squirrels in 2 days, 12 in a week. I quit baiting after the first 2 days and still got squirrels. Achieved my desired result: protected my peach trees from being stripped of peaches.
5/5 Heavy Duty, 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Bain
Well built tool that should last a lifetime.
4/5 RC Best Stabilizers, 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Bain
I like the stabilizers however they could use a crossbar welded between the legs below the bend to prevent the legs from spreading too far apart, possibly causing a bind on the striker bars of the trap. With that said they work well but you have to pay attention to that detail. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for a crossbar rather than having to make the modification myself.
5/5 Belisle 280 SuperX, 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Bain Bannon
These 280s are far superior to other brands of conibear traps that I own. The 4 way triggers and stay put safeties are my favorite features on the traps. The triggers are also very well fitted with minimal play.
5/5 Trap safety pin, 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Bain Bannon
I own several conibear safetys but this one is my favorite. The simple but effective design keeps your hands well above the striker bars out of the danger zone. No more fumbling with the safety getting the jaws lined up properly.
5/5 2"€ auger, 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Bain Bannon
I purchased the 2" auger. I've been impressed with the speed and design of the auger. It's a real time saver for making dirt holes and retrieving earth anchors.
4/5 Flight Control Plus, 07/12/2019
Reviewer: Frank
Company: Homeowner
I give it a 5 for effectiveness and ease of application. Put simply, it works. The geese come, eat some grass, poop and don't come back. We live on a river and the area has about 30 non-migratory geese. Their leavings are foul (excuse the pun), and my dogs love to taste the droppings) and then throw up. Flight Control completely takes care of both problems. The one drawback is cost. One application lasts 5 to 6 weeks, so I respray about five times a year, using half a quart each time. It is a fine product; I wish it cost less.
4/5 Not really impressed, 07/11/2019
Reviewer: Joe
Company: Ajmnac
I was hoping that they came with a better seal for liquid.
5/5 Racoons Evicted!, 07/10/2019
Reviewer: Jon Pierracos
This raccoon eviction fluid works faster than a court ordered eviction! I applied as directed and the very next day the raccoon was gone! Dynamite stuff. Highly recommended!
5/5 Bowhunter, 07/10/2019
Reviewer: Mike Rotchford
This is an absolute necessity if you hunt from a treestand.
5/5 Awesome tool., 07/09/2019
Reviewer: Jim Osorio
Company: National Dangerous Animal Task Force
I have used this net gun in the past, it's nice and compact and works well on various types of animals. I've used it on mostly dogs but also have used it on other animals as well. Highly recommend anyone that works with animals to add it to their tools.
5/5 Awesome Bait!!!, 07/08/2019
Reviewer: Rob Deblinger
Whether it is fishing or trapping no bait is really 100% where the critter stops dead in its tracks and has to eat it....until now. This bait smeared in the grooves of corn on the cob is irresistible to woodchucks. I cleaned out the entire local population in a week. If you want to live trap woodchucks effectively, this is a must.
5/5 Comstock Beaver Trap, 07/08/2019
Reviewer: Mike
This trap operated perfectly !!! After being set in a remote canal and baited we had a beaver within 6 days. The trap is well built and handled a thrashing 42 lb. Beaver without taking any damage. I would highly recommend this trap to anyone.
4/5 Go to Trap, 07/07/2019
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers Wildlife Control
This is my go to trap for skunks, woodchucks , and raccoons. I've used this trap combined with another to trap multiple animals at one set up.
5/5 Excellent Product, 07/07/2019
Reviewer: John M Henneman
Company: JMH Construction Services Inc.
This is my 2nd Booger, Last year on a Hunting Trip I gave my first one to a Buddy. I had to replace that one. Have used it several times to retrieve Hat, Gloves and a couple of other Items.
5/5 Essential Tool, 07/07/2019
Reviewer: Tom Nee
Safest way to set strong conibear traps. Will use for years. Worth the money.
5/5 Great trap, 07/05/2019
Reviewer: Larry Crespo
Company: Crespo's Wildlife Solutions
Best trap for a groundhog under a shed or porch
5/5 Good replacement for damage, 07/05/2019
Reviewer: Sunny
Very easy to install! Found that mice had chewed through the trim pieces and so this was an easy and sturdy solution to cover the damage. Used on all of our garage doors and hopefully this will help deter them from entering.
5/5 Best trap ever! Works great got my dog back!, 07/04/2019
Reviewer: Andrew Wilcher
I have a 1.5 year old very female German Shepard. After a botched attempt to catch the 70 pound girl in a federal dog cage trap for large dogs that I had borrowed from the local Animal Control, she got wise and wouldn't enter the trap. Next there was attempts to sedate the dog with ace pills from my veterinarian. Even at higher doses this was ineffective. My girl was easily trotting away. The animal control officer told about the collarum trap he had. I couldn’t wait and I ordered the dog model. I followed the instructions and assembled the trap, made the recommended adjustments and studied all the helpful hints and watched the videos. I use the canine bait on the covered white bite pull provided. I had been feeding my dog and using peanut butter treating her every night. I set my trap, anchoring as instructed, sprinkled some of my wife’s potting soil to hide the trap with only the bite pull exposed with the bait applied. At 11:22 pm the trap was set and a hour later I checked to see the results. Found my dog trapped. She was waiting like a dog on a short lead. Worked great!!!
5/5 Can be effective - worth having on hand., 07/04/2019
Reviewer: Mike
I primarily use Macabee gopher traps in the tunnels, but find the box-style traps to be useful and often easier to set, since you have to widen the tunnel to fit the Macabees in place. These box traps work especially well at the end of a tunnel.
5/5 Very effective, 07/04/2019
Reviewer: Mike
These traps are easy to set and very effective. I recommend pinning them in place with a large nail or spike as I had one gopher drag one off, never to be found again.
5/5 Wejustwanttheracconsoutoftheattic, 07/03/2019
Reviewer: Lisa Williams
We set it all up after the raccoon left in search for food. It never went back in the attic. All places sealed and rockette the raccoon is gone safe and sound.
5/5 Bobbex Deer repellant, 07/03/2019
Reviewer: PBR
Company: Retired
Outstanding product, I highly recommend if you have deer problems...doesn't wash off from rain when product has 6-7 hrs to dry. I've been using Bobbex for 6 years now with EXCELLENT results. Also, I live in the middle of 100 wooded acres, so the deer are quite prevalent. Bobbex works!
5/5 Great Product, 07/01/2019
Reviewer: Trent
Powerful smell, worked really well for us! I will be ordering again.
5/5 Owner Operator, 06/30/2019
Reviewer: Michael Chebro
Company: Critter Getter Wildlife Services llc
Great new tool for your business. It is compact, easy to use with great results. You will need to get use to it and its limits but other than that it will pay for itself quickly. Think about it. Instead of setting traps and going back time and time again (time & $) you take with you, do a treatment and wait a couple of weeks. Go back and check your work if needed and do a second application and that should be it. 2 Trips!!
5/5 Great Service, 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Chris
Company: Go Pro Wildlife Removal
Great product and great service! A+
5/5 Great Service, 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Chris
Company: Go Pro Wildlife Removal
Great product and great service! A+
5/5 Great Service, 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Chris
Company: Go Pro Wildlife Removal
Great product and great service! A+
5/5 Cool little trowel., 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Timothy McDonnell
Quality product, good design. Use it for scraping through the last few inches of dirt before reaching the tube€ while hunting vermin under ground with terriers.
5/5 Well made & durable., 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Timothy McDonnell
I use mine for cleaning out groundhog settes to make it easier for my terrier to enter. Strong & well made. Lifetime tool.
5/5 Quality product., 06/28/2019
Reviewer: Timothy McDonnell
I use mine for small animals so I was going to build my own from some designs other guys have posted online. I am very glad I didn't. This is well built of quality materials and will likely last me a lifetime. Quality product. Would recommend.
5/5 Quik-Wiks, 06/27/2019
Reviewer: Darrell M.
Company: n/a
Excellent product as it works as advertised. After 4 days of use we have no raccoon or field vermin problems
5/5 Coyote urine, 06/27/2019
Reviewer: Darrell M.
Excellent product as it works as advertised. After 4 days of use we have no raccoon or field vermin problems.
4/5 The Magnum Net is great, but it needs some improvements, 06/27/2019
Reviewer: Ms. L
You could catch an elephant with this net, well, just kidding. It's huge, has strong netting, long pole. I bought it to catch waterfowls in need of rescue but it's too big. If it were in my hands to do it, I'd put softer netting in it - the current net is somehow stiff. The frame should be made of rubber, a more flexible material, the metal in it has the potential to hurt an animal if it is wrongfully placed over a captured animal. I am a woman and I found the weight of the pole to be heavy for me to handle, but I think a man could feel comfortable using it. If the pole were lighter this would make the whole handling of the Magnum Net easier. This net in my opinion is great to catch small, or medium dogs, raccoons, cats, porcupines, foxes, seals, skunks, squirrels, small, or medium size animals of any kind. Use extreme caution to catch waterfowls, hawks, turkey vultures, birds like that, because the hard netting over them could hurt their heads, if this factor is not considered. A video about how to use the Magnum Net should be recorded for customers to see how to handle this tool, that would be very useful. The product comes with no instructions. This Magnum Net is a great tool which should be handled responsibly. Animal Control officers surely be happy having the Magnum Net, Park Rangers, and wildlife rescuers too.
5/5 Jim Firmin, 06/26/2019
Reviewer: Jim Firmin
Company: Firminco
These traps work good for me on Lynx and Fox and occasionally on Wolverine. I trap in snowy conditions on the Yukon Flats, interior of Alaska
5/5 It worked, 06/25/2019
Reviewer: Jim
I had a mother racoon and her three bavies living under my deck. I put a soaked rag in two spots where they gained access They left immediately and haven't returned. Plus, once I placed my order, the company called me to let me know of a shipment arrangement both quicker and cheaper than the one I had chosen. I would order from this company again
2/5 177134, 06/24/2019
Reviewer: Seth Larson
Weak odor profile compared to some other I got from another supplier
5/5 Great for Chipmunks, 06/22/2019
Reviewer: Frank Z
Have not caught a single sparrow yet, but I have caught two chipmunks within a very short time after putting a few nuts on a plate and placing it in the second chamber. Catch 4-6 a day in this thing!!
5/5 Worked as Advertised, 06/21/2019
Reviewer: Neal
Company: Dog Creek Cellars
I had little hope when I opened the bottle and poured in on the rag that I placed in the entrance where the raccoons were coming into the house. To my surprise, they left immediately and never came back. Your product worked as advertised and saved me from shooting holes in my roof
5/5 Good Product, 06/20/2019
Reviewer: Dave
Works well. Easy to set, bait, and clean
5/5 Tube Trap, 06/19/2019
Reviewer: John Copp
This thing is the best invention since the fly swatter. The Kingdom of the Squirrels is rapidly coming to an end. No matter how many squirrels I catch, there's always one more.
5/5 Great Product, 06/18/2019
Reviewer: Gary
I own two of these now, just to extend my control area. I have caught over thirty five vermin so far and find this trap is a breeze to use. My crop losses have fallen to almost nothing and I ended up selling two friends to purchase traps so we can more effectively manage these pests.
5/5 Owner, 06/17/2019
Reviewer: Len Lambert
Company: Backyard Wildlife Solutions LLC
Great product-have used these for more than 15 years. Unlimited uses...mostly use for snakes, but they work well for rodents too.
5/5 Great product!, 06/16/2019
Reviewer: Greg
Company: Homeowner
Ordered these after being frustrated by other means of chipmunk control. Chipmunk numbers are decreasing daily!
5/5 good trap, 06/15/2019
Reviewer: marian
Great result from the first try. Bought 2 pairs, got the package in the morning, set the traps, and next morning I got one. Put them back in, there are more.
5/5 Great product, 06/15/2019
Reviewer: Mike
Company: www.alliedpestandwildlife.com
Great starting point for making your own baits. Add a little oil flavor or whatever you choose and you got a good bait.
5/5 Want to catch rats? This is the stuff!, 06/15/2019
Reviewer: Alex
I have been using this bait for about 8 months and have found success every time. If you are trying to catch rats, this is the stuff to use. I have tried several other products but this is the one that constantly delivers. Pro tip: if the paste seems kind of runny when you open it, put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. It'll thicken it right back up. Happy catching!
5/5 Just as advertised, 06/15/2019
Reviewer: Tim W
Very well built trap. Arrived fast and no damage. Fully assembled. Easy to set. Trap mechanism is fast and smooth in testing. Have not yet tried to use it yet, but I'm planning on trying to catch a fox in my neighborhood.
2/5 cheap materials, 06/14/2019
Reviewer: Sara
Both the materials and assembly are cheap. We don't expect the product to last very long.
5/5 Seems effective, 06/12/2019
Reviewer: Epoq3
I've had mine for several days now -- two squirrels and one roof rat so far.
5/5 Worked Immediately!, 06/10/2019
Reviewer: Karen B.
Company: 1958
I had a mother and pups in my attic. We used the paste smeared on four tennis balls and threw them into different areas of the attic in the afternoon. I heard some activity a few hours later. Nothing since. They are gone! This stuff really works!
5/5 18" x 5" x5" squirrel cage trap, 06/09/2019
Reviewer: Larry
We haven't used them yet because we did't know what to do to catch ground squirrels. So, we called a local animal catcher and he use the exact ones and the 2 ground squirrels we're gone in 3 days. (He took them far away and released them in the woods.) So, we bought them and are prepared for when more ground squirrels come again.
5/5 Awesome Trap, 06/07/2019
Reviewer: Steve Younger
I have problems with moles and gophers. I have traps that work on the gophers but cannot seem to get them to work on the moles. I ordered a set of NoMole traps and by the next day I caught my first mole and a gopher. I have caught two more moles and two more gophers in the next three days and it has been four days since I've seen a new mound. The traps are a little tricky to set and slide into the runs without tripping them but with a little patience they are well worth the inconvenience. I would recommend them.
2/5 No success yet, 06/07/2019
Reviewer: Wendie Portugal
Company: TFC Recycling
Was excited after seeing the Youtube video for this. We have a major *MAJOR* rat infestation here at work. Nature of the work we do. Orkin come monthly and feeds the rats, ie poison boxes. Got one of these units to test out in hopes of having an alternative to the poison and maybe get ahead of the population explosion we have. Unit has been set up for a week and not a single rat as of yet. Still set up and we are hoping for success.
5/5 First chipmunk within 20 minutes. Perfect!, 06/06/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Company: homeowner
Very impressive quality, excellent shipping. Wish I had bought this years ago. Also available with mounting bracket: Product Code NBRBG25WB, 2.5" Round Body Grip w/ Uni-bracket.
5/5 Gone Gone and Gone, 06/05/2019
Reviewer: Samantha
We used this on a rag and stuffed it in the wall where we could hear the raccoons. Within a couple of days the babies were out and trapped and mom is no where to be found.
5/5 Device is Well Made & Effective, 06/04/2019
Reviewer: Gerrod Walker
Company: When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc.
Well thought out build. Moves easily in even low wind conditions. Device has been effective for our clientele so far. Stainless parts and easy install make this device a must for the arsenal against woodpecker damage.
5/5 6mm crimps, 06/04/2019
Reviewer: Chuck Z
These 6mm crimps worked exactly as advertised, and will buy again.
5/5 Our go-to guard, 06/04/2019
Reviewer: Mike Paine
Company: Complete Wildlife Control llc
This is our go-to bird guard.
5/5 Nice catch pole, 05/31/2019
Reviewer: Tim Williams
Company: East Lee Animal Control
I used this catch pole on a few raccoon jobs. I'm very happy with this one. It's very rugged and has a quick release when you need to release the animal. I really like the feel of it. When you have a angry animal that needs to be removed this is the catch pole I use.
5/5 Great Trap, 05/30/2019
Reviewer: James
I had something digging around my garage . Ordered a couple of 2.5" & 3.5" round body grip traps. Caught a rat within a day. Worked great. Shipping and service was great.
5/5 Great Trap, 05/30/2019
Reviewer: James
I had something digging around my garage . Ordered a couple of 2.5" & 3.5" round body grip traps. Caught a rat within a day. Worked great. Shipping and service was great.
2/5 No luck yet, 05/28/2019
Reviewer: Thomas L.
I hung up the cage and filled the bowl with feed. The next day the bowl was almost empty, but no birds. I guess they figured out a way to leave the same way they got in. I have since bent in the opening to the final chamber to see if they can't get out. But they haven't gone back in yet.
5/5 Another Great Comstock Trap, 05/26/2019
Reviewer: Tim Williams
Company: East Lee Animal Control
This trap is as awesome. This one I use for animals ( Fox , Raccoons , Woodchucks underneath a shed or deck. Also it is great for woodchuck holes out in middle of the lawn . I love the two door if they are in a hole or want to go back in hole you can catch the animal. Thanks Jim Comstock for building an awesome trap
5/5 Well Made Trap, 05/24/2019
Reviewer: John
I bought this to help control muskrats in my lake. I have not caught anything yet but the trap is very well made. The doors are large enough and set up was easy. As the other reviewer mentioned a bait box helps and you will need the extra flotation. That would be the only change I would make.
4/5 Catch pole, 05/24/2019
Reviewer: Ken
Company: Professional pest solutions
This was a replacement because my old one broke. This one seams to me made stronger, however, I haven't used it yet and expect it to work well.
5/5 Mama Raccoon & Babies Gone, 05/23/2019
Reviewer: Janet A
It worked! Mama Raccoon and her babies are gone. Be patient though. We dropped a soaked rag into the attic from her entry point near our chimney and another soaked rag under our front porch (we didn't want her relocating there). Mama Raccoon started acting differently immediately, keeping the pups more quiet and limiting her movements. We continued to hear her less frequently during the next three days. Then after 3 days, she must have relocated because we have not heard Mama Raccoon or any pups since.
4/5 Great Product, 05/22/2019
Reviewer: Shane
The Bridger 110's are excellent! While they do their job, the mechanism that sets the trap has failed on two of the traps already. I use the first holding point, but since it does not hold consistently, I now use the second notch. Either way it still works perfectly for trapping squirrels, so I'm more than happy with them.
5/5 I bought more, 05/22/2019
Reviewer: sloan
You must use an active tunnel. Last year I bought one pkg. as a trial. They WORK! I usually use them with the prongs down, but placement wasn't working, so I placed the prongs pointing up. Got the vole. I used youtube to find the best (which are this design). The man used a tablespoon to widen the opening. To test if tunnel is active, press it down lightly,. Just enough to tell if they when through again, then set the traps (2) in both directions, prongs entering tunnel first. Cover so no light gets in. I've used dirt or a piece of cardboard weighted down. It's works with a empty space between the set traps. Just make sure there isn't light getting into the tunnel
5/5 It works, 05/22/2019
Reviewer: WILLIAM
Works very well
5/5 Great trap!, 05/21/2019
Reviewer: Laura TV
I used to buy tunnel traps like these locally but they are no longer available. I have ordered these traps from WCS twice now and am happy to say that they are great quality traps and for a very fair price. It has been a pleasure to do business with WCS!
