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VentGUARD Plus Vent Cover

Product Code: WCSRD50

Price: $41.95

Roof vents are the most common entry point for raccoons, squirrels and birds. Control the wildlife and protect your roof vents by covering them with VentGUARD PLUS. VentGUARD PLUS protects roof vents against wildlife, falling debris, hail, shingle mold, and damage from snow removal.

Powder coated strong galvanized steel, engineered to resist denting, peeling, fading and extreme weather. Manufactured in gun smoke grey. Easily paintable to match roof color. 

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Dimensions: 22"L x 16.5"W x 4.8"H
Weight: 5.71 lbs. ea. (2.59 Kg)
“Raccoons destroyed our roof vent at the cottage - and that was only the beginning of the damage! What a mess. Thank you VentGUARD, now we don’t need to worry about them getting into our attic anymore.” – Lindsay M., Muskoka, ON
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VentGUARD Plus Vent Cover

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