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Quick Connectors a.k.a. Toggles

Product Code: WCSRC010

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Quick Connectors come in two different lengths; Short 4.5"L; and Long 6.75"L. The short Quick Connector has a myriad of uses on the trapline including attaching to a railroad plate through one of the many holes, attaching extension chains to your traps, temporarily attaching a grapple to your trap. The Long Quick Connector is primarily for water applications, can even be used as a connection to a slide wire.

Once you start using these you'll wonder HOW you ever got along without them. 

The Long Quick Connector is primarily used for water applications, more specifically creating a KB No-Loss Stabilizer.  By attaching a 22" piece of 3/32" cable to a standard KB Stabilizer and crimping a Long Quick Connector on the far end, you now can place the Quick Connector through the coil of your #330 bodygrip trap and when the trap fires you don't lose your stabilizer in deep or dark water.

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Dimensions: Short 4.5"L; Long 6.75"L
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Quick Connectors a.k.a. Toggles

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