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Ringer Tool 9/16"

Product Code: GLF-916

Price: $81.95

The 9/16" Ringer hog ring tool for joining wire to make cages, nosecones, etc, or attach bird netting to a cable system. This tool utilizes a 9/16" hog ring which are fed onto the Ringer in a "clip fashion" of 50 rings in a strip. It has a handle grip like a caulking gun and when squeezed it feeds a ring from the strip and closes it tightly around the material you are joining. This is a very handy tool and will eliminate hand, wrist, and forearm fatigue when the job requires alot of hog rings.
For use with 9/16" D-Rings. These rings are made of 15 gauge steel and have a 9/16" opening, which closes down to 3/16" when fastened.

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Ringer Tool 9/16

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