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Blackies Blend Fur King (Sweet Paste)

Product Code: BBADC04

Price: $8.00

FUR KING by Blackies Blend - Don't let the name fool you! This bait will clean out the raccoon around barns & dwellings without catching housecats. It is a loud, sweet paste bait that creates an intense hunger/curiosity effect year-round on coon, skunk, 'chucks, etc. Won't dry out with summer use! This is perfectly suited for ADC work.

Bait, lure, and urine can be used alone or in combinations to help you trap. Baits are used to attract animals to your sets and make them stay longer. Lures are used to attract animals from a distance. Urine evokes a curiosity or territorial response. Place a teaspoonful on a cracker (for skunk) or green vegetable wired to the back of the cage beyond the trigger pan.

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Dimensions: 8 oz. jars
Weight: .91 lbs. ea. (.41 Kg)
Target Species: Raccoon,Skunk,Woodchuck,Groundhog
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Blackies Blend Fur King (Sweet Paste)

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