5/5 jab stick, 05/20/2019
Reviewer: tom koniak
I ordered this because we have a miniature bull and his hooves grow horribly. We have to tranquilize him to trim them and we always have to borrow our vet's jab stick who is over 1/2 hour away, so we looked and this was the cheapest place and it got to us in just a couple of days.
5/5 Good Stuff!, 05/20/2019
Reviewer: Wendell
Company: Firmco
I have used Dobbins Backbreaker on Lynx in Alaska's interior with very good results.
5/5 As Advertised, 05/20/2019
Reviewer: Dave P
Did it once using a tennis ball, no music or noise below, took three days. Might have worked sooner but it was raining the second day? Anyway, saved us about $300! Thanks!
5/5 It Works!, 05/18/2019
Reviewer: Peg Miller
After being very disappointed with a different product, this trap works! I got 2 squirrels in 2 days - That's 2 fewer to dig up my lawn and garden.
1/5 Didn't work at all, 05/17/2019
Reviewer: Sam
I have a female raccoon with her new born babies living under my bathtub accessible from the plumbing service door outside the house. I ordered this product and applied as instructed. It seems to have no affect at all. The raccoon family is living happily and don't seem to have a plan to leave anytime soon.
5/5 My favorite trap out of the 3 brands I own., 05/17/2019
Reviewer: Dan McLaughlin
Like the trap better than the pro line squirrel trap I have. No false triggering. Used the WCS squirrel bait and caught 5 fox squirrels in 2 days.
5/5 Great trap, 05/13/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Company: Ecolab
This trap worked well when mounted on the structure of a 3 million cubic foot warehouse. I am using four of them. Six birds caught so far, being 5 European starlings and one English sparrow. This makes it a very versatile trap.
4/5 Isn't cut properly, 05/12/2019
Reviewer: Joe Magiera
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
Totally my favorite wire to use. It's thin enough to bend easily but more than strong enough to hold a coyote or stop a groundhog from digging. The only reason that it doesn't have five stars is because my whole roll came without the last wire to make the roll 24" wide. It's 231/2" wide with a whole bunch of 1/2" needles on the end making it very hard to carry and put on a rack without gloves. It's also harder to uncoil and work with that way.
5/5 Why I Bought Acorn Oil, 05/11/2019
Reviewer: Bea Agle
Company: FOC Forestville NY
So many reasons to buy acorn oil and yet I bought it for the mere joy of smelling it. This product provided me with that experience. The seller also provided me with exceptional service and the shipping was lightning fast.
5/5 Defective, 05/11/2019
Reviewer: Joe Diodato
Company: Expert wild life services
Best traps made. 1 box was perfect but the 2nd box was defective. I had problems getting them set, and had to bend staples to set them. It was a manufacturer issue with the triggers.
4/5 Victor Out O Sight Mole Traps, 05/09/2019
Reviewer: Dave Steward
I have used these for 14 plus years, great traps. WCS has a great price and fast service. I've seen cheap knock offs that don't compare in quality. Only complaint is I had one that broke a jaw the first time I used it. Out of 100 plus traps, that's not too bad.
5/5 Bait, 05/08/2019
Reviewer: Joey
This item is great. It worked for me last year and I would highly recommend it.
5/5 Extremely Effective, 05/08/2019
Reviewer: J. A. Schara
Company: Master Gardener (volunteer)
I highly recommend this unit to my friends and the public! Invasive Eastern Red Fox squirrels just ruined my avocado's. They had the fruit down before I realized what was going on. I have since used this trap, and set another Master Gardener friend with her own unit. We have a running count going on - 41 squirrels and several roof rats. The most efficient set-up is a "squirrel pole" (a 5', 2x4 with 1', "T" at one end for stability, attach trap about 4' up the 2x4). Squirrels love going up or down an angled pole. I bait inside the tube, above the trigger plate. Recommend letting the rodent going "cold" to avoid fleas, and wear gloves. I haven't had any issues with the safety catch or trigger sear (mentioned in other reviews). Also, I paint pole and trap flat black ( garden cloaking device). Having the trap on the "pole" makes it easier to set. No incidental (bird) kills so far. However, our game cam has caught a scrub jays stealing some bait. Ordering several more units for friends. I also have several "shorty's" ready to try.
5/5 Flickers Beware, 05/06/2019
Reviewer: Mountain Views
Strong, durable, flashy, these flashers are well-constructed and definitely are helping curb bird damage to our home in the Rockies.
5/5 Works too well, 05/05/2019
Reviewer: Mary Lamare
I had a mother raccoon and her baby in the crawl space over my porch. I couldn't reach them. I ordered Eviction fluid, put some on two tennis balls and threw them in the crawl space. The raccoon left pretty much immediately, but I did't see her go, so I thought she was still there and the Eviction didn't work. She never came near my house again. I tried so hard to get the baby out, but it was too hard to reach and by the time I could get a handyman to climb up and open the soffit under the baby, it had died. My advice is to buy this stuff but plan to use it in a way that gives the raccoon some space to leave your house. The pros I talked to said to also download YouTube vocalizations of male raccoons fighting, babies crying for their mothers, etc. and, yes, all of that is on YouTube and it terrifies female raccoons. These are powerful weapons against raccoons: use them wisely. Remember, please, they are just small animals, raccoons are not bears.
5/5 Persimmon Oil, 05/04/2019
Reviewer: David
Used to make soap. Smells wonderful.
5/5 Great Products, 05/03/2019
Reviewer: Douglas E. Boehlert
Company: Allpest, Inc
When ever I need wildlife products I purchase them from WCS I recently bought 4 of these one way doors. Easy to install durable and well worth the money. Got rid of the squirrels without having to worry about relocating the pests.
4/5 Nice tool, good service, 05/03/2019
Reviewer: Diana Klimes
Company: ProSolarClean, LLC.
This is a very nice, simple tool that works for our business - solar panel cleaning. We go on lots of roofs and now we can do it without any damage to our customers gutters.
5/5 It works, 05/03/2019
Reviewer: J H
Works as described.
5/5 Good quality!, 05/03/2019
Reviewer: Chip Stahl
Company: Animal Wildlife Solutions
Final Blox gets the job under control. Very good acceptance. The problem is under control quickly.
5/5 Works great, 05/02/2019
Reviewer: Brett
Company: Panther Distillery
Already catching 5-10 Pigeons a day with it.
5/5 It works, 05/02/2019
Reviewer: Jeremy Cox
This stuff does exactly what it says it does and it does it immediately. I put a very small amount onto a rag, threw the rag into my attic, and within the hour I could hear one irritated mother moving her pups out, and I have not heard from them since.
5/5 Great service....great pricing!!, 05/02/2019
Reviewer: Levi
I was surprised to run across WCS in my internet search for a dehumidifier. I was even more surprised to see that they were the cheapest. I called for a shipping quote and received that right away. I placed my order on Monday and the unit was delivered on Thursday. Great job WCS!!
5/5 Squirrel trap, 05/02/2019
Reviewer: August Sundermeier
Great product that I've shared it's success with neighbors. One neighbor actually spent 1100 to get squirrels out his attic. This is much more economical and can be used again and again over the years.
5/5 Exclusion Strips, 05/01/2019
Reviewer: Huck
This product was exactly what I needed for bird control. Easy to cut to size. I would recommend this product.
5/5 Underground Fence, 05/01/2019
Reviewer: Ken
This is definitely a heavy duty commercial grade product. We no longer have any fears that our dogs will burrow under our fence. The peace of mind after installing this fence is worth the cost. Great product and I strongly recommend it to any one with pets that dig (including badgers).
5/5 Dig Defense Tool, 05/01/2019
Reviewer: Ken
This tool is an absolute must when installing the Dig DeFence underground fence. My wife, daughter and I were able to install over 200 feet in about 3 hours. Installation on clear ground only took a minute or two per 4' section. The time consuming task was clearing unseen rocks below the surface and customizing the sections around the concrete footings of our fence posts.
5/5 Willowbrook Farm, 05/01/2019
Reviewer: Mary Borroum
Company: Willowbrook Farm
I bought this particular trap because I borrowed one like it to trap raccoons and it always held them. I like the double door for baiting and release. I also like the simple release device for the trap door. Nice trap!
5/5 Holy Raccoon Balls Batman!!, 04/30/2019
Reviewer: Jim
Company: 1chibanUSA
Gave this to my tenants. Raccoon family gone almost immediately. Unbelievable.
5/5 BeastMaster, 04/28/2019
Fast shipping. Easy install. Promising looking product!
4/5 Best Gopher Trap, 04/26/2019
Best trap for gophers. Bought 3 traps and caught 3 gophers on first day. Put trap in entrance holes. Used no bait. Set traps out in early morning before they are out for day.
5/5 Sturdy cage, 04/25/2019
Reviewer: Michelle
Will work great for when we have to take a feral cat to vet for her shots.
5/5 RACCOON URINE, 04/25/2019
Reviewer: Jason Napolski
Company: A-TEX Pest Management Inc.
We have yet to use the product so not 100% sure how effective it is however the service and ordering process with WCS was quick and easy we utilize them often for many wildlife control products.
5/5 Fast, easy to install and effective, 04/23/2019
Reviewer: Kathy Sampson
This fence is sturdy and very easy to install. We have had problems with skunks migrating through our yard from the property above us. The day after we installed the Dig Defence we checked it and there were about a dozen attempts to dig under it to come through our yard but none were successful. We ordered a second set to insure that we had all the area of skunk intrusion covered and have not had any skunks wandering through the yard since we put this in. Perfect!
2/5 Cheep trigger wire, 04/23/2019
Reviewer: Johnny
Company: The lady bug
I received this trap yesterday. I own a nuisance wildlife control company. I used it on a job last night and had great success. But in one use the trigger wires were all broken. I thought they just fell off at first but no,they were all broken. I would recommend drilling some holes in the trip bar and putting in some good hard wire instead of the cheap wire they provide. I can't believe I have to do this after only one use. Other than that I will be using this trap again and again .
5/5 Best lure for woodchuck, 04/22/2019
Reviewer: Scott Ursiny
Company: Grand Wildlife Control LLC
Woodchucks can be difficult to lure or bait into a trap, when a positive- control set isn't possible. Leave a small amount of this urine in the back of the trap, near where the woodchuck is frequenting, and you'll soon wonder why you haven't tried this before. Great results, time and again.
4/5 Good quality screening, 04/21/2019
Company: S and M Pest Services LLC
More pricey than other vendors that I use. But the quality of the screening is better as well. It would all depend on what you want use it for. Jobs I do need something with more durability. So that's why I buy it from this vendor
5/5 The Real Deal, 04/20/2019
Reviewer: Kory S.
Company: Surreptitious Lures
I got tired of using skunk essence for lures because it's impossible to tell what was used by the seller. By using this in the pure form, not only can I get exact measurements since I do specialty mixtures down to the 1/10th mL, but I don't have to use much. The fact that the fatty proteins are still present also helps me bind different mixtures such as the addition of butyric acid. The oils float nicely on top of water and amplify the odor. I am very pleased with the product and love the fact the packaging was an added scent barrier. It's a bit pricey but other places that sell pure quill are usually out of stock and then jack the prices up to $50 and ounce or more when they finally do have it in stock. MAKE NO MISTAKE! This stuff is the real deal and is very potent and will latch to an oxygen atom quickly. Definitely use this in a well ventilated area when mixing. I will definitely be ordering from WCS again!
5/5 Great trap!, 04/19/2019
Reviewer: J. S. Long
The 2 tube traps came promptly and upon inspection seem sturdy and well built. Like others have stated, the safety catch dog has to be bent a little to work correctly. No big deal, but you would think that this issue would be corrected by now. But the only serious grip I have is that no instructions were included with the order. The YouTube video just isn't clear enough to be very helpful. However, with a little trial-n-error I was able to set the trap correctly. For individuals with average to weak hands, you may find it difficult to set the trap. The spring is very strong.
5/5 Fast and Easy, 04/19/2019
Reviewer: Scott
Been using body traps for a few months for squirrels but tired of setting in trees or on fences. The critters seem to find a way to trigger the body traps and then steal the bait with no victim. This tube trap is quick and deadly and eliminates that issue. Once they are in the tube they are committed and I no longer get sprung traps with no victim. Oh, and it's been in Seattle for weeks and no rust!
5/5 Trap Setter Handle makes a difference, 04/19/2019
Reviewer: Roy Wixson
Easy to use and helps control the lever. The video by Ray is very professional and well worth watching.
5/5 Works well!, 04/18/2019
Reviewer: Edward Montague
I got this trap a few days ago and I'm amazed at how well it works. I've tried most traps and none seemed to work consistently. In three days 7 squirrels sent to long term underground storage.
5/5 Really quick delivery, 04/17/2019
Reviewer: W. Strohmaier
Haven't used the product yet, but delivery was overnight with standard shipping!
5/5 Good product, good company, 04/17/2019
Reviewer: David
Company: Bio Tech Pest Controls LLC
We find these one-way doors to be sturdy and effective. If mounted properly, even the most angriest of squirrel mamas who are separated from their babies wont be able to tear this sucker off. They'll likely have to make a new entry into the structure! One important thing to note however, is that a pregnant squirrel may get stuck in a rig of this size, so it may be prudent to use the larger size(s) during this time of year. We know from experience with it! Good product though!
5/5 Highly effective!!!, 04/16/2019
Reviewer: Mark
Squirrels ravaged my tomato plants last season. Just when the tomatoes were getting ready to be picked, the squirrels would swoop in. They were so brazen that they would run right past me with tomato in mouth! As there are no natural predators in my neighborhood, something needed to be done. Well, the score so far is trap 37, squirrels 0. Yep, this year I'll be eating tomatoes!
5/5 Bobbex Deer Repellent, 04/16/2019
Reviewer: Raymond Dutra
Only been 2 weeks but the deer seem to hate the taste. There are no more pine needles on the ground from chewing. There are actually new buds growing.
5/5 Coyote urine, 04/15/2019
Reviewer: Linda Corkran
This works extremely well. I have Chipmunks all over the yard and have tried just about everything to get rid of them. I put it in a spray bottle, and put it around the house, porch and garden. After that nothing moving in the yard but birds. No squirrels, chipmunks even the neighbors cat would not come in the yard. Only drawback is you have to reapply after it rains. I can deal with that because my flowers and vegetables are left alone.
5/5 Amazing, 04/15/2019
Reviewer: Scott Surface
Company: ABC Services, LLC
Great price, fast service. Great job!
5/5 Good product, 04/14/2019
Reviewer: Rick Headley
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
Solid product that we have used as an alternative to OOS traps. Down side is that you have to uncover them to check them. Up side is that they are effective for both moles and shrews.
5/5 One of my favorites, 04/14/2019
Reviewer: Dalton Stephenson
Company: Animal Pros technician
Really good all purpose paste. I used it throughout the summer with great results smeared on a snack cake.
5/5 Squirrel proofing, 04/14/2019
Reviewer: Jim Murphy
Company: Tri-County Pest Control, Inc.
Having wasted most of the previous morning excluding squirrels from a dryer duct, imagine how I felt when I returned to the office only to find that one had chewed through the replaced vent cover within an hour of installation. Next day, I had the Defender in place. All is good, the product installed quickly and looks nice. I will only use these from now on.
4/5 Not a bad dvd, 04/13/2019
This DVD is informative in it's own way I haven't watched many to compare it to but the ones I have watched, this one lacks alot of actual set making and areas to set it's more of how the animal acts at a set when you cant see it. I'm not sure if animals really act the way they're portrayed in this DVD because of the night vision equipment used to make the video. The animals really pay attention to the video equipment. It does show animals working sets though so I feel you always learn something from anything you can watch.
5/5 I like it, 04/13/2019
Reviewer: Sam Gblazian
Simple, effective design. Very handy and easy to use.
5/5 The best, 04/12/2019
Reviewer: John LaPuma
Easily the best trap for gophers, and durable. Enjoyed receiving the WCS catalog too...lots of thoughtful items for ensnaring pests.
5/5 Leah Freeman, 04/12/2019
Received exactly what I ordered.
5/5 Highly Recommended, 04/11/2019
Reviewer: Patricia
The brown vent guards were just installed by my condo management's maintenance company. They look great and hopefully will keep rodents from entering our condo units through the vents. One of the best features of this particular style cover is that they fit right over the finned vents that are already in place. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this product and am happy that they are so reasonably priced.
3/5 Go bigger, 04/11/2019
Reviewer: Dalton Stephenson
Company: Gold Country Wildlife Control
This one does its job, on smaller applications where you need a hand held it does work. That being said, invest in a bigger unit and you will get more value.
5/5 Buy in bulk, 04/11/2019
Reviewer: Dalton
Company: Gold Country Wildlife Control
Smoke oil is what makes the burrow ex better than other models.
5/5 Great machine, 04/11/2019
Reviewer: Dalton Stephenson
Company: Gold Country Wildlife Control
For gophers, ground squirrels, and other rodents this is a great tool to get control over large populations on the right properties. It's good for parks and agriculture where trapping can become impractical. It takes some work and training to understand soil types and where to utilize this best but once you do it's another great tool to keep on the truck.
4/5 Good product, minor modification makes it great!, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Chris Moore
Company: Creature Control
These are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to lethal bait sets. However one small modification I have made is to box the sides and back off with 1/2" mesh and hog rings around the frame. This ensures front entry to feed only and success went up with misfires and injuries-only going down. And you can fit them into a gutter!!
4/5 Good product for the right fix, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Chris Moore
Company: Creature Control
Convenient for ground level mesh backed spot fill when caulk or fasteners won't secure properly to crumbly foundations or even wood rotted rim joists. Not much for speed control so be careful where you apply. But then again, that's when you should use your actual foam gun.
5/5 Great summer and early fall, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
Works very well in summer and early fall.
5/5 Packs a punch!, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
This really has a powerful "skunk" in a bottle! I've used it for early spring nest predator control in cubby boxes and on the canine line. Works very well!
5/5 Excellent, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
The best all around coon lure I've ever used! Spring nest predator control, early fall fur line, mid-winter breeding time, it always produces!
5/5 Great early season, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
During summer and early season it worked great in DPs, cubby boxes and pocket sets. Worth buying!
4/5 Good buy, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
I used this for constructing wire mesh bait boxes for coon cubbies. It made assembling them far easier than if I had merely utilized a pair of pliers to close the rings. Due to the size of the openning on the tool, it was slightly difficult to get the mesh where I needed it to successfully close the rings. Other than that, it was a great investment that saved me alot of time and frustration.
4/5 Durable, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
Works well for attaching or patching up wire-mesh.
