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Uncle Kirk's Gold Magic Rodent Lure (Gel)

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Uncle Kirk's Gold Magic Rodent Lure  (Gel) - This gel consistency lure was 20 years in the making, and was originally formulated to enhance the palatability of bait blocks for rats. Once it was realized just how attractive the formulation was to all rodents, and not just for bait block applications but for traps as well, Gold Magic was "born" !  Stays where you put it, and continues to give off a high degree of fragrance long after other lures have quit. Very attractive to a variety of rodents including mice, rats, and squirrels of all types. Just a little goes a long way!


Originally marketed as Kirk's Gold Magic Rodent Lure by WCS, this formulation was thought to be lost to the ages with the passing of a good friend, Kirk Lapierre. While the formula was thought to be well documented, it was nowhere to be found. A number of years have passed, and after many conversations, inquiries, searching etc. it was discovered that the formulation was actually a collaborative effort involving another NWCO who has passed, James White of Maryland.  

As luck would have it, James White had a very good friend, Mike Hurley of Virginia who after James untimely death cleaned out his possessions and placed them in storage. Mike, upon hearing of my quest for the Gold Magic formula could recall James Whites efforts to develop a lure/bait to increase the palatability of wax bait block for rats.  He began looking through James belongings which had been laying dormant in storage and lo and behold in a notebook there were James notes, meticulously detailed in metric quantities, the original formula for Gold Magic !!  The rest is history.......... 


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Dimensions: Available in 4 oz. & 16 oz. sizes
Target Species: Mice,Rat,Squirrel
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Uncle Kirk's Gold Magic Rodent Lure (Gel)

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