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Nose Cone for Raccoon-Sized CageTrap

Product Code: WCSNC02

Price: $15.95

Directional Nose Cone for use with any raccoon sized cage trap which measures 11"W x 12"H.  The nosecone itself measures 12.5"W x 13"H x 14"D, and is constructed of 16 gauge 1" x .5" galvanized wire mesh.

When the nose cone is placed over the front of a cage trap and anchored in place, using wire or plastic zip ties, it changes the position of the entry point to the bottom of the trap.  This is a great addition to any cage trap, especially for catching animals inhabiting burrows.  Simply dig the front end of the trap with nose cone attached over the front of an animals den or burrow and the only thing that will be captured is the animal in residence when it tries to leave its' burrow. It "forces" the animal up into the trap.


  • Eliminates non-target captures
  • "Forces" animal into the trap
  • Galvanized wire mesh construction

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Dimensions: 12.5"W x 13"H x 14"D
Wire Gauge: 16 Gauge
Target Species: Raccoon,Skunk,Opossum,Armadillo
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Nose Cone for Raccoon-Sized CageTrap

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