5/5 Perfect DP bait!, 04/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh
Use 3-4oz. of fish grease over a gallon of cheap dog food or corn to make an absolutely tremendous edible dog-proof bait. Spike it with a squirt of Dunlap's Smoked Fish DP sauce to make it even better. The only issue is if you use too much grease in below freezing weather it tends to clump up and occasionally hinders the function of the trigger. Do yourself and your fur check a favor and try some fish grease for your coon line.
5/5 GA hunter/trapper, 04/09/2019
Reviewer: Larry
You really need this tool if you are using body gripping traps. It makes it so much easier to set the traps. I got the longest one as it gives you the most leverage.
5/5 GA hunter/trapper, 04/09/2019
Reviewer: Larry
The tags arrived with the correct information provided. The price was good and they attached to the traps I use (#2, #160, & #220 easily.
5/5 GA hunter/trapper, 04/09/2019
Reviewer: Larry
If you get the #220 body gripping trap definitely get the trap setting tool unless you are a bodybuilder. The 220 trap is very good on coon. No problem with a live one.
5/5 Top notch wallet, 04/08/2019
I had high expectations when I ordered this wallet and I am pleased to say it met and exceeded what I was looking for. It is a good tight fit for everything I put in it and is holding up exceptionally well. I highly recommend every trapper use one.
5/5 Owner, 04/06/2019
Reviewer: Brad
Company: Absolute wildlife control
Great lock.
5/5 Tomahawk double door trap, 04/06/2019
Reviewer: Howard
This trap works! I caught two woodchucks first day of using it with cut-up apple as bait.
5/5 Raccoon traps, 04/06/2019
Reviewer: Joe Diodato
Company: Expert Wildlife Removal
Extremely well built super fast door no way of stealing your bait out of this trap. Raccoons will not escape and cannot destroy this trap. Excellent trap.
5/5 Just like that!, 04/03/2019
Reviewer: L. Fox
I sent money, they shipped the trap. Promptly. Caught the smart rat that had been such a pain. Told friends and family about it. Will probably buy more.
5/5 Mouse trap, 04/01/2019
Reviewer: Ryan Kolb
Company: RK's Animal Removal
Great trap for the money. I have caught mice by tails and legs and kept them in the trap. It is my go to single catch mouse trap. Always with me.
4/5 Effective!, 04/01/2019
Reviewer: Rich Chatfield
This is my second trap. The first one disappeared, presumably with contents, likely removed by a coyote, bobcat, or something else big enough to walk off with it. It worked well and so does the now-anchored replacement. I do have one complaint which prevents me from assigning it 5 stars. The piece that holds everything to the tube was welded on crookedly and the bait spoon sometimes binds against the tube itself. The only screw on the trap can be adjusted to free the spoon but if you make it too loose the spoon drops after you bait it. I find peanut butter is all you need to catch the critters. If the welding is done in a jig, it should be adjusted; if not, align it better before welding it.
5/5 Bird Bangers, 03/31/2019
Reviewer: Bonnie
So far so good! I shot the launcher toward the pond where geese were and they took off. Did that several days and they haven't come back. YIPPEE!
5/5 Raccoon eviction, 03/31/2019
Reviewer: Sarah Lance
It worked!! We threw a soaked rag down our unused chimney and the next night she was definitely upset and moved out. I feel bad but she can't stay here. Thanks.
5/5 Epoleon NnZ, 03/30/2019
Reviewer: R. Gates
Had rodent problem in attic insulation. Pulled out all old insulation, sprayed disinfectant then a good application of NnZ. Odors are 99.9% gone. Good product, easy to use with a fogger.
5/5 Victor Out of Sight, 03/21/2019
Reviewer: Michael E Buchanan
Company: Buchanan's Wildlife Solutions LLC
This is the "Go to" mole trap! A must have for the operator doing mole work.
5/5 Great Addition to Bird Control Toolbox, 03/19/2019
Reviewer: Clint
Company: Wildlife Prevention and Repair
Used for population reduction in starlings with great success. Starlings were nesting inside equipment. Put 4 of these out early March and they took to them almost immediately. A little heavy and awkward carrying up the ladder but well worth it.
5/5 15mm Single Shot Launcher, 03/18/2019
Reviewer: Anthony
Company: Sallyport
Great item at a better price, works great and does the job.
5/5 Roadrunner Lure, 03/17/2019
Reviewer: Ken
Good smell, holds up well in all weather and really attractive to all predators.
5/5 Great Product, 03/14/2019
Reviewer: Sean Brown
Company: Comcast
These are a great product. They save time, your back and lots of money. Customers and other coworkers are always commenting on how nice they are. Just wish they came in different colors. But still an amazing product.
5/5 Great for women, 03/14/2019
Reviewer: Staci Warren
Company: My Mainely Girl Adventures
I bought these because I don't have a lot of hand strength and have to use my feet to set foothold traps. These are easier to use and I don't have to use my feet!
4/5 hard to set trap for high senitivity, 03/13/2019
Reviewer: quentin gorton
I spent almost half a day trying to figure this thing out, after 13 days with two traps on a squirrel path...and no squirrels caught. Squirrels (gray) weigh 0.9 to 1.3 lbs according to one source...so one foot on the trap should load it to about 4 oz. I tested my initial settings for trip force, and trigger/pan overlap. The trap set at 1/16" overlap tripped at 8 oz, and the trap set at 1/8" overlap tripped at 12 oz. It was not my intent to set the traps differently, but it is very hard to see the actual overlap while setting the trap. My data shows anything larger than 1/16" overlap is probably a waste of time unless you have a stomping squirrel. 1/32" is preferable, but on the verge of auto-tripping. I believe the pan bolt should be moved away 1 to 2 inches to give greater sensitivity and ease of setting. I worked around this problem somewhat by cutting 1/4" long sections of 3/32" rubber vacuum hose, and sliding them over the 1/8" trigger ends...then used a ruler to expose exactly 1/32" of steel for the overlap with pan. Caught two squirrels within an hour (also used new bait). Traps worked great...perfect pelts, no blood or other body fluids. I have already set them out again.
5/5 Beaver Meat, 03/13/2019
Reviewer: Robin Wheelus
Company: Wheelus Wildlife Services
WCS Bait making ingredients are top shelf as well as their great customer service.
5/5 Useful accessory, 03/12/2019
Reviewer: Charles
Purchased with objective of keeping neighborhood cats out of a WCS tube trap. Access holes appear to be small enough to prevent access by adult pets but allow entry by rats and squirrels.
5/5 Easy to use and highly effective., 03/12/2019
Reviewer: Charles
Trap received quickly but I could not get the dog to engage the trip pan. I used a pair of pliers to put a slight upward bend on the pan which enabled me to properly set the dog. Following the field adjustment the trap works as advertised. I found that 3 or 4 loose peanuts are an effective bait. I recommend this product.
5/5 It's so good, it scared them away!, 03/12/2019
Reviewer: James Crum
Got it and they immediately disappeared... been a week and no activity - even on the camera! (no joke, hope to catch something soon) Very well made, I can see this outliving me.
5/5 Nnz, 03/10/2019
Reviewer: Josh Innes
I'm about to order more, 1/2 gallon misted into 2300 sq ft attic pretty much got it. I have tree damage to my roof from hurricane so it became stinky with roaches and whatever else wants to come through. I think this application got it but I am going to order more to use on other things.
5/5 Hy-c roof ventguards, 03/10/2019
Reviewer: Brian
Company: All Things Wild Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Very useful, convenient and easy to install. Typically, I am able to screen off an attic fan using hardware cloth. But in certain situations where the roof maybe pitched too much to stay on for a period of time or the fan hoods are unable to come off due to rust and errosion, these vent guards are perfect. Lightweight but strong. I have installed a few of these. They are very affective in keeping out wildlife and still maintain a pleasing appearance.
5/5 Works great!!, 03/10/2019
Reviewer: Brenda
Trap worked first time I set it out. Had huge Grey squirrels chewing holes in my feed bins and getting into the trash and pulling all the garbage out onto the ground. Baited the trap with peanut butter and caught the first one within hours! Trap is really strong and should last a long time. Thank you!
5/5 Bait & lure, 03/08/2019
Reviewer: Randy Huckabone
Company: JH Nuisance trapping & wildlife control
The best lure you can get for chipmunks.
5/5 Tried several; this one works., 03/08/2019
Reviewer: Epoq3
Company: n/a
I've tried a few types of traps. Most are poorly designed or overly complicated. This one has a simple, effective design that works well. There is some skill involved -- you have to find a hole that the gophers travel through; the trap has to be positioned so the gopher cannot easily go around it; and MOST IMPORTANTLY always secure the trap so the gopher doesn't run off with it after being caught (it doesn't kill/immobilize them immediately). I only wish they were lower in cost. They are expensive given the apparent material cost.
5/5 Persimmons oil, 03/08/2019
Reviewer: Debbie
Smells great. I made soap with it that came out real nice and made a spray. My order was received on time and packaged very well. I will purchase again.
4/5 Worked just like it should, 03/07/2019
Company: Triangle wildlife removal
Took more time then expected to install but works great.
5/5 Launcher, 03/07/2019
Reviewer: Frank
Works well with bird banger to chase geese off my yard.
5/5 Bird Banger, 03/07/2019
Reviewer: Frank
Works well to chase the geese off my yard.
Reviewer: Land Shark
Company: Mill Creek Fur Shed
I've been trying to get the local rabbits to go in my wire cage all winter with no luck. Even the squirrels would not go in. The second night I put the WCS wooden box trap out, I caught an extra large garden marauding rabbit. He was so comfortable in there, I had a hard time getting him out. I finally reached in a pulled him out by the hind legs. Wish I had a recorder on hand right then, as he started squealing at the top of his lungs. He wasn't hurt, but I guess that was his scared call. A recording of that would be good to use out on predator hunts. I'm sure it would have attracted many coyotes. The WCS box trap is easy to set and only a few drops of the included Apple Essence was all that was needed to coax the rabbit inside. The WCS box is re-set waiting for the next local rabbit to make a visit.
5/5 Great, 03/04/2019
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
These traps are the best. The one I received has the new trigger system on it. If they work as good as the old ones then they will be about the only traps I use.
4/5 Great, 03/04/2019
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
I use these in my trapping all of the time. They work great. I would suggest clips on the bottoms of the sides to hold shut when both in use and transportation.
5/5 HY-C Dryer Vent Guard, Single, 03/03/2019
Reviewer: John Connor
Company: retired
Product was exactly as I expected. I like the SS construction and the appearance of the powder coating. I purchased a second one to cover all my vent openings. Damage by squirrel was a lot more expensive than this guard. Quick service as well.
5/5 Great Product, 03/02/2019
Reviewer: Frank Cisa
Company: Wildman Wildlife Removal
As a wildlife professional, this is the number one trap in my arsenal for squirrels. When used correctly nothing beats it. Fantastic product from Tomahawk and prompt shipping, as always, from WCS.
5/5 Best trap I ever used for moles, 03/01/2019
Reviewer: Ryan Kolb
Company: RK's Animal Removal
This is hands down the best all around trap for moles. Works in ever soil type I have used it in. Before starting my own company, I worked for one that did only moles and there we used majority victors. It is an excellent trap for just about everything and the only trap I have been able to keep stable in a mulch bed.
5/5 Works per Spec, 02/28/2019
Reviewer: Ed, Rochester, NY
Company: Residence
We feed the birds thus attracting rats. The Exterminator was a flat$535.00 to set bait boxes and powder the holes, and another $40.00 per month to monitor the area. My Son saw the A24 on UTube and suggested I give it a try. Expensive, I thought, but a lot cheaper then the Exterminator. I set up A24 using the lure provided and the rats had no interest though we could see the rat looking for food during the day. I went out and removed the provided lure and replaced it with the dry lure cup. Filled it with Safflower seeds, food they were eating, put a little under the trap and twenty minutes had a dead adult rat. The A24 works well, more humane then snap traps because the animal is dead and does not suffer as they sometimes do using snap traps. Most of the videos show clean kills but depending how the animal is struck, there is considerable blood, so if your squeamish be prepared. Living on the lake front, there are always bank rats whether you feed the birds or not. I will recommend the A24 to my neighbors for their property protection and the fact there's only one Exterminator in the area.
5/5 WORKS FAST!!!!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!, 02/26/2019
Reviewer: Terin
I literally never do reviews, but this stuff is absolutely amazing so I just had to! I bought the smallest bottle with the cheapest shipping. Only took 3 days to arrive. That afternoon I put gloves on and tied string to an old wash cloth. Then I squirted the fluid on the the rag. Next, I threw the rag near the entrance of where the raccoons tore off my soffit and fascia. Not long after it turned dark I heard the mom and her babies leave. I still have half a bottle leftover. Thank you so very much WCS!!!! This fluid works fast and is amazing!!! TRUST THE REVIEWS!!! I'm so thankful I did.
5/5 Amazing Stuff!, 02/26/2019
Reviewer: Cliff
I read the reviews where some people we less than totally satisfied. I can only assume this is because their raccoons were males who were not threatened by this product. That is all I can think of as to why it would not work for them. I must have had females with babies because they took off the first night I used Raccoon Eviction! It worked like a charm! I love this stuff. Fair warning: it smells so bad it will make you gag if you are anywhere near it but I could not be more please with the results. I'm buying more so I will have it on hand for future use.
5/5 Great tool!, 02/23/2019
Reviewer: Derik Webster
Company: Dog Creek Wildlife Service
Great tool - makes setting the wire lever traps simple. Works exactly as designed. Thanks
4/5 Quality built trap, 02/23/2019
Reviewer: Derik Webster
Company: Dog Creek Wildlife Service
Love the look and the components of this trap. Perfect size for beaver or any other good size animal. Ready to go out of the box for most people. I wish it had an offset jaw model to meet my state requirements. Other than that great trap.
5/5 Right Trap for the Job, 02/23/2019
Reviewer: Derik Webster
Company: Dog Creek Wildlife Service
This trap is exactly what I needed for a nuisance job in an HOA pond. Quality built and works like it should. I now own 2 of these for my business.
5/5 Coyote Urine, 02/21/2019
Reviewer: Sarah Holbert
Company: 1946
We have a packrat problem. This helps to discourage them. Be prepared, it is really stinky stuff!
5/5 Sturdy grate, 02/18/2019
Reviewer: Rebecca C
These grates were exactly what I was looking for. Added screen behind the metal grate to help keep out small bugs.
5/5 Cobweb Duster, 02/18/2019
Reviewer: Eric
Company: Maid Right
Quality product, reasonable price and fast shipping. I would recommend this duster. We're a maid service and use these to remove cobwebs in the corners of ceilings and baseboards
5/5 Pro Pell, 02/17/2019
Reviewer: Karen Schaffner
So far mice nesting in the car have not returned. The product has an agreeable smell, that somewhat dissipates. I spayed some in my son's basement inside hous stair area where mice droppings appear, and so far no visible continued evidence of mice. I find using this product is more effective than essential oils, and less offensive. Another use will be to dose my dog kennels, before spring, to discourage rodents lodging in them, winter, while the kennels are dormant. It's a concentrated solution and a gallon will go a long way. So far I am pleased with this product.
4/5 Bait sticks, 02/17/2019
Reviewer: Joel Mathers
Company: Western Wildlife Services
These are so simple yet effective. I like that it draws the animals attention up and away from the treadle. It's another 23 cents to add to a set, as they get destroyed but worth it in the long run.
5/5 Wildlife handling gloves, 02/17/2019
Reviewer: Joel Mathers
Company: Western Wildlife Services
Great looking, heavy duty, gloves. Good fit, I normally wear xl gloves, these are snug but hey that gives me more dexterity. Well worth the $$$ thanks WCS.
5/5 Great Investment, 02/16/2019
Reviewer: Scott Ursiny
Company: Grand Wildlife Control
I use this fogger on almost every job. Quick, efficient and effective! You can effectively fog an entire attic or crawlspace in a matter of minutes. We've been using the same unit for years and it's still going strong. If you're not offering odor control on your jobs, you're leaving money on the table. This tool will pay for itself quickly and you'll be adding to your bottom line in no time.
5/5 Simple and effective, 02/16/2019
Reviewer: Scott Ursiny
Company: Grand Wildlife Control
An economical way to set more traps and cover more area. An awesome and effective trap for red squirrel, chipmunk, and weasels. Great for elusive rats that won't go near a traditional rat trap. Wire one to a drainage pipe or rafter where rats are running, bait and you have a rodent catching machine! Get some, you won't be disappointed.
5/5 Squirrel in attic, 02/11/2019
Reviewer: JOE N.
I had a squirrel in my attic and could not find how he was getting there. Used Shorty Tube with peanut butter. Trapped on second day. No more problem for now.
5/5 Helps prevent biofouling, 02/11/2019
Reviewer: Mike Sacarny
Company: MIT Sea Grant College
We use this to wrap sensors on our marine data buoy. Although it allows water flow, it cuts down on the amount of fouling and can be replenished during maintenance visits.
5/5 Wildlife control, 02/09/2019
Reviewer: Mark Miskell
Company: Blitz Pest and Wildlife Control.
Very good product. Attracts Coons, skunks and opossums without attracting cats and other domestic animals. Highly recommended.
5/5 SBK Pest Control approved!, 02/07/2019
Reviewer: Daniel Baldwin
Company: SBK Pest Control
I own six WCS tube traps and love them. If you get the trap within twenty feet of squirrel activity you are guaranteed to catch squirrels. My bait of choice is chunky peanut butter mixed with oatmeal. It is a great investment and the only way you will lose your bait is if a greedy squirrel walks over his sleeping buddy to get the food.
5/5 Imitation Rat Gland, 02/05/2019
Reviewer: Curt Ronning
This probably some of the best Imitation rat gland that I have been able to purchase. Those of you still making the Bill Nelson bait. This will WORK for you.
5/5 WCS SKUNK OIL, 02/05/2019
Reviewer: Curt Ronning
This is the skunk oil smell I was Looking for. For my own I usually throw the whole skunk in a pail. Then after a couple years it renders out to a beautiful smell that can be only appreciated by those going through the process to make it. Your skunk oil does just that. Just a small amount of that sweet skunk smell that I like.
5/5 Quality, 02/02/2019
Reviewer: TFH
This is good castor. Thick and pasty with that good partially dried deep odor.
5/5 Great Product, 02/01/2019
Reviewer: Stephanie
I have one of these outside under my wood pile that is managed by a pest control service. The weighted bait stations are great to keep larger animals from moving or carrying off your container.
5/5 Great!!, 01/31/2019
Reviewer: Mike K
Company: SOS Wildlife Services
If they don't eat the Grub Paste then their sweet tooth is gone so switch to dinner with the Fish Paste Bait......
5/5 Best!!, 01/31/2019
Reviewer: Mike K
Company: SOS Wildlife Services
I use this for Raccoon Skunk and Possum...is simply the best.
5/5 Great!!, 01/31/2019
Reviewer: Mike K
Company: SOS Wildlife Services
I'm a professional WO.....it is a quality product.
5/5 Best Product 'coons in attic, 01/29/2019
Reviewer: Ken Malinowski
Forget trapping them. Buy The Coontroller. I also used the soffit nose cone as this was their entry point. Put it up with screws and washers and zip ties in about 7 minutes.
