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Cage Trapping Bobcats & Gray Fox (DVD)

Product Code: CTBGF

Price: $28.95

Cage Trapping Bobcats & Gray Fox by Jeff Yancy and Tracy Truman is an all brand new DVD which brings you an indepth perspective on "caging" cats and fox. Learn their caging secrets.  Video footage of cats and fox working cages, with actual captures. See the baits and lures that work !
Come along with California cage trapping expert Jeff Yancy and gray fox authority Tracy Truman as they take you on the line to learn the secrets of cage trapping these two predators.

Learn the following:

  • Best baits and lures
  • Theft-proofing your cages
  • Best cage designs and sizes
  • Finding and setting locations
  • Taking animals in numbers
  • Making your own baits and lures
  • See what makes animals avoid cages, and learn how to make them commit

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Target Species: Bobcat,Coyote,Fox
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Cage Trapping Bobcats & Gray Fox (DVD)

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