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Jameson's Trail Mate Trailing Scent (Type 1) - 16 oz.

Product Code: NWSBJ15L

Price: $15.00

Trail Mate Trailing Scent is a unique blend of glands, musk, and food odors that grab the animal’s attention, arouse their natural curiosity, and compel them to follow the scent trail right to your sets!

Apply small, short squirts of Trail Mate Scent along the ground every few feet from any anticipated or established Fox/Cat travel route (For example field edges, deer trails, cattle trails, farm access roads to fields, power line right of ways, etc.).  It will lead the animal right to your sets. 

Recommendation:  Double set 5-10 feet apart; two sets are always better than one!

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Dimensions: 16 oz. (473.18 ml)
Target Species: Coyote, Bobcat, Fox
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Jameson's Trail Mate Trailing Scent (Type 1) - 16 oz.

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