5/5 Great Service/Excellent Product, 01/29/2019
Reviewer: Bob
Used Velcro and a small amount of this product to prevent small lizards and insects (live in SWFL) from entering our home in between the sliding glass doors and the track. This replaced the inferior product install by the builder.
5/5 NB Bobcat trap with LuckyDuck bait station caller, 01/29/2019
Reviewer: Michael Landi
Ordered both NB Bobcat trap and Lucky Duck bait station caller set it up in ravine with a flag attractor .... 5 days caught my first Bobcat... really sturdy and blends in great with the brown powder coating....
5/5 Lucky Duck call with NB Bobcat trap, 01/29/2019
Reviewer: Michael Landi
Ordered both the NB Bobcat trap and Lucky Duck Bait Caller....well caught my first Bobcat within a week....
2/5 Traps mice but difficult to use, 01/28/2019
Reviewer: DJ Bruce
Traps mice HOWEVER on the trap it states: For detailed instruction for use, see instruction sheet enclosed.€ There was no instruction sheet. Also the end piece is EXTREMELY difficult to remove to release the mouse.
1/5 did not find it effective, 01/25/2019
Reviewer: Doug Hartman
Company: Covenant Wildlife and Pest Management
I have tried this bait several times and have had no luck with it at all. I have even done a side by side with this on one trap and my go to on another trap next to it. My other baited trap is always the one with a rat in it and never the trap with this bait. I really wished it would work well for me. I am always trying different baits to have alternatives. I have had a jar of this for over 3 years in my truck and suspect it will still be there 3 years from now.
5/5 Amazing, 01/25/2019
Reviewer: Ibrahim abdallah
It's actually a very good, easy to use, and effective way to catch animals and annoying birds without killing them. Thank you so much.
5/5 Manager, 01/24/2019
Reviewer: Kevin
Company: Orkin
I have used this product for about 15 years. My techs use it and the comment made by one of them was "It's like crack for squirrels." They can't get enough. We also use it for other animals.
5/5 Gets it done..., 01/22/2019
Reviewer: Erich
Great trap. Am using for gray squirrels. Interior linkage prevents my two curious dogs from accidentally tripping. When trap is set the pressure plates high angle guarantees a catch when the squirrel goes for the bait placed on other side of plate. Like the large metal loop on traps door. Allows you to use a hook to open door during release, so you can keep your hands clear. Seems durable and well made. Recommend.
5/5 Wild Boys Wildlife Inc, Fl, 01/22/2019
Reviewer: Neil Sanders
Company: Wild Boys Wildlife Inc
If you have a home with decaying siding, or any tech that's not familiar with exclusion, this is you're go to weapon. Use a paint brush and spread lightly use extreme caution so far only trick to ease the pain is Clorox or hand sanitizer.
5/5 Great trap, 01/21/2019
Reviewer: Christopher Berson
Company: Trapper Dan's Wildlife Services
I really liked that rear clean out door.
5/5 Great for the Money, 01/21/2019
Reviewer: Maynard Stanley Jr
Company: Critter Catcher
I catch reds and grays and weasels in these traps all the time.
5/5 Works great!, 01/19/2019
Reviewer: Marc DeMaat
Company: MD Property Services LLC
I have installed these on a number of my customers homes. They seem to be the most effective woodpecker deterrent.
5/5 great trap, 01/19/2019
Reviewer: Doug
Company: Covenant Wildlife
I used the CDR traps for a long time and these are just as good if not better. Best leg hold for beaver in my opinion.
5/5 It worked!, 01/19/2019
Reviewer: Ellen
Last year I posted a review when I bought this--said it was easy to use. But even better, we didn't get any raccoons in the attic again! So I just bought another applicator because I don't want those cute babies in the attic THIS spring either.
5/5 Worth the money!, 01/17/2019
Reviewer: CJ H
These fit well into weep holes. I was able to easily bend them and push them into the spaces. Had to cut some to fit, but was not a problem using tin snips. Time will tell if keeps the mice out but so far it looks like they can't get into the holes anymore!
5/5 Copper Mesh (100 foot roll), 01/15/2019
Reviewer: J. Corley
Purchased copper mesh roll to fill cracks where pipes enter home along with filling gaps around foundation vents, etc. Very satisfied with product and WCS.
5/5 Tomahawk E40 One Way Squirrel Controller, 01/15/2019
Reviewer: Steven Strickland
I'm selling my house, but I had squirrels in the attic which had to be dealt with as quickly as possible. I happened to see a squirrel going through a very small opening, so I sealed up every other possible entry, bought and installed the Tomahawk E40 One way door on that one opening and it worked perfectly. The E40 is heavy duty, well made, and fixed my squirrel problem. I even bought a bunch of nuts and left them out to help make up for the "storehouse" left and now sealed up in my attic. Super saver shipping was a nice plus also.
5/5 Trapper, 01/13/2019
Reviewer: John Miklea
Great scent, you won't be disappointed .
5/5 Owner, 01/11/2019
Reviewer: Uncle Marcus
Company: Critter Whisperer
Looking forward to using a smaller version of the TINCAT. Looks as if it can be placed in more confined areas right where the little dears are.
1/5 Splitter, 01/11/2019
Reviewer: Trent
Heavy duty but not really worth it. The point of the splitter is too long and the opening too narrow. It would probably work fine on very thin haired animal, but not well at all on long fur such as coyote or coon
5/5 Owner / President, 01/09/2019
Reviewer: Jerry Malangone
Company: Balance of Nature, Inc. Pest & Wildlife Control
Excellent. Great for squirrels and flying squirrels. They are not able to chew through these covers. We use these throughout the state and they even hold up on the oceanfront salt air.
5/5 Dig Defence, 01/09/2019
Awesome product, easy to install, works great to deter critters from burrowing under sheds and other structures.
4/5 The Hammer coyote lure/bait, 01/08/2019
Reviewer: Jason Sweeton
I ordered this after seeing it on wolfernation and it arrived fast. It's some strong lure but I haven't tried it yet. That will change very soon and I know it will work great because I've got some lure that's similar that I've taken several yotes with in last month. Seems like a great product.
5/5 Very helpful, 01/06/2019
The information in the book was very helpful. The topo maps were good to show what he calls funnels and how the animals typically move with terrain.
4/5 Great reach out bait., 01/06/2019
Reviewer: Joe
Company: Chesapeake trapping Co.
Very good stuff I have a client who using deer corn and this did a good job keeping the coons off the pile.
5/5 Fenn Mark 6 Rat Trap review, 01/06/2019
Reviewer: Colleen Groot
Powerful trap. Be sure to use it in a tunnel setting to protect non target pests. Quick shipping and well packaged. Will do business with WCS again.
5/5 Returning customer, 01/05/2019
Reviewer: ST
The stuff works and works great as I am a returning customer. Also 5 star customer service, ships fast even over the holidays. Thank you.
5/5 Not the best for feral cats, 01/04/2019
Reviewer: LN
Company: Morris-Jumel Cats
This is a beautifully made product, and very lightweight for carrying around. However the tines are placed too far apart for feral cats. A person could be easily scratched and a kitten could easily squeeze through. So get the more expensive version if it will be your only divider. I'm going to use this for safely releasing those damned raccoons that are always lumbering into the cat traps and for the semi-ferals who don't try to scratch me when servicing the trap during holding. Thank you WCS for your excellent customer service.
5/5 Genuine Beaver Tail Leather Wallet, 01/02/2019
Reviewer: Barb Vaughn
This was a Christmas gift for my husband. He was very happy and impressed with the wallet.
5/5 good product, 01/02/2019
Reviewer: Charles Lombaerde
Company: trapper
WCS was the only reliable company that carries this product. Shipping was very fast.
5/5 Like this extention, 01/01/2019
Reviewer: Robert Monk
Has adjustable loop, and swivel.
5/5 Well made and functional., 12/31/2018
Reviewer: Michael
Strong and capable trap. Paid for itself in short order. Minor modifications made. Works like a charm.
5/5 Tested and true, 12/31/2018
Reviewer: Michael
Works as advertised. Solid construction. Well worth the money.
5/5 Love them, 12/28/2018
Reviewer: Charlie
First 8 times I set the traps, was successful couldn't ask for anything better. Purchased 4 will buy more.
5/5 Fit 280s and 330s nice, 12/27/2018
Reviewer: SouthJerseyTrapper
Good quality. Fit on my 280s and 330s for beaver.
5/5 Great service, 12/26/2018
Reviewer: William Curlis
I forgot to enter my information for the tags. Got a call the next day and my tags shortly after. They won a customer for life. Tags look good and are just what I wanted.
5/5 Farmer, 12/25/2018
Reviewer: Jim Kaiser
Great little trap that gets the job done.
5/5 Great trap!, 12/25/2018
Reviewer: Mike Cockerham
Bought these after reading about them in a trapping magazine. I was tired of snapping my fingers with other traps. These are very easy to set and work great!
5/5 Possums gone, 12/24/2018
Reviewer: Kevin Brady
Thanks for all your help on getting rid of the possums. Good trap and very effective.
5/5 Soup Can Trap, 12/23/2018
Reviewer: Troy
Outstanding product, I have caught many raccoons. My only wish I could purchase replacement parts.
5/5 Avid trapper, 12/20/2018
Reviewer: Eric Crouse
Company: Grizz Friction wood calls
I purchased 2 traps for beaver dam sets. These traps are tanks and built solid. They set very easy and I love em. Shipped very fast too. Thanks WCS.
5/5 Duke 330 Magnum Body Grip Traps, 12/19/2018
Reviewer: Rick W. Parker
Company: Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services of NEO, LL
Awesome traps. Great price. Have caught raccoons, armadillos, beavers, otters, and even muskrats in them.
5/5 Citrus Neutrox, 12/19/2018
Reviewer: Dave Van Doornik
Company: Lakeshore Wildlife
I wash out traps with this, I wash out gloves with this, I spray through an atomizer, It kills the odor!
5/5 Uncle Kirk's Gold Magic, 12/19/2018
Reviewer: Dave Van Doornik
Company: Lakeshore Wildlife
I only carry 2 Rodent baits and this is one of them. Looks good, Smells good, Performs good! What else do you want?! Buy it and see for yourself!
5/5 Incredible, 12/18/2018
Reviewer: Mike K.
This trap is incredible!
5/5 Excellent Automatic Temp- Vent, 12/17/2018
Reviewer: John
Company: Just Me
I tested this unit before I installed it. It worked great. As the temperature warmed up or cooled off the damper moved smoothly, freely quietly. It actually worked better then I expected. As it gets colder it closes, closing completely at 40 degrees and opening fully at 70 degrees. However, it only works in one position. Not side ways not upside down. Just so you know.
5/5 Great Product!, 12/15/2018
Reviewer: Brian Allman
Company: Allman Brothers Termite & Pest Control
This is a great product. It is easy to work with, although I'd recommend wearing gloves when doing so. We have had great success in keeping rodents/insects out of homes and businesses using it.
5/5 Moleinator, 12/15/2018
Reviewer: Joe Cathey
Company: Retired Wetland Consultant
Works great. Caught a huge mole on my second setting. Key is to find a run and step hard enough to collapse the tunnel and later check it out to see if dirt is pushed up. Then you know the passage way is active. I use two traps on either side of the hole I dig in each passageway. I also tie both traps to a garden spade pushed in the ground next to where the traps are installed so the mole doesn't carry it into the tunnel.
5/5 Original is still the best!, 12/15/2018
Reviewer: Len
Company: Backyard Wildlife Solutions, LLC
We've been using these since we started in the industry-they always solve the problem.
4/5 Dunlap soul taker, 12/14/2018
Reviewer: Cain
Decent potency and works great.
5/5 Jameson's Formula One Woodchuck Bait, 12/14/2018
Reviewer: Steven
Company: Bedford Nuisance Wildlife
My go to bait for woodchucks. Highly recommended.
5/5 Used for research and for avocational trapping, 12/10/2018
Works well. I offer the following suggestions for users: 1) use a wire-mesh box inside to hold bait longer; bait (carrots) can also wash into lower chamber if loose. 2) use the additional foam provided for flotation, but use only on the inside of the lower chamber (muskrats will chew on them if on outside); this might be specified in instructions for use. 3) It might be helpful to have an additional door and smaller platform at each door so that muskrats find the entrances more readily. I base this off using a couple cameras on 4 traps, where muskrats definitely visited, but did not enter.
5/5 Great for ground squirrels, 12/08/2018
Reviewer: Randy
Put an un-baited trap in Quonset where ground squirrels had been entering building. Caught and killed 7 Richardson's and one 13-lined ground squirrel this past summer. Told my friend about the trap as he was having trouble with red squirrels in his garden. He bought a trap and got 6 of the critters this summer. Both of us are impressed with the traps. I purchased 2 more traps this fall to use closer to the burrows of the ground squirrels next spring and summer. I'll likely bait such traps and am expecting good results.
5/5 JT Eaton does it again!, 12/07/2018
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
I am a big fan of JT Eaton's product. This is no exception.This product is great for applications where large volumes of rodenticides aren't needed. Compact with entry holes that are suitable for mice and rats.
5/5 Great product!, 12/07/2018
Company: Headley's Wildlife Control
We bought a tube to test it out when installing Pest Blok. The thickness of the product made it easy to apply in an area under an overhang. The tube discharged well from beginning to end.
5/5 Brigand WB a Great alternative to Contrac Blox, 12/07/2018
Reviewer: Jacob Barnes
Company: Barnes Wildlife Control
Brigand has been our trucks for over 3 years and has proven time and again that its a good product. The price point is very good and the chocolate flavor seems to key in on some rodent populations than the Contrac Blox.
4/5 Tried, 12/07/2018
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
Haven't used this product much yet, but the few times that it has been used it pretty much does what it says it will on the can.
5/5 Works, 12/07/2018
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
When a little more attractant is needed and mice are eating everything that you use.
5/5 Great Stuff, 12/07/2018
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
We use a lot of this to close small holes and openings. By itself or in combination with foam really discourages chewing or digging while allowing for some air flow when needed. Suggest using gloves when handling it!
4/5 Nice trap, 12/07/2018
Reviewer: Gordon Betts
Company: Dragon Catchers
The triggers needed some work, but most always do. Received one day set out in the field the next. Great for rodent holes.
5/5 Timely shipping, 12/03/2018
Reviewer: Nick
Thanks for the fast response got them in a timely manner.
5/5 Excellent product., 12/02/2018
Reviewer: Tom Figel
Company: Thomas' Wildlife Pest Control LLC
The owls are well made and I've found them to be highly effective at keeping woodpeckers off of siding. My only complaint is the terrible stickers that they slap on the front of the owls from the factory. Worst adhesive ever!
5/5 Flying squirrels, 12/02/2018
Reviewer: Sean Higgins
While having exterior work done on my house, I discovered a family of southern flying squirrels living in a crawl space in my attic. I ordered the extractor cone and installed it upon being delivered. Within one day all of the squirrels had left the crawl space and have yet to return. I would recommend this device to anyone having squirrel issues. Great product.
5/5 Catchmaster cold temp traps, 11/30/2018
Reviewer: Fairchase
Awesome product bought to use in my shop during the cold season. The first night I set them out the temps were in the 20's and they were still very sticky and caught mice and one rat. I ordered more two days ago. later they really work.
5/5 Bobbex Deer Repellant, 11/30/2018
Reviewer: Al
Company: Homeowner
I have been using this product for three years. No damage to ornamentals in that time in an area with a very high deer population. The product works.
5/5 Best squirrel trap I've come across, 11/29/2018
Reviewer: Christian Manfredi
Company: Christian's Wildlife Control
The most effective trap that I've come across for catching squirrels, I would recommend these traps to anyone!
5/5 Good product, 11/28/2018
Reviewer: Adam M
Company: Firefly pest
These are a lot cheaper then the other vent covers on WCS and after trying both these cheaper ones are a equal product for a lesser charge.
5/5 2.5 are perfect, 11/28/2018
Reviewer: Tony
Company: Watford Wildlife Trapping
The 2.5 are the best I've used for gray and flying squirrels. It also does a good job on rats when modified properly.
5/5 Quick connects, 11/24/2018
Reviewer: Louis Tandy
This year is the first time using this product. I put them on my DP's. They are awesome, if I want to change my cable length or add or remove my disposable stakes. It makes it quick and easy.
5/5 Very effective trap, 11/23/2018
Reviewer: Rex Goddard
This is a very well built trap and very effective on squirrels. I would highly recommend this trap. Thank you WCS for a quality product.
5/5 Great Traps, 11/21/2018
Reviewer: Brian
My pest control company uses these traps because they are easy to set, and get the job done well.
5/5 Used to keep Mice Out, 11/21/2018
Bought this to seal up the obvious holes we have found so far around the house and office. Easy to apply and cut with scissors, just wear gloves to protect your hands. So far so good as mice haven't pushed thru the fabric.
5/5 Catching Penny, 11/21/2018
Reviewer: Steve Smedley
Company: Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition
I've been trying to trap a stray Boxer for 17 months. I trapped her in a kennel trap twice and she escaped. She grew too cautious to go back in. So a fellow rescuer recommended the Collarum. I bought one and made a slight modification mounting it on a plywood platform angled up about 3-4 inches. After several test runs on myself, the Collarum worked like a charm on Penny the elusive Boxer. Thanks to this invention, Penny is now safe and fitting right in with our family. I couldn't be more satisfied with this product. Thank you Wild Life Control Supplies!!
5/5 chipmunk killer !, 11/21/2018
Reviewer: Bill
Company: homeowner
Love these traps, had a problem with the chipmunks, till I set these traps out, problem solved!
5/5 oh my God, 11/20/2018
Reviewer: DN
Best squirrel whacker ever.
5/5 Beaver attraction, 11/19/2018
Reviewer: Kevin
Company: WXT Central Texas
Used this in Central Texas and works very well drawing Beaver to the live traps we use. Beaver did not hesitate to investigate. Most caught the night of set. Very good product.
5/5 Proper baiting for squirrels, 11/18/2018
Reviewer: Maynard Stanley Jr
Company: Critter Catcher
This trap works great for squirrels wipe your bait on the top inside the trap they will stand on the trigger to get the bait above.
5/5 Little Powerhouse, 11/18/2018
Reviewer: Maynard Stanley Jr
Company: Critter Catcher
I use this trap for big gray squirrels and Norway rats, I put nut or P butter on the inside of the trap just beside the trigger both sides and a few peanuts in front and just inside the trap. also drill two holes down thru the top behind the trigger to mount on a tree or on a strapping, drill two holes lower on each side in-back of the trigger to use a wire tie, this is a great trap very easy to set, for smaller squirrels bend the lower half of trigger up and forward for flyers and reds. I will be doing a video on setting and drilling. buy a doz drill and prep so they are ready as you need them.
5/5 An Awesome Product, 11/18/2018
Reviewer: Chuck
This is as good as advertised if not better. The odor/fragrance is just great. I know it is to attract other animals, but it put a relaxed smile on my face. A great oil.
5/5 Dopest product, 11/17/2018
Reviewer: Paul D
So I had these squirrels that kept getting into my truck and tearing my wiring harnesses apart. I tried everything to keep them out. Even set a bunch of other traps. But they always figured out ways around them. I bought this trap and got it in on Friday night. By Saturday at noon I had 4 of these squirrels. Like other people have said, just stick some peanut butter under the trigger and it's gold. Will recommend this product to anyone.
4/5 Woodpeckers , 11/14/2018
Works great when spinning, not so great when not moving.
5/5 Stake Puller, 11/14/2018
Reviewer: Dan
The stake puller that I purchased seems to work very well. When I received it I went and pulled up some rebar stakes that had been in the ground since last summer from where I had staked out livestock to graze. I have always used a vice-grip to remove the stakes (a real pain ). Your stake puller broke the rebar stakes loose from the hard clay with out any problem. I feel it will pay for it's self on the trap line in short order. Will recommend to my fellow trappers. Thanks again a good product that really does work!
5/5 Right size, 11/13/2018
Reviewer: Jeff
Company: Affordable WIldlife Removal
Just right. All my traps will fit fine. I did find that I could use a much lower flow rate than the instructions call for (1/3 as much) . Maybe my flow meter is off, but it is also brand new.
5/5 Completely satisfied, 11/12/2018
Reviewer: Diana
Order delivered so quickly, I could not believe it! Good product...I used it for some gaps near the garage doors. Works great!
5/5 This is a great product for coon!, 11/12/2018
Reviewer: Jake
I caught 63 coon in 3 weeks using some deer corn, and tree berry paste in dog proof traps. Well worth the money!
5/5 Works well, 11/11/2018
Reviewer: Finkle
I'm using it in the barn and its a killing machine. Worth every penny not having to use poison or reset traps. Also using in basement.
5/5 Double Spring, 11/11/2018
Reviewer: Tim Gall
Company: Wild Pig Removal Inc
This trap is very solid, small amount of welding splatter. Roof rats worst enemy. Finding the correct bait was a big challenge. The safety hook helps keep your fingers safe when setting the pan as a light trigger.
5/5 Double Spring, 11/11/2018
Reviewer: Tim Gall
Company: Wild Pig Removal Inc.
I have the large Koro with double springs. After finding the correct bait trap worked great.
5/5 Fantastic product!, 11/09/2018
Reviewer: Outdoors
Company: Prairie Creek Outdoors
I have used Dobbins Coon Candy on many different jobs in various locations and situations. Works great as a calling lure, or in a DP trap. I put a smear on a short piece of PVC pipe in the back of a cage with great success.
5/5 Great Quality, 11/06/2018
Reviewer: Chip Stahl
Company: Animal Wildlife Solutions
The only bait stations I use on a regular basis. Very sturdy and reasonably priced.
5/5 Very Good Hardware Cloth, 11/06/2018
Reviewer: Chip Stahl
Company: Animal Wildlife Solutions
Very good quality and good delivery time. I can always count on WCS fast shipping service.
5/5 Great snap trap!, 11/06/2018
Reviewer: Chip Stahl
Company: Animal Wildlife Solutions
I haven't found anything better or better priced. Excellent for flyers and chipmunks.
5/5 Perfect Ground Squirrel and Chippy Trap, 11/04/2018
Reviewer: Jim
I had a serious colony of chipmunks. Smart little buggers had an elaborate tunnel system. This was the perfect solution.
5/5 Resident animal exclusions., 11/04/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Connet
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Nuisance Removal
Resident animals are notorious for finding a way back into what they consider there own home to reside. Raccoons as well as squirrels are strong. Typical Aluminum coil stock isn't enough to keep these critters out. I always use this .027 Gage Aluminum stock for those jobs. And have never had an animal re-enter after proper installation.
5/5 Very good information, 11/01/2018
Reviewer: Rex Goddard
I'm in the process of becoming a wildlife control operator and starting my own business. I've been a fur trapper for 40+ years and found this DVD to be a very good source of information and direction on the trapping of moles. Thanks for the info.
4/5 CEO of Garsino Ranch, 10/31/2018
Reviewer: Steve Garsino
Company: Garsino Ranch
I'm with Chas when I'm at about 98 % success. We chain the trap to a 18€ by 3/4€ rebar to prevent raptors and large dogs from stealing the trap. Works very well saving return trips saving labor. Also I don't have a poison to report. Thanks for a great design!
5/5 Nothing better, 10/28/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Connet
Company: ADC Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Nuisance Removal
I've tried the others. Pur Black is the best
5/5 Product exactly as advertised., 10/27/2018
Works great. Have already recommended it to others.
5/5 Perfect item - MUST HAVE for any trapper, 10/27/2018
Reviewer: Scott Shipps
Company: ShippsSales.com
Not all conibear-bodyhold traps come with a safety hook (eg: smaller-game style, single spring trap) - I do not take chances in the cold, by myself, on my trapline... no matter how 'wimpy' the conibear, broken hand-parts are not a risk I am willing to take with my season. I buy these locks to install so that all of my conibear traps are safe right away - and saves a lot of time when baiting and setting - seems like common trapper-sense to me.
5/5 Happy customer, 10/26/2018
Great product and fast shipping.
5/5 It really helped a bad stink!, 10/26/2018
Reviewer: Alan Hart
Company: RENT 2 OWN AUTO
Odor is much improved with use of the fogger.
5/5 Great closed cell foam, 10/26/2018
Reviewer: Eric Karwowski
Blends aesthetically to the roof, foundation, and points between. Worked effectively with copper mesh.
5/5 One continuous roll for large jobs, 10/26/2018
Reviewer: Eric Karwowski
Easy to cut, shape, and install. I mated the copper mesh with PUR BLACK foam. Great combination. Indoor/Outdoor.
5/5 Used to help keep Mice out of house, 10/24/2018
Reviewer: James
My cat has killed a bunch of mice that kept getting into our house. I have had exterminators over to find the points of entry and they cant seem to located where/how they are getting in. I bought this stuff to wedge in between the foundation and bottom row of clapboard siding all the way around my entire house. Not sure if that is how they are getting in but figured it wont hurt to try. Rolls were easy to work with. Gloves and sheers are needed. I also wore a respirator just in case. Where the gaps were a little larger than 1", I put a little liquid nails on the material and held it in place for a few seconds. The stuff is basically the same as steel wool except in 1" rolls. Also, this company has the best price for the product and shipped out that day!
4/5 Bobcat trap, 10/21/2018
Reviewer: Barry Satterwhite
Was a little bent up but I was able to straighten enough to use other than that l like the product.
5/5 A perfect solution, 10/21/2018
Reviewer: R Barr
Exactly as described and delivered in a timely fashion. No more midnight visits from our favorite neighborhood rat.
5/5 RV sealing, 10/19/2018
Reviewer: Ken
A mouse somehow got into our RV. Although I sealed all the possible entry locations with sealant. I bought the 1"€ wide roll to add around some potential areas that mice may crawl around. I would not have used if it was not stainless steel as I would not want it to rust. The rolls were packaged very well and shipped quickly. This size was just right for the tight areas.
5/5 Trapper, 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Dewayne
Company: Lee's Wildlife Removal
Good for catching snakes.
5/5 Outstanding Product, 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Toby Yates
This product exceeded my expectations in every way. I am remodeling a house that was infested with rodents and roaches. After cleaning the mess that was visible, the roach and rodent feces had left a horrible smell in the remaking studs and Sheetrock that I wasn't able to remove. After trying Kilz to block the scent on one panel of Sheetrock I was about to give up and attempt to tear out what remained and creating a TON of extra work for myself. I tried a few Oder neutralizer products with no good results. I came across a review for the Epoleon NnZ and decided to try one more time before I started doing more demolition. I sprayed this product, undiluted and thoroughly, covering every stud, panel or anything else that had the horrible odor coming from it. After I sprayed everything down, I went outside and worked on a few things for about an hour before I came in and sprayed everything once more before leaving for the day. When I returned the next morning planning to start doing more demolition work, I was shocked that that the foul Oder of rodent and insect feces was GONE. After trying everything under the sone for two months with no good results, I was shocked to learn that I had found something that worked. I went ahead and sprayed everything down one more time just to be sure. It’s been a little over 6 weeks and it’s still gone. I would have saved a lot of time, money and effort had I discovered this product from the beginning. I ordered a second container of this and used it on my dog’s funky smelling doghouse. Worked like a champ killing that too. If you are dealing with unwanted odors and nothing you've tried has worked, give this a shot. You won't have to deal with it anymore once you do.
5/5 Just what I needed!, 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Roy Zurell
I live in a 50+ year old house. The top of the foundation is uneven in several places. This fabric is just what I needed to plug up the gaps where critters and cold air can come in. I used leather gloves to work with the fabric. It should make my basement a NO-GO area from now on. Thanks.
5/5 Well Made & Works great, 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Joe
This trap works great and is very well made. Very strong spring. Gray Squirrels don't know what hit them.
5/5 I don't know how I lived without this!, 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Annie
Company: High Desert Wildlife Control
This has made using Collarum and Berkshire foot snare traps a whole lot easier for me. No more tugging on rebar until I'm ready to pass out! As long as you have a large nut welded to the end of your rebar, this tool will pop it right out. It hasn't failed me yet.
5/5 Best Chipmunk trap ever, 10/13/2018
Reviewer: Larry M. Litwin
This trap is quality made and very effective. I make a set from about 18 inches of thick walled PVC interior drain pipecut in half lengthwise. I cut a slot for the spring near the middle and put this trap inside and place the set on the chipmunk run. They see a safe tunnel and run through. Instant kill and the set keeps the carcass out of sight.
5/5 Collarum Bait, 10/12/2018
Reviewer: Woodsmoke
Recently tried this on homemade grubstakes and it was a first night success. I don't find many lures or baits that work that fast. This was done on a test plot with five other top rated baits. It was revisited on the next three days as well.
4/5 Midwest Homeowner, 10/12/2018
Purchased a roll of the 4" wide xcluder product. Used it up the other day to plug holes and cracks on the outside of my home. Worked very well. Easy to cut down to size with a scissors. If possible you need to wear leather gloves to keep from getting wire splinters in your fingers.
4/5 Works!, 10/10/2018
Reviewer: Dan Porter
While I have not been able to yet catch a squirrel, it caught a 2 foot rat the first night!
5/5 skunk trap, 10/10/2018
Reviewer: Rob
Great product. Caught three in three nights. No problems.
5/5 M8 Multi Bang Propane Cannon, 10/10/2018
Reviewer: Leneda Davis
Company: HRM Resources III, LLC
First part of this experience was the knowledgeable staff that assisted us on getting the right product for the job and then getting it to us as fast as humanly possible. The Cannon has done an excellent job and we have put it through its paces here in Wyoming. It needed a wind break in the 40mph winds with gusts on top of that. It was easy to do and it helped with our problem of migrating ducks, on our produced water pit.
5/5 Trapper, 10/09/2018
Very informative.
5/5 Trapper, 10/09/2018
Smells purrrfect.
5/5 Trapper, 10/09/2018
Smells like fur is coming.
5/5 Easy to use, 10/09/2018
Reviewer: Ellen
This was really easy to use. The first 1/2 inch was too stiff to stick to the inside of the ventilation opening in the attic, but the next several inches were gooey and stuck just fine. I put it around the base of both bubble vents in the attic--where the raccoon mama broke in last spring to have her babies in our attic. Our neighborhood is also having a civet invasion. So hopefully, our attic will stay clear. I intend to do this next spring again!
5/5 No more rats!!, 10/08/2018
Reviewer: Frank Ortiz
Company: Advanced Wildlife Removal
The excluder garage door seal is awesome. Nice tight fit pretty easy to install just spray the tracks with soapy water first and slide it in. I have used it many times and it always does the trick. You will have to adjust the door opener after installation to make a perfect fit and so it's not too tight but every one I have installed has worked flawlessly no more rats in the garage!!
5/5 No Escape, 10/08/2018
Reviewer: John O
A mouse with fast reflexes isn't getting out of this one!
5/5 Maybe too good, 10/07/2018
Reviewer: CF
Does its job and attracts squirrels to the trap. Maybe too good of bait because I didn't think I had as many squirrels as I've trapped. I did mix in a little bird seed with it though. No complaints...it's doing its job! Worth the $
5/5 Works Great, 10/07/2018
Reviewer: CF
Worried this trap wouldn't quickly and humanely eliminate the squirrels, but couldn't have been more wrong! It does just that....quick and efficient. Great trap. Worth every penny.
5/5 Installed in minutes, 10/07/2018
Reviewer: Casey
Simple and very effective way to keep mice out of my garage. I noticed one of the rubber trim pieces chewed through and this solved the problem. Install them on all of your garage doors!
5/5 Eviction Fluid, 10/05/2018
Reviewer: Carolynn
Company: Thunderbrook Farm
This stuff is amazing! Worked in less than 24 hrs. Had a Momma raccoon and babies living in between walls in my barn. My jack russels spent days trying to scratch their way into the raccoons, ruining my walls. I purchased the 6oz product. I squirt fluid on a few cut 8x8 towel squares and toss around entrances and in between walls. I also would squirt a few drops of the fluid Around their latrine. I did this around 2pm in the afternoon. By the next AM my dogs sniffed the wall and walked away!!!! The family moved outside to a tree. I used rubber gloves as this stuff STINKS but WORKS!!!!! A+++
5/5 My old standby, 10/03/2018
Reviewer: Steve
Company: Ecolab
I am retired from doing commercial pest control. I started using the black walnut oil years ago and it became a standby product for me. I always had some. Very easy to use I would use a small stick and place just a drop or two on a snap trap. Highly effective! The product is long lasting as well, my territory got switched and the other rep was telling me about a location with a rat problem. I asked him if he checked the area above the milk room. It wasn't a half an hour later he called and said every single trap had a dead rat (12) and it was 6 months since I set those. It would also attract Oriental cockroaches on a glue board and it is just as effective on mice as it is on rats. Everyone in pest control needs to carry a small bottle. Just be careful with application, it does stain and a little goes a long way.
5/5 Good Product, 10/03/2018
Reviewer: Michele
I bought this fabric because I was seeing insulation being pulled from a few places in the back of my house where I had blown in insulation put in a few years ago and around the door in my garage. I stuffed the fabric into the visible crevaces between the wood and foundation. In the week since - no more insulation on the ground or floor and nothing (mice) has pushed the fabric out. That's a promising sign.
5/5 Green machine, 10/02/2018
Reviewer: Joel Mathers
Company: Western wildlife services
This bait works wonders around here. I purchased several baits including more expensive baits but this is what works. I'll keep ordering more.
5/5 Best mole and shrew trap ever!, 10/02/2018
Reviewer: Jason
I have trapped 35 shrews, 4 moles, and 5 chipmunk with these traps in just over 4 months! They are simple to use and extremely effective! After spending over $300 on an exterminator last year I am happy to have finally found a trap that actually works for the regular home owner. Follow the directions and always wear gloves and store the traps outside to keep a human scent off. You will not be disappointed! Wild Life Control Supply stands behind their products too! Great traps and great company! Thanks.
5/5 Owner, 10/02/2018
Reviewer: Don
Company: Ceoandsons
As a new customer I was hesitant to order my tags online, price was a deal beater, they arrived in 5 days, and were exactly as ordered. Free shipping is also a bonus, I will continue to do business with them.
5/5 Quite Versatile, Well Designed and Manufactured, 10/01/2018
I have an indoor/outdoor cat, and from time to time I find myself rescuing a bird in tight quarters such as bathrooms. This net is perfect for the task.
5/5 Great bait, 09/30/2018
Reviewer: Dennis Theriault
Great for raccoons and skunks. Stays fresh and just to me the best.
5/5 Our favorite go-to bait!, 09/28/2018
Reviewer: ChemTec Pest Control
Company: www.chemtecpest.com
Coon Candy is our favorite go-to bait! Great stuff.
5/5 Works great!, 09/27/2018
Reviewer: John
Took only two days to catch a snake in the basement. Have ordered more.
5/5 Best Double-Sided Butyl Tape for Crawl Space Poly Installation!, 09/26/2018
Reviewer: Arnold Leak
I have used several brands of butyl rubber, double-sided butyl tape, but this is by far the best of my experience. Some "sealing tapes" are thicker, but lack this tape's adhesive strength. Others are sticky enough, but do not have reinforcement like this one, so they stretch and even come off the paper backing before being placed in position. This tape has reinforcement threads built in and adheres to concrete and cinder block walls better than any I have used. In my opinion, it is the best for crawl space poly sheeting installation as used to encapsulate crawl spaces. It holds very well and doesn't droop or fall over night in damp conditions. I use a J-roller to press the rubber into the cinder block wall and the poly. Have had absolutely great results. Oh, the tape comes well packed and wrapped, so it doesn't stick to the packaging nor have damaged edges. By the way, a damaged edge makes unrolling the tape difficult as the tape sticks to itself at those points. This company deserves the highest credit for excellent packaging. I'll buy this until I am done with crawl spaces. The price is also competitive with lesser quality tapes and shipping is fast.
5/5 Raccoon Mother Be Gone!, 09/25/2018
Reviewer: Mandi Lei
All I did was open this jar of raccoon eviction paste and put it up to the ceiling where a mother raccoon had made a home for her brand new litter of pups and she and her babies were out within 2 days!!! Before purchasing this paste, I had tried EVERYTHING to drive her out for two weeks! Nothing worked!! Hands down! This paste is a miracle worker!!! Also, I would like to thank this company for processing my standard shipping so quickly. The paste arrived within a few days of ordering it. I have never seen great customer service like that before. A big thanks to this company for helping me out when help was desperately needed!
5/5 1/4" Bat netting, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: L Reid
Company: Residential owner
Our order came as promised, and I installed the netting over our black crushed shale around our oak tree beds in order to easily remove the falling acorns this fall. The netting is tough, easily staked in place, and It is working great. Thanks for the solid service.
5/5 Service Manager, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: Daniel Linderman
Company: A very large national pest control firm
Product is great, blends in well with ridge vents, seals wildlife out.
5/5 WCS Kwik-Fold Hand net, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: Marilyn Saul
This is a great product for netting pigeons that sneak into my chicken coop/run. I suspect it works well for other sized birds as well. Very quick shipment. I'm very satisfied.
1/5 A bust, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: G Alexander McTavish
Bought this on the strength of the reviews that it was effective against chipmunks. Spread on a cracker as instructed. Not one chipmunk even interested. Just in case it was the trap not the bait, I put several baited crackers just out in the open. Not even interested. I have watched them walk around this bait without ever taking even a nibble. Don't waste your money.
1/5 A bust, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: G Alexander McTavish
Don't waste your money on this trap. I am inundated with chipmunks. Bought the trap along with WCS NB Squirrel and Rodent Paste Bait. Followed the instructions. Have yet to catch one chipmunk. Have watched them walked around this trap with no inclination to go in. Save your money. A bust.
5/5 WORKS, 09/24/2018
Reviewer: ST
5 Star product...even worked in my open unfinished basement. Will buy again.
5/5 Bobbex deer repellent, 09/23/2018
Reviewer: Jim
Company: Retired gardener
By far the best deer repellent that I have found! Been using it for going on five years now with excellent results. It's organic, helps fertilize the plants, doesn't discolor hostas, and it's made in United States! Excellent product !
5/5 Well built, yet light weight., 09/21/2018
Reviewer: Bill Wrasse
I've been wanting to buy a Loring basket for a few years now. But I didn't want to spend that much money on something I never held in my hands. I met a guy who had a basket and was able to look it over. I knew right away that I needed one. They are light weight, yet built to last. I will be using it on all long walk-in trap lines.
5/5 Caught him the next DAY, 09/19/2018
Reviewer: Steve in PA
I used this trap made in Germany 30 years ago and looked far to find it again. The rest of these contraptions don't work near as this one. It's so simple and so easy. Just make sure you don't bury it and forget where you put it. I caught my mole in 24 hours and my lawn can be now repaired.
5/5 Great products.Shipped fast, 09/18/2018
Reviewer: Mike (manager)
Company: Allied Pest & Wildlife
All good stuff just arrived today so I haven't used it yet but took a good whiff of each one and I like what I smelled. Should be good bait judging by other baits I have used I have no doubts they are going to kill it in the field.
5/5 Perfect results, 09/17/2018
Reviewer: Tomiko Edmiston
Super effective bait! After losing almost all my Meyer Lemons to what I thought were squirrels, I discovered it was roof rats. Every night a rat has been caught in my tube trap except for the two nights when the safety latch got knocked over the spring. 10 in 12 nights! Very happy with this bait.
4/5 NoMol, 09/17/2018
Reviewer: C Heine
I have used many different traps and baits for getting rid of moles in my lawn. I have had the best success with NoMol traps. I am not successful every time, but the majority of the time I am. The claw traps have worked but not as good. It takes more skill to set the claw traps correctly.
5/5 Best trap I have ever used., 09/17/2018
Reviewer: Delores
This is the best trap I have ever used. It is a perfect skunk trap and I would never hesitate to recommend it.
5/5 TRAPPER, 09/15/2018
Reviewer: Ray
Company: Home owner with a squirrel problem
This is one powerful trap. I had to invent a way to set it up because the spring is so stiff. After using the safety hook, use a Channelock plier to set the dog. Easiest way for me. I haven't yet figured out the easiest way to release the rodent. At 80, I have no more strength in my hands.
5/5 Solid single shot launcher, 09/13/2018
Reviewer: Eric Anderson
Quality built and works perfectly. Fires each and every time.
5/5 Trap safety, 09/12/2018
The safety was far more heavy duty then I expected. Fit my 330's down to my 120's really like how the ease of use and the bright color of the safety. It stands out so you forget it on your trap after setting it.
5/5 GREAT Stuff!!!, 09/12/2018
Reviewer: Gordon Taylor
I have a couple of coons that has been living in the attic for several months, I caught the mama once in a live trap outside of the attic, but my daughter somehow managed to let her go. I put the live trap in the attic with a amazon cloud cam, but the coons would not go near it. I see them moving all around on camera, but have nothing to do with the trap. The live trap has worked real well with just dry cat food on the back porch I have caught five coons, two possums and a neighbor's cat, I even added peanut butter, but no luck in the attic, I have a hole in the soffit, where they get in, but I didn't want to trap them inside. I took a red shop rag and squirted some Eviction Juice on it, then placed inside the hole inside the soffit, I did this on Wednesday night, and never saw or heard the coons again. Fixed the hole on Saturday, and I consider this case closed. I bought the 1/2 oz. bottle and I still have 3/4 of it. It worked as advertised, I could not be more pleased! I give this product my highest recommendation, my experience was very positive, and the cost was much less then the live trap, I just wish I had found this first.
5/5 Just what I needed!!, 09/11/2018
Reviewer: Andy
3 moles trapped on the first try!! I definitely recommend the Nomoles traps!!!!
3/5 WoodPecker Flasher, 09/10/2018
Reviewer: Bill Kidder
These worked the first day I installed them, and still do to an extent, but it seems I have some stubborn woodpeckers.
5/5 Belisle #280 Body Grip Trap, 09/10/2018
Reviewer: Harry King
An excellent, well made trap. Good "Canadian Bend", safety clips stay in place, dog design allows for complete closure, strong springs. WCS has the lowest price on Belisle #280`s of all the other trapping supply stores, and I checked them all. Order was received in short order, packaged good, everything in good shape. I will continue to be a customer of WCS.
4/5 Happy with it, 09/10/2018
I bought this trap because I saw a small snake in our basement and then lost the snake in the brief moment I had gone upstairs so I bought this trap ASAP. We ended up finding the snake underneath the trap. Not in it. To me it didn't matter where it was within the trap so I am happy with this product as I assume there is something that attracts the snakes to the trap which is exactly why I bought it. Thanks!
4/5 Eviction fluid, 09/09/2018
1 ounce was not enough. Raccoons just moved from one spot of the attic to another.
5/5 rat killer, 09/07/2018
Reviewer: Ivan
It has been killing rats for a week now. In one week it's caught 2 rats, one squirrel and gone off twice without catching anything. That's a way better kill rate than I've ever gotten from standard rat traps. It's also well built and will last much longer than a standard rat trap.
5/5 Brown dryer vent covers, 09/05/2018
Reviewer: Regina
Company: MCWHOA
This is an exceptional product. Our Association is in the woods and they really help keep the little critters out. Love the brown color.
5/5 Copperhead, 09/04/2018
Reviewer: Kelly Kosmela
Although I have not yet caught the large copperhead I have seen at my front porch, I have caught one of her babies. Killed 5 others before they had a chance to go in trap. Trap has been down more than a week now with one catch. The glue is now covered with ants and bugs and I am not sure if a snake could still stick to it. Wish it would holdup a little better in the rain though for what it costs
4/5 Bobcat trap, 09/04/2018
Reviewer: Dennis Degand
I haven't caught any of the bobcats that are close to my house yet, but I do like the trap. Well built, some type of instructions would have been helpful. I have requested a catalog and most likely I will order from this company again.
5/5 Best price online, 09/04/2018
Reviewer: Springbok
Perfect item for roof DWV vents. I needed vent covers for both 1.5" and 2" vent stacks, and was able to purchase the appropriate adapters in the form of spigot x hub bushings at the local hardware store at minimal cost. Fitting the vent base to the bushing is best done on the ground, as they needed quite a bit of force - per the instructions, and I did not want to subject the vent stack to hammering up on a rooftop.
5/5 Excellent, 09/03/2018
Reviewer: Nick
Great! I'm so glad they sell these replacements. They work fine and the customer service was great.
5/5 Portable pocket, 09/03/2018
Reviewer: Jeff
I've been using these for three seasons now, they are fast and deadly on coon and coyotes, but they can be used on most everything where either a dirthole or a pocket set can be used. I will be buying many more. Keep these in stock WCS, I'll be back for more, you're the ONLY dealer that sells these!
5/5 Steven, 09/02/2018
Reviewer: Steven DeJong
Groundhog kocaine is Great on woodchucks, but I've found out that it's a killer on Raccoons. Living with a vineyard and the coon population I've finally found a bait that'll suck them in. Thank-You WCS for a most wonderful lure.
5/5 Finally a mole trap that works!, 09/01/2018
Reviewer: Jim W
These traps work very well. Simple and effective design!
5/5 Sparrow trap, 09/01/2018
Reviewer: Deno Newbold
Works great ! Just wish you made a larger one with same design.
5/5 Snake lure works, 08/31/2018
Reviewer: Bill Dement
I put the trap out Tuesday afternoon and had a 30"€ copperhead Friday am. Ordered more glue boards and strike em for me and neighbors.
5/5 Dryer Vent Cleaner - Linteater, 08/31/2018
Reviewer: Mindy
Worked great! 12' (36" rods that screw together) was perfect length. Be sure to tape as directed, twirling the brush loosens the brush/ rod connection as lint is being pulled out. Made several swipes - Cleaned!
5/5 Peacock Capturing Made Easier (but not easy), 08/31/2018
Found the quality to be excellent and the folding feature helpful for storage and for sneaking up on big birds.
5/5 You can't beat this stuff, 08/31/2018
Reviewer: Derek
Company: Eliminex Pest and Wildlife NJ
One of a kind, very easy to work with and can fill any gap. It even layers well across hardware wire exclusion. Amazing since it doesn't expand and hardly visible from the ground. I pack the gaps with wire or vent material to give it permanent results.
4/5 Great gloves but only comes in large, 08/30/2018
Reviewer: Leela Mirza
I love these gloves. Very durable and well made. My only dislike is that this glove doesn't come in small or medium so I am stuck using this large glove. It's definitely loose but not completely unusable.
5/5 Great Tough Trap, 08/30/2018
Reviewer: HN
Product is as described. Works GREAT. Easy to set and use. Fast shipment /not via PO. Once they're in it - they don't get out. Wonder what an 8" or 10" tube could catch ?
4/5 Looks tough, 08/30/2018
Reviewer: Home Orchardist
Some years ago one squirrel stole all apples from one tree weeks before the fruit was ripe. A neighbor did me an accidental service by running the squirrel over before it could teach its offspring about the fruit in my yard. Now another gray squirrel is up to the same program, taking 16 of 17 apples on a young tree. The trap came with a few scratches that could use paint, so I sprayed it with black and a rusty brown rust-proofing paint and gave it a camo-look. Before that, I had to figure out how to use the safety catch and set it. The safety was bent just a bit too much, so made that angle more useful. Now I'll screw it to a 2 x 4 or 6" board before attaching that to our very old wooden fence.
5/5 First time using round body grips, 08/30/2018
Reviewer: Julia
This was my first time purchasing and using round body grip traps. They're perfect for placing over rat holes and fit into some tight spaces. Definitely a good tool to have for rodent problems.
5/5 Raccoon Eviction Paste, 08/29/2018
Reviewer: Mike Kyle
Company: SOS Wildlife Services
I've used this product for years it is always the go-to for me. As owner of SOS Wildlife Services in Los Angeles and Ventura County, Wildlife Control Supplies is my one-stop for all my Quality supplies that actually work.
5/5 Excellent odor control, 08/29/2018
Reviewer: Freddy Dusseault
We had a very strong odor from Bat guano. Once we closed off the entry/exit of the birds we applied 4 gallons of mix to all back side wood surfaces of our wood enclosed 30'x6'x2' masonry chimney and the odor was immediately diminished. Everything was allowed to dry overnight and there were no detectable malodors anywhere. As of two weeks later the odor is not present......VERY worthwhile product and totally satisfied. Hope it will last for years to come. 7 stars !!!
5/5 Bat Netting, 08/26/2018
Reviewer: Kim P
The netting and following online instructions helped us successfully complete a bat expulsion. The product is reasonably priced and provided just what we needed!
5/5 Love this for dogs, 08/26/2018
Reviewer: Shannon
I use this to keep my Golden Retrievers and Chiahuahuas inside the fenced yard. After 10yrs the fence has adjusted a bit and this helps fill in gaps between hills and the rain creating a mini trench from the rain. Bought more to fill in the smaller gaps since the Goldens decided to dig where we didn't have any Dig Defence.
5/5 Dryer Wall Vent, 08/26/2018
Reviewer: Dean Nielsen
Easy to install, looks and works great. Painters painted my vent shut which I didn't notice and my vent was 100 percent clogged. Looks much better than plastic ones.
5/5 Quick and easy, 08/25/2018
Reviewer: Micah Seavers
Company: Seavers beavers and more wildlife manage
Easy item to use and a cheaper option to offer to fix a basic problem.
5/5 Good product, 08/25/2018
Reviewer: Micah Seavers
Company: Seavers beavers and more wildlife manage
Good product quick install super solid build will last and hold up.
5/5 Animal Control, 08/24/2018
Reviewer: Nikita Johnson
I had a serious possum and raccoon problem, as they were drawn to my pear tree out back. After having the contractor install this product on top of my fence enclosure, animal pest activity has all but ceased. Very effective without being too dangerous.
5/5 Raccoon Eviction Fluid, 08/23/2018
Reviewer: Jerri McCombs
I am so excited about the liquid, last time I ordered it was paste and harder to use, but worked and fast! This was an easier application and has the same fast working power. Thanks!
5/5 RB, 08/22/2018
Reviewer: RB
Company: MMR
Best wolf, lion trap I have used. No pull outs yet.
5/5 Great add on sale, 08/22/2018
Reviewer: Micah Seavers
Company: Seavers beavers and more wildlife manage
Easy install, looks great. Makes for a fast add on sale .
5/5 Great product, 08/22/2018
Reviewer: Micah Seavers
Company: Seavers beavers and more wildlife manage
Fast easy install looks good and always gets customer complements.
4/5 Cinch mole and small gopher trap, 08/21/2018
Reviewer: C Fleck
This can be a higly effective trap for the smaller species of gophers in California. Unfortunately, it is not well designed as the catchment tangs create too small of a space and are too long, but that can be quickly remedied. Upon arrival, we bend the catchment tags out to a full "yoke", with an opening ~5cm. We also clip the tips off by about 5mm. We also bend the "G" shaped trip target out to ~3cm diameter. Spray painting helps skiw the inevitable rust that will develop, and we use a shot of red paint on both sides, for visibility in the weeds. These could and should easily be built from stainless components at a slightly higher cost. Once modified they are the best traps we have used!
5/5 Copper tags, 08/20/2018
Reviewer: Mark Sholta
The price was fair and good. Tags were correct and just what I wanted.
5/5 Great, 08/20/2018
Nice trap. Used it to remove nuisance opossum around chicken area, worked well.
5/5 Highly recommend, 08/20/2018
Reviewer: Michael
Got 100 copper trap tags. Checked 10 other suppliers, you had the best price by far, and free shipping to boot. Can't beat that deal with a big stick! Quality was excellent and you threw in tag fasteners free. I am extremely pleased. Only took two days to get to Michigan. I heartily recommend you folks to everybody.
5/5 Effective!, 08/20/2018
Reviewer: Harold Dickerson
After seeing my yard destroyed for over two years and not knowing what to do about it, I stumbled on the nomole trap. I ordered a 4 pack and put them to work. It didn't take long and I caught two. I ordered a second set of four so I could catch twice as many twice as fast. It is good to know that you can take your yard back these traps.
4/5 Maine style Setters, 08/20/2018
Reviewer: John
Right tool for the heavier loaded springs.
5/5 Dryer vent excluder, 08/16/2018
Reviewer: Danny Mercer
Exactly what I wanted to keep the rats from getting back in to my dryer vent. Lets them leave, but they can't get back in. Fits over/around my existing vent cover so it was easy to put on and secure.
4/5 Bobcat trap, 08/15/2018
Reviewer: Charlie Richards
Love the trap but have a couple suggestions: 1- instructions for assembly would be helpful and mine was missing two bolts. 2- the release bar that holds the guillotine door up sticks a bit. I'm hoping it will loosen up some. All in all fairly pleased so far.
5/5 Cronks buck rouser, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Retired Army
Like cronks hoof musk, put it on a cotton ball and damn, the deer come in. Only tested it so far pre season, but I can't wait to use it for archery season.
5/5 Cronks hoof musk, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Retired Army
Put it on a cotton ball and observed deer smelling it. Definetly gets their attention. Same results with Buck rouser.
5/5 RP persimmon oil, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Retired Army
Have yet to use it, but I have to wonder what the difference is between RP amd WCS brands that creates a slightly different color. Ingredients, instructions, or a cocktail recipe for cover scents would be helpful.
5/5 WCS persimmon oil, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Retired Army
Smells great, clarity is great, haven't used it yet but it's the real thing.
5/5 WCS Acorn Oil, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Army retired
Compared to other brands like white oak, I found it to be a better value, was packaged better, and did not seem watered down like others.
5/5 WCS Vanilla Oil, 08/14/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Company: Retired Army
Smells a tad different than store bought vanilla, but the smell carries very well, and retains its aroma much better and longer than others.
5/5 Effective, 08/13/2018
Reviewer: Rick
Well made and designed trap that I anticipate using for decades.
3/5 Tolerable, 08/12/2018
Reviewer: Michael
Was much better a few years ago. Shrinks a little to much in the heat requiring multiple applications to effectively seal an opening.
5/5 The best Commercial squirrel trap, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
This is my favorite squirrel trap and I will never use another squirrel trap as long as I live. AAC proline is a great company with fantastic products. This trap and that only makes you look professional and not some yohon Who went to Farm and Fleet and bought a have a heart squirrel trap doing wildlife control. With all due respect I have a heart in my opinion those traps are for the public and professionals should be using traps like this one. It's sturdy and not going to break when animals get nuts inside the trap, it's half by half design allows so many great things like being able to sit out on the landscape or the rough without the animal damaging the service below. It's half by half design allows so many great things like being able to sit out on the landscape or the rough without the animal damaging the service below. Being able to set the trap with one hand is not only safer on a ladder, it's convenient, and honestly a game changer. The trigger pan moved to the back of the trap is great for no way there's false catches (Animals escaping). Also having the door being inside the trap allowing easy flush mount for positive sets Makes this trap in mind mind perfect. Plus the trap looks bad a$$! AAC pro line has definitely put their time into developing this product .
4/5 Decent DVD set for beginners, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
As Paul says I am the intro of disc One this DVD is not the end-all be-all to nuisance wildlife control. However to a beginner it is a great start . I feel that he covers a wide righty of situations and animals while also talking about different types of traps, baits, and safety. You only reason this is not a five star rating is because I reserve that last star for products that really blew me away. This didn't but it was a great investment.
3/5 Good for beginners but very drawn out, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
This DVD was OK for beginners to be at work and has a couple tips however it's very drawn out. Certain scenes or information is repeated and in general it's not the most professional. WCS has their own bat control DVD I think that one is the most important bat DVD one can own today. This one is OK again for beginners prove those who is already doing that work purchase with average to low expectations.
5/5 The best bat control dvd I've found, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
WCS has a great series on controlling nuisance animals including Beavers, Moles, and this one here Bats. This dvd is the best bat control DVD I have found. It will help launch beginners to experts and give tips to help experts as well. If you're looking into doing bat colony exclusion this is the DVD you need. If you are no other DVDs or back control of this is the one that you need. I'd like to see WCS continue their series for nuisance wildlife control training DVDs . They bring in a really good speakers to help train me through the process and will personally saw my favorite training DVDs I own .
5/5 Great training did for nuisance beaver control, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
WCS has a great series on handling Bats, Moles, and this one here Beavers. This DVD is great for people who are interested in nuisance beaver control using live trap techniques. The DVD has lots of information I am is easy to follow. I also found that "Water Trapping DVD with John Chagnon (DVD)" is a great addition to this DVD! As it has even more information and shows you the more more lethal traps. Thus between the two DVDs giving you enough techniques and traps for any situation . Both of the DVDs are great for beginners to become experts very quickly
5/5 Perfect training DVD to become an expert, 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Jon
Company: Nevernest Pest Control
This is a awesome series to teach you about moles. WCS has great training DVDs on Bats, Beavers, and this one here moles. This dvd takes a straight beginner and gives you all the knowledge to make you an expert going through different malls how do identify them how to treat them with different traps and so on. If you plan on doing mole work or you are curious about it this is the best info you are going to find.
5/5 Great Product, 08/10/2018
Reviewer: Donnie Cantrell
Company: Legend Pest and Wildlife Solutions
A must have to keep the foam guns clean, it really works good.
5/5 Great Product, 08/10/2018
Reviewer: Donnie Cantrell
Company: Legend Pest and Wildlife Solutions
We use this on every job! You can use it with mesh in it, it's great!
5/5 I love them, 08/09/2018
Reviewer: Joe Magiera
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
Good strong trap. I can shove it in a hole without having it go off all the time like the no mole ones do and it works every bit as good as a cinch trap for less than half the price.
4/5 It's ok, 08/09/2018
Reviewer: Joe Magiera
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
A good change up trap for me if I have a trap shy mole. Build a little flimsy and needs a lot of maintenance to make it not go off easily.
5/5 5+, 08/06/2018
Reviewer: Joe
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
The best trap that I have ever used for small animals. It even works on moles. My only gripe is the price. If it was closer to 110 price, I would start off with about 6 dozen (until I get some more employees).
4/5 Not available in the sizes that I prefer to use, 08/06/2018
Reviewer: Joe
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
It's better than what I can get at the hardware store. I just think that it is to small of a gauge for raccoon and that is what I buy it for. I prefer at least 18 ga or 17. I would like to see 1/2"-1 and 18" wide for ridge caps in 1/2"- 1/2 or 1"-1/2.
5/5 raccoon, 08/06/2018
Reviewer: Jim
1. trap-wise raccoon will reach over the trip plate & eat the bait. Rear wall in this trap is deeper. 2. Will roll the trap to open the door in some traps. Not this one. Would like to see flanges for ground anchors. 3. Will attack the trip bar & bend it. Not on this trap. 4. Will reach through mesh & dig out & around trap. This trap has tighter mesh & a floor accessory. 5. Back door makes baiting easy. 6. Unlike most traps, this trap actually comes with INSTRUCTIONS! Woo hoo!
5/5 What don't they understand about MY peach tree?, 08/05/2018
Reviewer: D.G.
They never bothered my peach tree, but this year all the squirrels in the neighborhood were raiding the peach tree when the peaches were small and green. Every day they came by and ate the green peaches, sometimes only a bite or two. A live trap did not work. The tube trap took immediately take care of the problem. Good trigger mechanism, quick kill, no suffering for the squirrels. No rust so far, in spite of being out in the pouring rain. It is easy to release them from the trap too. I did have to watch a video to see how to best set the trap, as a lot of force is needed to hold the handle down.
3/5 Works once doctored, 08/03/2018
Reviewer: John
I was really torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars. Here's my reasoning: When you buy a thing, it's supposed to do the thing you bought it to do. I bought the trap, but it wasn't killing squirrels. When I used peanut butter, I was feeding ants. When I used peanuts, they vanished without setting off the trap. After 2 weeks of that nonsense, I fashioned a cover out of hardware cloth, capped one end of the trap, and loaded the capped end with enough peanuts to gag a...well, squirrel. Since then, I've killed 4 of the little buggers. So why 3 stars? Based on my experience, the tube caps shouldn't be sold separately - at least one should come with the trap. Like I said at the beginning, when you buy a thing, it's supposed to do the thing you bought it to do. This trap didn't do the thing until I modified it. If this had come with a cap, it would have worked from day one. My advice to WCS - include a cap and up the price a few bucks.
5/5 Satisfied Customer, 07/30/2018
Reviewer: Tom
Better than I expected. After waisting money on other rodent traps these did the job.
5/5 Great!, 07/29/2018
So far great! Super easy to set up and use.
5/5 Well made, 07/29/2018
Reviewer: Jim
Well made trap with safety hook. A must in my opinion. I replaced the leash with chain with a 1/8" quick link on trap end and a 3/16" quick clip on the stake end. A coon can pull the wire out of the ferrule.
5/5 Advion Ant Gel, 07/28/2018
Reviewer: H.M. New Jersey
Better then expected, used 2 tubes where ants were active, from outside under the siding, to inside along trim. Within 2 days all ants were gone.
5/5 Trap setters, 07/28/2018
Reviewer: John
The tool I needed for the bigger traps.
5/5 Makes it easy to switch species., 07/28/2018
Reviewer: Larry
I bought a coyote COLLARUM for a coyote running in my suburban backyard. When I needed to capture a mange ridden red fox for treatment this product made it simple to switch from coyote to fox. I didn't even have to disturb the set. Just replace one cable with the other.
5/5 The best I've found, 07/28/2018
Reviewer: Larry
I don't have any rats except the cute ones (chipmunks). I got tired of the damage they did and these traps have been essential in the war. I set them facing in along walls where they run and check them twice a day. They are extremely effective. They give an instant kill almost every time. And I love how easy they are to set. BTW I've never had much luck with trying to bait chipmunks.
5/5 Moleinator Trap, 07/27/2018
Reviewer: David C. Pease
After fighting mole problems for many years, I have finally found a trap that really works. The moleinator is small and mighty. If you set it and there are moles present, you will get them, no misses as with many traps. Great trap, reasonably priced.
5/5 WORKS GREAT, 07/27/2018
Reviewer: Boies Perkins
Company: Select Prefix/Title
I baited the trap with regular bird seed and left it with 1 end twist tied up. Then the 2nd day I set it. I have gotten 18 pigeons in about 4 days. This trap is worth every penny!!!!!
5/5 Great Product, 07/27/2018
Reviewer: Moshe
Company: High Rock Pest Solutions
Looking for this for a while- came quickly. Very happy with purchase!
5/5 NoMol, 07/26/2018
Reviewer: Rob Weaver
Company: Freedom Wildlife Solutions
I use the NoMol mole trap on all of our mole jobs and have not been let down yet. I highly recommend the NoMol mole traps for both wildlife removal professionals as well as individuals with a mole problem.
5/5 Works for me, 07/25/2018
Reviewer: Leslie Gaynor
Got a new fence and it wasn't long before my lab dug out. I ordered a 10 pack - I've only installed 2 so far but found it easy with wet ground and a regular hammer.
5/5 Cool wood, 07/25/2018
Reviewer: Connor Ottenbacher
Seems to work.
3/5 Bird Trap, 07/24/2018
Reviewer: Vernon
The first day I put it out I caught nothing. The second day I caught 2 sparrows, but they were flapping around so bad they caused the seed to spill out of the trap, where inquisitive birds eagerly gobbled it up. Needless to say no more went into the trap. I will try again, hopefully with better results.
5/5 Spot on for service and choices. Highly recommend., 07/24/2018
Reviewer: Paul Denk
Company: Nuisance wildlife (NY)
The variety and efficiency of WCS rates high in my review. I ordered for my first time with them and got exactly what I needed, without hassle, without delay, making me a satisfied shopper. The replacement cable seems to be of very high quality and maybe even an OEM part. A great company to buy from, with service and shipping way above average.
5/5 Skeptic Sold, 07/23/2018
Reviewer: Chris
We had a raccoon mama move into the soffit in a hard to reach part of our roof. Being lovers of animals and nature, we didn't want to harm her or her kits, but we also couldn't have our house getting damaged. I bought a 1 oz bottle of this and followed the application instructions. The SAME NIGHT that I applied it to the nest entrance, my wife and I observed the mama pack up the babies and move out. We haven't heard or seen anything again up there, and so after I taped the entry with newspaper and tape (to make sure none of them were trapped up there still) after a couple days, I repaired the roof. Before you go through the expense and harm to the racoons of having them physically moved, use this first. It WORKS!
5/5 sparrow trap, 07/22/2018
Reviewer: Stan
Since I had this trap, which is one week, I caught 27 sparrows. I put seed in the bottom of the cage and they come into the trap so easily. I've had 6 sparrows at one time already. This trap works great!!!
5/5 Excellent Product, 07/20/2018
Reviewer: Lee
My only frustration was having to dig them up every other day to check them. I now poke an air hole in the tunnels about a foot prior to the trap; if the hole is plugged I pull up the trap. Otherwise I reset them once a week. The setting tool is a great help for us old guys who don't have the strength we once had. Best and most consistent trap on the market.
5/5 Great setting tool, 07/19/2018
Reviewer: Jim Czaplicki
Company: DLTH
I ordered this setter after attempting to use a scissors style setter for my 220 traps; unfortunately the scissors style didn't have the length necessary to easily or safely set the traps. This setter works like a charm, very easy to use it's quick and simple and takes no time at all once you've used it a few times.
5/5 Great Knife!!!!!, 07/19/2018
Reviewer: Mark Dolan
This knife is very sharp and very high quality!! I have had it for a number of years and it has worked flawlessly for fleshing many of coons!!
5/5 Only live trap for chipmunks that works for me, 07/16/2018
Reviewer: Wayne Fauchier
We have a chipmunk problem and have implemented for a few years now a chipmunk relocation program that's been pretty effective (we take them to prairie, lake very close too). I've tried numerous live traps. Either they're too big and you get squirrels, or they're too flimsy and don't work well. This one works very well. In fact, it's the ONLY small live trap I've found that really works and is dependable. Occasionally a shrew goes in, I just release it. It gets a little meal out of its adventure. Chipmunks take over the yard, however, so they get a new home. Highly recommend this trap.
5/5 Snake Trap, 07/16/2018
Reviewer: Diane C Beveridge
Worked beautifully!
5/5 Awesome, 07/15/2018
Reviewer: Cyndi
All I can say money well spent this stuff is great I will be ordering more of this glue for sure.
5/5 Chas, 07/14/2018
Reviewer: Chas
Company: Back Yard Battler
My problem is with gophers, not moles. Gophers' pop-up holes are too narrow to accommodate a standard gopher trap. To excavate is to disrupt and alarm. I place gophinator traps in deep tunnels but the moleinator fits snugly in pop-ups. If the gopher repeats he may be caught. This product line is superior.
5/5 Gophinator is the best, 07/14/2018
Reviewer: Chas
Company: Back Yard Battler
I've tried many brands and styles but this trap is the best on all counts. It's durable, lethal, and resists corrosion. I learned of gophinator from a neighbor, borrowed his traps, and attempted to purchase from the Menlo Park source. After three months the traps haven't arrived, my check hasn't cleared and my query wasn't answered. My order from Wildlife Control Supplies arrived immediately. Most traps of this style are triggered by a plate which releases spring-loaded hooks when disturbed. My major problem with exploiting tunnels is backfilling - the rodent pushes sand or soil, completely filling my excavation and packing it against its cover. The trap closes, triggered by dirt and not the gopher. The gophinator does not use a plate and so dirt can be pushed through it until the gopher itself triggers the trap and is caught. This trap doesn't puncture the gopher, but tightly grabs and asphyxiates it. With a twist of the spring the corpse drops from the trap. There is no unpleasant extraction from barbed hooks. I've found that gophers cut the string or leather cord used to secure the trap. I lost one and now secure them with wire. I suggest a mix of gopher and mole traps for gophers - gophinator for tunnels and moleinator for little pop-up holes.
5/5 Well built, 07/12/2018
Reviewer: Jim
This is a high quality trap with a strong spring. The safety catch is an important feature. The leash loop is a tad small for 3/8" rebar stakes. A 1/8" Quik Link helps.
5/5 perfect, 07/11/2018
Reviewer: Rex Willits
Company: Select One
Works prefect.
5/5 Owner, 07/11/2018
Reviewer: Jerry Malangone
Company: Balance of Nature, inc. Pest & Wildlife Control
Bird guards are a great up-sell or addition to removing birds from dryer vents or bathroom fans. Like Kevin mentioned, we install them on the homes next door when the neighbor comes out and is curious.
5/5 Quick, easy and seems to be working, 07/10/2018
The installation was easy and so far the product seems to be working well.
5/5 Great price, 07/09/2018
Reviewer: Ben
Tags arrived correct, fast, and best price with shipping than any other tag company I found at the time.
5/5 Bye bye Raccoon, 07/07/2018
Reviewer: Jean Pelletier
Applied paste to entrance and within a few hours heard a lot of movement in the attic. I assume mama raccoon moved the family as I haven't seen or heard a peep in a week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
5/5 Backyard Fruit Tree Grower, 07/06/2018
Reviewer: Susie
I love nature and I don't mind sharing my fruits and veggies with wildlife, but when they are not willing to share that is a problem, The darn squirrels two years ago started taking a peach and nectarine when they ripened and would take one bite and go on the next fruit. Last year it got so bad that I went through all the hard work of taking care of the trees and honestly ended up with a small basket of fruit, they destroyed most.This trap is God sent. There is absolutely no mess, and I can do it myself. I dedicated a small peanut butter jar and that is what I use as bait. I caught so many I lost count and this year I will again enjoy my fruit. Now I wish WCS would make a tube trap for groundhogs.
5/5 I was looking for a computer mouse, 07/05/2018
Reviewer: Darren Richman
I discovered this page after looking for a liquid computer mouse. However I found something much better. Since discovering this product I've baited and captured 2 coyotes, 4 bobcats, 12 foxes. I did catch one big bad wolf, I did bait him with a grandmother though. So that one doesn't count. ANYWAY, fantastic mouse liquid.
5/5 Good stuff!, 07/05/2018
Reviewer: Muldoon
I buy glands from many suppliers, Wildlife Control Supplies are always top quality and I will continue to buy from them, and if you do you won't be disappointed!
4/5 Safety for bodygrip traps, 07/04/2018
Reviewer: Val Jenkins
Good product, easy to install.
5/5 The Best Setter out there!, 07/03/2018
Reviewer: Tim Christie
Company: Wildlife Management Services
Very well built to last for years. I don't have hands but use prosthetic hooks and I can set any body grip trap out there. Also removing beaver, groundhogs, raccoon, etc. from traps is effortless and it is the safest way to handle these traps.
5/5 Trapped, 07/02/2018
Reviewer: Bob
We have hundreds of prairie dogs around our property and I have been able to capture 87 so far and will continue to work on it. These traps are fantastic never fails.
5/5 Couldn't find this anywhere in our area. Thank you WCS for sending it!, 07/01/2018
Reviewer: Brenda Bryan
We were introduced to this product by our metal roofing company. We were impressed with this product on our metal roof installation and had some other areas where we needed this type of product. We could not find it in black locally and could not even get it from the manufacturer's online store. So glad to find WCS online and they shipped it quickly!
5/5 Go to trailing scent, 07/01/2018
Reviewer: Chip
Company: McKnight Wildlife
Always in my bag of tricks for anything from chucks to coon.
5/5 User friendly, 07/01/2018
Reviewer: Chip
Company: McKnight Wildlife
Used this the last 4 seasons and never had a problem in hot weather. Stays moist and stays where you put it smeared on fruit or grass.
5/5 Revenge at Last!, 06/29/2018
Reviewer: Joe
Couldn't be happier with these robust and strong traps. Purchased 3 traps a few days ago, and in 5 days have killed 8 squirrels that have already destroyed two expensive ornamental trees. With this up, I'll soon have my yard back under control.
5/5 Performed beautiful, 06/27/2018
Reviewer: Kurt
Didn't like them at first. Had to do a little adjustment on the dogs but once that was done they performed beautiful.
5/5 Performed beautiful, 06/27/2018
Reviewer: Kurt
Didn't like them at first. Had to do a little adjustment on the dogs but once that was done they performed beautiful.
5/5 Robust trap, 06/27/2018
Reviewer: Frederick
This is a very robust trap!
5/5 Success!!!, 06/26/2018
Reviewer: Jim Prentice
Company: Home owner
Best money I've spent in a long time aside from my wife's engagement ring. Had a family of squirrels causing major damage and eradicated all 7 in a week. If you have a squirrel problem this trap is worth its weight in gold!!!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
5/5 Great trap, 06/26/2018
Reviewer: Adrian
Man, this is a great trap, works great on coons.
5/5 Went from good to great with one simple modification, 06/25/2018
Reviewer: Squirrel free
Had squirrels in attic and chicken coop. Tried exclusion to avail. On the recommendation of the local university I decided to try this trap. Baited the trap as suggest by placing peanut butter & bird seed mixture inside top of tube. Bait was being eaten but the trap was not firing. Figured out that peanut butter doesn't stick in 100 degree temps. Tried several different things and got a couple. Then I pop riveted a small piece of hardware cloth to the top inside of trap right above trigger and smeared with bait. Since this modification the trap has been 100% effective.
5/5 Owner, 06/24/2018
Reviewer: Brandon Watson
Company: Simply Pest Solutions
WCS is always great with fast shipping this gotcha sprayer pro kit is just the ticket for getting those hard to reach wasp and hornet nests.
5/5 Save your fingers!, 06/23/2018
Reviewer: Thomas Mundy
Received my setters on last Sunday and was able to set the tray with ease and safety. I'm not as strong as I was 40 years ago. Makes it easy to empty the trap. All I did was put vinyl grips on them.
5/5 Great trap, 06/22/2018
Reviewer: Joe Magiera
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
I wish I only had these rat traps. Caught a red squirrel 15 minutes after I set the trap. Fast setting, large pan, strong spring, nice size bait tray and a good price for a dozen. I definitely recommend staking it down, unless you don't mind it disappearing because the spring is pretty strong.
5/5 Excellent trap, 06/22/2018
Reviewer: Joe Magiera
Company: Ajm nuisance animal control llc
The spring is very very strong. I'm going to wrap it in mesh and see if it works for a dog proof trap for coons to.
5/5 Works well, 06/21/2018
Reviewer: John Elsegood
With the new addition of the spring retainer, which is a good improvement the trap works well. Had the old ones for 10 years but they still work.
5/5 Well Worth The Money!, 06/20/2018
Reviewer: Kathy
We had a racoon and her babies that were living under our 1400 sq ft. manufactured home. They choose their living space directly under our bed so we were constantly getting woke up by their sounds. We bought the 1 oz size thinking it might not be enough given the space underneath the home (we were concerned they would just move to the other side of the house). We pulled down the skirting on both ends of the home and placed a 1/2 ounce of product on 2 tennis balls that had a thick string through the hole each ball that my husband drilled. We put one tennis ball right where they were making noise under the bed on one end of the house and one ball on the other end of the home. After 4 days we still heard them, but by the 5th day it was completely quiet! We have had at least a week now of silence and peace and quiet. We are getting ready to pull out the tennis balls and throw them away. In addition to this great product, I was extremely impressed how fast the cheapest shipping was. The product came from Connecticut and was shipped to Oregon in 3 days time! I thought it was going to take at least a week and a half. Very pleased with their prompt service and awesome product! Beware: Like almost all the other reviews say, THIS PRODUCT SMELLS FOUL! BE prepared with gloves and a light mask might help too.
5/5 worked fast, 06/20/2018
Reviewer: GIWIFE
Raccoon and babies in attic. Put in on 2 tennis balls and hung in attic. Momma and babies gone within in 24 hours. She was in area of house for 12 hours after but then gone.
5/5 Quick, efficient and leaving no mess!, 06/19/2018
Reviewer: Brasileira
I've been using this tube traps since last year and bought more this year. They get the job done quickly, efficiently and without a mess. I don't even have to put bait in them. Our over abundant and destructive squirrels are just naturally attracted to them for some reason.
2/5 Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, 06/18/2018
Reviewer: C Casey
This didn't work within a few hours as many reviewed claimed. For me it took a week and soaking two tennis balls twice before mom raccoon and babies vacated. I had high expectations for this stuff after reading reviews about how the mom raccoon moved her babies within hours. My mother has used this product and has had no luck with it so far. It's been about a week and so far her mom raccoon is still settled in with babies. If considering purchasing, don't expect the raccoons to leave in a few hours time. More like days.
5/5 Buyer, 06/18/2018
Havent had it in trap to long but anticipate it will help attract the snake we have seen near our house.
5/5 Buyer, 06/18/2018
Simple to use. Haven't caught anything yet but only had it set up for a couple of days.
4/5 No More Raccoon, 06/17/2018
Reviewer: Elaine K
I had a raccoon and at least one baby living in an overhang above my front porch. (My neighbor saw her, I only heard noises in the roof above my open porch). I purchased the small bottle of eviction fluid and soaked a rag with 1/2 the fluid in the bottle then took a stick and jammed it into the area where the raccoon was living and left it there. I waited several weeks and listened for any sounds of the coon family. (I didn't see the family move out but after several weeks I ripped down the vinyl siding on the overhang and no raccoons!!! (Thank goodness) Cleaned the area up and problem solved. All the companies in my area wanted BIG money ($800-$1200 minimum just to trap or evict the animal and more $ for clean up!) Turns out she was getting in and out through a hole in the top of the porch roof that I couldn't see until we pulled it apart. I only gave this 4 stars because I'm not certain it was the eviction fluid that got her out but I do know, raccoons before use of fluid NO raccoons several weeks later! It's worth trying. Potentially saved me hundreds!!!!! Thank you WCS. (Side note: This is what one of the professionals from a company several miles from my home recommended when I told him I wasn't going to pay them $175 / day to drive 5 minutes to my home to check the trap and see if the raccoon had been caught. This was in addition to set up fees, cleaning etc. Minimum $1200.) A note of caution - If you do decide to clean the area up yourself research how on the internet. Gloves, mask, disinfectant etc. Raccoons can carry roundworm in their feces which can be dangerous to humans. Luckily for me no sign of poo in the debris that was in my roof).
5/5 Excellent Product, 06/16/2018
Reviewer: Eric
Company: Rising Sun Lawn and Landscape
Order a set of four to try out and was so happy with the results and quality that we decided to buy more.
5/5 Best sealent/adhesives on the market, 06/16/2018
Reviewer: Michael E Beran
Company: Wildlife Command Center
Solar Seal 900 offers the best of both world, the thick viscosity of the products makes it easy to control and apply, the solvents in the formulation insure superior bonding to all building materials, wood to masonry or glass to metal it will bond to all curing to a hard, durable yet flexible seal. This is the same properties that make it a five adhesive put a daub between two plates of glass, literally only busting it with a sledge hammer will get it apart, great product!
4/5 Great for remote locations, 06/14/2018
Reviewer: Pappy
Needed something to stop/control mouse infiltration at remote hunting camp. With no electricity it was battery power or some sort of walk the plank or rotating can over a bucket of water. I can say from experience, having a dozen or so dead mice floating in water for several weeks turns nasty in and enclosed building! Batteries go flat and most battery powered zapper traps only hold about 10 mice as long as the mechanism operates properly. Took this out for a weekend test and within a few hours in broad daylight it punched out one mouse. A few hours later at night it clobbered another. I plan to build a box filled with kitty litter for them to drop into to solve the collection problem.
5/5 home owner, 06/14/2018
Reviewer: Michael Perrault
Company: none
Wow this is the best bait I ever used for roof rats by far. I made weasel boxes, to put the rat traps in. It has not been a full week since receiving my order and all ready have trapped 16 rats (the rats like to get in the weasel boxes to feed, they drop down right on the pans).
5/5 WDCA of NC, 06/13/2018
Reviewer: Burt Price
Company: Price's Tareel Wildlife control
Caught a female skunk the first night out with this trap. The skunk had a den under a home handicap ramp. I used Rosebud skunk paste bait on marshmallows for a deadly combination.
5/5 Best Vent Ever, 06/13/2018
Reviewer: Purcell MacDonald
Forget about those cheap plastic vents....this is probably the last vent you'll ever need. Looks fantastic with the Defender. Excellent service from WCS as well - I appreciate them shipping to me in Canada. Thanks very much!
5/5 Best Guard Ever, 06/13/2018
Reviewer: Purcell MacDonald
Easy to install, doesn't pick up lint, fantastic product. Even better when covering the Dryer Wall Vent.
5/5 KETCH-ALL STANDARD POLE 5', 06/13/2018
Reviewer: MARK
4/5 Nuts in Texas, 06/12/2018
Reviewer: Rancher
This trap kills a squirrel every time I set it. Squirrels were killing large branches by chewing off/girdling the limbs so they can lick up the sap. I screwed it to a horizontal branch in the tree that was showing the most squirrel damage and baited it with peanut butter. Check the trap daily or you will have to remove a rotting, dead animal. The trigger was too sensitive which made the trap difficult to set. I took pliers and straightened the angle in the trigger wire a tiny bit which fixed the problem. But for that, I would have given it 5 starts.
5/5 Koro squirrel trap, 06/12/2018
Reviewer: Ernie Christensen
Awesome trap. I caught 2 squirrel in two hours using a small pine cone dipped in peanut butter then sprinkled bird seed on it, just watch fingers lol!!! !;)
5/5 DJ, 06/10/2018
Reviewer: DJ
I have tried every mole trap and poison on the market for years and years to rid my property of moles. I stumbled upon these traps on You Tube and decided to give them a try. I ordered 2 originally and they worked so well I ordered 2 more. I live on a farm next to a wood lot and have an unending supply of moles coming into my yard. These trap just plain work!! I've caught 21 moles so far this spring! If you set these traps properly, you'll have a dead mole if it's fired! I've only 2 trap fires that didn't catch a mole, one that I forgot to flip the safety hook off and 1 that snapped on a root. GREAT TRAP!
5/5 That's the ticket, 06/06/2018
Reviewer: David McDougall
If you're looking to thin out the squirrel population in or around your home, this device is the real deal. Watch the helpful video on the WCS webpage and become familiar with the trap's operation. Before setting the trap, smear peanut butter on the inside in three places...top of tube (above bait tray) and just inside each opening. Set the trap. Be sure the safety latched is place so the trap is safe to carry. Pick a spot, like the base of a tree where you've seen squirrels ascend and descend. Be sure to lift the safety latch from strike bar. The trap is ready for action. Curious squirrels will invariably check both ends and study the trap. Most of the time, squirrels will venture inside cautiously to eat the peanut butter from roof. When they move toward the bait on the center inside roof of the trap, their body will press the tray and trigger the trap. The powerful spring loaded strike bar then hammers the animal with a powerful blow, killing it instantly. No fuss, no mess. Lift the strike bar and the dead animal slides out for disposal. The tube trap is no toy. Don't put your fingers or hand in the tube while it is armed. You could lose a finger or worse. With practice, you should develop your own system for arming. The self help video on the website is very helpful. Otherwise, this is the most efficient method of Squirrel elimination I've found, particularly in an area where the use of a firearm isn't safe.
5/5 Well Built, 06/06/2018
Reviewer: TJ Turner
Appears to be good quality. I like that I can swing the cage out of the way to clean it. Easy to install. I would recommend.
5/5 Customer for life, 06/04/2018
Reviewer: Mike S
Had a coon with babies in my attic this stuff drove them out in a day. It smells absolutely terrible but worked! I would 100% recommend this to my friends and family.
5/5 Very well engineered, 06/04/2018
Reviewer: Larry
Company: Just the local nuisance wildlife guy for the neighborhood
This trap is nothing less than amazing. Super strong construction but light weight. Easy to use and specific to the target animal. I've been using it with the T bait bar and wiring chipmunk and squirrel carcases to it. I've had opossoms and young foxes spring the trap and it let them be. I even had a broadtailed hawk eat the bait without springing the trap. Coyotes are another matter. It gets them. One thing I did was to fix the T so that I could take it off. When it's off, the set tong from the Victor Out O' Sight mole trap makes a perfect lever to set the trap. Wire on the bait, put it on the trigger, and secure it with a cotter pin and let er' rip.
5/5 Nice product, 06/04/2018
Reviewer: Kevin
This crawl space vent is designed well and easy to install. Just measure your existing vent opening to ensure the dimensions will work. I like the ability to easy insert the solid panel to block/reduce air flow in the cold months.
1/5 Raccoon eviction, 06/02/2018
Reviewer: HQ
Soaked the rag, 6 feet from den, 4 days now, nothing happened, they are still there the whole family
2/5 Can work well but has some serious design flaws, 06/02/2018
Reviewer: Scott Smith
I have used these traps over several years and caught many squirrels. But the traps have two serious design flaws which the manufacturer has not responded to when I wrote about them. Problem #1 is the trap will often get set off by birds, and the U bar will then strike right against the trap at high force and it will BEND. With that U bent enough the trap will no longer work: when you next set the trap the U will be touching the trap itself since it has bent, and that in turn allows the plate to take much more force and it won't fire when the squirrel walks on it. I need to bend the U wires back to be straight again for the trap to fire properly again. Problem #2 is sometimes its impossible to set the trap: it fires every time you let go of the plate. I find I need to pinch the plate end where the pin goes to make the contact point on the plate with the pin be a bit higher. Overall this trap design has potential but they have had these same defects for years and the manufacturer has done nothing to address them.
4/5 Works well, 06/01/2018
Reviewer: Greg P
It fits just perfectly but with the shipping fee at almost $17 per vent, I probably won't order another one. Otherwise we'd have given it 5 stars
5/5 The best, 06/01/2018
Reviewer: Carmen
I have tried four or five other methods of catching these destructive little buggers, but these are the only traps that haven't failed me once. I ordered one to test it out about a month ago and have since ordered two more for our big front yard. These are the only traps I use and the only ones I'll recommend.
5/5 Definitely work!, 05/31/2018
Reviewer: Mike
I've been using a few different traps to keep the gophers in check. What I really like about these is they go deep in the hole. You set them on the most sensitive position. I'd recommend the smaller mole and gopher version. By the way, I live in North Idaho.
3/5 More bang for your buck, 05/31/2018
Reviewer: Steve
Company: California environmental
Well I've had mine for about a week now. Prior to ordering I wrote the company a email, because I've heard there was issues with the trigger. They wrote back saying they had no problems except for one since they've been selling them. So I promptly bought it. The trigger button wobbles in its opening along with the gas canister. If you're not very careful about how you hold the canister and depress the button when you fire it, itsticks almost every shot. Also after two or three consecutive shots the barrel gets quite warm and if you do not let it cool down for a minute or two the following shots will be quiet muffled. The build quality over all is okay except for the trigger. It's rather pricey and silly me I expected more quality for my money. As far as the noise it makes it is quite loud and it will help me save considerably on pyro in the future unless the trigger completely crashes out on me.
1/5 Safeguard 53070 Rodent Trap, 05/31/2018
Reviewer: Terry Wubker
A couple years ago I purchased three of these trap and they were great. Well made and did the job. I recently purchased three additional traps and they are not well made. One was missing an important part to make the trigger set. One just opened when I tried to pick it up and the chip monk ran off. I will say, they refunded my money with no objections. The company is not bad to work with. They just need to improve quality control.
5/5 My go to exclusion wire, 05/31/2018
Reviewer: Chip
Company: McKnight Wildlife
If I can't get 36" x 100' this is my go to product. Strong welds and a smooth PVC coating make this a regular on my truck.
5/5 Fantastic results, 05/30/2018
Reviewer: Mike Musick
Prompt delivery and I have tried several traps from the big box stores. These set easily and are effective. I have yet to have an sprung trap that was empty.
5/5 Best traps, 05/29/2018
Reviewer: Caroline
As a woman with weak hands, these traps are very easy to set for me. They work great. Haven't done in a couple dozen gophers over the past couple of years. Won't use any other trap than these.
5/5 death diamond drowning locks, 05/28/2018
Reviewer: Scott M.
Nice pieces ! Work great and I'll be buying more of them. Service was great and timely!
5/5 Nice family, but they had to go, 05/27/2018
Reviewer: Den Tran
Company: My home
I bought the cheapest option of eviction fluid (about 22 bucks ish for a tiny bottle) after scouring online, and even reference an actually animal catcher on how to rid my outdoor house/pillar thing of a Raccoon family that started to chill inside its hollow core. The fluid is expensive but it gets the job done. I used half of the tiny bottle and tied it to a rag. I threw the rag into my hollow pillar ( the hole was made by miss raccoon) and after a few days they all left. I promptly sealed my pillar and I am raccoon free for now. The thing smells terrible but it works. Saved myself 300 bucks hiring some dude.
5/5 Cronks fox, coyote supreme, 05/26/2018
Reviewer: Brad Shackelford
Company: Just a seasonal trapper
I have used many baits most that catch at certain times of the year but I found cronks by mistake and this has been the best mistake I ever made. This is my number 1 winter, summer, spring and fall coyote bait hands down it hammers the coyotes ! I can't say this for any other bait . Cronks flat out produces. 6 coyotes 2 traps same spot in 8 days it awesome I can't say enough. Thanks from Texas!
5/5 Great trapping hoe, 05/25/2018
Reviewer: Pat Regier
Company: PWT Parts & Labor
Very sturdy, robust construction. Will work great this summer for gardening and this winter for trapping.
5/5 Safety hooks, 05/25/2018
Reviewer: Patrick Regier
Company: PWT Parts & Labor
Great product, exactly what I needed to repair an old trap. Fast shipment and great company to order from.
5/5 Home owner, 05/25/2018
Reviewer: Jim
Company: Homeowner
This is the best product I have used to get rid of chipmunks around the house. I have used most everything but these traps work the best. Well worth the expense!
5/5 Worked for me!!!, 05/22/2018
Reviewer: James
I used the bait as directed and put some on a cracker, and trapped the skunk that was digging for grubs in my lawn. Super happy with the product and amazing staff at WCS.
5/5 Does the trick, 05/21/2018
Reviewer: Ken Ramirez
We had an unwanted guest in our attic space,it turned out to be a single mom with four pups, so after a lot of searching and consternation we hired a trapping service but he was outsmarted in all of his attempt to trap this smart mommy so after a week @165.00 and even after he had even offered an extra week for free we call the wildlife refuge service in our area and they recommended this product so we decided to give it a try and to our amazement after one application on two tennis balls in different parts of the attic we took a look 3 day later and we had a coon free zone great results. Thanks WCS.
5/5 Raccoon Eviction Fluid, 05/20/2018
Reviewer: Donald Joseph
I had a raccoon inside my chimney and the bottom of the chimney was closed off. I wanted to get it out without removing the plate at the base of the chimney. I purchased the eviction fluid and it worked perfect when we made noise at the bottom of the chimney and put the eviction fluid on a tennis ball and lowered it down the chimney. It scared the raccoon out and in a day it was gone. I have since capped the chimney and problem solved. The product worked as it was advertised. I only had to use half of the small bottle that I purchased. I used a fishing pole and lowered the tennis ball in and out. Great product...very satisfied!!!!!!!
5/5 I've tried the others., 05/20/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: A. D. C. Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Removal
We only use Tyvek
5/5 convenient and comfortable, 05/20/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: A.D.C. Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Removal
We try to reduce dust when doing an attic restoration. Yet there's always dust. These Honeywell half masks and Cartridges clear the air and last a good 8 hrs without clogging.
5/5 A great skunk catcher!, 05/20/2018
Reviewer: T. Payne, Western Kentucky
Mr. Jameson has a great product here. This is my go to skunk bait, and also works great on raccoons as well.
5/5 Best cage trap in the industry!, 05/20/2018
Reviewer: T. Payne, Western Kentucky
These are, in my opinion, the best cage traps out there. Reliable, heavy duty construction, and a top notch trigger system. No more worrying about missing a catch due to pans... these wire triggers don't miss. And the strong springs on the doors keep the trap closed even if it turns over. I'm currently in the process of changing over to all Comstock traps.
5/5 Works!, 05/20/2018
Reviewer: Marc
Works as advertised
5/5 Trap Collector, 05/17/2018
Reviewer: Larry Isack
This is a very nice trap. Perfectly made with no flaws. I no longer trap, I just collect them. It looks identical to the picture on the site. High quality steel. I will buy more from WCS. Great price.
5/5 Annihilation of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver, 05/16/2018
Reviewer: Jack Catron
Excellent DVD. Can't wait to make some frames. I would recommend this to everyone, including pros:)
5/5 It Works!, 05/16/2018
Reviewer: Robert
I have tried other traps with limited success, this really works well, I even caught a vole in the mole tunnel.
5/5 Owner, 05/15/2018
Reviewer: Scott Gourley
Company: Rogers Wildlife Control
Great product easy install and works great.
5/5 Bat-Bird Mammal net, 05/14/2018
Reviewer: Steve Champion
Company: ISS Facility Service
Professional quality all the way around. Very happy with the size and versitility.
5/5 Smart purchase, 05/14/2018
Reviewer: Perry
Works great on our gutters, easy to install.
5/5 Works great, 05/14/2018
Reviewer: Perry
We have a myna bird problem (starling family) I put them on my roof and prominent areas around my property and the myna birds are staying away they are a big nuisance but the gels are working.
4/5 Good for vole trapping, 05/13/2018
Reviewer: Alex
Company: Mass Bay Wildlife Mgmt Inc
These work well for trapping voles. Since the traps are outside, we need to keep non-targets out. They're inexpensive and do the job. Wish they had an anchor or sorts, but I just use railroad spikes and baling wire.
5/5 Fencing, 05/12/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: A. D. C. Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Removal
These D-Rings are the whip when doing exclusion fencing.
5/5 Bats and Rodents, 05/11/2018
Reviewer: Keith O'Conner
Company: A. D. C. Naturespect LLC, Wildlife Removal
We are using Xcluder fill fabric. More and more often. With bat jobs that include gray or flying squirrels. For other rodents and birds. An excellent filler/backer for larger openings. For foaming and finish with a quality caulk. The pe